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This feels weird writing a review in English when I ve read the book in Bahasa Indonesia This book has also been translated to English, Supernova The Knight, The Princess, and the Falling Star Supernova 1.I have had this book sitting on my shelf for nearly 3 years and have to admit that I couldn t quite remember the premise of the book when I started reading early this week Noting the top shelves on Goodreads included fantasy and science fiction , I expected something along that line of genre but it s not I guess there is a bit of a fantasy touch to it but it isn t fantasy as we think of the genre I d classify this to be closer to magical realism than fantasy.The opening of the novel was surprising set 10 years prior where our 2 main protagonists met and in crossing boundaries and prejudices, fell in love Oh, did I mention that they re gay This fact alone, noting minority of minorities in Indonesia, is a surprising choice of the author as it is also bantered about in the novel They made a pact that in 10 years time, they will collaborate in writing a single masterpiece Dimas is a writer whilst Rueben is a scientist so their literature masterpiece will be primarily written by Dimas with Rueben s input in the background.The novel progressed with alternate chapters which then became alternate perspectives within chapters between the Creators Dimas Reuben and the Created The Knight, The Princess, and the Falling Star Therefore, this is a story within a story type of novel where there is a blur in the end of what s what Their masterpiece is to be a retelling of a fairy tale The Knight, The Princess, and the Falling Star in contemporary setting but with a twist the fairy tale did not end with HEA however, the ending also took the Creators by surpriseI have really enjoyed this alternate perspectives especially getting in on the writers writing process I understand each writer will have own ways of expressing searching for their creative juices but this was still an exciting part of the novel for me I really liked the banters between the couple who have understood each other very well, are very much in love, and comfortable in their skin in being able to banter about their existence as minority being homosexual Their masterpiece as it was, I only really liked because I felt involved in the creation of it of witnessing the masterpiece being breathed into life.On the other hand, Reuben s inputs almost always have something to do with some scientific theories There are so very many of them I didn t count but there were too much for me and as I m not of scientific mind plus my deteriorating Bahasa Indonesia , I found these very very difficult to understand I may have done slightly better in English but I doubt it. Very nice story that beyond imagination The concepts and ideas are very great Such a good moment when you got trance while you read this book.It s a love stories that for sure A very wide meaning of love without boundaries, even the unusual I said stories because it has some love stories that unbelievably connected to each other Represent our own life which is always connected to other s life one event cause another event.Well, you ll surprised I bet Especially open minded ones. FREE DOWNLOAD ♪ Supernova: Ksatria, Puteri, dan Bintang Jatuh ♼ Dhimas Dan Ruben Adalah Dua Orang Mahasiswa Yang Tengah Menuntut Ilmu Di Negeri Paman Sam Dhimas Kuliah Di Goerge Washinton University, Dan Ruben Di John Hopkins Medical School Mereka Bertemu Dalam Suatu Pesta Yang Meriah, Yang Diadakan Oleh Perkumpulan Mahasiswa Yang Bersekolah Di Amrik Pertama Kali Bertemu Mereke Terlibat Dalam Percakapan Yang Saling Menyudutkan Satu Samalain, Hal Tersebut Dikarenakan Oleh Latar Belakang Mereka, Dhimas Berasal Dari Kalangan The Have, Sedangkan Ruben, Mahasiswa Beasiswa Tetapi Setelah Ruben Mencoba Serotonin, Mereka Menjadi Akrab Membincangkan Permasalahan Iptek, Saint, Sampai Acara Buka Bukaan Bahwa Ruben Adalah Seorang Gay Ternyata Tak Disangka Sangka Bahwa Dhimas Juga Adalah Seorang Gay Maka Jadilah Mereka Sepasang Kekasih, Meskipun Mereka Tidak Pernah Serumah Dalam Satu Apartemen Bila Ditanya Mereka Menjawab Supaya Bisa Tetap Kangen, Tetap Butuh Usaha Bila Ingin Bertemu Satu Sama Lainnya Dalam Pertemuan Di Pesta Tersebut Mereka Telah Berikrar Akan Membuat Satu Karya Satu Masterpiece Satu Tulisan Atau Riset Yang Membantu Menjembatani Semua Percabangan Sains Roman Yang Berdimensi Luas Dan Mampu Menggerakkan Hati Banyak Orang Well,,I dont really like the words the writer chose It was difficult to understand with lots of theories it s good that this book is meant for higly educated people, but I prefer simple things where we can really communicate, no matter who and what education we have , and it really sounds like English words that were rammed to be Indonesians words, which again, so difficult to be understood.However I like the way Diva thinks It s really good to realize that freedom and happiness are inside every people, not outside somewhere It is our mind that makes us stress and suffer for things that doesn t even exist.However, another critic, is that the plot is too predictable This is spoiler, don t read if you havent read the book From the beginning I dont expect Rana to be with Ferre since the writer didnt describe her really well It s not clear what makes Ferre fell in love with Rana at the first time And just after Rana and Ferre broke up, I was so sure that Ferre would be together with Diva, because the writer loves Diva I could feel it from the way she wrote about Diva She was muchinteresting than any character And I realized in the middle of the story, that the way Supernova answered all questions were same with Diva s thoughts and behaviour So it s not a big surprise in the end.I really like the part when Spoiler again,,,close your eyes p Arwin let Rana go, but then Rana s eyes are opened not literally , and she realized she has been always free, but she did not realize it That part was so touching. I started to fall in love with this book after my second reading During my first reading, i was like being punched for not understanding almost everything written there Guess I was young and stupid back then Well I m old and still stupid now anyway But that s not the point PI love diva so much Her character is awesome Too bad Dee made her die in the second book I hope she ll reincarnate later on hehe. My fave dialog is Ibu2 mbak diva cantik sekali..Diva memang bu.Or something along that line But you get the idea right Diva is genius and beautiful, and also arrogant for being genius and beautiful To me, the book is full with knowledge From physics to philosophy It wrinkles you forehead at first, but then leave you with an aaaahhhh when you finished the satisfied one, not the other ones P Supernova I hope I won t be too excited to review this book that I mess up my review, hehehe.The first of Supernova series yup, Dee said that Supernova is intended from the very beginning to be series within the subtitle of Ksatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh I have to say that this novel, for me, is one of the best Indonesian novels It provides amazing plot as it tells the story from many people s point of view In telling the story, it blurs the border between the reality and the story sorry, I cannot describe it clearly because I don t want to ruin your excitement when you are reading it read yourself and you ll know what I mean here The topics of the novel are common things, life and love However, they way Dee analyses those two common things are very uncommon Brilliant, the way she builds her arguments about those two matters.The characters she shows in the novel are also fantastic We can follow the story of this novel from two directions The first one is about the story of a homosexual couple named Dimas and Ruben who are trying to prove that there is a correlation between science, literature, and everything else in the world basically Ruben wanted to prove that science can be used to explain everything in the world Beside that, you can follow the story from the love affair between a young successful executive, Fere and a disappointed with the husband wanting a freedom young journalist Rana Of course, inside both stories there are several important figures, like Diva Anastasia, Gio, and Arwin Who are they Read, my friend Read hehehe Life is about living it and love is about loving, not anything else That s my own way to describe what I have learned from this wonderful book Try to read yourself and you can feel yourself A very meaningful and stimulating thinking or contemplation book I love it so much This book is a story inside a story the first story is about a gay couple who tries to write a novel and their novel is about lovers, which the woman has already got a husband but she fell in love with her respondent she is a journalist her respondent is a handsome executivethey fell in love badly and end up with some problemsin this story the writer puts some poetry between stories, it makes the, it s a must read novel This book Was so good Please read it, you have to read it And then please talk to me about it, either by a message or in person Anyways I love this book and I will treasure it always. contrary to my wife and common belief, i never actually read this book.i was, however, a prominant member of the mailing list di tried reaading it but i just can t make any sense out of it i can t remember the names i can t relate the stories i think it s that dyslexia thingy or i m just too lazy even to turn the pages.i just use this book as a media to exploit my radical, yet nonetheless, average mind as i would to goodreads to make my lonely pathetic self seem a lotinterresting than it really is, so that i may create an illusive window of friendship with the younger innocent vulnerable girls on the net that i may, in turn, exploit them to my likings in my very own sick park of morbid desires and call the entire concept LIKING PARK, way before linkin park ever released their 1st single, Crawling.dear my bahasa teacher in Perguruan Advent Jakarta highschool who kept complaining during classes about her salary and how she should be principal by then, how s that for a kalimat majemuk bertingkat setara, huh do you think i should be a writer hmm i know some people who said this book is overrated but i honestly think that this one is dewi lestari s genius masterpiece i m not a woman of science i min the money game but she had profoundly integrated science and philosophy into what i think is the greatest love story of our time.