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This book is no better than the first Kelsey is still an annoying teenager who talks like an eighty year old grandmother s version of teenagers The stilted romance is still ever present complete with love triangles Myths are thrown into a blender and mangled and Kelsey retrieves another mystical object meant to help all of India but uses it for her own selfish reasons This review may contain spoilers The Characters KelseyIn spite of declaring that she s being witty or sarcastic most of what comes out of Kelsey s mouth is extremely G rated Just a bunch of Oh yous and watch it mister s Her type of dialogue is of a lobotomized Christian youth group leader than an eighteen year old She spends a lot of the book training and taking wushu classes but when fights break out, she s all but useless Her style is curling up into a ball or freezing in terror until she s tiger rescued Kelsey is also a huge brat The last book she came in possession of the Golden Fruit, which could keep all or India fed It just magics up whatever food you ask for Kelsey never really gives this thought beyond wishing up food for herself and her tiger harem In this installment, she gets a scarf that could clothe all of India but forget about that she s got tents, pillows, and clothing for herself to wish up RenHe actually wasn t present for a lot of the book But he still Indian Edward Cullen s about In fact when it comes to showering someone with inappropriate gifts he kind of kicks Eddie in his marble balls and runs off with the prize He gifts Kelsey with a house, a car, appliances for the entire house, a wardrobe, college and books paid for, grocery services, wushu classes, and her own unlimited bank account He still thinks he knows what s best for Kelsey and becomes territorial to the point where you expect that he would just pee on her KishanIf Ren is, Tiger Cullen than Kishan would be Tiger Jacob And that includes rape kisses that Kelsey is made to feel guilty for enjoying He spends a majority of the book grabbing and manhandling Kelsey because he s in love with her and has determined she likes him too deep down so it s okay We re not supposed to find this appalling or creepy because he s just a sad sad soul Mr KadamThe poor dear is just here to praise Kelsey s mediocrity and regurgitate Wiki pages.The Romance Kelsey states that she wants to be with Ren Because apparently that s all couples in love do Ren s kisses are really all that Kelsey focuses on in the relationship It s boring There s nothing to the relationship other than face sucking Kishan also likes Kelsey as well as a few guys at her school Can t imagine why all these guys like her so much but I guess if being blander than vanilla worked for Bella Swann it has to work for Kelsey Hayes The other boys at school aren t really romance competition and I don t really see their point in the book at all Other than to prove that Kelsey really misses Ren and that, in spite of constantly telling us how plain she is, Kelsey is extremely pretty Kishan shows up to be real love triangle competition Though in the same manner Jacob was competition to Edward Kelsey s decided on being with Ren, but Kishan needs to hang around flirt and make it weird The Story Unless you re super invested in Kelsey dates boys but thinks about Ren the entire time you could probably skip the first 30% of the book Even when Ren finally shows up and then Kishan the plot gets put on the back burner because we have to have dates and Valentine s dance and brother s arguing about peanut butter cookies.Even when we get back to the actual quest itself, it doesn t really amount to much Kelsey is able to provide solutions to an Indian quest that Mr Kadam who has been studying it for years can t see And Houck just takes whatever cool bits of myths and throws them into her story because why the hell not Odin s ravens make an appearance Yup Norse mythology entwines itself with Indian mythology Even when our heroes confront the villain, Lokesh Kelsey admits to letting him get away She flat out says she could have stopped him but didn t Which I assume is for no other reason than to pad this dribble out for two books. 0.5 star, there s no way in hell I ll give this book.Take my words, Colleen Houck totally fails as an author , she offers us nothing bout cardboard cutout characters, empty headed heroine who seems to have no thought of her own, uninteresting and unrealistic dreamboat love interests, supporting character Mr Kadam who s only there for the inform dump and being an all knowing, all useful plot device Beside all these, we also get a silly, painful to look at love triangle when one of the brothers is captured and being tortured nonstop, the other brother still has the guts to flirt and make out with the captured brother s girlfriend And before that happens, the heroine somehow manages to date three different guys at once, and none of the guy thinks that s a problem with her dating so many fellows.The main character Kelsey, for most of the time she doesn t even look and feel like an real person to me Remember she supposedly had lost her parents But you wouldn t know it by reading Tiger s Quest, for Kelsey never spent a second to think about her late parents Instead at the first half of the book, all Kelsey thought about is Ren and her three different dates sighs And Kelsey was faced with Goddess Durga and all the Eastern mythology, the belief of reincarnations and stuff, those new experience and knowledge never provoked her to think about life and death, the meaning of life and the world she lived in All she thought about is still her boyfriend sighs I mean, Kelsey met a Goddess in person, but she never ever bothered to ask the Goddess Have you seen my mom and dad Are they alright now I mean, even Zoey Redbird from the House of Night series, bothered to ask her Goddess what had happened to her late mother after she was murdered KELSEY, ARE YOU FOR REAL As to the quest to find one of Goddess Durga s holy objects which takes up most of the book, DON T GET ME STARTED WITH IT For the whole time I feel like I m trapped in the freaking Disneyland when Kishan and Kelsey are on their quest.Also, don t ever get me started with how Houck bastardized the Hindus myth and mixed it up with those Greek mythical figures and fairies and shit.During the whole progress of reading, I kept asking myselfWhy am I doing this to myselfReading this book is so painful, so unbearable an experience, I kept turning pages just to get the whole thing over with It s that bad.You know what I had gone through five of the Twilight books before, but right now I m not one bit certain that I can survive the next book [Read Epub] ♀ Tiger's Quest ♾ Back In Oregon, Kelsey Tries To Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Life And Push Aside Her Feelings For Ren Kelsey Hayes S Eighteenth Summer Was Crazy The Kind Of Crazy Nobody Would Ever Believe Aside From Battling Immortal Sea Monkeys And Trekking The Jungles Of India, She Fell In Love With Ren, A Year Old PrinceWhen Danger Suddenly Forces Kelsey On Another Indian Quest, With Ren S Bad Boy Brother, Kishan,the Unlikely Duo Begins To Question Their True Destiny Ren S Life Hangs In The Balance So Does The Truth Within Kelsey S HeartTiger S Quest, The Thrilling Second Volume In The Tiger S Curse Series, Brings The Trio One Step Closer To Breaking The Ancient Prophecy That Binds Them 150 , view spoiler , hide spoiler So incredibly heartbreaking I don t know if I ve ever cried so much while reading a book The ending just It broke my heart and trampled on it Why Why did it have to happen I hate it when authors do this to us readers But, I can t help but respect and love Colleen Houck for creating such an emotional ending It s books like this that I love utterly, books with real, endearing characters that latch onto my heart so securely and refuse to leave, no matter how well the writing is, or how well the story is executed A book could be lacking a bit in those aspects, but if there are characters that I come to love, I don t care how amazing or not so amazing the rest of the book is The characters are enough This isn t to say that Tiger s Quest was lacking It had adventure, mythology, magic, intrigue, danger, adventure, romance, so much than I could have asked for Aside from perhaps the beginning I ll get to that , this book is incredible, breathless, utterly amazing, leaving me with the same feelings as in Tiger s Curse and that unbearable cliffhanger it left me with But this cliffhanger, in Tiger s Quest, is so much horrible, I ll die if I don t find out what happens.I won t say this book is for everyone There are some who will find problems with it than I could, things to nitpick at But for me, I loved this book entirely, because of the emotions I felt while reading it The emotions portrayed were so believable and real The characters, oh, I just loved them all Kelsey is one of my favorite heroines She s strong, determined, loving, would fight to her death to save the man she loves And the love triangle is intense But it is most possibly the best executed love triangle I ve read about Most of the love triangles in YA books are fickle and annoying and reincarnations of Twilight Tiger s Quest though, while it may bear some resemblance to Twilight, it was not nearly enough for me to be annoyed at, and it is so much believable and well written than Twilight and so many other novels I have never felt so torn between the two male love interests before Well, I guess I can t necessarily say that Ren and Kelsey belong together, I know that, I want it, anything else and I wouldn t like it I love Ren, he is so perfect for Kelsey, his love for her is undeniable, never ending, as it is with her love for him But I can not help but mourn with Kishan that he can t have Kelsey I loved Kishan in this book He is just so unbelievably charming, and handsome, and endearing, and, I just want him I do not want him to be in so much pain But what I love about him is that he loves his brother so much that he wouldn t take Kelsey from him, unless Ren didn t want her and Kelsey didn t want Ren But, Kishan and Kelsey had chemistry It sizzled, it made me swoon And that kiss Oh my gosh But I loved the moments with Ren and Kelsey so much , because not only did it sizzle, it shone brilliantly with such love and adoration that melted me completely I hope you re sensing at least a little bit of my dilemma, and Kelsey s especially with this ending that could possibly shatter everything for Kelsey if they don t find a way to rectify it I love Ren, I love Kishan, I love Ren with Kelsey, but I want Kishan to have what he wants, which is Kelsey Jeesh, Colleen, are you watching this turmoil you ve given me Thanks a lot Because I m a hopeless romantic, and I love a good love story in any book, the romance is of what I focus on But this book isn t just the trying romance The adventure was intense and adrenaline rushing, especially at the end I think it would make a fantastic movie Well, at least a movie that I would love and enjoy, what with the adventure, mythology, were tigers, monsters, magic, romance with the kissing alright, so I swoon at kiss scenes, so what Oh yeah, I would so love if this series became movies oh, and I totally loved the divine scarf, and the magical qualities it possesses One gripe I may have is with the dating part in the beginning when Kelsey was trying to forget Ren by dating other guys She went on several dates with three guys, one that she actually liked but only as a friend who liked her a lot in return But then Ren entered the picture, and Kelsey didn t want anyone else Because Ren wanted Kelsey to be sure of her decision of what and who she wanted, Ren wanted to date her, and have her still date this other guy, Li Honestly, I didn t quite like the way this was handled Ren and Kelsey were playing a game, to see who would cave under love and need first, and Li was just a pawn that Ren wanted to pummel for even thinking about Kelsey, and that Kelsey didn t mind playing with She liked Li, but she obviously didn t think about his feelings when she agreed to do to do this whole dating thing that Ren wanted How could Li even stand a chance against someone like Ren, especially when Kelsey still undeniably loves him, and only ever felt friendship with Li Girls, if you re dating two guys, and you re in love with one, don t lead the other guy on It s cruel to him, unfair to the one you do love, and only messes with your mind and possibly destroying the chance you could have had with your love When this plot was resolved, I actually didn t hate it as much as I was kind of originally starting to It ended nicely obviously, since she chose Ren, and had some moments that melted my heart, mmm hmm , and I can understand that it was to help Kelsey firmly cement her decision Because of her indecision she ended with in Tiger s Curse about her relationship with Ren, there had to be something like the whole Ren Li thing to push her in the direction that was right for her And the rest of the book was so incredible that I can forgive this readily And the ending, it s so awful How can Houck put her characters though this And me for that matter You re killing me Houck And I have to wait until November 1 to read Tiger s Voyage Oh, I may just die Dang it, I hate endings like this, hate hate hate But I stupidly love them for making me feel the way I do Wouldn t the world be a better place without heartbreaking cliffhangers in books I wouldn t be reduced to a pathetic sobbing mess, I wouldn t be wasting all my energy anxiously awaiting the sequel You know what, this is kind of what I feel with The Lost Hero, with its stupid unbearable cliffhanger Not as bad as Tiger s Quest, but still the same Colleen, do you think we could speed up the publishing process a bit wishful thinking, I know Sorry this review is so long, I really had no intention of rambling on like that. Here is my review No, no, no.YES YESSSSS Finally, YES NO, NO, NO, NO.NOOOOOOOO This cannot be happening NOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO The End.Slam the book shut.November is WAY too far away and that really is my review because saying much would give it all away Oh, and I m still a bit worked up. ,. I loved this book, maybe than the first The second book starts when Kelsey goes back to Oregon She is heart broken but still feels that she should separate herself from Ren This reprieve soon comes to an end when she has to back to India yet again on another journey When they set off though, they are attacked and separated Kelsey has to continue her journey with Kishan and throughout the months that follow, she and him form a deeper bond They are hoping to continue to find the second item and finding Ren, whose life depends on them Kishan is a major character in this novel and is described and shown to have developed much Kelsey has romantic roller coasters. Oh, oh, oh I just have one thing to say about this novel, wow.This one was sooo much better than the first and the first was amazing , and if I had any questions or doubts or misgivings about this series, they were completely destroyed by Quest.First off, Kishan Most bad boys in novels always stay aloof, and I know that they are supposed to be irritating like that, but most YA novels have crossed the line, heck, practically leaped over it, and have annoyed me soo much that I ve just wanted to put down the book So when Colleen Houck introduced Kishan in Curse, I was a little scared, but, in Quest, Colleen totally solves this for me by making Kelsey travel with Kishan, and we learn that beneath all of his cockyness and down right rudeness, is someone who lives every day with the pain of his decisions that he made hundreds of years ago, and that he truly cares, unlike most bad boys who are either totally evil or we never get the total character fleshing that we got in Quest If anything, he s got character depth than Ren at least in this book, due to his struggle throughout with accepting both sides of himself and integrating back into society through those small windows that Houck shows us when he doesn t pretend to be devastatingly shallow in order to hide all of that pain like the scene in the dream meadow where we get to see his true side that was sooo cute And guess what, he s not pretending to be angsty and shallow because he wants to keep Kelsey distant so that she falls in love with his douchy self He actually has a normal reason other than he s dangerous Gasp But he wasn t just dark and moody, he was absolutely hilarious He has a very snarky voice, kind of like Will and Jem in Infernal Mortal devices series by Cassandra Clare which I found utterly refreshing Houck really made me grow attached to the bad boy character that most authors just can t seem to work out He s just a piece of work in ways than one Have I said I love this book Because, yeah, I love this book And Ren Ohh boyyy In Quest, his complete, total, and utter devotion to Kelsey is revealed even , and, especially in the beginning before he takes a little hiatus so to speak I m trying hard to not ruin this for people Hahah I felt my breath get taken away whenever he talked to Kelsey like he was looking up at me with his baby blues and talking to me, it was so real He is just sooo beautiful, and kind, and smart, and just yummy, but not totally perfect like a lot of novels portray his type of character He worries for kelsey, can be a little bit like a mother hen, and impatient, instead of being overly patient and almost apathetic like, dare I say, a vampire , and a lot of other perfect guys And the little contest that him and Li have is hilarious It adds that little bit of funny so I don t get annoyed with the whole love fest that him and Kelsey have going on Plus, two totally hot guys who actually have character depth fighting over you Too much to resist Another shocker for me is that Ren and Kelsey actually date I mean, that s practically un heard of for YA novels Most star crossed lovers gag just make out and argue all the time This, for me, felt like a much real and intimate relationship than that Then when he s gone, Kelsey still has what I will call waking dreams and his total love for her is astonishing He will do whatever he can to keep her safe, which brought tears to my eyes And the whole twist that is thrown in at the end literally knocked me off of my chair It evoked all of the feelings that I wanted when I read a book of total shock, betrayal, anguish, and even anger at some points as we wait for Kelsey to catch up with what we already know I almost shouted YOU BASTARD at the one part with Ren and those tribe girls Ughhh Houck just writes it all so well, and ties everything in, that it s just all the devastating at the end of the novel when all those emotions hit me in that swift torrent that I never would have expected She gets you all roped into Ren through Kelsey that when things happen, you feel like it s happening to you as well Colleen Houck, you are one sneaky little author.Also the relationship that Ren and Kelsey have is just so breathtakingly real, and pure, and just good It was like I could have seen them down the street holding hands, totally in tune to one another, just the perfect love birds The kissing scenes are swoony, deep, and just incredibly personal I almost felt like I was intruding Their love caught me up in the rush of it all, and it was their relationship, since they didn t have much of one in Curse, that was one of the best things about this book Colleen Houck did what few can, something so simple, but seems to be incredibly difficult for some authors their relationship just WAS And that, in and of itself, sold the book for me.And all this love brings me to Kelsey I adore how Coleen writes her She s not necessarily confident, but shes stong, and brave, and her love for Ren just leaves me breathless Plus she s not totally oblivious to the world or how much Kishan and Ren obviously love her like in many other books where the idiots, I mean, girls, are like OMG there s way two guys could POSSIBLY ever like ME, so I m going to go do something extremely stupid and life threatening and trust me I ve wished that they would just die, many, many times Mrs Houck handles the forbidden love triangle angle very well, and at some parts, I really do feel torn on who she s meant to be with don t tell me the baby scene didn t have you thinking twice And all her dreams She is really able to smoothly integrate it into the story the triangle feels very natural to me She really lets Kishan grow on you instead of him automatically declaring his love to her the first time he sees Kelsey Also throughout the whole story, it s not like cough cough Twilight where this is a forbidden love, and Kelsey loves Ren because he s all dangerous, and she seems to love all of the opposite things that are considered normal In this story she s just a girl, who loves a guy, who happens to turn into a tiger And during the whole quest with Kishan, even while he s trying to make out with her later on the little scoundrel , she s one of the most devoted people to Ren that I ve seen before in a character, and never gives up on him Not to mention that being able to shoot lightning from your hand is about the most badass thing ever Come on, don t tell me you ve never wished that you could be able to do something totally awesome like that Just give a little zap to an annoying person at school or a sibling just any annoying person in general, really Houck including that power helps me see that Kelsey s not just cowering in the corner while Kishan fights, she wants to get right in the action and help, which makes her all the likable I like a character that can stand up for herself like Kelsey can Besides all that though I love the inner dialogue that has continued on from the last book I feel like Houck took exactly how I, a totally normal person, would have felt in the situation and had Kelsey say them in such a funny, charming way that I would literally burst out loud in laughter at those parts.Did I get some weird looks from the family who thought I was possibly seizing or having some sort of epileptic fit Ohhh yes I did Did I care Ohhh no I didn t Because, yeah, I ll say it again, I Love This Book And I loved the journey, just in general that they had Houck wrote it so eloquently that I was swallowing up every word, and I didn t even realize that it was done until I had reached the last page It had a lot of action and suspense, but not so much that I felt like Kelsey was fighting every other second in a mini Matrix, and also had those really deep, infinitely personal moments that I just adore to help even it out The quests and trials that she went on were engaging, fun, with enough danger to keep you roped in throughout with some pretty good facts all interwoven into the expedition, as well Houck also does a superb job with tying everything together, even from teeny tiny things from the last book that I didn t even remember, and it all coalesces wonderfully in this part of the series into something that is truly a masterpiece Long review short, if anyone is debating whether or not to pick this one up, DO It will seriously leave you so happy, sad, and wanting the next one so badly that you re literally counting down the days It was simply amazing.And, if you re like me, who wants to desperately read Voyage and thinks that it should have come out yesterday groan , we ve got a loongg wait folks Five months My own little stuffed white tiger 3 if you can only see a little question mark box sorry about that, but it s a really cute picture hopefully I ll get it working again Edit Found a picture that perfectly describes my feelings of this book image error EDIT 10 6 14 SINCE THIS REVIEW HAS GOTTEN OVER 50 LIKES I DECIDED TO PUT A DISCLAIMER AT THE BEGINNING AS WELL AS THE END BECAUSE, YES, I AM THAT GOOD OF A PERSON SO HERE IS THE DISCLAIMER This review is the opinion of ME and therefore you have to agree with it or you die you can disagree or agree as you like Know that I hold no personal animosity towards the author, I simply did not like her books Thank you Yes, I realize I am in the minority of people who hate this book But I do have reasons It is not just because I am bored and want to go trolling I happened to find Kelsey extremely annoying, her voice as a teenager very unrealistic, the devoted good boy and ultimate bad boy I must choose from to be an overly used cliche, and the books had a dragging plot and what I like to call an absent villain Remember what I say a book is only as good as its villain You know it to be true Okayhere is what I have to say about this book specifically Basically, I already knew that I was going to hate it You may ask yourself, well, then, she must be an idiot for reading the darn thing but lemme get to that I read it cuz I needed to see if I was right see my opinion on Tiger s Curse to read my prediction on what would happen with Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey P.S I WAS RIGHT STUPID LOVE TRIANGLE 101 Actually, it was even WORSE than I predicted if possible because the entire first part of the book about 7 LOOOONG chapters is just Kelsey moping, Kelsey buying a stuffed white tiger because she misses Ren, Kelsey hating on herself and thinking that she is un date worthy even though 5 guys literally all ask her out in the same chapter And then she GOES on all the DATES What kind of person DOES that SHE DATES THREE four if you are counting Ren, which I guess I wasn t since they broke up GUYS AT THE SAME TIME AND FOR SOME STRANGE REASON IT IS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BECAUSE I AM THE AMAZING KELSEY, FEAR ME WHAT I have a theory This book was written for people with low self esteems Who need to feel what Kelsey feels even though I would classify her as a person with multiple personality disorder If you are seriously depressed or have low self esteem, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK It is a trick A trap It will make you feel worse about yourself because Kelsey is normal but all these crazy weird dating things happen to her which WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REALITY Kelsey Oh Ren, I never want to see you again because I am not good enough for you and you will find other better girls and forget all about me ONE CHAPTER LATER K I MISS REN SO MUCH sobs uncontrollably I will buy a stuffed tiger to sleep with and remember him ANOTHER CHAPTER LATER K Now Ren is back And I am going to start dating him again even though I am already going out some random guy named Li And I am going to spend 3 chapters trying to convince him to kiss me what what is this and let him and Li literally try and FIGHT EACH OTHER TO THE DEATH over me WARNING TO ALL LOVE STRUCK TEENAGE GIRLS DESPITE WHAT AUTHORS ARE DOING TO YOUR YOUNG AND IMPRESSIONABLE MINDS, THE TRUTH IS THAT NO, NO BOYS DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT ONE ANOTHER TO THE DEATH OVER GIRLS MAYBE A FEW PUNCHES, BUT NOT TO THE DEATH ALSO, A TIP DO NOT DATE 3 4 GUYS AT ONCE THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG EVEN IF YOU ARE A SHY WALLFLOWER GIRL This warning brought to you by It s gonna blow up in your face It s only a matter of timeAnd another thing She dates multiple guys and then has a problem when they get JEALOUS OF ONE ANOTHER Does this make ANY SENSE AT ALLLLL Answer No It doesn t FINALLY..she breaks up with Li and for some strange reason, he accepts this and has no problem with it because he respects Ren cuz he s a good fighter And then..We get about 3 chapters of them dating at Christmas and dating at new Years and then Ren takes her on some special Valentines day thing and it s then that we learn that he also INVITED HIS BROTHER TO THE UNITED STATES TO HELP PROTECT HER Does this make any sense at all Is there any reason why Kishan is there other than to be a third wheel and also fall in love with Kelsey Isn t this just a repeat of their past with Yesebai whatever her name is Let me just remind everyone that the last girl they fought over wound up DEAD Just throwing that out there Enough of that Anywho, when I got to the point that Kishan saves Kelsey and Ren sacrifices himself to be captured and implied tortured so that they can get away.I basically stopped reading for content and then started scanning the book for any references to food because I was hungry I didn t fail to notice, however, that although Ren is probably being tortured to death and Kelsey still swears to love him she still has the gall to flirt with his younger brother WHAT IS THAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIKE THIS MAIN CHARACTER Because honestly, I wanted one of them to transform into a tiger and eat her That would be the end, no love triangles, and everyone goes home happy By everyone, I mean me In general This love triangle fail Kelsey Kishan Renn fail This entire book fail In fact, there really are no words at all to truly describe how BAD it is And now it is time to address the ridiculous amount of plot holes in this these books It seems to me that every time Ms Houck runs out of something to write about, she creates a random conflict to insert as a side plot of course, these conflicts don t really have anything to do with the rest of the plot at all and are virtually unsolvable without going into fifteen or sixteen chapters of detail Sowhats an author to do We can t bore those poor young fan girls with an ACTUAL PLOT WE MUST ENTERTAIN THEM WITH LENGTHY DESCRIPTIONS OF HOW HOT ALL THE BOYS IN THE BOOK ARE Ah, not to worry, I have a solution we ll just have Mr Kadam fix it Because that s what we keep him around here for anyways Need a plane ride Kadam Need to convince your foster parents to let you go to India again Kadam Need to learn how to fight Kadam Worried about your foster family getting killed because you were STUPID and screwed around with some curse Ah, not to worry Mr Kadam sent them some sort of trip to Hawaii in the mail and made them leave THAT VERY NIGHT WITH VERY LITTLE WARNING Andof course they listened and trusted this almost complete stranger because, hey, he s Mr Kadam Why not Okay Rant almost over I even kept it fairly short this time I just have one last overall thing to mention that is pissing me off SARAH NEILSON I d swear, if there wasn t that little disclaimer about any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental , I would sue the pants off of Ms Houck I feel like before writing these books, she stalked me for a few weeks, took all of the random traits about me and made them look ridiculous and mocking, and.aged me about 20 25 years 1 Sarah Neilsonmy name is Sarah Nelson Kay, at first I thought that this was just weird But then.2 Food Sarah bakes crazy gluten free sugar free substances So do I But, guess what Ms Houck THEY TASTE PRETTY SPANKIN GOOD AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY HEALTHY FOR YOU And it is not just my family who says this Random house guests who steal things from the treat drawer and fridge say this Friends of the family say this and trust me, they would not have said anything if they didn t mean it What is this sudden kick with writers to bash people on healthy diets Is it to make fat people feel better Rick Riordan does it too when he talks about gluten free cupcakes acting like bricks for rebuilding Haha You re very funny, all you authors out there Bet you didn t know that about 7 10 of our society has a gluten intolerance of some sort So you just lost 70% of your potential readers And therefore, buyers Haha Lesson to be learned Do not bash gluten free people if you have not done your research which you guys clearly have not YES, THESE ARE GLUTEN AND SUGAR FREE NEED I SAY MORE 3 The crazy running thing Also me Because running is AN ADDICTION And it is awesome, and people do not appreciate it enough People in books with no training in running seem to be able to run like crazy whenever they feel like it but it DOESN T EXACTLY WORK THAT WAY Isn t it always a little TOO convenient when characters need to run away and SOMEHOW SOMEWAY just barely manage to escape Especially after they are heroines who claim to be clumsy and un athletic and as Kelsey says herself though not in these words precisely not exactly aerodynamic Running is just as hard, if not harder, than any sort of wushu or tae kwan do It is a mental game It allows us runners to say image error