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7 10An enjoyable read in the series which has now reached a tipping point where it could go one way or another To date I ve enjoyed reading these short young adult tales so I hope that the series continues to maintain the standard we ve seen so far This outing continued to take the Spook et al away from the County and this time to Ireland which lead to a new kind of trouble Add to that the overall trouble with the fiend there is plenty going on in this outing but some of it fell flat whereas some of it was top notch It didn t totally live up to some of the previous books in the series with some of the scenes not totally convincing and when certain characters are in trouble or worse you always know that there will be some sort of get out at the last minute I can t fault the series for that but it does mean the tension is quite low.The series is enjoyable for what it is, I hope the last few do the series justice but can t help but feel I m running a little low on steam with this series now Hopefully the next instalment from another characters point of view will add something new. Given what happens in the major story here, this book should have been fantastic, and yet for me it fell a bit flat On the good side, the stuff with Alice was really great, and she continues to develop into a very interesting character And the overarching plot in the series advances quite well.But its that advance that I think also causes the big problem for the book Basically, for the overall story arch, the attempt to bind the Fiend is a really big deal But, as a part of this book, it is a sideshow The main plot concerns yet another witch trying to get revenge on Tom And that story just is not as interesting So the main story of the book seems like a repetition of what we ve seen before, and it is not as interesting as the side adventure involving Tom, Grimalkin, the Spook, and the Fiend And this imbalance, for me, distorts the entire book.The other thing that I had some trouble with was the introduction of yet another mythology The series has some Christian mythology, with the Church and the Fiend being the incarnation of the Devil on earth It also has dabbled with Greek mythology, with the idea of Lamia, and in this book, with the use of Pan And already, I ve found the juxtaposition of those two a bit hard to swallow, at least with no explanations Here, we also get introduced to the Morrigan, a Celtic crow god And this made me wonder a bit two hard about how this world works Thinking too hard about how the magic works in these sorts of books always risks tearing the veil Here, I felt the different mythologies were bumping into each other, and the effect was a bit clumsier than what I m accustomed to from Delaney.Every series has its stronger and weaker entries, and I can imagine other people disagreeing with me on this, but for me this was probably the weakest of the books so far And it was still pretty good, but the characters keep saying how they wish they could get home to the County, and I m hoping for that as well I think Delaney may be on firmer ground when he stays closer to home. The Last Apprentice Series Book 8 4.5 stars Rage of the Fallen is the 8th book in The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney Tom, the Spook s apprentice, has made a lot of enemies in his three years fighting the dark One of his enemies, Morrigan the goddess of witches has told him not to ever set foot in her homeland of Ireland but the war is still raging in their own country so Tom, the Spook Alice must flee there anyways His other very powerful enemy, the Fiend, is also still hunting him in hopes of catching him unguarded The Spook decides that it s time to go on the offensive and bring the Fiend down so Tom joins forces with Grimalkin the witch assassin, who trains him and helps him battle and bind the Fiend once and for all.After eight really well written books I m starting to run out of things to say All of them have been so good and this one was no different The audio narrator, Evan Welsh, is just marvelous I think it would be extremely hard to talk like a witch or demon or boggart etc but he does it so effortlessly and he sounds just like what you d expect a creature of the dark to sound like If you re a fan of these type of stories, then you can t go wrong with this series It s perfect for older kids as well as adults I read this for my 2016 Halloween Bingo Fall into a Good Book square This is the 8th book in The Last Apprentice series and it was even fantastic than the previous books Another spin off of this series called I am Grimalkin UK release is supposed to be released later this year which I am looking forward and Delaney is working on book 9 of this series as well So, no idea how many books in this seriesbut honestly I hope it goes on forever The Spook, Tom, and Alice have fled to Ireland They hope to meet up with Grimalkin and take care of the Fiend once and for all Things are never easy though and Tom finds himself hunted by the very witch he thought he destroyed in the last book or is it Our three unlikely heroes also end up meeting up with some locals who want their help in preventing a dark ceremony that will summon the God Pan to create chaos Will they be able to hold the Fiend and all of his dark minions at bay What about the darkness and war that is threatening to consume the land.This was a wonderful book Both Tom and Alice are coming into their powers nicely They both are taking on responsible and find themselves in dire situations than ever This is a very dark book, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel They do finally confront the Fiend in this book and what a confrontation it is The second half of the book has a lot Grimalkin, she is my absolute favorite in this series, and it was so awesome to read about here It is also interesting to watch how the Spook reacts as he gets further and further drawn into the dark magic that threatens to consume Alice and Tom This was an absolutely awesome book The writing style is wonderful to read very gothic yet easy to read and such wonderful descriptions and characters The drawings throughout are creepy and stunning This is a book that is dark, but never gets too scary The book ended well and it looks like we are in store for yet adventures for our travelers.Overall an absolutely fantastic addition to this series I loved some of the turns this story took, loved how Alice and Tom are developing as characters, and loved that Grimalkin was in the story I really do hope this series goes on for a bit longer, it is one of those rare series that has consistently spectacular books If you haven t read this series and you like adventure with monsters and a bit of creepy you have got to check this series out It is a fantastic read for middle grade and up. ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ⚐ Rage of the Fallen ⚐ A Dangerous Few Months Lie Ahead Ones Which Some Of Us Will Be Hard Pressed To SurviveThomas Ward Has Served As The Spook S Apprentice For Three Years He Has Battled Boggarts, Witches, Demons, And Even The Devil Himself Tom Has Enemies The Fiend Stalks Him, Waiting For A Moment Of Weakness The Terrifying Morrigan, Goddess Of Witches, Warned Him Never To Step Foot On Her Homeland, IrelandBut Now War Has Consumed Their Own Country, And Tom, His Friend Alice, And The Spook Must Flee To Ireland The Dark Rages Strongly There No One Can Be Trusted Can Tom Defeat The Creatures That Hunt Him Most Fiercely So much rage A smidge dramatic.but it is YAReview to come.Audiobook CommentsNarrated as always by Christopher Evan Welch I love listening to his voice. Actually already finished this book for a while but only recently updated the progress WARNING The Seventh Son movie WAS ONLY inspired by this series, the plot is freaking awful that has nothing to do with the awesomeness of the books Forget the movie, READ the series Tom is now in his third year as a Spook s Apprentice, and as he gets older, these books get darker.What I really enjoyed about this series at the beginning was the character development and the introduction to this world of Spooks and witches But as we get further on, the focus is on Tom facing the dark and in particular, The Fiend I don t find it quite as interesting and the gory descriptions can be a tad uncomfortable impalings, torture, beheadings etc so not recommended for younger teens.I still enjoy the characters, though, so will see the series through to the end. My heart, my soul This is the last book that I have of the seriesbut there are 2 to read and I am left on a clifhangerSuch good writing While the Spook, Tom and Alice flee to Ireland because of the war, they have to tackle these evil mages that want to improve their own dark powers The journey takes Tom to find a blade That blade they think could give them a fighting chance against the Fiend The genre is fantasy and it s the 8th in the series I quite like it because of the fantasy and the general idea The story is ok and it has a few tense moments The ending is a sort of happy ending because not everything is resolved I would recommend it to year 8s