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Instead of being wakened to the sound of birdsong, like princesses in books, I was wakened to the sound of Rommel shrieking as Fat Louie beat him senseless for getting into his bowl of Fancy FeastFun as always.The Princess Diaries always make me feel better so I m usually reading them when I m kind of sad or depressed.Like this whole week.Today was my first day of senior year of high school and it was awful.The new school principal changed most of my professors.She also made a new behavior dressing codex stuff like that.Ugh,can this week get any worse Thankfully,this book lightened my mood.However,both Mia and Lilly were a bit annoying sometimes so I m giving this book 4 stars.Can t wait to read the next one.Favourite quotes I only invited Michael to both the dinner and the party.Everyone else,including Lilly, is just invited to the party Hello, how unromantic would that be, to have your birthday dinner with your mom, your stepdad, your real dad, your grandma,your bodyguard, your boyfriend and his sister At least I was able to narrow it down a little I can command the Royal Genovian Air Force, Grandm re supposedly replied As well as the Royal Genovian Navy But the one thing in the world I have no control over, Helen, is your womb Now come along. [[ READ KINDLE ]] ⇨ Princess in Pink ↵ Princess Mia Is Dreaming About The Prom And Contending With A Hotel Workers Strike In The Fifth, Supremely Hilarious Episode Of Meg Cabot S Princess Diaries This Time, Mia S In The Pink About The Upcoming Albert Einstein HS Prom, And She S Crossing Her Fingers That Michael Will Ask Her To Go They Re In Love, So Why Wouldn T He Ask Her, Right But During Seven Minutes In Heaven At Her B Day Party, Mia Learns That Michael Is Not The Prom Going Type Good Grief, What S A Princess To Do To Make Matters Worse, Grandmere Has Gotten A Busboy Fired Due To A Mishap With Her Pooch, Rommel, At A Swanky Restaurant, So When All Of The City S Busboys Go On Strike, It Causes A Chain Of Events That Result In Grandmere Crashing At Mia S Mom S Place, Her Pal Lilly Moscovitz Picking Up A Picket Sign, And The Prom Being Brought To A Screeching Halt Thankfully, Staunch Yet Boy Wise Grandmere Has A Plan To Change Michael S Mind And Put Everything Back On Track, Making Mia The Happiest Prom Princess On This Side Of The Atlantic And Readers Starry Eyed Than Molly Ringwald In Her Prettiest Pink Frock Following Up The Brief Volume IV And A Half And Introducing A New Addition To Mia S Family, This Knee Slapping Fifth Volume Makes The Series Glitter Brighter Than Ever, Placing Yet Another Jewel In Cabot S Crown I quite enjoyed the drama of Mia and her Grandmere.The fact that I dislike in the story is that Mia had taken a big deal in attending to the prom.Other than that I enjoyed the book as usual. This one was cute Mia was a bit melodramatic about the prom but that s Mia lol If it weren t for Michael, I might not be as patient with her but I have to remember she s still a freshman even though we are 5 books in These books are so cute and adorable, can t wait to read the next one 3 starsMia s neurosis, while entertaining, is starting to rub me the wrong way view spoiler Yeah I get this was written 15 years ago but still let s not poke fun at disabilities, k hide spoiler O.W.L.S MAGICAL READATHON 2019 BOOK 10 HISTORY OF MAGIC Published at least 10 years ago This was just what I needed to get out of my book slump To see full binge for books 4, 41 3, 4 1 2, and 5 click here.What I Remembered Really hating Lilly in this installment and not really feeling Toris.What I Got Really hating Lilly Finding Toris a lottolerable and believable And finding Mia almost as intolerable as Lilly in this installment.In fact, if I wanted to, I could have a drinking game every time Lilly or Mia annoyed me I get that they re fourteen fifteen year old girls, but both of them need a good swift kick in the pants to reality.To be fair though, I did enjoy Princess in Pink a lotthan I remembered.I had some nice things going for it.For one, it had an actual plot unlike Princess in Waiting and their was some slight character development in this book.I think the best thing about this one was Michael Sometimes I really wonder how he tolerates Mia so much though, because her neurosis is full blown in this one.He really must be the master of zen.The supporting characters though really carried this novel, save for Grandmere I think this is the point where she starts developing into almost a caricature of sorts But you could argue that about all the characters to a certain degree Especially Lilly and Mia.I keep complaining about them I guess I should discuss them.Lilly is just a horrible person It s a conclusion I came to a long time ago with these books, though she does have an entertaining moment or two when she s not stuffing her tongue down some random guy s throat In this book, we don t see those entertaining quirks since she s mostly sticking her throat down some guy s throat.Add to it, that Mia is sort of slut slamming her friend at the end with this little gem Tina just called She is kvelling over getting to go to the prom It is, she says, like a dream come true I told her I couldn t agreeShe asked me how I thought we d come to be so lucky.I told her Because we are both kind and pure of heart 237.Look, I get Lilly was really stupid in this installment But as her best friend Mia shouldn t quasi dis her to Tina with that stupid pure of heart trash Then again, this is the girl that obsesses about her virginity to the point where she calls it her precious gift.And plus, it s just prom.I think this is me being no longer fifteen Maybe I could ve agreed with Mia back then maybe not.Despite my grievances with two of the characters, I did find this installment to be a huge improvement over Princess in Waiting It s fun and light, and actually has a plot. This time around, Princess Mia looks forward to having the best dance of her life By going to the prom With her boyfriend, Michael But the big problem is Michael doesn t want anything to do with prom.Then there s Grandmere who fires a busboy after something happens to her pet pooch A strike among busboys ensue and soon Grandmere finds herself lodging in with Mia s mom under one roof Sounds exciting, eh Oh but there sWait till you hear Mia s moms exciting baby news After a while, you d think I ll get tired of reading Princess Diaries But no As long as I have this series in my shelf, I intend to finish them My own sons even commented about my passion for reading this series They thought I m already too old for fairytales Ouch, that quite stings But then, I realized, kids are being kids and they already have a lot of opinions when it comes to the books they read As young as they are my sons are 10 and 8, respectively , they already know which books make them happy and which ones would make them roll their eyes In this case, when they see me gawking and controlling my laughter, they retort, Mom s being childish again, and then they will tell me, It s okay Mom, if that makes you happy, go on So there, Princess Amelia Migonette Thermopolis Renaldo, aka Mia, makes me happy I don t care much any if she s too smitten with her boyfriend or too absorbed in her royal duties Others might say, she s too good to be true But that s exactly what I want in a princess Not perfect, not too aristocratic, not too shabby either Mia and her cohorts make the Princess Diariesexciting and exhilarating to read I m reading this series in preparation for theRoyal Wedding, the first adult novel about Mia, which is coming soon I didn t start this series as an adolescent so my take on it is different then teen readers, but I think Cabot does have the emotions and hopes and dreams just right, or as I remember them anyway The Prom is a big deal when you are in high school And Mia wants to go.Even though she sees that she s lucky and most of her life is, at least for a moment, going well, she is pining for a chance to go to the Prom with her boyfriend She says she has dreamed of it her whole life And while this may seem silly, I think it also rings true.Mia s grandmother, as usual, causes problems for her, unintentionally perhaps in this case, but still, the repercussions, while funny, also move the story along.I do have some trouble wondering why Mia continues to be friends with Lilly, who has in general been a bad friend, but in this book, takes that to a whole new level Didn t much care for how she behaved, but hopefully in future books, she will do better toward Mia Or Mia finds a new a better friend Your friend should never put you down or humiliate you.Great, fun read. Ack, this was dreadful I don t suppose it helps that I read it right after Pride and Prejudice, but even so I know it s meant for children, but the previous four weren t this bad.