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~DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♠ The Princess Present ⚖ A Princess Always Knows How To Celebrate The Holidays There S Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Chinese New Year, Saturnalia Name Just A FewThen There S Gift Giving, The Royal Genovian Faberg Advent Calendar, Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows Oh, And All Those Fabulous Holiday Movies How Will YOU Celebrate This Holiday Season Mia And Her Subjects Have A Few Ideastps Openlibrary Books OL I definitely love the concept, so even if I haven t read the series about this princess, I had to dive into this book But I ve already read other books by this author and I m unfortunately not a fan So I didn t really liked this book, either Something in this I didn t know, so it interested me, but I didn t get the irony, didn t like Mia s comments and other characters sections Some jokes are not for kids Mia s Christmas movies list is not made by my favorite Christmas movies, so I don t agree Basically I only liked Grandmere s pieces She seems an actual aristocrat. Short Review for a Short BookThis was a cute little addition to the Princess Diaries It was super cute to see her try to figure out what to get everyone, and see how royals celebrate the holidays The whole list of how EVERY county does Christmas thou, whoa, too much info I did skim that part, not that it wasn t interesting, but it was crazy dry. Loved reading this so long after I read the last princess diaries book Total nostalgia I guess I expected a littleout of this book than it delivered Princess Mia and her friends relatives each talk about different holidays celebrated at this time of year that s interesting But I thought it was a mistake to have Mia saying or interjecting comments that were degrading to some of the practices of others or reduced celebrations to how many people are giving gifts, to whom, and how many It made me rather sad that Mia made light of nearly everything but the presents. The short version of how I feel about the book Awww.The long version of how I feel about the book As a trivia geek, I love the random facts that Mia has with the cute nerdiness The Princess Diaries is a huge part of me, and I love how the characters were so individually crafted I don t know why I took forever to read such a short book, but it was worth it because of the cute doodles and the facts Right now, it s perfect to read a book about the holidays.Happy holidays It wasn t bad, but not necessary to read if you re reading The Princess Diaries series There s no new information here, and really, it readslike a textbook or booklet about holidays and traditions than anything else It was a bit boring though I do love learning about holidays and how different cultures religions celebrate them. This book was super cute I read all the Princess Diaries books when I was younger and remember really enjoying them This book was very reminiscent of that time It was also very interesting and informative of the holiday traditions of different cultures.This was a super quick read and I reccomend it to get in the holiday spirit An informative and fun book about holiday traditions around the world Plus, Princess Mia mentions Degrassi, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Zac Hanson Not in the same sentence. Okay but reading Paolo s part in my head trying to imagine what he sounds like is the funniest thing The people know nothing Truer words have never been spoken Paolo Okay so I started typing this before I finished reading it and then on the next page Mia said what I just said.