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EVERY BOOK IN THIS SERIES HAS THE CUTEST ENDING AND I END UP SWOONING LIKE CRAZY BECAUSE MICHAEL MOSCOVITZ OMFG Actual rating 3.5 stars Least favorite so far in the series Mia took a drastic turn in this book and was pretty obsessed with a boy and nothing else Granted, she is 14 years old so it s understandable to a point, but she was a bit melodramatic in this one Still enjoyed overall and will continue the series though I had to give this one a four instead of a 5 like the others. Mia was SO whiney. She was in Europe yet l she could think about was missing Michael. That part didn t really bug me BUT once she got home, she started just acting crazy First, she goes through that phase where she reads Jane Eyre and thinks she should ignore Michael and basically play hard to get Okay girl, I just read pages after pages of you missing him and now you re NOT going to call him back Are you kidding me I m glad her mom set her straight Then, after she finds out she will have to cancel their first date because of the ball, she just ASSUMES he is going to break up with her sigh and don t even get me started on the whole is he in LOVE with me or does he just LOVE me bit. Geez that part drove me nuts I guess Mia is only 14 and in love. She is expected to doubt herself and their relationship I mean like Mia said they haven t even been out yet I m just looking forward to the future books when she matures a bit I didnt hate the book of course I still love this series and enjoyed this book, Mia just annoyed me a bit though. I can praise Michael Moscovitz forever and ever and ever Mia was a littleannoying in this one than I remembered so I docked it a star, but still so fun How do I know Michael hasn t met some other girl Some Floridian girl, with long,sun streaked hair, and a tan,and breasts Who has access to the Internet and isn t cooped up in a palace with her crazy grandma,a homeless,Speedo wearing prince and a freakish,hairless miniature poodleI missed The Princess Diaries so much I loved reading about Mia s adventures in Genovia and Grandm re s schemes.Also,love the movie refrences Meg Cabot sure knows how to make her readers laughHello, Lilly said Movie Of your life.You were portrayed as shy and awkward I am shy and awkward, I reminded her They made your grandmother all kindly and sympathetic to your plight, Lilly said It was the grossest mischaracterization I ve seen since Shakespeare in Love tried to pass off the Bard as a hottie with a six pack and a full set of teethAndum,hi Michael.Favourite quotes But a sweater I mean,that is so unromantic.It is the kind of thing I would get my dad if he wasn t so in need of anger management manuals,which is what I got for him for Christmas Really,Mia, she said You know I don t like to contradict your grandmother This was the biggest lie I d heard since the Prince of Liechtenstein told me I waltzed divinely,but I let it slide,on account of Mom s condition. Good but didn t enjoy this like the previous books.I wish something significant will happen in the next. 3.5 stars.Soooo much of this book was Mia doubting Michael s love for her, and that drove me a bit crazy However, the cuteness level is still through the roof I love it Also, I adore Michael as a character. It s been a while since I ve read the first three books from The Princess Diaries series and I kind of forgot how Mia was but this book definitely reminded me pretty quickly I can t wait for Mia to getself esteem I CAN T WAIT GUYS The constant whining and everything was so god damn annoying UGHCan that please not happen in the next book I didn t even care about Mia and Michael s relationship throughout this book It was just so boring to me and I d rather have something weird happen in this book, like a meteor crashing or something just so it could have beeninteresting I pray to god that the next book wont be so boring because I will have regretted trying to finish this series so much. (DOWNLOAD PDF) ⚞ Princess in Waiting ⚠ Never Before Has The World Seen Such A PrincessNor Have Her Own Subjects, For That Matter Mia S Royal Introduction To Genovia Has Mixed Results While Her Fashion Sense Is Widely Applauded, Her Position On The Installation Of Public Parking Meters Is Met With ResistanceBut The Politics Of Bureaucracy Are Nothing Next To Mia S Real Troubles Between Canceled Dates With Her Long Sought After Royal Consort, A Second Semester Of The Dreaded Algebra, Princess Lessons From Grandm Re As A Result Of The Genovian Parking Meter Thing, And The Inability To Stop Gnawing On Her Fingernails, Isn T There Anything Mia Is Good At Besides Inheriting An Unwanted Royal Title Because even a princess has to have fun sometimes The Princess Diaries Mia Goes Fourth is a short but delightful read I loved reading this novel and I m looking forward to picking up the next book in the series On a whole another note I love Chris Pine in Princess Diaries 2 the movie D