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Yeah, I only read this cause it was 50 pages and I m depressingly behind on my reading challenge So what Sue me, I m gonna go findshort stories to fool myself with. Loooool That s all that i can say. To see full binge for books 4, 41 3, 4 1 2, and 5 click here.This installment isn t much, and really doesn t pertain to the over all series I m wondering if it s even been reprinted recently.The nice thing about it, besides the fact that it s profits went to a wonderful cause, is that it s a novella you re not required to read.I hate it when novellas are super important to the book case in point, Sweet Sixteen Princess True, authors will recap for us what went on but you ll still inevitably buy the novella.The plot of Project Princess is pretty simple, Mia is building houses for a Habitat Humanity type group during Spring Break with her friends and chaos insures.Probably the most significant thing to happen in this one is that Boris barfs a lot.I really did enjoy seeing my last glimpse of happy Loris I know a lot of people don t like this couple, based on what happens in book five, but they are fun to read about while they last Michael and Mia are cute too, but a bit overly mushy Loris is just sort of humorous together And I really miss seeing that with Toris even they they are muchsuited together i.e Tina would never let Boris attempt suicide with a globe.For huge Princess Diaries fans, I recommend this one, if you re sort of a fair weather fan, it would be okay to skip. This novella was okay I think this is the only time I wasn t mad that the novella was super short It s about Mia building houses for a Habitat Humanity which is a great cause but this was a super boring novella Not a lot happened I was barely interested But since I m trying to demolish my TBR from 2400 ish books I decided I should read it I m glad it s over and I can move on with my life. After convincing her parents that it is her royal duty to help the less fortunate, Mia sets off with her friends and boyfriend on a school trip to West Virginia to help build houses for Housing for the Hopeful But once in the wilderness far away from Bagels, Lox and modern conveniences Mia realizes that while helping is important it is also far from a trip to the spa Will she ever be clean again Will she stop hurting all over And will she ever find time for a little kissing action before she falls asleep After reading the first book in this series I went to the library and just happened to see the rest of the books 11 of them sitting on the shelf so I loaded them into my bag and found myself diving into a week long Princess fest And I enjoyed ever minute of it This whole series is a fun, light hearted read, though in some of the later books, it focuseson sex talk rather than action than some parents might find appropriate for their teen daughters I would suggest a read through first. Slightly pointless. This was actually the only Princess Diaries book that I didn t like The story is very short hence the half book number placement in the series and pretty much just had Princess Mia whining the entire time she works on a spring break volunteer project I love Princess Mia and her complaining narrative style, but this book just really didn t need to exist. I ve missed this story (READ BOOK) æ Project Princess ¹ What On Earth Is That Princess Up To Now Most Princesses Would Prefer To Spend Their Spring Breaks In Gstaad, Or Some Other Equally Unpronounceable European Hot Spot Not This One, Though Hammer In Hand, Princess Mia Embarks On An Epic Adventure For One So Admittedly Unhandy Along With Her Cohorts From School, She S Off To Build Houses For The Less Fortunate It Doesn T Take Mia Long To Realize That Helping Others While An Unimpeachably Noble Pastime Is Very Hard Work Will Her Giving Spirit Prevail Will The House Collapse Due To Royally Clumsy Construction And Most Importantly, Will Michael Stop Working Long Enough To Kiss Her Cute story Habitat for Humanity, meets Mia.