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!Book ☳ Princess in Training ♌ Princess For President Student Body President, That Is Nominated By Her Power Mad Best Friend, Lilly This Is Not How Mia Imagined Kicking Off Her Sopho Year, But As Usual, She Has Bigger Problems To Worry About, Like Geometry And Now That Mia S One True Love, Michael, Is Uptown At College, What S The Point Of Even Getting Up For School In The Morning But The Last Straw Is What Lana Whispers To Her On The Lunch Line About What College Boys Expect Of Their Girlfriends Really, It S Almost Than A Princess In Training Can Bear Mia needs a proper Sex ED.Well,this was a fun ride.Her relationship with Michael was so funny and awkward in this book Lilly and Grandm re were actually pretty cool here.However,Mia was behaving REALLY naive juvenile in this one.Also,I m not really sure I m on her side when it comes to Ms.Martinez.Everything else was really fun Favourite quote Do you know what you are looking at here, Amelia Grandmere is asking me If you re trying to hypnotize me into not biting my nails any ,Grandm re, I said, it won t work.Dr Moscovitz already tried. I enjoyed this one Thought Mia was a bit juvenile about the topic of sex just her maturity level discussing it, not her choices But I liked the student council election story At this point I kind of wantGenovia princess stuff and less high school but we shall see This series should definitely be changed to the Mia Whines A Lot or maybe someone should invent a drinking game while reading this series For example, take a shot every time Mia whines You d end up drunk and not remembering anything about this book In the end, your life is probably better not remembering I wish I could forget I read this book But no, I made a deal with myself that I would finally finish this freaking series I need to clean out my TBR guys So, yes, I will continue to suffer while reading these books I just need to come up with a clever game or a cool reward for every book I finish or something Anyhow, not a lot happened in this book Mia whined She messed up in a big way because her problems are obviouslyimportant than her princess duties In the end, I didn t care at all I m glad this book is over and I can move on with my life. 2.5 stars Now I must say that I lost some of my interest for this series. And that is totally because of Mia being whining all the time for everything.But still I have hopes on the next WHY do I keep reading these Princess books WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY Am I forgetting that These books are total fluff books with practically NO substance WHATSOEVER They are intended for teenagers I am no longer a teenager I don t think I will let my daughter read them when she is a teenager My curiosity was fully satisfied by the third book Well, maybe I ll let her read the first few But probably not book four or five, and definitely not six Yes, I get that it s supposed to be Mia s private diary, but still Too much about sex IMO I m glad she isn t ready and her boyfriend is okay with that that helps Still.It is funny how she mentions the movies, though. This has to be my most favorite installment by far This book tackles the subject of having sex with your boyfriend and when is that okay and basically the message is, whenever you re ready and he should respect that WHICH IS WHAT I WANT IN ALL BOOKS Please make this a YA standard because not all girls are just ready for it right at 16 like I see in a lot of YA books Michael is such a great book boyfriend and character because he s real He s realistic in the sense that there are things he won t do and things he ll compromise on and that s how relationships should go, so I absolutely gushed over him in this novel He s EVERYTHING 3Also Meg Cabot throws the BIGGEST amount of shade in this book at Disney I am so here for her dissing those movies I love those movies but it just made this book that much better Ugh the series just gets better as it goes on This was so good This series is so funny and light and interesting And I absolutely love Mia o D Oh Mia As I mentioned in my last review. it s during this stage that I have to give these books 4 stages instead of 5 because of how annoying Mia can get She s only 15. I get it It s just a bit harder to read now that I m older Still really enjoyed it and it definitely made me laugh Really wanting to speed through rereading the rest so I can read A Royal Wedding when it comes out In case you were not aware, I LOVE The Princess Diaries series I have read all ten books approximately a million times, and they are so near and dear to my heart This series played a huge role in my life and my sister s life as I grew up, and I m just having a blast rereading them this year Princess in Training is actually one of my favorite books in the series which, yes, I know it s so meta to have favorite books in one of your favorite series.In this installment, Mia is dealing with a lot of big things on top of being a princess and having to endure painful princess lessons with her Grandm re she has to deal with her best friend, Lilly, nominating her for class president against Lana Weinberger her boyfriend possibly wanting to deflower her being a baby licker and constantly worrying about her new born brother and all the ways he can a get sick, b get hurt, and c die her ex boyfriend constantly chatting her ear off about his new perfect girlfriend, Heather and an English teacher who gasp questions and criticizes her identity as a writer Oh, and I forgot that the UN was trying to exile Genovia because of this whole snail situation long story.As usual, there s a lot going on in this novel and it s crazy and out of control, but it s so wonderful for the very same reasons Mia is always so frantic and panicked as she should be, did you even read the list above but she s always hilarious and witty her type of crazy just works for me Every book in this series is always so enjoyable to read because of Mia s sarcasm and her immaturity she over thinks EVERYTHING and has very little experience like, in everything but that s kind of what makes her such an uproarious character voice to read Everyone seems to think that Doing It is just, like, the pinnacle of experiences Everyone except for me Why am I the only person who, when she thinks about Doing It, feels nothing but sweaty And not in a good way This can t be a normal reaction This has to be yet another genetic anomaly in my makeup, like absence of mammary glands and size ten feet I am totally lacking in the Do It gene. It s so great to read narration like this, because Mia represents a larger population of teenage girls than she realizes I found a lot of what she says relatable when I was growing up and I still feel that it s applicable and valid now I love that this book tackles such taboo topics, such as how to approach having The Talk with your significant other, literary merit, and other great social commentaries There s so much in this book that is important for young people especially young girls, yes to start thinking about No, reading Princess in Training will not make a teenage girl an expert on comprehensive sex education but it s a GREAT start We needbooks out there like this one that are willing to talk about such a wide variety of topics from a realistic girl s point of view, like Mia s I just like everything that this book has to offer and I adore it as the latter half of Mia s journey begins This is really the point when she starts to grow up a bit, shoulder some responsibilities, and, yes, bite the bullet and try to have The Talk with Michael Moscovitz, the love of her teenaged life It s witty and just the right amount of insane, but that doesn t lessen its value much like how Mia makes an argument for the relevance of pop culture references in academic work Something can be hilarious and talk about things like Britney Spears and Sailor Moon without losing its meaning.I really love this book I just thought I should reiterate that fact.