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!Free E-pub ☪ Twilight ☪ This Time It S Life Or DeathSuze Has Gotten Used To Ghosts She S A Mediator, After All, And Communicating With The Dead Is All In A Day S Work So She Certainly Never Expected To Fall In Love With One Jesse, A Nineteenth Century Hottie But When She Discovers That She Has The Power To Determine Who Becomes A Ghost In The First Place, Suze Begins To Freak It Means She Can Alter The Course Of History And Prevent Jesse S Murder, Keeping Him From Ever Becoming A Ghost And From Ever Meeting SuzeWill Jesse Choose To Live Without Her, Or Die To Love Her When our heroine learns about a new power she has her love is greatly tested Will she do the right thing or will she choose what makes her happy Good story with lots of action. Dear Jesse, I went back in time Your time To the 19th century I know, I know It was dangerous and could ve cost my life, but I still went I mean, really, since when did I ever listen to what someone told me to do.Whatever The real reason for this is to say goodbye Why You ask, well because, in the future you and me, well we ll never meet you know I m actually smiling right now because, if you were here you d probably get all mad and say , Susannah it s you and I At first I considered of keeping my dad from dying But then, my life wouldn t be the way it is My mom wouldn t have met Andy and get married to him, I wouldn t have any brothers, well David And I d never move to Califorinia Meet Father Dom,CeeCee, and Adam, and most importantly you I wouldn t have met you Jesse My dad, said it was okay That it would be alright if I didn t keep him from dying It meant so much to him that I actually considered doing something like that.At first I came to stop Paul from stopping Felix from killing you Or else I d never have met you But then I met you Jesse, the real you And how could I stand and see you die Even if, you had made me cry my eyes out I m sorry, but you did Come on, you didn t believe me You thought I was a nutcrack And then you called me Mrs Susannah I wish that instead of you being from the 19th century and instead of you d have been born in the 21st century, so then you wouldn t be a ghost or anything And it would be perfectly fine if we d had actually gone out or something But then I think, would you actually have hung out with me Would we ever even meet eachother I doubt it, you d probably have hung around some other college girl, the same age as you and not 5 years younger This is probably the most hardest thing that I ve ever done in my life The thing I hate mostly about this is that when I get back to the 21st century I ll never ever remember you But even though I would never have actually known you I d know in my heart that their was someone that I was wupposed to meet Someone I was supposed to be together with So I d be waiting for that person all my life, and never have met him Because that person would be you So I would never, ever, ever be able to be in an actual relationship with someone because I would know that that person is not you And if I go back in time, and Paul s plan actually happens to work, and I do fall for him And we end up together Please don t get mad Because somewhere, someday I ll know that you are the person I m supposed to be with That you are the person I was supposed to love and have a future with.I hope you finally get to Rest In Peace But look in the bright side, you don t get killed Your not married to that skanky bitch Maria And now you know I love you, Jesse I love you so much, that I can prove it to you I m doing this for you RIP And maybe we ll be together soon, in both of our next lives Don t worry I ll make sure that I find away to beat up Paul With all my love, Suze Simon also known as Susannah to Jesse de Silva I love you so so so so so so so much. For some reason, this is the book I remembered the most from my first read through I really enjoyed my reread of this series overall It s not a perfect series the writing is a bit juvenile but it s a whole lot of fun I would recommend it for anyone who wouldn t get hung up on the writing and wants a breezy series. Re read 5 26 17 I will always and forever love this series with all of my heart Aside from Harry Potter this is the series that really kick started my reading as a youngster, and my love for it is eternal Also Jesse gives Michael Moscovitz a run for his money as my number one book bae, which is a Big Deal I M A HAPPY LADY I can t believe this Onebook left now I m sorry to see this series go I save these books to read for Sundays, and it has been what I look forward to most the past several Sundays Admittedly, I have found Suze quite annoying and weak in this book, especially with how she handles Paul This is such a shame because she has been so strong and capable and such a badass female protagonist before this Paul stuff sigh However, everything has worked out for the best in a way and I finish this book feeling content Even though some things could have been better concerning Suze s behavior, I am letting it go now because this book has ended in such a beautiful note It makes it all worth it, y know I don t even know what rating to give it with all of my conflicting feelings, but let s go with 3.5 stars mainly for that on point ending.Also I m super excited and sad because the next book is the last book, but before that, we shall have the PROPOSAL NOVELLA I m curious to see the reason for why Meg Cabot has chosen a decade to return to this series I hope this means the last book will be a worthwhile conclusion to Suze s adventures 3Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes hide spoiler 50% 4 5 6 1 3 2 view spoiler hide spoiler This book annoyed the SHIT out of me As far as I am concerned this was a horrible ending to a series that started out fantastic I loved this series when I first started reading it, the main character Suze was tough, sassy, funny as hell and she had a good sense about her and great taste in shoes, but that is neither here nor there Point is, I really liked her, she didn t seem like the typical teen I ve been reading about so much lately and I liked her, I truly did But as the series went on, I found myself liking her less and less Looking back at my ratings, the stars steadily dropped with each book I would give this a 1 star but she did redeem herself in a very slight way at the end, so I ll give it that star, begrudgingly.Serious spoiler, book is ruined if you read this so don t if you haven t read it, warning has been issued view spoiler How in the HELL can you go on and on about how much you LOVED your father and how horrible it was when he died and how much it tore you and your mother apart BUT when you get a chance to possibly save him from dying and have him ALIVE and back in your life, you don t because if you do you will never get to meet your GHOST boyfriend ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME This is your father s life and you can t even have a life with a ghost Okay, so selfish as can be choses not to save dear ole dad and takes it even one step further into selfcentered land by refusing to go back and save her boyfriends life and let him live because again if she did then she would never get to meet him as a ghost WTF What kind of life is it to never age, be flipping invisible, can t have kids, can t get married, can t eat or shit if he wanted to, but oh, wait she gets to keep him and that s all that matters What she wants Grrrr this was just stupid Yes, she did finally come too over the Jesse thing and there was that little blip where her dad said not to save him, but really, that was crap I should take that extra star back just because I m worked up again over how stupid and selfish and self centered she became Ugh Rant is over hide spoiler OMG I CAN T EVEN 3.5