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As the first book in the series, this novel is written as a modern epistolary With texts and emails exchanges, notes, letters, and reports.I loved the second book in the boys series It is just as witty, fun, and smart as the first one The epistolary interactions were so clever and fun to read.The only missing part, compared to the first book at least, was maybe a bit of a mystery to solve I also did not care for the recipes.Mrs Lopez shenanigans about pie distribution were hilarious.Overall, Boy Meets Girl was an extremely enjoyable romantic comedy, i would recommend it to take your mind off things for a short little while. Still lots of fun. #FREE BOOK È Boy Meets Girl ⚢ Meet Kate Mackenzie She Works For The TOD Short For Tyrannical Office Despot, Also Known As Amy Jenkins, Director Of The Human Resources Division At The New York Journal Is Sleeping On The Couch Because Her Boyfriend Of Ten Years Refuses To Commit Can T Find An Affordable Studio Apartment Anywhere In New York City Thinks Things Can T Get Any WorseThey Can Because The TOD Is Making Her Fire The Most Popular Employee In The Paper S Senior Staff Dining Room That Employee Is Now Suing Kate For Wrongful Termination, And Now Kate Has To Give A Deposition In Front Of Mitch Hertzog, The Scion Of One Of Manhattan S Wealthiest Law Families,who Embraces Everything Kate Most Despises But Also Happens To Have A Nice Smile And A Killer BodThe Last Thing Anybody Least Of All Kate Mackenzie Expects To Find In A Legal Arbitration Is Love But That S The Kind Of Thing That Can Happen WhenBoy Meets Girl As a fan of Meg Cabot, I know that her books can be funny at times, but I was surprised at the number of times I actually laughed out loud while reading this book.Although this is definitely a stand alone book, I did appreciate the return of several characters from Boy Next Door in minor roles as well as the chance to see just how vile Amy Johnson unlike most of the HR professionals I know really is.I also appreciated the diary entries some of which were very creatively written between the lines of other handy documents , IM voicemail transcripts, letters, PNG notices in addition to the main narrative of email messages between characters I think that this made the book a bitinteresting and well rounded than Boy Next Door.Once again, a great light book to read through quickly If we had real beaches where I live and I didn t sunburn quite so easily I would definitely recommend this book as a must to pack in your beach bag. This book left me in a really good mood It was a light hearted, fun and entertaining romantic comedy that had me laughing out loud several times It is the first book I have read that is written entirely in the form of emails, journal entries, receipts, instant messaging, menus, memos, dispositions and receipts and I was suprised at how well it worked The story was easy to follow and it didn t lack details despite it s format This book had a huge cast of characters Sometimes when there are so many it can get a bit confusing but because of the way it was set out it worked well and didn t take me long to sort out who was who Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who are looking for a quick, light read that will cheer up your mood. Small edit I forgot to add that in this piece there was a brilliant example of a terrible text of song Really horrible It could be used as an example in lessons I copy it at the end of the review It was funny and entertaining like the whole series but I have found it a little less witty than the two previous books I am not sure why But still, it deserves four stars.Like with all books of the series, The most important thing to realise before starting this is that it s not a novel That is to say there are no chapters and no dialogue Instead, the entire book is made up of letters, emails, transcripts of instant message conversations, minutes from meetings, diary entries and just about anything else that can be put down on paper.If you re not expecting this clever style of construction, it can take a while to get used to, but once you do it soon becomes apparent how much skill it must take to work a plot into such a complex array of formats. quote from Keris s reviewsThe atmosphere plot was amusing and engaging.The love story was nonetheless weaker than in two other books The Boy Next Door and Every Boy s Got One.I agree with Sophie Blame Chocolate s descriptions of Kate and Mitch But when she thought it made the book bad, I think it made the bookvaluable Kate and Mitch were so much not perfect heroes for a simple chick lit romance that one asks a question Perhaps they are just like us a bit spoiled, a bit selfish, a bit lazy, sometimes not professional at work, sometimes short sighted sounds familiarI think it was the best aspect of the book I admit it can be hard to like them but I don t need to like main heroes to be able to like the book Y Won t U B With Me, Kate Oh, Kate, Y won t U B with me Kate, Don t U know what U mean to me I look at the dirty dishes piling up in the sinkand all I can thinkis KateU kept the place so cleanKate, I treated U like a queen Oh, Kate, U mean the world to meKate, Come home to me Oh, Kate, Y can t it BLike it used to BBecause this world ain t meant for loversNo, this world ain t meant for U and meBecause the bureaucrats in Washington, they ll set off the bombs, so what s the point, Kate We re all just going to die, anyway.So, Kate, Y won t U B with me Dale Carter, All Rights Reserved Meg Cabot is an old acquaintance of mine She features in my bookshelves ever since I was in my tweens, with The Princess Diaries At the time I found her phenomenal but that feeling has since died down.Not to say I don t appreciate her writing Her young adult adult novels are some of the most entertaining that I ve read But that s as much as it goes entertaining Most of what she writes is predictably witty and funny there are usually some little plot twists that allow one to fantasize over her brilliance to convey stories but it gets old fast As one actually looks at previous works, it s easy to find a pattern with both plot and characters and that s not something a writer would want Some of the dialogue and quotes are also easily recognizable Her chick lit style is overall very distinctive, even in her period novels.With this particular book, I was hoping for a lotI d read the first installment, Boy Next Door, and adored it It was cute, funny and had just the kind of romance that makes me swoon It made me wantSo I got this one, and became deeply disappointed It just felt like it was recycling the previous story and its characters literally, because there are characters from the first book in this and even the setting is the same It was just trying too hard on the humor and downgrading everything else I didn t sigh in delight at the main couple s interaction, nor did I have any empathy for the main girl Unlike Mel Fuller, who felt as genuine and down to earth as a twenty five gossip columnist can be, Kate just came off as a dumb bimbo to me.The author makes it seem like most of what happens to her is a result of sheer bad luck, but it s not It s really a product of her big mouth and inability to be an adult She s not smart, despite the many attempts of Cabot to make her look so, and she doesn t actually try hard at anything All she does is whine to her friends, scribble down everything she thinks which at times is very painful to read and use her sex appeal to impress guys which Cabot wants us to think it s totally unintentional Sure, she s a nice person and cares for others but so does Vivica So does a bunch of brainless characters one could care less about The main character should be someone memorable or at the very least, tolerable She shouldn t be taken as a nice girl from a small town who hasn t been able to leave her idiot of a boyfriend even though she s practically his slave.About Mitchell, the main guy, I didn t even want to go there At first he seems ok, is described as a good looking man with good qualities and a steady job A few family problems but overall, a catch I didn t feel any of it as I read the novel He doesn t seem to know what he wants He actslike a teenager than a man He doesn t know Kate but of course he s instantly attracted to her and nothing bad about that except I can find no reasons why he would like her None And yet he falls madly in love with her, because that s how it s supposed to be I couldn t possibly think of two people with less chemistry together So this was a disaster as a follow up in the Boy series I was so bored sometimes I couldn t wait to finish it It just wasn t doing it for me It s not a very good thing when all you want to do is ignore the main characters and focus on the others, because they re a lotinteresting For instance, I loved Mitchell s father And he made one single appearance in the entire book Unlike many others, I liked the format of this book It was dynamic, engaging and innovating The cookie recipes were a bit too much, but I liked the idea behind it The menus were brilliant, as were other many other sources of Kate s ramblings The only thing I didn t like were Kate s ramblings.Regardless of this fiasco of a book, it s very easy to like Ms Cabot Her main characters narrators are also very likable because they are relatable Her material is great when one requires a good laugh, an easy reading that will not cause a headache It s quick and leaves one feeling good about themselves Her work transmits very good vibes and I, against all judgement, cannot help but wanting to readof it as it comes out I know it will be predictable at places, but I also know it will make me laugh and enjoy myself for the rest of the evening But I know not to get my hopes up, as the happy ending is a given and the depth is not. Boy Meets Girl is the first book I ve read by Meg Cabot, and I enjoyed it quite a bit Typically, books written in the form of letters between characters do not appeal to me, but this book was cleverly designed and I couldn t help but fall into the storyline and be captivated from the get go It is a compilation of emails, journal entries, voice mail messages, transaction receipts, deposition transcripts, memos and corporate communications between over a dozen characters You would think with that mix, it would be difficult to follow Well not at all The storyline was easy to understand, the characters were identifiable, the main characters were extremely likeable, and it didn t lack the emotional or humorous element you would think wouldn t translate well in that style of writing Boy Meets Girl had all the elements of a story well told that kept me laughing and rooting on the main characters the whole way through Great book Ten pages into this book and I was ready to give up But I persevered and found myself getting into it despite myself The most important thing to realise before starting this is that it s not a novel That is to say there are no chapters and no dialogue Instead, the entire book is made up of letters, emails, transcripts of instant message conversations, minutes from meetings, diary entries and just about anything else that can be put down on paper.If you re not expecting this clever style of construction, it can take a while to get used to, but once you do it soon becomes apparent how much skill it must take to work a plot into such a complex array of formats.To cut a long story, the magical Ida Lopez is responsible for the dessert trolley at the New York Journal Unfortunately, she doesn t deem everyone worthy of her baking, and when heartless lawyer Stu Hertzog is refused aTo read the rest of this review and, please visit Trashionista In a continuing series of modern epistolary romances, we have added IM conversations to the mix, and journals kept mostly on scrap paper Again we have a recently jilted protagonist who bumps into an extremely eligible bachelor only in this book, over the course of a fortnight they interact maybe four times for maybe an hour each time But they still manage to fall madly and deeply in love, overcoming several obstacles each of them dealing with their families and their work, but not particularly with each other or each others families cause they never actually spend time together in the process Yeah.The story isn t nearly as strong as the first book, Boy Next Door and mostly seems to serve as a way to peripherally catch up on the lives of the supporting cast from the first book That said, I thought that the addition of the IM conversations was a great addition to the emails We didn t need any oh, I overheard you talking and emails this time to forward the plot o The journaling also gave a good balance of exposition that you wouldn t necessarily email even to your best friend and I m writing this while waiting, on the only scrap of paper I could find was well done with subsequent employees of the same newspaper staff falling in love and telling their also employed by the newspaper, engaged best friend all about it.