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Where to start Admittedly, 4 stars doesn t really do this particular book justice I admit it It s probably a 4.5 Nothing these days written by anything other than Robert M Pirsig gets a 5 from me Just doesn t fit the criteria for amazing from me Can I give it semi amazing eye opening the truth Does the truth automatically get 5 stars According to an old Master If you develop a close relationship with a good man, it is like walking in the fog or dew Although you do not actually wet your garment, it gradually becomes damp What he is saying is that if you are close to a good person, you unconsciously become good yourself.Hrm, talk about motivation So immediately upon hearing this, I decide to get up off of my ass and do something with my life I sit around and think for a few minutes and then decide what I want and a course of action He says, determine not to pass your days in vain In this short existence, do not spend your time in idleness, says he.Then I turn a page in this book and D gen, in response to one of his students, said It is not obtained by seeking, nor does not fail to obtain it even if one does not seek it Just leave it to fate and do not let it trouble you maybe D gen was a woman We are born in the morning and die in the evening the man we saw yesterday is no longer with us today Awesome I can look forward to the morning After all, I ll be reborn, right You are only alive right now Hot damn 4.5 stars. Dogen s circuitous logic made portions of this book nearly inscrutable to this Western mind But reading the essays, I could almost begin to feel my concrete, linear mind begin to free up a little something of a cumulative effect of the writings The editor s introductory remarks did help somewhat without them, I would have been even lost than I was And I found the end notes also to be illuminating If you ve read other writings by Soto teachers, but haven t read anything from Dogen this is the well from which all other Soto teachers drink. [Download Pdf] ♏ Master Dogen’s Shobogenzo, Book 4 ☸ Zen Was Popularized In The West Largely Through The Writings Of Dr DT Suzuki, Who Followed The School Of Rinzai Zen Although It Remains Relatively Unknown In The West, Soto Zen Eventually Attracted The Greatest Number Of Followers In Japan With Its Gentle, Intellectual Approach, Soto Zen Relies On Deep Meditation Zazen Rather Than The Sudden, Direct Method Using Koan Of Rinzai Zen, In Striving For EnlightenmentThe Shobogenzo Zuimonki Consists Largely Of Brief Talks, Horatatory Remarks, And Instructional And Cautionary Comments By The Soto Zen Master Dogen Translated, Shobogenzo Means The Eye Of The True Law Roughly Translated, Zuimonki Means Easy For The Ears To Understand, Or Simplified I ve been practicing sitting meditation zazen for a few years now, although haphazardly, and am somewhat versed in pop mindfulness thinking I thought it would be useful to go back to the source of much of these ideas, and took up this book I was not disappointed It s a book that is best read in small amounts as many of what D gen says demands contemplation, and translation to today s times and ones own life. Not nearly as accessible as Suzuki or Zen Flesh, Zen Bones but the material is excellent and well translated This is much of an intermediate Zen studies book. Excellent entry to Dogen s teaching This is foundational material for Zen, but, as Dogen says, don t get hung up on thinking that reading Zen is practicing Zen Find a sangha, start sitting, listen repeat.This is the third time I ve read through this little book, the first time was in the 70s Every time I read through it I am reminded go sit. More koans to help focus the mind A simple, no frills translation of lectures by Dogen, as remembered by his students I might have preferred a annotated version, particularly focusing on the differences between the different versions of the text, but for a general audience, this is a good introduction to the founder of Soto Zen. Having thus regulated body and mind, take a breath and exhale fully Sitting fixedly, think of not thinking How do you think of not thinking Nonthinking.That certainly sounded easyDec 1, 18 This is a wonderful little book that deserves to be sipped rather than swallowed Admittedly, this was my first exposure to Dogen but it was enough to inspire me to read At times the rigor of dedication this book demands for anyone seeking the Way exceeded my interests leave everyone I know and strip myself down to a life of poverty and single minded dedication to studying the Way No thanks That being said, there is much in Dogen s view to be contemplated and adapted so that a balanced life of American style Zen study can be at least imagined.I definitely recommend this book but only to those already familiar with Zen meditation and an established practice.