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I enjoyed this one This is an interesting contrast to Lindsay Armstrong s The Director s Wife, which I also read today Both are stories of a marriage in trouble because the wife feels she is only a sexual object and not an integral part of the hero s life outside the domestic realm What worked for me in this novel is that we get the hero s point of view and he truly was clueless about what the heroine was going through Both were very passionate about each other, but had lost the path to communication The OW was a problem, but this was not a cheating book It was about the hero cheating himself of true intimacy with his wife and his wife not knowing the right way to open up that intimacy Once the heroine figured out why the hero was the way he was, she was able to control her speech and help the hero see just how devastating the OW was to their relationship There is a forced seduction at the low point of their relationship and tumble down the stars that makes the hero realize how he hasn t opened up enough to this wife There were some nice touches in the characters of the heroine s grandmother who has some words of wisdom for both of them, and the heroine s co worker who has just gone through a divorce This is an even handed look at a relationship that needed some work, but was solid underneath The epilogue was a nice touch. I don t know why people are saying this is a book about cheating There is no cheating in any form whatsoever The hero was definitely oblivious and stupid but never unfaithful I never doubted his love for his wife but he definitely lacked some brain cells Still I loved his crazy jealousy and possessiveness The heroine was fantastic though She was strong and very mature for her age She wouldn t back down and she stood her ground but it was clear she was head over head over heels in love with Rafe Still she knows that without commitment, respect and honesty their marriage will fail So glad she didn t lose her baby towards the end This book has a really good and emotional story inside Rafe and Tanya had such a great story with amazing chemistry, lots of drama and intense feelings I couldn t put it down I really enjoyed this The characters were grounded in our Earth dimension, but it was very well done and I didn t mind I do sort of wish that we d stepped into HP world to have an OTT scene of the OW being exposed and ridden out of town on a rail, however it was a good sign for the H h relationship when the H finally caught on and saw the h s POV without a big scene Men can be SO blind to female bitchery I ve been the object of or witness to it with my husband RIGHT BESIDE ME and he never caught on I suppose if there are no threats of ass beatings or actual brawls it doesn t register with many males Huh What are you talking about You re imagining things She s a nice person ughAs far as cheating, there was no physical cheating and no sexual romantic feelings towards the OW on the H s part, IMHO He did misplace his loyalty and had to be pushed to get a clue, however.Boogenhagen spoils this well if you need detail. TRIGGERS I have slept on it and I m just not going to rate this book I am just going to rant.Let s be honest He rapes her There is no other word for it No point sugar coating it She decided to forgive him and move on just like many women did back when the story was written or even now, may be good for them, may be shame on them I don t know I don t judge But that s what happened Rape.And this is where it stops being a romance novel for me.On top of that there was immense amount of emotional cheating, and the hero hurting the heroine with his jabs She pointed things out in plain language, yet he was stubborn and didn t agree to them because it made life a little inconvenient for him.He wanted a willing wife in bed who will keep her mouth shut but will also be madly in love with him Hell give her physical intimacy, will tell her he loves her but not give her emotional intimacy But she s way above the colleague physically He s not ever physically attracted to ANYONE else, so the OW can t blame him for leading her on.Then he wanted his mistress on the side with whom he d share all the intellectual side, and all the emotional intimacies and never ever sleep with her But she s way above the wife intellectually so the wife can t blame him of cheating.This is a classic case of narcissism It was all about him He wanted two seperate woman In my honest opinion he was carrying out a bigamist relationship And that was revolting He just refused to see it I would have forgiven it if he couldn t see it, but he refused to see it.And because he is a narcissist, when he s preferred way of life is threatened, the first time he rapes the heroine.The second time, he accuses the heroine of cheating on him and questions the parentage of the child when he knows what he was saying was bullshit.Which resulted in the heroine almost losing the baby and ending up getting a concussion.I m not even going to get into on how they dealt with the fact that the protagonist was a rapist and the grandmother may or may not have decided it was wicked, in a good way.So they have worked out their issues They saved their marriage Good for them Very positive thinking However, from where I m seeing this, the heroine survived rape, cheating allegations, near death experience and close call to miscarriage To me this was a continuous chronicle of abuse and apologies I d personally run the other direction. 4 1 2 Stars When Rafe asked Tanya to marry him, she d been blissfully happy Now, two years in, Tanya had come to some harsh realizations Yes, their passion for each other was still combustible, all it took was a look and their desire sparked, but Tanya couldn t help feeling that was her only role in Rafe s life He was a very successful property developer, well respected, his acumen in high demand Rafe had compartmentalized his life there was his work and then there was his marriage Never did the two mix unless Rafe needed his very beautiful wife on his arm at a business function Every effort Tanya made to learn about Rafe s business was cleverly brushed aside and she couldn t help but feel inadequate It seemed Rafe spent time and shared of himself with his very sexy blond assistant than he did with Tanya Niki had become the catalyst for the rift in their marriage, that grew wider each passing day It was inevitable that their fragile bond would finally reach a breaking point.One thing I ve come to love about the books penned by Emma Darcy is the emotional intensity This story opens with Tanya desperate to be than a trophy wife to the man who is her world Rafe has some deep rooted hangups from picking up the pieces while his parents allowed their passions to rule their life He d been the responsible one, the one who solved all the problems And he d vowed that he d never allow his own passion for his wife control him He saw Tanya s need to be a part of every aspect of his life as a way to wrap him around her finger, not once seeing the very real threat his assistant was to his marriage The voice of reason comes from Tanya s grandmother, who points out to Rafe some quiet truths of what makes a good marriageYour granddaughter is totally unreasonable he shot at her Possibly, Bea said noncommittally I do wish you d sit down, Rafe Perhaps you d like to talk to me about Niki Sandstrom No he seethed There is nothing to talk about It has always been my opinion, Bea said musingly, that there can be worse kinds of infidelity than the merely sexual Bea this is crazy This is neurotic imagining at its worst Bea sighed Rafe, I m a simple woman with a very simple outlook on life I ve always found that things work out best if you keep to certain simple rules Right down the line And one of the first rules for a successful marriage is loyalty to your partner Total loyaltyAnd she works her wisdom on Tanya as well, making her open her eyes to other points of viewPerhaps they were a gesture, came the mild comment I don t really think Rafe thought you needed flowers, dear You re absolutely right, Grandma I m sure he didn t think that at all, Tanya retorted tartly Rafe doesn t give a damn about what I need Her grandmother checked the casserole in the oven, then, without even looking at Tanya, asked in a curious tone of voice, Do you care about Rafe s needs, Tanya Grandma, I ve always done what Rafe wanted she replied heatedly Then in a darker tone, Until now Wants and needs are sometimes different, her grandmother said thoughtfully Rafe s whole world is tumbling down and he doesn t know how to fix it The one constant is his work and he s can t comprehend Tanya s view of his business relationship with his assistant Tanya s world shatters when she realizes Rafe will never take her side over his work and Niki While she s never been jealous of his work or Niki for that matter, she has felt left out, a person not invited to share her husband s life Desperate to save the marriage, both have to open their eyes and face their own mistakes What I found totally amazing is that while Niki is the evil other woman, there are no huge confrontations between her and Tanya The perception of her interference is all from Tanya s point of view, mostly in reflection Rafe honestly doesn t see any of Tanya s claims and at first it almost seems that Tanya is neurotic I hated that he kept letting her down, failed to see how desperate she was His own revelation that he did betray Tanya when he took his marital problems to Niki for advice seemed to be the turning point Their s is a turbulent road to reconciliation, one that makes their HEA all the sweeter. I have really see sawed on whether to read this book I started it and red flags quickly went up I have been perusing the reviews to get a better picture and I finally came to the conclusion that I should follow my instincts view spoiler Though this book does not involved TECHNICAL cheating, the husband does cross the line when, unbeknownst to his wife, he discusses his private marital problems and seeks the advice of the than happy to provide a shoulder to cry on and possibly other body parts to lay on OW executive assistant For me, personally, this violation of privacy and utter betrayal and humiliation hurts far, far than if he had been engaging in an emotion free, physical affair Emotional cheating is a thousand times worse than the mechanics of cheating, in my book So I won t be reading this, because this will make me fling my beloved Kindle against the wall hide spoiler Very intense read about infidelity and the devastation and destruction it creates I particularly liked that we got both POV s, which is important given the dynamics of the plot I thought the heroine was well written A woman that is incredibly strong, but can still succumb and be shaken by the passion she feels for her husband It s the passion, love and chemistry that keep her fighting for her marriage But she is unwilling to compromise and accept less from her marriage She knows that chemistry alone won t buy her long term happiness The secondary characters were incredibleespecially Harry and her grandmother They really added to the dynamics of the story The best line in the book is when Grandma tells RafesIt has always been my opinion, Bea said musingly, that there can beworse kinds of infidelity than the merely sexual &Free E-pub ⇨ Breaking Point ☋ The Honeymoon Was OverRafe Had Wanted Tanya The Moment He Saw Her When He Proposed, She D Been Deliciously Happy Happy To Give Up Her Job Without A Second Thought, And Devote Herself To Decorating Their Beautiful New Home In Sydney S Most Prestigious NeighborhoodShe Hadn T Realized Then That The Only Intimacy He Wanted With Her Was In Their Bed Rafe Put Business Including His Cool Blond Personal Assistant FirstTanya Was Not About To Spend The Rest Of Her Life Waiting For A Man Who Thought Another Woman Was Important Than His Wife The Honeymoon Was Over The Marriage Was At The Breaking Point Out Of Print Breaking point broke my heart Rafe is really married to two women One he shares his bed with, the other he shares everything else in his life with, including intimate details about his marriage to Tanya After two years Tanya finally calls him up on his behavior and issues an ultimatum to Rafe between her and Niki, Rafe s PA I really liked Tanya a lot She was a smart woman who had to figure out for herself where she was willing to stand and what she was willing to accept in a relationship.The reason I give this book a 4 stars is because the reasoning behind the resolution made absolutely no sense She just decides to go back out of nowhere.I also had some problem with the so called rape scene I m actually not sure if you could call it one considering the circumstances During the act, Tanya liked Rafe s being out of control, she enjoyed having that power, she didn t say no to him and was receptive, but later she accuses him of rape I highly enjoyed the secondary characters, the grandmother, harry and even Niki. It was satisfying in the ways that mattered most he only had eyes for his wife, never had a single thought about cheating on her, and they were both passionately in love with each other The marriage never grew stale, passion wise.It was less satisfying in other ways we never see any real encounters confrontations with the insidious Other Woman who is the source of so much discord She is only referred to and spoken of, and seen a couple of times peripherally There are no slap down, knock a bitch out interactions Also, much of the decision making went on solely in the heroine s head she left him when she decided she d had enough, and she came back to him when she decided she would fight for him He didn t do anything momentous to affect either decision, although he gets points for consistently trying to keep her with him from start to finish.Frankly, I liked it very much, but it was a rather straight cut story of a wife wanting her husband to include her in of his life The drama lover in me would have liked some WorldStarhiphop scenes with the OW, or some sketchily suspicious behavior from the husband which would have necessitated heartfelt groveling It did have a couple of tried and true tropes at the end just to ratchet up the angst meter a bit, but for the most part this was just a pair of in love, happily married people who needed to communicate.