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Nuevamente Rick Riordan me sorprende con uno de sus libros, Sadie y Kane siguen sus aventuras mientras tratan de salvar al mundo de su destrucci n No dir m s porque no quiero spoilearlos, pero si a n no leen esta saga, les recomiendo leerla Cr nicas de Kane. 3.5 5 starsThis was so fun I love Carter and Sadie as characters and narrators, they re so sassy and fun and the best However, the story and the conflict just hasn t been grabbing my attention It s fun but not amazing Would still recommend for fans of Riordan It s not as good as his other stuff but it s still super fun READ EBOOK ♡ The Throne of Fire ☧ Ever Since The Gods Of Ancient Egypt Were Unleashed In The Modern World, Carter Kane And His Sister Sadie Have Been In Trouble As Descendants Of The House Of Life, The Kanes Have Some Powers At Their Command, But The Devious Gods Haven T Given Them Much Time To Master Their Skills At Brooklyn House, Which Has Become A Training Ground For Young Magicians And Now Their Most Threatening Enemy Yet The Chaos Snake Apophis Is Rising If They Don T Prevent Him From Breaking Free In A Few Days Time, The World Will Come To An End In Other Words, It S A Typical Week For The Kane Family To Have Any Chance Of Battling The Forces Of Chaos, The Kanes Must Revive The Sun God Ra But That Would Be A Feat Powerful Than Any Magician Has Ever Accomplished First They Have To Search The World For The Three Sections Of The Book Of Ra, Then They Have To Learn How To Chant Its Spells Oh, And Did We Mention That No One Knows Where Ra Is Exactly Narrated In Two Different Wisecracking Voices, Featuring A Large Cast Of New And Unforgettable Characters, And With Adventures Spanning The Globe, This Second Installment In The Kane Chronicles Is Nothing Short Of A Thrill Ride Read on the 16th of May 2011This book was wonderful I m always entranced by Rick Riordan s work I adored Percy Jackson, and I always will, but I think it s possible that if this series continues to way it is, I may end up liking it . Both books in this series have been brilliant and Riordan knows exactly what he s doing One of the things I love about Riordan s writing is how he adds in little sentences that let you know something crazy is going to happen like,It started when we set Brooklyn on fireorShould I describe Waterloo Station as it was before or after we destroyed itthings like that are just brilliant and you know you re going to get a fabulous tale from the very beginning.This book was a fast paced, never ending ride of awesome the entire way through yeah, yeah, tacky but sue me It was action packed and fun, with the perfect blend of friendship, humour and romance to draw you in and captivate you the entire way through.It was great to see all the wonderful characters from the first book back, along with some new inclusions Bes, Walt, Jaz were all excellent additions to a cast of characters that I love already Carter and Sadie continue to be fabulous main characters and I love following them on their journeys I feel like they re both really growing as characters, especially Sadie, who is really beginning to shine and I find it adorable to watch her face her boy troubles just like every other teenager while trying to save the world Then again, most teenagers don t have the choice between a boy who s dying and a god Still Sadie is hanging in there and managing to lean things as she goes I admit that I don t have the same love for Carter as I do for Sadie He s not quite as interesting and at times can be bland, but he s beginning to take shape too and I like character growth I feel sorry for him with how the Zia situation turned out and I m hoping to see things resolved as the series progresses Although I missed seeing Bast in this book, but I thought Bes was a terrific replacement He was gross and grumpy and kind and funny and just a great guy It was nice to have the dwarf god in the story and I d love to see of him, depending on whether or not Carter and Sadie can return him to his former glory that is The battle scenes within this book were many, and the fight scenes between Carter, Sadie and Apophis Vlad were interesting I almost feel sorry for our two heroes They went through so much and it almost seems like they didn t gain anything Desjardins is dead, Apophis is in the abyss although it s pretty obvious he ll claw his way out sometime soon and Amos is the new Chief Lector Ra is still, well, senile and Zia apparently has some big destiny that we all know nothing about.things sure are exciting I m looking forward to the next book in this series, although I have no idea when it will be released Can t wait regardless. The right choice is hardly ever the easy choice I think i ve slowly found my grove with these characters and this story to start finally being able to enjoy it than i did when i finished book one I do believe i m still having trouble really connecting to this story in any sort of way and yes book two is a step up from book one however i m still finding it difficult trying to love this story in any sort of way which sucks because i love rick riordan books Plot One thing i do love about these books are that we always get a recap on the previous events of the book just incase we step away from these worlds so that s one thing i love about them This book picks up with Sadie and Carter now training new students who have answered their call and display any sort of magical ability I actually did love the three month jump because it gave the characters a chance to grow and mature and this is what really grabbed my interest because i feel like they re all starting to come into their own Sadie and Carters adventure is now taking them to find the last missing pieces of the book of Ra so they can bring the god back so they can get some help trying to defeat Apophis I loved the journey these two had because they both took different journeys but in the end they were both lead and met in the middle because everything slowly came together and it s something Rick does really well There are so many different little battles during the course of the book and it was hard to keep up with what was happening but there was so many different revelations for these characters and going forward things learned will either help or destroy things for better or worse One thing that really got to me from this book was how the Kanes managed to get an extra three hours to help them but it was at the cost of Bes losing his soul and this really got to me because he did so much to help these two just go be living in the assisted living community for the gods really just makes me incredibly sad Sometimes, it takes us a while to appreciate something new, something that might change us for the better Sadie and Carter have a huge battle still ahead of them and i hope that it is a strong conclusion because so far i really haven t been that impressed with this series However book two was an improvement i really just want a strong book from start to finish because these books start of slow and only when they hit half way they get interesting so i need a strong third book to finish this story If I can say nothing else about Rick Riordan RR I will say he is without a doubt an entertaining storyteller no matter what age you are While his Percy Jackson series are still my favorites I enjoyed this book than The Red Pyramid.The best thing about this book is that there are kids It just makes for a little humor when you have kids interacting with other kids instead of adults Now that Sadie and Carter are helping to train some new kids at Brooklyn house there is rooms for some new and interesting charactersFelix believed that the answer to every problem involved penguins but it wasn t fair to birds, and I was getting tired of teleporting them back home Somewhere in Antarctica, a whole flock of Magellanic penguins were undergoing psychotherapyCarter and Sadie need to find a way to awaken Ra if they are going to beat Apophis god of Chaos but he has been missing for quite awhile and they will need to find some ancient artifacts to help them RR adds his own spin on Egyptian mythology and The Gods that is entertaining, informative and interesting I always feel like I m learning about the culture as well as being entertained by the story There were all kinds of new gods and obstacles to deal with along the way and Sadie and Carter have to prove even to the gods that want Ra to return they are strong enough to complete the task.I love the sibling relationship between Cater and Sadie They antagonize and provoke each other but they are also the firt to stand up and fight for their sibling if they are ever in danger Sadie s PoV chapters were my favorites but that is probably because she is so snarky and gets to have most of the funny linesOur camels plodded along Katrina tried to kiss, or possibly spit on Hindenburg, and Hindenburg farted in response I found this a depressing commentary on boy girl relationshipsCarter still feels responsible for Zia and has been trying to find her ever since he found out she was hidden away for her safety But he might just be a little obsessed, so much so that he is seeing clues everywhereCarter, not to be unkind, I said, but the last few months you ve been seeing messages about Zia everywhere Two weeks ago, you thought she was sending you a distress call in your mashed potatoes It was a Z Carved right in the potatoesThere is always something happening with all the mini quests before the big one and I will say that Ra really wasn t what I was expecting, which kinda made it all the better Who said waking up a god would be easy never went looking for one with and evil Ice Cream vendor hot on their trail.Add in the hint of a blossoming romance between Sadie and Walt or Sadie and Anubus and this story has a little bit of everything It is the cutest crush triangle I ve read and I m not sure which way I want it to go All in all a fun and entertaining ride Sure this is a MG book but it is just as fun for kids of all ages.If you haven t read the Percy Jackson series I d say read that first so much better than the movies But if you have might as well expand your RR mythology and add a little Egyptian to it. okay, 2 stars rate has never happened with Rick Riordan s works, until now I found The Throne of Fire is really well written with some great twist but this book is so, unoriginal Let s see The world is at the end.Check Two kids are their savior Check Mob of monster and obstacles Check The way they saved the world was predictable I can even guess that when they gambled with Khonsu And one thing, the main charactors were Sadie AND Carter, not just Sadie I felt like everything was spinning around Sadie Carter plunged into trouble Sadie solved the problem Carter was injured Sadie solved the problem again Even the sentiment was not fair, too Carter s was just about 3 chapters while Sadie relationship occupied almost everywhere.The relationship lines, oh yeah It s okay to me but the Carter Zia love annoyed me sometimes Why Carter had to act so STUPID AND SELFISH Zia is just another girl but Sadie is his FLESH AND BLOOD Stupid, easily to obssesed,egoistic hero Urgg.But there were some good things i like about this One It was freaking hilarious Two Set He always made me laugh Three Bast the ludicruos but awesome Four I melt with Sadie everytime there was Anubis.Five The fighting battle scenes were good enough for me.Overall, The Throne of fire is a adventurous, hilarious book that might be enjoyable if you like a bunch of fights , mythologic book and the Kane Chronicles.I can t believe i d say this but i like the 1st better. Reading dozens of books after this, I may have forgotten most of the events I read in this book but I do recall how much I enjoyed reading this sequel to The Red Pyramid. The Throne of Fire Kane Chronicles, 2 , Rick RiordanThe Throne of Fire is a 2011 fantasy adventure novel, written by American author Rick Riordan It is the second novel in The Kane Chronicles series, which tells of the adventures of modern day fourteen year old Carter Kane and his twelve year old sister Sadie Kane, as they discover that they are descended from the ancient Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramesses the Great It was released on May 3, 2011 The book takes place roughly three months after the first book, The Red Pyramid It is followed by the third and final book in the series, The Serpent s Shadow, which was released on May 1, 2012.Five days remain until the spring equinox when Apophis, the serpent of Chaos, will escape his prison, devour the sun, and destroy all of human civilization Only Ra, the absentee sun god, has the power to stop him But first Ra must be woken by the teenage Kane siblings, Sadie and Carter, and their new trainees in magic, Jaz and Walt They begin a globe trotting quest to find the three scrolls of the Book of Ra, which contain the spells needed to wake him from his sleep 2016 1393 463 9786007132005 21. Me encanta la relaci n que tienen los Kane, nuevamente Rick abordando la mitolog a desde un punto de vista moderno, juvenil y divertido Todo el viaje de los Kane para despertar a Ra y evitar que Apofis se libere y el caos consuma el mundo es maravilloso, inquietante, trepidante y lleno de aventuras imposibles de superar.Espero leer pronto el tercer libro y cerrar esta saga