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Well, I m hit and miss with Meg Cabot I love love love All American Girl, but I m so very disappointed in the premise of the following title that I refuse to read it The Princess Diaries did not interest me, and Avalon High didn t immediately capture my interest Anywho, I did not have extremely high hopes for Teen Idol, but I was hoping for a nice little light, predictable teen romance.It s pretty much just that, but with random messages of social change that are really quite annoying This book makes being just the nice girl seem like the worst thing in the world In order to be a good person, this book claims, you must break whatever rules you don t happen to like, and boss people around I kind of understood the point Cabot was trying to make, about not being a pushover who s always just fueling the negatives when they re really trying to make things better, but it seemed that the main character was becoming a jerk.Teen Idol is not fully what you would expect if you look at the back cover I thought the novel would beabout Jenny as an advice columnist on her school paper, and helping the star Early on, his identity is revealed and the story shifts to the social change thing and Jenny s complicated relationship with the guy she should obviously be with.Final rant You know it s bad when a book s syntax is so obvious that it s detracting from your focus on the actual story Well the story goes a lot like this with hyphens all over the place and it gets confusing the story, I mean How many times could she use the phrase I mean I suppose this is part of the character s voice, but it is excruciating to read at times You should never be struggling to understand a book like this, but at times I caught myself trying to keep things straight simply because it was like a math problem, with parentheses within parentheses within brackets.After all that, I have to say the story had some nice twists and somewhat complex characters If you like Meg Cabot s stuff, you ll like this But once you ve read one, you ve read them all, and I d suggest that one be All American Girl, not Teen Idol. Teen Idol was the book which changed my opinion of pink covered books.After going through a lot of hideously pink covered Mary Kate and Ashley s and Hannah Montana s in the library shelves,I was actually disgusted with the colour pink.So you can imagine my eagerness to read Teen Idol.Note my sarcasm.It was also my first book by Meg Cabot.And from what they say First impressions are the best ones ,I thought she is one of those authors who write nonsense.But,boy,I was wrong.Teen Idol was absolutely amazing and Meg Cabot was equally wonderful.Line to line,page to page,this book made me smile.The first thing I loved in this book,was Jen.She was so normal and the kind of a girl,I ll admire immediately.In fact,in times I saw myself in her.From the way she runs to everyone s aid to the way he gets along with everyone.she was a lot like me.Well,scratch that like ,I was as if I am experiencing the story myself.Unlike many other books,the hero didn t grab me.It was not as if I didn t like Scott,or even Luke for that matter.I liked them both,but not as much as Jen.I enjoyed Teen Idol greatly.It was like going through a personal experience.I had depth.that can be only understood if you think about it twice after you read it. FREE PDF ☢ Teen Idol ♁ High School Junior Jenny Greenley Is So Good At Keeping Secrets That She S The School Newspaper S Anonymous Advice Columnist She S So Good At It That, When Hotter Than Hot Hollywood Star Luke Striker Comes To Her Small Town To Research A Role, Jenny Is The One In Charge Of Keeping His Identity Under Wraps But Luke Doesn T Make It Easy, And Soon Everyone The Town, The Paparazzi, And The Tabloids Alike Know His Secretand Jenny Is Caught Right In The Middle Of All The Chaos This was every bit of what I expected from Meg Cabot Yeah, the setup is beyond unlikely and not just the celebrity vising the high school part But all the unlikely bits make perfect sense in a fun story with people I came to care about and an engaging plot And, of course, Jenny was a lot of fun to spend time with and joining her while she learns who she wants to be and what she s going to make important in her life was just outstanding. Sweet and romantic I found it extremely satisfying This is one of those reads when after a tiring day, you just lean back against your couch, prop your feet up on a stool and start to read It was nice to see that the heroine a character who always has to be the nice person, grow up into someone who can actually take a stand I found Luke and Scott extremely lovable as well they re just perfect. Oh, I just really liked this I loved Jen, and how she was mayonnaise and secret sauce, and how she wielded so much power through niceness I liked her secret identity a lot, and how she cared about her latin teacher s doll, of all things I really liked that a hot movie star came to school secretly identity porn and that he became friends with our heroine but was clearly not meant to be her love interest And Scoooott, I thought he was so dreamy, with the reading of dystopian books as a means of seduction This would also work on me, fyi, I mean, if anybody wants to seduce me I liked the growing up everybody does Trina and Steve Anything you want, baby, I love you Cara Obviously Jenny herself.And I liked how it ended with a girl saying she wants to be President, because it seemed like a good omen for today I M WITH HER. Though there were some good messages here, I didn t love the repeating theme that all teen sex is normal and fine, just use a condom I m sure I wassensitive to it as my 13 year old was reading it to me, but I still think that s irresponsible in a book so very clearly geared to tweens Hearing this story was akin to being trapped in a 12 year old s silly fantasy intelligence insulting and way too long. To see full review and Hollywood Analysis click here often forget about Teen Idol and it s not because it s a bad book, in comparison s to Meg s other titles this one is sort of.well, just there.The book itself has fairly decent characters and it the storyline is solid enough But it s nothing special And perhaps that s what my problem with it is.The plot is pretty generic, good girl Jen s life is changed when movie star Luke Striker shows up in her small town and shakes up things Honestly, while I am glad that Cabot didn t go the cliche route of having Jen and Luke end up together, I really wondered what Luke s purpose was other than to be a catalyst Couldn t Jen come up with the conclusion that things in her life weren t perfect From what was happening in her life before Luke s intervention, I believe she could But I guess the book wouldn t have sold if he hadn t made an appearance.Also, another big issue I had with Luke was who he ended up with Geri was a quasi horrible bitchy character And while it was true she was nowhere near the likes of Lana Weinberger, I still didn t like that all the boys including Scott seemed to like her Especially Luke who seemed to be about seeing someone s natural beauty Geri just seemed to be this brash kind of bitchy character She wasn t terrible, but I just don t see her Luke let alone Scott.As for Scott, the love interest in the novel, I didn t like him as much as some of Cabot s other heros He wasn t awful He was nice He cooked And I liked that, I just felt like I didn t get to know him that well And while I understand why Jen liked him, I wished their relationship would ve beendeveloped.Things I really did like about this book the fact that it was a stand alone While I do like series, it was nice to read something where I didn t have to wait for a sequel And I really liked how everything was wrapped up in this book Plus, did I mention it had a nice message that wasn t overly preachy Yes, that was nice Plus, did I mention that there s show choir in this book Yes, all you Gleeks there are some pretty funny show choir scenes in this book which makes me think they really need to bring on Meg Cabot as a consultant for Glee Best Feature Not Your Typical Hollywood Story This book isn t what I expect, meaning I thought Luke and Jen were going to fall in love with each other No, that didn t happen And I liked that in a weird way, but at the same time I really had to wonder what was Luke s purpose other than being Jen s Jiminy Cricket Still though, despite Luke s lack of a role to the story, I liked that it wasn t cliche.Worst Feature Meh As far as Meg Cabot novels go, this is a good book But it s not that memorable While I think there was a good message in the novel I just.I wanted somethingI honestly, felt while the foundation was there, there was just something off about the book that it never reached its potential Perhaps, it was how Luke was handled as a character and for that matter who he ended up with.Appropriateness This is a pretty clean novel There is some bullying that goes on in the book, but other than that I can t think of anything remotely inappropriate In fact, I would recommend this book for teens because of the bullying issues that go on in the book I love the message this book tries to send without being overly preachy. You can check outreviews by me on my blog I liked this book, in ways that I really didn t think I would I had pre conceived ideas about Teen Idol I mean, reading the back cover synopsis who wouldn t But Meg Cabot did something she tends to do a lot something I tend to forget and therefore don t give her credit for she surprised me view spoiler I mean, come on I can guarantee thatat least99% of reader assumed that Jenny the main character was going to fall for the super hot, super famous Luke Only she didn t The reason why She had already fallen head over heels for a certain someone, a certain someone who shared the same taste in literature as her which,believe meisn t easy to find a guy with the same taste in books and could cook hide spoiler DNF at 30% because The story narrator is supposed to be sixteen, but she sounds twelve The audiobook narrator has the most irritating voice I ve ever heard Dull, dull, dull, dull Plot s going nowhere, and it s doing it slowly Everyone s been fooled by the super famous Hollywood star s awesome disguise of glasses Hollywood star gets labelled sensitive because he stands up for someone who is being bullied No, that makes him a fucking human being Nope Just nope.