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Definitely my least favourite of the series so far I just felt like it was kinda pointless tbh [[ DOWNLOAD PDF ]] ☟ Party Princess ↠ Princess Just Want To Have Fun And Mia Does Too, Despite The Fact That The Student Government Over Which She Presides Is Suddenly Broke But Grandmere S Got A Wacky Scheme To Raise The Money, Catapult Mia To Theatrical Fame, And Link Her Romantically With An Eligible Teen Bachelor Who S Not Her Boyfriend No Wonder Michael Seems To Think She S A Psycho, Or Worse Not Much Fun Is It Possible That Mia, Soon To Be Star Of The Stage, President Of The Student Body, And Future Ruler Of Genovia, Doesn T Know How To Party I m on a roll with these audiobooks I love this series so much. OK I m happy that I m nearing to the royal wedding book The guy who hates it when they put corn in the chili JP seems to be a cool guy.I feel sorry for Micheal and happy that Mia and Micheal was together at last.And of course I like Lilly and JP for what they did at the end of the play That s why we need best friends in our life. Suddenly came over with the desire to read a Princess Diaries book and now I m invested in finishing the series once and for all Can you believe this is 10 years old Mia I want to be self actualised Mia talks about herself all the time Mia never pays attention to her friends Mia Oh hey I really wonder why my boyfriend isn t giving me a call to reassure meMia I mean its just a callMia OK I get it, his family is divorcing and it s sadMia but like, can he at least TELL me it s all going to be okay Mia OMG I m invited to a partyMia oh shit I m NOT A PARTY GIRLMia WHAT DO I DOMia drinks half a beer and gets drunk Mia thinks her boyfriend is mad at her and doesn t check on ask him Mia sexy dances in front of said distraught boyfriend Mia yeah i think that s pretty much itMe why do i even bother reading this Michael because of me, duhMe oh yeah Actual rating 3.5 stars I m not in love with this book but it was still good I wantsubstance and less superficial I did like the addition of our newest character though I realize these are supposed to be light and fluffy and fun, which they are, but I want to see Mia growing and maturing as she gets older, which hasn t happened thus far Will be jumping into book 8 soon This was a mixed bag Part of it was pretty much the same immature plot in the previous books, but the characters ACTUALLY developed and matured in this one at the end, which I really enjoyed. 3.5 stars This one was funny, as always But not my favorite in the series. These books are simply fun Carl Jung Hmm Might want to rethink that, Mia.