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O QUE FOI ESSE LIVRO Quando eu penso que a Mia tava evoluindo, amadurecendo, ELA ME FAZ UMA CAGADA DESSAS Eu juro que eu fico tentando aliviar a barra dela pensando Ela tem 16 anos, ainda tem muito a amadurecer , tem muita gente que pensa isso com essa idade Mas MUITA falta de no o, s rio Foi o primeiro livro que eu gostei mais da Lily do que da Mia e olha que durante todos os outros eu ficava tentando entender porque elas eram amigas Todos os livros se passam em poucos dias, mas esse foi coisa de 3 4 dias, foi praticamente corrido o que, talvez, a autora tenha feito pra justificar as decis es impulsivas pra n o dizer sem no o da Mia.Eu fiquei EXTREMAMENTE incomodada Eu vou continuar a s rie porque j disse que ia terminar at o fim do ano, mas faltam 2 livros e eu n o estou nem um pouco empolgada de continuar DNF on hold 60%2.5 starsI finally understand why I was so obsessed with Mia as a 12 year old.We were on the same maturity level.I m done with this series. @Free E-pub Ú Princess on the Brink Ø At Last, Mia Is A Junior An Upperclassperson Free Of Her Responsibilities As Student Body President So Why Is It That Everything Is Going So Terribly Wrong What Is She Doing In Intro To Creative Writing When She Has Made It Through Algebra And Geometry, Why Must She Be Faced With Precalculus And For The Love Of All That Is Genovian, Why Has Lilly Nominated Her For School Prez Again All This Is Nothing Compared To The News Michael Springs On Her, However On Top Of All The Mathematical Strife, Her Beloved Boyfriend Is Leaving For Japan For A Year Precalc Has Nothing On Preparing For The Worst Separation EverTurns Out There Is One Way She Might Convince Michael To Stay But Will She Or Won T She No Matter What, Mia Seems Headed For Disaster Well that slike it I really enjoyed this book in the Princess Diaries series It was the first time that Mia s immature and childish behavior came back around and I really like it Not that I don t like Mia or I m not rooting for her, I just think she needed a moment to not go her way and learn some lessons Excited for the next book Honestly I m gettinganddisappointed with Meg Cabot Her books are addictive but they are getting so sexual for a teen book that it kind of bothers me Honestly 15 year old girls do NOT need to know how to make themselves orgasm in the shower And while its great that she at least talks about safe sex, does she really need to talk about safe sex in every book Its just frustrating to me as a mom I dont want my girls reading about that kind of stuff until they are much older than the age bracket she writes for But other than the sex stuff Mia is charming as ever. This is the worst book that I have read in this series.Mia is so lame.What is she thinking about going to that musical with J.P will save her from all the problems Really That will pop outdisasters on her way.So disappointed there is no development I see from the main character. Holy shit I LOVED IT OMG I usually wait to read the next one of a series but no way in hell I m waiting This take a turn I wanted to take, AND what can I say I don t like Lilly and I do like P J 4 stars instead of 5 because Mia was really immature in this one This was terrible.1 Mia is so annoying I m tired of the my boyfriend is my entire life whining, and for the first time I agreed with Lilly.2 Michael is the worst boyfriend ever It s hard to be with you and not have sex wtf 3 The equating of Japanese women with geisha with women who just have sex with anyone is simply racist and builds on years of the stereotype of over sexualized and fetishized Asian women Disappointing to read. Oh geez. Lots of people made mistakes in this book, but it was highly entertaining I m so anxious for the next I know I ve read these before, but I actually can t remember what happens in the next book.. i ve been betrayed by meg cabot.princess diaries 8 is so bad that i might have to give up my faith in the entire series.to begin with, michael and mia broke up which sucks, but was basically inevitable what makes it betrayal is the WAY that they were broken up the first major problem is that for the past few books, cabot has sort of drifted from the characterizations that made the first three installments such a guilty pleasure now it sof a pop culture driven, facile extrapolation of an originally pleasing premise so the characters of michael and mia, as depicted in this book, do not feel like the same ones that i met that happy winter in puerto rico.some of that can be explained away by the aging of the characters whereas the first three books comprised a single semester of mia s freshman year, successive books have been as sporadic as a week or two s worth of entries per year of mia s life.but not all of it.here s the problem mia and michael still have not consummated their relationship this was getting to be boring, because aside from the fact that cabot did the story already in all american girl there seemed to be no real reason for mia s hesitation it was basically the same conversation over and over again like watching season 4 of dawson s creek except with michael moscovitz, who is yummy, instead of pacey who is not so cabot cooked up this ridiculous scheme for mia to offer herself as a sacrifice, basically, to keep michael from moving to japan to study for a year.weak sauce to begin with, right but it got worse much worse.instead of merely having michael turn her down which was actually in character, because he felt her manipulation and didn t want to get her hopes up , cabot sprung on us the most unwelcome news that michael had been tooling around with judith gershner during the events of princess diaries III.way harsh and untrue to the character of michael there was, certainly, no reason to believe that he was as virginal as mia lilly mentioned, for example, a girl at hebrew camp but judith gershner i wanted to wretch and that s even before i get started on her character of JP, aka the guy who doesn t like corn in the chili his crush on mia is painful her reaction to it blissful ignorance is worse and they used this, plus the gershner issue, to break up michael and mia.i may never recover my lost innocence