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HISTORY BROUGHT TO LIFEWhen I was asked by the author to review this book, I was very happy to do so Although based on actual characters from history, it s not a book listing facts and dates, as text book might No this is a dramatised tale Of course the author has used artistic licence, giving her interpretation of the characters motivation and actions.Richard III depending on your viewpoint was much maligned, or a monster responsible for the death of the two princes in the tower As to the truth of that, who knows it might have been him or Henry Tudor, or neither Why this particular event in history has become so notorious is puzzling to me Many other atrocities committed by kings and queens past are probably far worse.This book covers Richards early life, his first meeting with Ann Neville, the daughter of the Earl of Warwick, also known as The Kingmaker Richard is captivated by Ann and they become fast friends, as they get older Richard hopes to marry Ann but his brother the king, Edward IV does not give permission Eventually when Warwick changes sides after falling out with Edward, Warwick marries Ann to HenryVI son and heir, Edward of Westmister.The story takes the reader through all the turbulent events of the time, making history come alive on the page I have no opinion as to whether Richard was bad or good He was a man born in medieval England, things that we today think of as barbaric were considered commonplace then It was a violent period in history, with the crown of England as the prize Men do things they might not otherwise do for a crown.The author is obviously in the Richard is good camp, that s easy to tell from her portrayal of his character There are an awful lot of characters in this and at times it s hard to keep track of who s who, even so for those like me who are not historians.But I really enjoyed reading this, it s extremely well written.ARC provided by the author I just can t do it This is dire Sorry I don t give up easily but I can t continue with this, life is too short and there s too many good books out there. @Free Kindle ⚤ The Rose of York: Love and War ⛅ Set In Malory S England During The Wars Of The Roses When The Passions Of A Few Determined The Fate Of A Nation, This Acclaimed Winner Of A Remarkable Eight Awards Tells The True Story Of Two Star Crossed Lovers Richard Of Gloucester And Lady Anne Neville Before They Become King And Queen A Stirring Tale Of Romance And Intrigue I made it to page 76 where Will Hastings is turned from one of my favorites into a disgusting evil pig, I could read no further I wasn t loving it up until that point anyway, too many shifts from the present too the past, I was getting motion sickness I found this novel and its two successors to be a wee tad flowery for my tastes It seems to partake of the romanticism of the nineteenth century than the practicality of the fifteenth The three books made my teeth hurt. This book, and two in the trilogy Crown of Destiny and Fall From Grace comprise a trilogy about the story of Richard the 3rd of England you know the one, Shakespeare made him a villain with a hunchback in his play, and he says the famous words my kingdom for a horse The truth of Richard s life is very different from what Shakespeare and others would have us believed, and this book is one that tells the story of his life, his lifelong love of, and eventual marriage to Anne Neville, and the politics of the day As a highly ethical and moral man Richard often struggled with the s of the day, including the behavior of his licentious brother, Edward the King The story takes place during the latter part of the War of the Roses I have read other books sympathetic to Richard the 3rd this one is very well researched I ve also read Crown of Destiny, and plan to read the final one The story is a good one, and definitely worth reading. This book is the first of a series by Sandra Worth, published in 2003 about the Wars of the Roses For those who do not know, The Wars of the Roses was a period in England of civil wars from about 1450 1485 Its origins began before 1450 with much civil unrest The term Roses signify the white rose of the Yorks, the red rose of the Lancastrians Both of these houses were direct descendants of Edward the III and began to fight for the crown The Lancastrian King Henry VI had become unpopular along with the company he chose This caused much civil unrest, along with the fact that King Henry was displaying periods of mental illness There were many people involved, which becomes confusing to the average reader therefore, if this is an introduction to this period I would suggest reading this novel first before delving into the many confusing facts of the non fiction counterparts About halfway through it starts to get muddled with the names titles the switching sides on the factions for Lancastrians versus the Yorkists occurs often You definitely need to have your thinking cap on for that aspect which is why I suggest starting with this novel before tackling an informative non fiction encyclopedia style book.Upon reading this novel, I was immediately engrossed in the story of the small boy Richard who is forced to deal with life and death at a young age This small boy Richard from the House of York is actually who we know as Richard, Duke of Gloucester, brother to King Edward, who later becomes known as Richard III He feared the Bitch of Anjou , Queen Marguerite Margaret who his family was fighting against She is the one who was pulling the strings of her husband, Henry IV who was mentally unstable The book opens where Edward has defeated King Henry, and thus Edward becomes King Edward IV, of the frightened boy s aspect of recently losing a well loved father Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York in 1460 at the battle of Wakefield, and a brother and Neville cousins I ve had this book for awhile and although enjoying the Wars of the Roses period very much, I did not think I was going to be sympathetic to the man who has been accused of murdering the famed Princes in the Tower his nephews, heir to the throne After reading a few of Alison Weir s books on the subject, and a book on Elizabeth Woodville by David Baldwin, my brain was inundated with names and titles and dates and multiple facts and theses Therefore I was not in a rush to pick it up Again, I was mistaken I was so enthralled with this young Richard, I could not wait for my lunchtimes and bedtimes to continue his story and learn what was happening in the world around him This is specifically the story of Richard growing from a young boy to a knight, and a sensitive young man in love with Anne Neville, Warwick s daughter Richard Neville, aka Warwick the Kingmaker, helped Edward reach his throne, yet the new King did not honor many of the wishes of Warwick and treated him disrespectfully This novel gives you a sense of the instability, the emotional tension between fighting for inner beliefs and family pride vs loyalty to the royal crown This story defines the true meaning to the phrase Love and War The action picks up when Richard s brother, Edward IV, secretly marries Elizabeth Woodville, who was a widow from the gentry class with two boys of her own This marriage angered Warwick and the nobles greatly The Woodvilles were a huge family whom upon this marriage had received many honors, titles and arranged marriages for the clan, which made them even hated by Edward s Yorkists Some even believed Elizabeth and her mother Jacquetta were witches for the way that Edward readily responded to their requests It is interesting to note that the first child of Edward and Elizabeth is none other than Elizabeth of York, who was married to the Lancastrian Henry VII, and from this marriage produced our beloved Henry VIII.When Warwick and his family of Neville s decide to rebel, Richard s chances with Anne Neville decrease Richard is loyal to his brother the King, although makes him choose against Warwick, who was a pseudo father to him The book deals with the anger and resentment between the multiple clashing families and although informative it is not complete drivel As noted, it tends to get heavy with the the names and the titles and loses some of the flow halfway through but the story is compelling enough to make you concentrate as you go on I feel the book climaxed with the Battle of Barnet in 1471 which was so compelling it twisted my heart I do not want to give away the plot to those who do not know the whole story, so I ll end it here I found the writing to be eloquent, and I found the imagery of Richard s surroundings to be well described without feeling too poetic or contrived It really had a great flow from one chapter to the next, each beginning with its own little ominous and overshadowing quote I very much liked this depiction of Richard III, and look forward to the rest of the series as well The author s note is informative also and I may add some of the books she mentions to my TBR pile as well.I highly recommend this book Edit HMMM I wonder if I should re read this, since it s 3 years later now and I have a bit knowledge of the era now But, for those readers who do not have a care for complete historical accuracy, I stand by my recommendation as this would be good for the beginner to the era to get a sense of the unrest Historical romance, perhaps Yet another attempt to tell the story of Richard III and Anne Neville, first book of a trilogy no, I didn t read the other two I found this one to be very dull to get through, and a thorough waste of my time Only two stars Skip this one and find Sharon Kay Penman s excellent The Sun in Splendour.For the longer review, please go here Overly romantic depiction of Richard III, bordering on absurdity The simplistic and unimaginative prose made it very difficult to finish this book I felt I was reading a low level YA novel Both Anne and Richard suffer from one note characterizations they re both totally in love with each other and are sainted sufferers thwarted at every turn by politics, fate, destiny, younameit They aren t people from history, or even compelling romance, but idealized archetypes of noble, slandered hero and patient, devoted sweetheart This book is romance in the French ballad tradition.The author also has an unbelievably hacktacular moment at the end of the book by slightly tweaking the famous Sullivan Ballou letter from Ken Burns The Civil War documentary and having it written by John Neville on the eve of battle The author owned up to it on her website no mention is in the original paperback , but that it happened at all is baffling My English professors would have slapped me into next semester When I reached that part of the book, the Ashokan Farewell started up on my internal iPod and the mood, what there was of it, was ruined.I realize my opinion is in the minority regarding this book If you prefer to have a nuanced portrayal of Richard III, either read Sharon Kay Penman s The Sunne in Splendour a still very positive Richard, yet better written overall or Under the Hog by Patrick Carleton Richard is guilty of his nephews murder, but is not depicted as evil the book is worth the search However, if you prefer your Richard III to be a maligned woobie in shining armor, then this book fits the bill. I dont usually like to give negative comments i know every book will appeal to someone but being a long term supporter of Richard iii i couldnt help myself.richard iii has suffered centuries of bad press, most of which has now been proved false but Ms Worth paints him with such glowing colours that he becomes a saint Richard the third was a man of his time, violent, an unparalled military leader and a competent knight and king He was not a saint I would have prefered some gritty realism would not recommend.