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!Free Epub ♡ Skammerens datter ♍ Dina Has Unwillingly Inherited Her Mother S Gift The Ability To Elicit Shamed Confessions Simply By Looking Into Someone S Eyes To Dina, However, These Powers Are Not A Gift But A Curse Surrounded By Fear And Hostility, She Longs For Simple FriendshipBut When Her Mother Is Called To Dunark Castle To Uncover The Truth About A Bloody Triple Murder, Dina Must Come To Terms With Her Power Or Let Her Mother Fall Prey To The Vicious And Revolting Dragons Of Dunark I actually didn t dislike this book as much as the rating would imply The Shamer s Daughter is a quick, fun read and the idea of the Shamer , while not totally revolutionary, is fresh and engaging But while The Shamer s Daughter is an enjoyable read, it suffers from a bland heroine and a shade of the but I m not like other girls brand of sexism that I ve come to loathe in middle grade and young adult fiction.Dina Tonnerre is the daughter of the Shamer, a woman who can look into the eyes of anyone and know all their secrets, and who can make them feel all their shame She s inherited her mother s powers, and as such she has no friends other than her sometimes insufferable family Things are pretty okay at the outset of the book, then things start to go wrong and Dina finds herself caught in the midst of a gruesome murder and politics and also dragons The story flows well, and is evenly paced and interesting, though there s a lot of the characters sitting around and doing nothing A fair amount of conflict is generated by Dina just kind of being an idiot, which is fair enough since she s a really scared ten year old, but is frustrating anyway.Dina herself is likable in some ways, but she s wise beyond her years which sometimes makes her feel less like a character and like the author s mouthpiece I failed to connect with any of the characters who peppered the story, though they were unique enough I think part of the problem with the narrative was its brevity Dina spent far too much time alone in her own head for me to get any feel for the secondary characters, and Dina herself was a rather flat character I do think there s plenty of room for growth in the sequels, so I have hope.The book does throw around a fair amount of gendered slurs which is pretty jarring in a book that reads like it s intended for children I probably wouldn t mind so much if words other than bitch or slut were being used, but they aren t and that makes me, as an adult reader, pretty uncomfortable I also found Dina s blaming of spoiled Cilla for her misfortunes pretty irritating It s partially excusable because she s obviously an upset child and it s maybe meant as a flaw but really, can we blame the ruthless male antagonist for the stuff that is actually his fault and not a child There s nothing in the book that really made me go wow, that was gross but there was an overall sense of unease with the way certain events were handled.Still, the book was fun enough and I ll be picking up the sequels from the library Hopefully some of my issues with The Shamer s Daughter will be ameliorated as Dina grows as a character and the series grows complex. Review to come Thank youbto Edelweiss and the publisher for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion. It wasn t the book cover that caught my attention not the title, not the promising thinness of the book, or the blurb on the back It was the Author s Note I opened the book and began to read what the author had written about her book The story behind her novel fascinated me how she lived in Denmark, translated her own books to English, lived across the harbour from the royal residency and waved to the queen every morning But I also love what she said about The Look I think we learn the power of The Look when we are children, from the receiving end My mother was a master at it Exceedingly few of my childhood crimes went undetected she could always look right through me when she wanted to And when she scolded me, she would always insist that I look her in the eye Look at me she would snap, as if that was part of the punishment Look at me when I m talking to you Lene Kaaberbol The idea of Shamer s caught my attention The author didn t stress any magic in her book, rather saying Shamers had a gift Of course there are dragons, sword fights, beatings, excitement and danger all written, in my opinion, in an engaging style The first paragraph had a hook I wanted to know what happened and that surprised me I had never heard of this series before and I was very sceptical But I can truthfully say I was impressed with the book Other than that, this book gave me a pleasant surprise I enjoyed it It wasn t dauntingly thick, the view of first person made it easy to read and the story line moved along fast. Rating 5 starsPlot 5Characters 4.5Writing style 4.5Lene Kaaberb l s The Shamer Chronicles was one of my favourite childhood series Thankfully it s as good as I remember I was afraid that it wouldn t live up to my nostalgic memories of it The Shamer s Daughter is a story about a young girl Dina, who inherited a gift of shaming from her mother Shamer s powers allow the Shamer too look into someone s eyes forcing them to relive all their shameful memories and making them incapable of lying After Dina s mother was called to Dunark castle to uncover the truth about a dreadful crime things went south quickly Dina came after her and had to figure out a way out of the mess Oh and did I mention there s dragons This story has a wonderful worldbuiding, quite complex characters for a children s book and such a unique premise LTU vertinimas 5 vaig dut sSiu etas 5Veik jai 4.5Ra ymo stilius 4.5Lene Kaaberb l Dina, G dytojos dukt knyg serija buvo viena m gstamiausi vaikyst je D iaugiuosi, kad perskai ius dabar paliko tok pat sp d Skaitydama vaikyst je ir paauglyst je m gtas knygas visada nerimauju, kad nuvils ir sugadinsiu nostalgi kus prisiminimus Dina, G dytojos dukt tai istorija apie vienuolikamet Din , kaip ir mama, turin i g dytojos gali Pa velgusios akis G dytojos gali priversti prisiminti visk , d l ko mogus g disi ir priversti pasakyti ties Dinos mam i kvietus Dunarko pil atskleisti iauriaus nusikaltimo, viskas pasisuka netik ta linkme Mergaitei tenka keliauti i paskos ir ne tik gelb ti mam ir save, bet ir ai kintis nusikaltim Ir dar, ar min jau, kad yra drakon Knygoje sukurtas nuostabus pasaulis, kaip vaiki kai knygai pakankamai sud tingi veik jai, o G dytojos id ja be galo domi ir unikali. This review also appears on What a cool concept The Shamer s Daughter follows eleven year old Dina, who is the daughter of something called a Shamer Shamers powers, which are inherited genetically, allow the Shamer to look anyone in the eye and force them to relive all of their shameful memories and confess their bad deeds.The Shamer s gift is rare and the few around, like Dina s mother, are called on to settle legal disputes This turns south when she is called to prove a man guilty in the matter of a royal murder and the royal family doesn t like when she turns the blame on them.When I picked up The Shamer s Daughter at the library, I didn t know it was targeted at such a young audience Since the main character is 11, I m assuming that the target audience is probably 8 12 I can understand a lot of the two star reviews I m seeing from fellow adults like myself, but I can see my younger self loving this book.It s one of those YA books that straddles the lines of the genre There is legitimate danger, graphic descriptions, foul language, and all those edgy things that neonates love to feel mature in reading.However, the reason it wasn t too interesting to me as an adult was how simple characters and relationships were Everyone Dina met was either a friend or a foe, and once someone was a friend, they were automatically a part of the hero team and a main character, no questions asked.Had to give it a three star since I m sure younger kids would love it, though it wasn t my cup of tea I d suggest passing it on to an advanced young reader who loves fantasy. Just a caution this review has a couple of less than polite words in it If you don t want to see them, you probably shouldn t read this and you probably shouldn t read The Shamer s Daughter, either I wasn t sure about The Shamer s Daughter when I decided to purchase it something I hardly ever do without reading the book first , but it sounded interesting and GR seemed to think I would like it, so I took a chance, and I m glad I did.The things I liked 1 The concept of Shamer s Eyes This wasn t something that I d seen before, and I thought it was a really neat idea, to be able to look into someone s eyes and force him or her to think about the things of which he or she is ashamed.2 The fact that Dina already knows about her gift at the beginning of the story As an HP fan, I m not opposed to the young person finds out he she has supernatural powers plot line, but it s nice to bypass the big reveal and get straight into the story from time to time.3 The description, especially of places I found that I could easily picture Dina s surroundings in my mind.4 Kaaberbol doesn t shy away from icky things like blood, pus, urine, and vomit I find that children s authors tend to gloss over or completely ignore these aspects of human life, and it often makes no sense, considering that many children s fantasy stories are set in Middle Ages esque villages and castles, which gasp didn t have indoor plumbing, and in which people gasp slaughtered animals and gasp didn t necessarily have nice manners Kaaberbol s characters bleed, pee, and puke, and it makes them seem human.5 The relationship between Dina and view spoiler Rose, in which Dina uses her power to make Rose see that she is not to be ashamed of herself because of the troubles she has been dealt in life hide spoiler For dansk anmeldelse, f lg link This was my first real fantasy book I read it when I was about 9 or 10 and in the beginning I made my mother read it out loud one chapter each night.One day I got really excited about it, but then the chapter ended and my mother told me to go to sleep When I couldn t sleep because I kept thinking about the next chapter and what might happen, I ran downstairs, stole the book and finished it in one night I got so caught up I forgot everything about time, school the next day even my own existence I just had to finish it had to know what else was going to happen.I ve read it several times afterwards and it s only made it better Even though it s a child s book and I feel to old to read it again I actually considered to borrow it yesterday.Ok, well This book is pretty amazing Even though it s a child s book or YA, some might say I think it has a great vocabulary and language I most certainly learned some new words when I read it And this is the book that made me want to write It s not predictable at all and the creativity Lene Kaaberboel was in possession of when she wrote this is remarkable It really is a true fantasy and not the same kind you see today where every fantasy is filled with vampires and love SPOILER The dragons and Dina s ability to see other s shame really caught me up When Dina s is captured by Drakan I felt so sorry for her and angry with Drakan.I like all of the characters especially Nico, who is supposed to be the hero, but still is very realistic and has flaws like everybody else I would recommend this book to every fantasy lover out there Children, teenagers and grown ups be enlightened by this book NOTE English is not my 1st language I do my best please don t comment it. How did this book get past me when it was first published The premise is described in the trailer for the novel Dina is the daughter of the Village Shamer, a woman who can read the truth in people through looking at their eyes Quite literally, when you are looking into her eyes, you are rendered incapable of lying, and she can see how you really think, feel, and behave, even in your most private moments This makes her very useful for law enforcement, obviously, but also tremendously unpopular in social settings for equally obvious reasons Our heroine, the daughter, has inherited the gift herself, though at the beginning of the novel it sure does not FEEL like a gift to her Hard to have friends and be part of the group when you have this gift This book has many things I liked a realistic setting medieval ish, and maybe somewhere rather like northern England or Scotland in, say, the 1100s or so and a likable heroine who is NOT perfect Then there s mystery, and people striving for power, and real dragons who are nasty and relentlessly awful, and a hero boy Nico who is also likable and flawed and who for once does NOT save the day for the girl In fact, at one point, she rescues him A little politics, some nasty fighting, a close to dying experience or two, and a bit of female friendship, and this book has everything a middle school kid, male or female might want Loved that this did not end on a rosey happy syrupy sweet note I was amazed to find that this was originally written in Danish, and translated into English nicely done It flows beautifully Note to parents there are a handful of words that some might find offensive, such as slut and whore They are used by nasty people behaving in mean ways, and are clearly not encouraged to be used by the readers But they are in there Also, the villain is a true sociopath and his mother, Lady Death, creeped me out But their motivation for what they do in the book is utterly realistic and believable I found the mother to be a character truly worth emulating honest even when it may cost not only her own life but her child s as well, and truly not interested in what other people think of her Dina begins to see this as the book progresses, and also finds that the burdonsome gift she has inherited might also be a blessing as well The Widow Petri is much the same way good to the core, and mature I m just amazed I did not brush up against this series before now, as it was published in 2002 Looking forward to finding the sequels.