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O que a antologia n o 1 um retrato da literatura fant stica at sua publica o 1940 1965 bvia preocupa o com direitos autorais fez com que abundem textos em dom nio p blico e de autores argentinos 2 uma fiel tradu o dos originais afirma o de Borges na nota breve da editora assegura que ele e Bioy Casares se distinguem por suas transcri es e cita es infi is 3 uma compila o homog nea h timos contos e outros nem tanto O que a antologia 1 uma tima oportunidade de conhecer autores obscuros 2 a chance de conhecer algumas das influ ncias de Borges 3 uma agrad vel, embora fragmentada, leitura Meus contos preferidos na ordem em que aparecem uma proposta de antologia da antologia 1 Bloy, L on Os cativos de Longjumeau 2 Borges, Jorge Luis Tl n, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius 3 Cocteau, Jean O gesto da morte 4 Garro, Elena Uma lar s lido 5 G mez de la Serna, Ram n Pior que o Inferno 6 Jacobs, W W A pata de macaco 7 Juan Manuel, Dom O bruxo preterido 8 Kafka, Franz Diante da Lei 9 Lieh Ts O cervo escondido 10 L Isle Adams, Villiers de A esperan a 11 O Neill, Eugene Gladstone Onde a cruz est marcada 12 Perowne, Barry Ponto morto 13 Wu Cheng En A senten a. 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Gratis En PDF Gua, Manuales, Hojas De Usuarios Sobre Antologa De Cuentos Latinoamericanos Pdf Listo Para Su Descarga Antologa De La Educacin Fsica PdfPdf Libros Electrnicos Gratis En PDF Gua, Manuales, Hojas De Usuarios Sobre Antologa De La Educacin Fsica Pdf Listo Para Su Descarga cross posted at booklikes and the mo centric universe originally posted in 2010 at first blush, i was excited to find this anthology because nothing would suit me better than to sit at Jorge Luis Borges knee, and have him tell what his favourite stories were, or even have him read them to me of course, this book was not just edited by Borges, but also Silvina Ocampo, and Adolfo Bioy Casares, who is quoted thusly by Ursula K Le Guin in the intro, saying the book came out of a conversation about fantastic literature discussing the stories which seemed best to us One of us suggested that if we put together the fragments of the same type we had listed in our notebooks, we would have a good book and so i began i read the first story, and liked it then i read the second it is quite short, so i include it for your enjoyment here A Woman Alone With Her SoulThomas Bailey AldrichA woman is sitting alone in a house She knows she is alone in the whole world every other living thing is dead The door bell rings.i stopped i read it again i thought, who is this Thomas Bailey Aldrich why haven t i heard of him i read the short biographical info provided by his name Thomas Bailey Aldrich, North American poet and novelist, was born in New Hampshire in 1835 and died in Boston in 1907 He was the author of Cloth of Gold 1874 , Wyndham Tower 1879 , and An Old Town by the Sea 1893 i thought, okay maybe this story was never published in his lifetime i didn t expect people were writing stories like this in the 19th century and, wow doorbells have been around a long time this story seems like it could have been written by Ben Loory when my back was turned except this anthology has been around since 1940, and the last revision was in 1976 okay i d better do a google search on Aldrich, a man writing stories that could have been written yesterday and so i researched i found that Aldrich has been given a lot of credit the first appearance of a detective in english literature The Stillwater Tragedy 1880 , and that critics feel the semi autobiographical novel he wrote in 1870 The Story of a Bad Boy anticipated Huck Finn All this despite the fact he was primarily a poet rhyming verse , editor, and writer of travel books i began to suspect that Aldrich was eldritch i kept on, looking through materials at Project Gutenberg, hoping to find other stories by Aldrich like A Woman Alone With Her Soul but nothing read like it did i kept looking for the collected volume cited in the sources and acknowledgements of my anthology, and found that all 322 pages of vol 9 had been scanned by somebody at the University of Toronto library for some reason i found this creepy and posted online there was a search text function so i copied the title of the story in and there were no matches i was confused i flipped through pages of the book again, nothing read like this story read, or was as short as it was nothing matched up i stopped, pondered, and did another search, this time for the story s title, and found it in a listing of sci fi stories had the following note this is most likely by Jorge Lu s Borges with no further elaboration i found this statement on a couple of other sites, and then i began to think that Borges was making me believe in books that didn t actually exist again his own Tl n, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius appears in this anthology, with its tricksy encyclopedia i wrote Ben, asked him if he had written the story, told him that Borges might have, apologized for bothering him, and searched on, and finally came upon a trail of emails by a Dennis Hien, from a mailing list called Project Wombat that gave me something somebody had been searching for the shortest sci fi story ever written there, at Project Wombat, in 2004 and Hien did some research though he couldn t find the initial conversation string the text i read was from 2007 it turned out another one of my favourites, Dashiell Hammett, in an introduction to an anthology he had edited called Creeps By Night in 1931, said, One of my own favorites is that attributed, I believe, to Thomas Bailey Aldrich A woman is sitting alone in a house She knows she is alone in the whole world every other living thing is dead The doorbell rings.That has, particularly, the restraint that is almost invariablythe mark of the effective weird tale , There is no reference to the title of the story as it appears in my anthology, and I will need to seek out the Hammett anthology to see if it can provide any further clues My gut tells me that Borges Ocampo Casares must have stumbled upon this story in Hammett s anthology, at some point in the nine years that elapsed between the publication of the two, and decided to use it and yet, this story was not in the vol 9 text but Hien cast further light i imagine through his own researches because no references were included by revealing that the kernel of the story idea was Aldrich s, that it was published in his essays Leaves from a Notebook collected in a book called the Ponkapag Papers, which was in its turn collected in that self same volume 9, that i had discovered on line The text that Aldrich wrote is as follows Imagine all human beings swept off the face of the earth excepting one man Imagine this man in some vast city, New York or London Imagine him on the third or fourth day of his solitude sitting in a house and hearing a ring at the door bell and so, this is not the story attributed to Aldrich i had read it is a seed yes, but the differences are striking, and it is not the idea, but that micro short that resounds in my mind and in others minds i found a lengthy blog entry from 2007 dissecting the tiny gem in the course of my research it seems to me that this was as close as Borges felt he could get to finding the genesis of the story that Hammett shared, that originated with Aldrich, and so he referenced the works vol 9, and it seems likely that Borges invented the title, and finally, led me on this merry chase seventy years later i wonder if Hammett actually read the story the way he quoted it or if i respond to it because this version is his version of what he had read in Aldrich i still have many questions and am doubtful that i will find answers i realize this is not really a review of the Book of Fantasy i am after all, only on page 16, and there are many stories to read but this chase has reminded me of my passion for Borges, and how razor sharp the line between truth and fiction is, that life is mystery, and reverberating in my mind is PKD quoting Dante in The Transmigration of Timothy Archer God is the book of the universe i am tempted to give the book five stars right now though i mean, how can i not i just realized i never came back and finished the review for this i did end up changing my rating to four stars i was really blown away by some of these stories the man who collected the first of september , 1973 by tor age bringsvaerd i ve already re read several times since first finding it in this book, and can t quite get over it b traven, another favourite of mine has a story macario included which i d never read before that has really reverberated in my mind, and i can t recommend enough then there was a sleeper months later, walking down the street, i found myself preoccupied by the recollection of the story called the horses of abdera by leopoldo lugones i ve subsequently realized borges had written a biography about him i was also thrilled to find included stories i already adored by may sinclair, rudyard kipling, saki, and wilde, and of course, borges himself there was also the inclusion of a waugh story called the man who liked dickens which i recognized as the ending of his novel a handful of dust, which had seemed out of keeping with the rest of the novel when i first read it my review of that is here finding the publication history made me realize waugh had published that story on its own before marrying it to his novel which really explains a lot another literary mystery solved i did not love the story contributions of borges fellow editors, bioy casares, and ocampo as much i found some of the minor authors they added to the collection perhaps could not stand up against the finesse and craft of the greats i ve already mentioned, and others by our old pals tolstoy, poe, and de maupassant i m pretty sure borges only loved the ones i do, anyway that said, i think this is an impressive collection that is a requisite for anyone who loves the bent, and the strange, the fable and the twilight yet another update i just found out something exciting as i said in the review, and my status updates as i read this collection, how thrilling it was to find that borges liked the same stories as i do, and i was convinced that he selected the ones i liked best as i noted above, one selected was from a collection i had happened upon six months earlier, the haunting short story by may sinclair, where their fire is not quenched i was looking up obscure books today, and decided i needed to try to find may sinclair s novel, the dark night, and while i was searching, this came up on alibris Cuentos Memorables Segun Jorge Luis Borgesby Jorge Luis BorgesIn a 1935 magazine article, celebrated author Jorge Luis Borges explained why he chose Mary Sinclair s short story Donde su fuego nunca se apaga as the most memorable story hed ever read, while he mentioned 11 other of his personal favorites Inspired by Borges statements in the article, this anthology gathers an array of magnificent short stories by authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, and O Henry, among others exciting will we love the same o henry story I LL FIND OUT This work by Maureen de Sousa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Diciamo che se non lo avete in casa non passate l esame Qualsiasi esame. Quiz s sea esta la antolog a mas completa y abarcativa que me haya tocado leer La cobertura del g nero fant stico se me ocurre es casi absoluta Son 100 piezas distintas, desde microrrelatos a escenas de teatro Seleccionada por Borges, Bioy y Ocampo que podr a fallar en una empresa del estilo Y nada,, hasta los relatos no tan sorprendentes son ejemplo de las formas y la variedad que se pueden ejecutar Es una fuente de inspiraci n y paso obligado para tener de referencia al momento de querer escribir nuevos cuentos Prevalecen autores argentinos, ingleses y no faltan chinos, japoneses, rabes, as tambi n como hay de distintas pocas desde siglos anteriores al calendario gregoriano a los d as en que fue publicada Es un disparador para conocer autores y estilos,, am su lectura. Esta antolog a es soberbia No s lo est llena llena de cuentos magn ficos, sino que la sutil organizaci n de los ant logos ofrece un excelente cat logo de todo lo que los seres humanos hemos construido en los territorios de la imaginaci n Desde el sue o hasta la ciencia ficci n, del horror al desparpajo de lo desconocido La Antolog a de la literatura fant stica ofrece todo.Leerla es recuperar, en cada cuento, la esperanza Si relatos as fueron concebidos en mente humana, alguna salida encontraremos a cada atolladero que por torpeza o crueldad hayamos permitido.Firmo esta breve rese a el 12 de julio de 2016, volver luego a ampliarla como lo merece.Lucas. Como su nombre lo indica, este es un libro fant stico Ser a imperdonable no leerlo Para cualquiera.Uno empieza con Morel, sigue con Paulina y luego no puede soltar nunca este libro Es tan adictivo que uno lo lleva hasta en los viajes Es peligroso poseerlo, porque el placer de leerlo lo posee a uno, lo obsesiona y al final uno se duele de que esos genios ya no est n entre nosotros.Esta es la portada del libro Y esta la primera parte del pr logo, pero en realidad no quiero poner mucho porque vale la pena tener este libro maravilloso entre las manos aunque sea por un breve instante Si te gust este comentario o si no , Te invito a que visites mi blog In Argentina, even the public art can be fabulous and hauntingA truly outstanding collection from the libraries of world literature, some ancient, mostly modern ninety stories of fantasy and the fantastic with many familiar authors such as John Aubrey, J.G Ballard, Ambrose Bierce, Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, Jean Cocteau, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy, Voltaire, Edith Warton, Oscar Wilde and Evelyn Waugh For the purposes of my review I will focus on one tale I found especially fascinating from an Argentinian author I ve recently come to dearly love Here is my write up Spoiler Alert my analysis covers the entire story, beginning to end.THE SQUID IN ITS OWN INK by Adolfo Bioy Casares written about 1950 Remarkable Event More happened in this town during the last few days than in the whole of the rest of its history So begins the tale told by our first person narrator, a schoolteacher who s lived in this town all his life, telling us of an event clearly noteworthy in the town s 100 year history than even an Indian attack, bouts of cholera or civic pageants Not even close What is it He informs us of a number of strange happenings leading up to the shocking discovery but as to what it is exactly, we are kept in suspense for most of the story.Bibliophile Our twenty something schoolteacher is proud to share how he devours books, loves books, reads everything he can get his book loving hands on since his goal and objective is culture He also does some writing on the side and ultimately wants to be seen not only as an accomplished author but a highly cultured member of the community, somewhat similar to an older gentleman much looked up to in the town, pillar of local society, one Juan Camargo Love the way Bioy Casares has a youthful lover of books as his narrator, the kind of person most readers of literature around the world can identify with.Missing Juan Camargo lives in a real chalet with a lawn and flower gardens in his large front yard Every spring and summer, water from a sprinkler twirls around in the garden, nonstop, keeping the grass green and the flowers fresh But something unexpected happens the sprinkler is missing That s right it s time to water the gardens and lawn and the sprinkler is nowhere to be seen The narrator and all his buddies at the local bar figure there must be a very specific reason why no sprinkler As the narrator cites, eventually he and his mates uncovered something about which little was natural and which turned out to be quite a surprise Ah, foreshadowing As readers, when we likewise discover this unnatural thing, we are also a little surprised Actually, I myself was quite surprised, even somewhat stunned Anyway, now we are into the story and have plenty of reason to keep turning the pages.The Plot Thickens Would Juan carelessly cut off the water Impossible Juan is an exceptional man with old fashion ideas on what should always be done to keep things in order Since he and his wife, do a Remedios rarely tolerate strangers, the only other person who ever goes in and out of their chalet is godson don Tadeito, a quiet boy who also happens to be a student in the narrator s primary school class Then that very next day after the missing sprinkler, the narrator hears a knock at 2 00 in the afternoon, siesta time, at his apartment door It s don Tadeito who asks him for first, second and third year textbooks Why this request Don Tadeito simply answers that Godfather asks And the next day, a similar knock and request, only this time don Tadeito asks for fourth and fifth year textbooks Same question same response Godfather wants them Master Plan As expected, the conversation at the bar is abuzz with the missing sprinkler and now the requests for all those textbooks What is going on here The whole crew gathers round a table the brassy voice of Don Pomponio suggests they form a committee and go ask Juan Camargo himself for an explanation Aldini has a better idea the narrator should suggest don Tadeito spy on his Godfather and do a Remedios and report back to him what he hears So, next visit by don Tadeito for textbooks, the narrator tells the boy what he should do The boy quietly agrees Revelation On his next visit to his teacher, don Tadeito recites in a soft monotone how Godfather and do a Remedios now have a new guest living in the shed in their backyard, a special gust for special reasons needing water to keep himself alive And what are these special reasons Though a series of pointed questions, the narrator comes to understand this special guest is from another planet and not only did he need water for his health, he needed textbooks to learn about planet earth so he could best communicate with the people who have the power to drop the atomic bomb He comes from a planet that knows about many worlds who have dropped atomic bombs and thereby destroyed themselves And he also knows the earth dropping an atomic bomb could set off a possible chain reaction destroying his own planet The visitor came as a friend and liberator and was asking for Godfather s help Philosophy Realizing all his buddies at the bar will never believe his report on such a piece of science fiction, he brings don Tadeito to repeat what he overheard himself from Juan Camargo The boys listen in widemouthed astonishment, prompting much philosophizing and theorizing about the human race working problems out with or without help from an alien Their debate ends with a call to action but, by the time they all reach Juan Camargo s chalet, water is twirling from the sprinkler in the front yard It appears a decision has already been made about keeping the visitor from another planet alive Coda One of the many features I find both captivating and charming about this Adolfo Bioy Casares tale is how, as it turns out, the fate of the entire planet depends on a decision made by an older gentleman and his wife In a way, they could be any older couple, anywhere on the globe And, true to form, since they were the hosts of the stranger and the ones the stranger asked directly for help, they didn t consult anybody else but simply make the decision themselves Author of the fantastic, Adolfo Bioy Casares of Argentina What an addictive book Borges, Bioy Casares and Ocampo chose some short stories and fragments of other works that really caught my interest Especially the ones that seemed to influence Borges my favorite of all three stories where the boundaries between dreams and reality disappear completely Suddenly, you find the head of the dragon you killed last night in your dream My biggest problem that depressed me quite a bit is that I found a lot of writers that I ve never heard of And I liked their stuff Do you know what that means, huh My to read shelf is getting bigger by the hour Also on my blog.