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It s no secret that I m a Stephen King fan After all, I have a copy of every book he s ever written than one format for some and absolutely love the way he spins a tale But I ve fallen behind on my challenge to read 6 King Books this year lol.So, when hubby suggested I try this book, I shrugged and got started I read the first 30 pages in one sitting, and was totally intrigued Then, I found out there was another story included as well, which made me happier.BLOCKADE BILLY Tells the story of why Blockade Billy was wiped away from all the history books It s told by Granny, now an old man and wanting to share his story with King, himself.I ll start out by saying that I m not a baseball fan at all, and in spite of the constant talk about the game, I still got wrapped up in the story of this young man who took the baseball world by storm but was hiding a bizarre secretIn typical King fashion, I enjoyed finding out how it all turned out Man, he tells an awesome story MORALITY Wow, this story was excellent What starts out as a story between two, happily married people having a hard time making ends meet, turns into a depraved story of violence Nora is a nurse and takes care of Reverend George Winston after he suffered a stroke Chad works as a sub teacher and is also writing a book that may or may not sell When the Reverend makes Nora an insane offer of getting a one off payment that will help give them some financial freedom, they find themselves in a dilemma Because what he wants her to do in order to get this money is totally immoral, and challenges them until they make a final decision.And like every indecent proposal, no matter how much they say they ll stick together and will make it through, their simple lives are thrown into instant chaos with some very violent consequences.Man, this story kept me hooked right until the very end Loved it I ll concede that most readers may not like this as much as I did I think you have to be a baseball fan AND a Stephen King fan of which I am both More than that really, one of the many reasons I like King is that I know that he is also a baseball fan.Baseball has a rich history of good writing Guys like George Will, Roger Kahn, Roger Angell, and Michael L Lewis to name a few have contributed to building the game s mythos King also has contributed to baseball literature, especially his collaboration with Stewart O Nan Faithful Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season captured not only the nuances of the game, but illustrated its almost mystical hold on the dedicated.Blockade Billy, a 2010 novelette longer than a short story but shorter than a novella is told from the perspective of a retired baseball man describing events from the late 50s to Stephen King Because it is about baseball King describes in loving detail the progression of a season, told in minute detail by a student and scholar of the game And because it is Stephen King, it also centers around a horrific element that eventually takes over.For fans. @READ BOOK ⚠ Blockade Billy í Even The Most Die Hard Baseball Fans Don T Know The True Story Of William Blockade Billy Blakely He May Have Been The Greatest Player The Game Has Ever Seen, But Today No One Remembers His Name He Was The First And Only Player To Have His Existence Completely Removed From The Record Books Even His Team Is Long Forgotten, Barely A Footnote In The Game S HistoryEvery Effort Was Made To Erase Any Evidence That William Blakely Played Professional Baseball, And With Good Reason Blockade Billy Had A Secret Darker Than Any Pill Or Injection That Might Cause A Scandal In Sports Today His Secret Was Much, Much Worse And Only Stephen King, The Most Gifted Storyteller Of Our Age, Can Reveal The Truth To The World, Once And For All I have many pleasures in life, but two that really make me smile are Stephen King and baseball Now I m not going to write this review in hopes of changing your mind about Stephen King he is what he is You may like him You may not For my own two cents, I think he is a wonderful storyteller Sure, one could peruse his body of work and find numerous examples where he stunk up the place but, and I am saying this not only as a King fan but also as a fan of literature, one could also find numerous examples of where his storytelling shined BLOCKADE BILLY and the short story Morality provide a welcome place that illuminates both of these instances In the title story, King takes the ever American topic of baseball and adds his own dark elements Essentially, King uses this story to take a few jabs at how baseball has become corrupted today without writing a full blown essay about steroids or outlandish salaries or how the game really may not be America s pastime any Billy is a rookie catcher who is called up after the Titans lose both of their catchers in a span of 48 hours He is never intended to be a fixture in the organization But Billy surprises the team with his work ethic, Midwest golly jeez charm, and his bat Before long, Billy is helping the Titans climb from the cellar, begin to compete This part of the story was fun for me I love a good baseball story, and if the story is about worst to first, all the better But somewhere in the narrative, I began to think that this story was going to end badly I had read approximately two thirds of it, yet, that looming sense of darkness had yet to reveal itself Dammit, King I knew this was going to be this type of story I kept reading And, much to my unsurprised Reader inside me, the true nature of Blockade Billy came out I apologize for being vague, but you must read the story to really understand my disappointment The ending was terrible A let down of epic proportions And then my mind switched gears Why didn t King flesh this bad boy out I really enjoy it when he puts three or four novellas together as a book And this story could have been really good had he done just that As is, all I can really say is King does a great job of describing the nostalgia of baseball, but, alas, never fully executes a satisfying ending to the story Then I read Morality Again, King does a great job setting the scene This time we have a young couple under the thumb of personal financial woes They scrap a living by working as a nurse, and as a substitute teacher in what I guess is New York City When the wife is let go from her nursing job, she becomes a personal nurse for a retired pastor Throughout all this, I had no idea where the story was going When the time came for the story to take shape The retired pastor wants to experience sin so he asks the woman to commit an act of sin for 200,000 clams the first thought that came to my mind was RIP OFF Hadn t we already seen this with The Box I know King is a Richard Matheson fan so the connection between the two wasn t very surprising But what was surprising was what the woman had to do to get the 200,000 dollars After she does what was needed, King takes a bit of time 7 or so pages and describes what happens to the couple There aren t many surprises, but the story was amazing Of course there were some bizarre situations that I felt were needless the violence of the latter sex scenes being some , I liked that King didn t go overboard and bombard the reader with a moral lesson In the end, at 144 pages, BLOCKADE BILLY and Morality are quick, fun reads for all fans of Stephen King I just hope that his new one, 11 22 63 A Novel, slated for release this November, is vintage King RECOMMENDED So the Master of Horror does one of his occasional detours into regular dramatic fiction, offering this double barreled novella which is relatively tame on the graphic terror aspect The book has two short stories the baseball themed title offering and a bonus tale, which could ve been called The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil though that lacks a certain grace with little loss of accuracy Blockade Billy a perpetually second rate New Jersey pro baseball team in the late 50 s naturally in the shadow of the Big Apple s Yankees Giants Dodgers MLB triumvirate suddenly finds itself with a hot prospect of a player A seemingly always agreeable though oddly personality less young Midwestern man called William Blakely signs on as a replacement catcher, and soon the ball club becomes a contender for big things But what is Billy s real story King s pens a sinister explanation finale to this one that was somewhat reminiscent of acclaimed short story author Richard Matheson Morality a content thirtysomething married couple she s an assisted care nurse, he s a substitute teacher unpublished author live paycheck to paycheck but not quite struggling in New York City Unexpectedly, the wife is given the opportunity earn a tax free, seemingly no strings attached 200,000, which would immediately alleviate their current financial concerns Jumping at the offer, things go swimmingly at first Of course, the couple then proceed into a dark tailspin which briefly brought to mind a twisted variation on the old punchline Your money or your life I can understand the reason for the mixed reviews of this King novella There is definitely a huge amount of baseball jargon associated with this story, so I can understand that if you are not a baseball fan, this may not be entertaining to you There is not the usual horror element we usually find in King s work, at least not in the supernatural sense But we do have our blood, don t we I actually thought the story was superb It was a quick, fun read, told from the perspective of a retired coach Our main character, Blockade Billy, is a low key country boy who likes to repeat everything he hears, plays and works hard and is a fantastic mystery that Stephen King uses masterfully to keep the reader anticipating the catch Like a kid sneaking under the Christmas Tree to shake his present but still having no clue what it could be, you will be following, and rooting for, Blockade Billy during his games but at the same time knowing that there is some deep dark secret that is going to be revealed I m one of the lucky ones I love Mr King, and I love baseball, so this story was a nice ride for me The ending was a touch anticlimactic for me, otherwise I would have given this 5 stars Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale I know Stephen is a baseball fan and it really shows in his writing of this book His favorites team is the Red Sox as for me, I share Jack and Danny Torrence s love for the Angels Wow Fantastic novella by the master of horror Blockade Billy pitches a baseball story so skillfully that you often find yourself questioning where reality stops and fiction starts The short story Morality reminded me of the Kierkegaardian concept of The Knights of Infinite Resignation taken to the most extreme ends. I m a softball fan than a baseball fan, I wanted to get that out there first I liked this book I really liked the Granny character Such a hoot A different kind of King book for sure. Blockade Billy 5 StarsHuge baseball fan Huge Stephen King fan A killer of a baseball catcher and a horror of a story Loved itMorality 3 Stars What would you do for 200,000 tax free Check out what happens when Nora and Chad decide to fulfill an old man s evil last wish that turns their world upside down Ok Bonus Story with an ending that left me unfulfilled.my 5 Star rating for the main event.Blockade Billy Baseball This is a baseball novella, so it helps to enjoy baseball to enjoy this story There are a lot of baseball terms in here and I m not familiar with them I m not even a baseball fan I think baseball is just a little exciting than golf It would be much fun if the pitcher tried to throw it to give the batters a hit and see what the outfielders could do Anyway.Despite not being fond of the subject, this is a Stephen King story and I found the telling of the old baseball team interesting It was part of the 50s culture for certain and it s interesting to see how much this sport means and meant to people I have never understood the appeal I guess most people don t get the appeal of opera either Anyway.There is also another short story in this book called Morality A dying man pays a woman to hit a little child in the face so he can know what it feels like to sin It s a strange little play The meat of the story is what happens after the event between her and people in her life.I still read Stephen King and these were not my favorite, but they weren t horrible like the Richard Bachmann stuff You can always tell when Richard Bachmann wrote something because it s usually terrible AnywayNot by favorite, but pretty good for the subject being told.