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~FREE DOWNLOAD ☧ Full Dark, No Stars ☨ I Believe There Is Another Man Inside Every Man, A Stranger Writes Wilfred Leland James In The Early Pages Of The Riveting Confession That Makes Up The First In This Pitch Black Quartet Of Mesmerizing Tales From Stephen King For James, That Stranger Is Awakened When His Wife, Arlette, Proposes Selling Off The Family Homestead And Moving To Omaha, Setting In Motion A Gruesome Train Of Murder And Madness In Big Driver, A Cozy Mystery Writer Named Tess Encounters The Stranger Along A Back Road In Massachusetts When She Takes A Shortcut Home After A Book Club Engagement Violated And Left For Dead, Tess Plots A Revenge That Will Bring Her Face To Face With Another Stranger The One Inside Herself Fair Extension, The Shortest Of These Tales, Is Perhaps The Nastiest And Certainly The Funniest Making A Deal With The Devil Not Only Saves Dave Streeter From A Fatal Cancer But Provides Rich Recompense For A Lifetime Of Resentment When Her Husband Of Than Twenty Years Is Away On One Of His Business Trips, Darcy Anderson Looks For Batteries In The Garage Her Toe Knocks Up Against A Box Under A Worktable And She Discovers The Stranger Inside Her Husband It S A Horrifying Discovery, Rendered With Bristling Intensity, And It Definitely Ends A Good Marriage Like Different Seasons And Four Past Midnight, Which Generated Such Enduring Films As The Shawshank Redemption And Stand By Me, Full Dark, No Stars Proves Stephen King A Master Of The Long Story Form Front Flap Contains Big DriverA Fair ExtensionA Good Marriage 4.5 Stars. Very Dark and Wonderfully Gruesome collection Was happy to have found this gem when cleaning and reorganizing one of my too many to read bookshelves here at home, and even though I find I ve already read each and every oneSHEESHI actually didn t remember the ending on a couple of them so all is well, and having a real KING book is hardly a hardship after all. 1922 5 Stars A marital disagreement to sell or not to sellthe farm, that isturns deadly, but RATS Talk about having a bad yearyou ll find one of the worst you can imagine here Repulsively GoodBIG DRIVER 4 Stars Stranded on a deserted back road with a blown tire in the middle of the night is creepy in itself, but even scarierfor a femalewhen GIANT size help arrives In the end, though, he is NOT the only danger. FAIR EXTENSION 4 Stars We re back in Derryoh noto consider a devilish proposition, and enjoy a wickedly horrid story. A GOOD MARRIAGE 5 Stars Shocking, suspenseful and a deadly good short story depicting a BIG marital secret of the deadly kindEnjoyed the movie tooUNDER THE WEATHER 4 Stars Bad dreams and bad smells turn into a heartbreaker of a story as the neighbor smells a rat FULL DARK NO STARS is a page turning anthology with an Afterword filled with interesting personal tidbits about KING and how he came to write each story Re enjoyed it 1922A good marriage can killthe king prooved it and convinced me..not once or twice..but 4 times..he did not loose his edge not by age or illneas he is and still and will be the King Life is fair We all get the same nine month shake in the box, and then the dice roll Some people get a run of sevens Some people, unfortunately, get snake eyes It s just how the world is Full Dark, No Stars is a collection of 4 novellas in which King explores the dark side to people, and how exactly would you react if placed in certain situations For example, what would you do if you found out that your husband of over 20 years has been hiding a dark secret How would you react if a a psychopath raped you and left you for dead If given the opportunity to pass your hardships onto someone elsewould you One of my favourite aspects, and one of the most horrifying things, about this collection is that some of these scenarios could actually happen You could very easily find yourself in a situation where you don t know your spouse as well as you thought you did And there is definitely the potential to encounter brutal rapists murderers whilst driving down quiet backroads Although there is a slight supernatural element to 1922, there is still the very real possibility of making one single bad decision that will continue to impact and haunt you for years Even the story Fair Extension makes you question how far you are willing to go to save your own ass at the detriment of someone else.1922 was a great opener for the collection, it was scary, hard hitting, and sucks you into the story very quickly One of the best short stories or novellas, whatever that I ve ever read from King It was brilliant Next up was Big Driver, which was hard to read at times it was brutal, visceral and terrifying, especially reading this as a woman I can t deny that I have recently felt uneasy driving down the backroads around my housemaybe stick to main busy roads in future Fair Extension was awesome, I loved how King juxtaposed the fate of the two families I d read an entire book based on that story and idea Lastly, A Good Marriage This was one I felt slightly less excited about reading about as I had already watched the adaptation last year and just thought it was okay But I REALLY enjoyed this one Darcy is a badass I can t even begin to imagine what I would do in that scenario.It s very easy to see where the title for this collection comes from these are dark, heavy stories, with pretty much no light or positive outcomes I thoroughly enjoyed each story and would probably give each individual novella five stars, which is very rare when it comes to collections of short stories or novellas I can honestly say I was sad to come to the end of this collection and I think I now have a new book to recommend to people who are looking to venture into the world of King Highly recommend this one King, I missed you. Full Dark, Four Stars In Full Dark, No Stars, we get four dark tales filled with murder, revenge, terror, and death That, my friend, is regular Monday morning at Stephen King s head anyway Novella 1 1922 To be honest, I picked up Full Dark, No Stars after watching the trailer for 1922 movie adaptation, and I am happy to say that the novella delivers The story is set in Nebraska and the year isthat s right, you guessed it1922 We are introduced to Wilfred James, a farmer who loves his way of living, and his wife, Arlette, who despise their way of living, and their teenage son, Henry. The story takes a dark turn when Arlette decides to sell the land she inherited from her father and move to the city, a decision James can t even consider You see, he is kind of person who loves the land he lives in, and he wants to start farming in Arlette s land too.I think you can see where this is going.What you will not see if you don t read this book is how good the narration is The story is narrated by James, and King did an excellent job fleshing out the characters and the incidents I loved the period drama King brought to the story The locations, the mentality of people, the creeping horror, and bloody good storytelling makes this the best story in this collection for me Novella 2 Big Driver In king s Short story collection book called Everything s Eventual, there was story named In the Deathroom. In author s note, King hinted that In the Deathroom is basically a wish fulfillment where the protagonist pulls through even though the cards were stacked against him.Big Driver felt like In the Death room, but of course, Big Driver is longer and digs deep into its characters Yet, I felt like the story was a bit unreal at times The story is hard to read because it involves view spoiler rape and assault hide spoiler 1922 A man coerces his son into helping him murder his wife Can they keep their sanity in the aftermath 1922 is a latter day retelling of A Telltale Heart, only with rats and a Bonnie and Clyde side story It s also damn good and a prime example of what Stephen King can do when he has a limited number of pages to work with instead of the entire paper output of a redwood forest.Big Driver After taking a shortcut down an unfamiliar road, a writer is raped and left in a culvert to die but her attacker made a mistake He let her liveWow, this was a powerful, dark, unsettling tale of rape and revenge Did I mention it was uncomfortable A woman getting raped is much horrifying than a nightmare clown lurking in the sewers I kept having revenge fantasies of my own on behalf of the women in my life while reading this.Fair Extension When a mysterious stranger offers Harry Streeter 15 20 years of life, he jumps at the chance But with deals of this kind, there s always a catchThis one kind of reminds me of The Monkey s Paw For all the good luck the Streeter family has, shit rains down upon the man Streeter hates the most.A Good Marriage Darcy Anderson thought she had a good marriage until she found something her husband hid in their garageThe point this story drives home is how little anyone really knows anyone else Chilling and very effective.Full Dark, No Stars isn t my favorite King book but it s chock full of Kingliness and is an excellent example of what sai King can do when he isn t allowed to write phonebook sized tomes Four out of five stars. Oh man, each story makes you forget about the other, they re all equally fascinating and terrifying From the farmer who convinced his son to kill his inconsiderate drunk ass mother, to the lawyer who made a deal with a devil out of spite and jealousy, to the brave author who went through hell and back and avenged herself in a rather bad ass fashion , and finally to the housewife who made a shocking ,albeit a late discovery about her husband and responded Properly King never disappoint I finished Full Dark, No Stars I always liked that title It s a subtle warning for what lies ahead within these four novellas, but I didn t realize how accurate it was, until I read them all Let me add a warning you before you decide to read them Not for the faint of heart Big Driver Tess is a mystery writer, and like writers do, she attends a few speaking engagements throughout the year Get close to her fans, talk about her latest book, and sign some autographs She only has a couple of rules, and one is keep it close to home within a day s driving distance So when a lady calls about a last minute fill in, just 60 miles down the road in Chicopee, she says yes Easy as can beezy I don t know about you, but that saying gets stuck on the middle of my tongue.And everything is easy as well you know, until Tess takes a short cut home, one offered up by that nice librarian in Chicopee, and a nice day turns into the most frightening of days for a woman stranded Like 1922, this novella gets scary in a hurry, not in the typical horror sense, but in an all too real way The worst part of this story was the ugliness of man The best part was the misdirection I thought it would go one way It went another And for the most part, I cheered those choices For added dialogue in a mainly singular character novel, Tess talks to and hears from her cat, and also her TomTom strangely good Fair Extension Sold his soul to the devil , or so the old saying goes Just a fair extension of time for a man dying Except there is always a price to pay, but the twist is that another will foot this bill To me, this was the darkest of these four stories Reads like a parody, which it has to be because wow the satire of mean spiritedness is steeped in exaggeration That was tough for me to overcome A Good Marriage Of course when you see the title, A Good Marriage, you know that it will be anything but And, you d be right I really wish I hadn t known the synopsis before reading this time around I read this one upon its initial release, and even though most of that memory has faded with time, I did not forget the biggest piece of the puzzle I d like to go back to experience the moment Darcy discovers her husband secret, hidden beneath the garage workbench It s a crazy secret So go into this one blind, if you can The ending is really good I guess within these stories there shines a little light after all Like King says in the afterword, the people in these stories are not without hope 1922 review first posted on 11 19 17 If you happen to come across a well in a Stephen King novel, you can bet dollars to donuts that something s going in it Notice I didn t get specific as to what that thing is, but I am sure there are some immediate and close guesses for those who know King What s different about this one She s a shocker in the get go.Here s a conversation I had with my mom the other night She knows how much I like Stephen King Oh gosh, I watched that movie 1922 on Netflix last night , she says Note By her tone, I knew a rave review was not forthcoming Uh oh , I said Bloody me knowing full well that it probably was that snicker snicker , but at this point I had not read the novella, or watched the movie O M G , mom said you d really have to see her face for full dramatic effect much disgust I about turned it off a few times But, I ended up watching all of it What did I hear in all of that She watched all of it Hee hee.So of course I picked up the novella the next day and began my reading OMG indeed Ma She was right The beginning of this story is one bitter pill to swallow It is raw, and it is ugly If the movie is anything like the book, then egad I m going to say that it s not for everyone That s too bad too, because if you can get past that beginning, this one settles down excepting them darned rats into a surprisingly melancholy story of a man looking back in regret He may not regret the act, but certainly does regret the aftermath, a whirlwind that will destroy than one futureDo you like how things turned out, Wilf Was it worth it For years, Different Seasons has reigned victorious as my 1 favorite, short story collection Well, you heard it hear first, times have changed That title now goes to this delightfully horrifying collection of tales of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances Full Dark, No Stars is comprised of four novellas that examine the deepest, darkest corners of the human condition.1922 5 starsBig Driver 5 starsFair Extension 5 starsA Good Marriage 4.5 starsI was pulled into the darkness of every story The characters, as always with King, were so believably written Their thoughts were relatable and although grim, peppered with classic King humor I cannot believe that I have waited this long to read this collection This is certain to be the first reading of many I love to reread his books, as I always notice new things with rereads Overall, I felt this was absolutely superb If you can do gruesome and chilling, this is for you Pick it up and be ready to be petrified by the worst monsters of all mankind. Best of 2010 Hold up wait a minute King of fiction releases novellas, stop all reading Bump up to the front of your to read list Essential reading right now Beauty of Kindle is that i could start reading instantly on release date.King sums these stories in his afterward he says I have tried my best in Full Dark, No Stars to record what people might do, and how they might behave, under certain dire circumstances The people in these stories are not without hope, but they acknowledge that even our fondest hopes and our fondest wishes for our fellowmen and the society in which we live may sometimes be vain Often, even But I think they also say that nobility most fully resides not in success but in trying to do the right thing 1922 King s first novella is a treat of a story, a family who live on a farm with their fates in Kings hand to twist A story of the darkness of the soul, the evil of what we do and the consequences of our actions To what extent would you go to preserve the way things exist instead of moving to the big city The novella starts with this statment My name is Wilfred Leland James, and this is my confession In June of 1922 I murdered my wife, Arlette Christina Winters James, and hid her body by tipping it down an old well also some good excerpts Here is something I learned in 1922 there are always worse things waiting You think you have seen the most terrible thing, the one that coalesces all your nightmares into a freakish horror that actually exists, and the only consolation is that there can be nothing worse Even if there is, your mind will snap at the sight of it, and you will know no But there is worse, your mind does not snap, and somehow you carry on You might understand that all the joy has gone The Conniving Man out connived how do you like that Big Driver This story has themes of redemption and atonement A mystery writer finds herself caught up in her own real life investigation This story touches you with warmth and compassion for victims of rape and how hard it is for victim to report the crime, the idea of people finding out you have been raped is frightening as the crime It makes you think about taking the wrong turn being in wrong place at the wrong time The National Crime Victimization Survey says, because I googled it Sixty percent of rapes go unreported, according to them Three in every five I think that might be low, but who can say for sure what she says once in every book murderers always overlook the obvious Fair Extension This is the shorter of the four stories its about a twist of fates fortunate become unfortunate and vice versa.I was thinking about the Goodhughs I ve never known a family to have such a run of bad luck Bad luck She laughed Black luck is like it Life is fair We all get the same nine month shake in the box, and then the dice roll Some people get a run of sevens Some people, unfortunately, get snake eyes It s just how the world is A Good Marriage This was a gripping story, it made you think, do you really know what your partners up to If you found out how would you deal with it The kids, the press, lives could be destroyed.He loved nothing, least of all her Every kindness, caress, boyish grin, and thoughtful gesture all were nothing but camouflage He was a shell There was nothing inside but howling emptiness She dreamed of going into the dining room and finding a woman bound with chains to the long Ethan Allen table there The woman was naked except for a black leather hood that covered the top half of her face I don t know that woman, that woman is a stranger to me, she thought in her dream, and then from beneath the hood Petra said Mama, is that you It s a mistake, it has to be, we ve been married over half our lives, I d know, I would know Opening the box Thinking, Does anybody really know A marriage was like a house under constant construction, each year seeing the completion of new rooms A first year marriage was a cottage one that had gone on for twenty seven years was a huge and rambling mansion There were bound to be crannies and storage spaces, most of them dusty and abandoned, some containing a few unpleasant relics you would just as soon you hadn t found But that was no biggie You either threw those relics out or took them to Goodwill It s what drug addicts say I ll never take any of that stuff again I ve quit before and this time I ll quit for good I mean it But they don t mean it, even when they think they do they don t, and neither does he The refrigerator whirred, the water dripped in the sink, and the raw seconds passed This was the Darker Life, where every truth was written backward Stephen King and his British Fantasy Award for Best Collection Hey I am over here too