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Very good Like the development of the side characters Review to come Audiobook CommentsRead by the always amazing Christopher Evan Welch He really makes this audio series shine. I m getting closer to the end And darkness is scaring me as well. #READ DOWNLOAD ⛅ Rise Of The Huntress ì The Spook And His Apprentice, Thomas Ward, Have Returned To The County After A Long Journey And A Hard Battle But Their Troubles Are Far From Over Their Home Has Been Over Run By Enemy SoldiersTom, Alice And The Spook Flee Across The Ocean To The Island Of Mona It S On Mona That This Small Band Fighting Against The Dark Will Face An Old Enemy Grown Terrifyingly Powerful Will They Be Able To Vanquish An Evil That Crawls Beneath The Ground Itself At What Cost Will Tom And The Spook Ever Be Able To Return Home As much as I love this series, this book wasn t my favourite There was a lot of must defeat most evil person in the world get captured escape must go back and defeat most evil person in the world get captured escape must go back and defeat most evil person in the world you get the driftAs a side note, Tom is now 16 the books are getting dark and creepy and some of the descriptions would be too much for a middle grade audience.Audio narration is once again very well done. The Spook s Nightmare is the continuation of an incredible YA series by Joseph Delaney The series itself follows Tom Ward who becomes the apprentice of the County Spook and learns the various methods of trapping and defeating the creatures of the Dark which inhabit the County Overcoming beings from Boggles to witches is just part of the adventure I must warn anyone who thinks these are simple books for thirteen to fourteen year olds that they are pretty dark and gruesome in places After all there are many witches who use bone and blood magic for instance Yet if you want a story where the forces of light ultimately triumph over evil no matter how grim things appear you will like this series.I recommend however you begin at the start with The Spook s Apprentice Or, if you live in America, The Revenge of the Witch And I m certain you will be hooked by the series I certainly have so far However do not read these after dark, things might get a little spooky. Even though the stakes keep increasing, and Tom and Co are facing, in this installment, some of their most powerful opponents to date, I couldn t help but feel that the story was kind of lackluster.Part of it is the continuing level of the narration which still isn t really aging much in tone though I will say that one thing, specifically view spoiler the fact that Tom is finally starting to embrace the dark within himself instead of trying to keep to the Spook s rigid black white morality, which his mom warned him against, was a nice part of the story hide spoiler I have excitement and fear I ve got this in my hands, but can t read it quite yet I so very much enjoy this series but wonderhow long can it stay good Seven books is a really long run and while not every book in the series has been equally great, they ve all been quite good Will this one be, as well Feb 2011 If I didn t know better and maybe I don t I d have thought this was fan fiction and not written by Joseph Delaney at all.Maybe my expectations were too high going into the book and maybe had they not been, I would not have felt so terribly let down However, I was so disappointed with this installment.It started out ok the shock of coming home, exhausted, to find your house and life s work burned to the ground, to find your home inhabited by enemies and to have to flee should have set up a very emotional story I had expected Gregory to lose it, to finally snap I had expected Tom to have to tell Gregory of the pact he had made with the Fiend I had expected there to be a big break up, of sorts, and I thought Tom would have to finally step up and grow up really quickly, taking over and doing his duty to the county because Old Gregory was finally broken.Speaking of Tom, I m no longer sure why this series is even called The Last Apprentice Shouldn t it be called The Little Witch Saves Your Butts AGAIN What on earth is he even doing in this story, aside from watching stuff happen He may as well be sitting beside me listening to these books instead of being a character in them he cannot get his act together This is the seventh book and he s a seventh son You d think the seventh book would be a big turning point He has to have learned something than silver chains, iron filings, salt, and waiting for Alice to swoop in and rescue him I do not once remember him taking any initiative in this entire story he fought when he was told to fight, otherwise, he stood there, watching, waiting for his turn to do something He really couldn t kill Lizzie when the chance came He really couldn t defy her and go to the dungeons to rescue his new BFF Adriana as well as the Spook He really fell for Lizzie s trap in the tower He really couldn t subdue Lizzie as she was melting Horn s head Really He couldn t even stand up to a couple of soldiers in the beginning of the story There were,what five scared witches on top of the hill against one or two soldiers They couldn t fight back They were going to die anyhow so why didn t they at least fight And Adriana What was her purpose in this book She was forgotten half the time No one ever thought to look for her in the dungeons until they actually had to go into the dungeons and she just happened to be on the way She and Simon were throwaway characters and I was really upset that Adriana was used as the source of Lizzie s demise because it took away from one of the main characters doing something unpleasant but necessary it completely invalidated Tom and Gregory s existence and didn t allow Alice to face the dilemma she wasn t able to face earlier in the story.Speaking of invalidating, why did Bill Arkwright s ghost show up to give control of his dogs back to Tom I don t think I could have rolled my eyes hard enough at that It was a complete cop out and should never have happened How did Bony Lizzie even know who Bill Arkwright was, anyhow, and why was his ghost available for her manipulation It was just another excuse to not have Tom stand up for himself someone always comes in to save him and since it couldn t be Alice this time, it was a ghost who told the dogs to obey Tom again Oh, that was horrible and it hurt my head.Reading the book was like reading an account of little kids playing pretend Not only did it lack depth, the characters never gained any significant emotional growth and Alice saying that Old Gregory is past his prime and it s Tom s turn to take up the mantle of Spookitude doesn t count because she s said that before nor were there any pivotal turning points in the plot Gregory should have been killed by Lizzie since she hated him so very very much and had become so powerful that even he couldn t overcome her Mostly, the story consisted of getting to Mona, being captured, escaping, getting captured, escaping, then getting captured and escaping It was like no one wanted to really hurt or kill any of the main or semi main characters Lizzie didn t really want to kill Tom or the Spook or else she d have done so immediately instead of playing this I want to torture you and make you miserable game over and over and over I d have just killed them the second time I d gotten my hands on them because I d be really angry they got away the first time I d intended to torture them and make them pay Alice didn t really want to kill Lizzie, which is understandable, though she should have been given a chance to do so again at the endmaybe Tom could have finally repaid her for all the work she does for him Tom couldn t kill Lizzie because he was always under her spell when he actually got around to thinking about killing her and the one chance he did have, he didn t take because his morals flared to life and I m getting a little tired of that, too His morals have no play any he sold his soul to the devil and he is lying to his master about it because he s afraid of being rejectedand yet he can t kill a witch known for murdering children because she s suddenly defenseless I m not buying it Even worse, Lizzie had to tell the Spook this sordid little tale at the end and Tom never even had to man up and take responsibility for his actions he was ratted out and there were no consequences Seriously This is where we re going Adriana and Simon were completely unnecessary Horn could have been used to much better advantage but was the go to not so bad guy when things got stickyuntil his head was melted The captain of the guard was another throwaway character These people had no real impact on the story, with exception of Adriana being used as Lizzie s death sentence and that was merely an easy cop out These useless characters had no impact on the story s forward movement and could have been removed altogether.I feel the story would have been better played had Gregory died Lizzie should have been able to kill him because he was weak with grief over both the loss of his home and books as well as the loss of his apprentice s soul, which he should have found out in the beginning This should have finally kick started Tom to take up the Spook s role and to not only take revenge on Lizzie but to solidify his need to banish the Fiend since he s the root of all evil and Spooks are becoming and rare as the series goes on He needs to come to terms with his feelings for Alice and he needs to start working with her, listening to her, making decisions instead of wavering constantly and letting her pick up all the slack.I sincerely hope the next book addresses some of these issues and I hope the writer stops making excuses for Tom Should this not happen, I hope Tom dies because he is becoming the most pointless character ever. Spinechilling and nail bitingly intense these spooky books will have you jumping out of your skin, completely engrossed within the story The Spooks series continues with a deadly nightmare that haunts your sleep and fills every waking moment with thoughts on how the hero is going to overcome the terrors that await him full of electric tension amidst and inspired and truly original storyline this book you will find unable to put down, even for a minute I will warn you though that if you are a younger reader, to NOT read these books after dark The county is facing dark days as uncertain times lie ahead, but for the spook it is the nights that are darkest Having up until now stood against all evil, he is now haunted by vivid dreams that fill his entire being with such terror and foreboding The dreams almost seem to be like premonitions of what is to come With his precious library now destroyed by fire and his arch rival, Bony Lizzie free to wreak havoc amongst the people, things soon begin to fall apart and those once strong certainties crumble into dust As the nightmares soon turn into reality the Spook begins to notice that his powers appear to be waning just when he needs them the most Can he defeat this deadly enemy or will his nightmares and the horrors that fill his waking hours take over Tom, the Spooks Apprentice is a fantastic, well crafted character whom I have really enjoyed following in many adventures that all began in book one the spooks apprentice This chilling tale has you glued to the pages with such frenzied anticipation of what undisclosed secrets lie in wait as you turn over the next page Complete with symbols, maps and character profiles, book 7 is just as compelling and even intense as the others within this truly remarkable series Joseph Delaney is an accomplished author whose series also has now its own online website www.spooksbooks.com where you can take part in your own spooks battle, find out about your favorite characters such as Alice and Tom and where you can plunge back into this magical world of spooky monsters, nightmares and evil enemies that threaten to take over the county Thoroughly engaging I cannot fault this tale, although I will say that I have only given this 3 stars because it is designed for the younger reader hence although the characters are individualistic and memorable and the world building is good, there is not a great deal of depth and so I would recommend this to fans of YA or children teen. 8 10This is probably the best instalment in the series for a while and possibly the best so far, I really enjoyed it and was able to get through this in quick time There has been an over arcing theme with Tom and the fiend in the previous novels but this takes a bit of a back seat in this outing and it is a standalone don t read it out of order though as so many characters themes are mentioned throughout and works well for it.Tom and the Spook flea the County to the Isle of Man or Mona in this book and are instantly treated with suspicion by the locals Eventually they come to blows with some of the locals and some of the themes dealt with make me wonder about the Young Adult side of these There is a whole section about dog fighting and then pitting humans against each other in a fight to the death I get that there are some themes here for the older young adults but at the start of the series I thought these were just quirky kids tales, obviously things have escalated It felt like this novel was geared up to make it apparent that the apprentice was becoming stronger than the master This made it quite different from previous outings as Tom views his master in a different light after a few botched attempts This story was interesting and made for a good read It didn t progress the main themes much further along but it didn t suffer for that at all I really enjoy this series, it makes for a nice quick read and quite different to any other series I have on the go. The Last Apprentice Wardstone Chronicles Series Book 7 I m on the 7th of 13 books in this series and so far it hasn t gotten old yet In this installment, the war is in progress and enemy soldiers have been ransacking the counties When Tom, Alice the Spook return home from Greece they find the Spook s home, including his massive library of priceless books, burnt down, the bogart has fled the witches have escaped They end up fleeing to an island that they think we ll be a safe haven but from the moment they disembark they encounter even problems including the bone witch, Bony Lizzie This series never lacks adventure and I really like the characters and enjoy seeing how they develop The audio narrator is also fantastic so until the stories get old or I run out of books I m going to keep on listening I read this for my 2016 Halloween Book Bingo Witches square