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This is the umpteenth Re read I have really loved this book and have read it over and over and over and I liked how the hero fell in love with her against himself I loved the heroine and I am glad I didn t have to read about how she was before How angry must she have been to prepare herself, for 11 years, in the image of all the other women he had dated before She had to suppress her real self to become the person he wanted The thing that made me the saddest is her poor step father waiting for her every Christmas and she never went I felt so sorry for him and I pretty much despised her for letting revenge keep her from being a decent human being She pretty much immersed herself in the role and I am so glad I didn t see that side of her When she finally remembered, that old persona showed herself and I just kept thinking that she would remember how he forgave her what he thought was her betrayal and that she would do the same but she didn t I was glad he came for her at the end and the epilogue was very cute It was quite the ride for sure I am ready for something light. I won t even tryHere are some reviews by Chantal, Dianna and Emona.I ll just add that I like the magic p as cure for amnesia, but not like I loved the magic v in A baby to bind his bride Obviously the magic v rules because it revoked the amnesia in one dose Take that magic p.AND I m aware of the certain line most possible meaning but I m choosing to interpret theHe d been lost in a woman in a way he d never experienced before or sinceas in he s never invested that much time in other women, letting himself be distracted from his normal priorities and not exactly meaning sexually But that s just me FREE BOOK ♽ Bought: The Greek's Baby ☪ American Beauty Eve Craig Fell Under The Spell Of Powerful Talos Xenakis In A Hot Blooded Athens Encounter Three Months Later Eve Has Lost Her Innocence And Her Memory But She Has Aroused Talos S Desire And His Anger She Has Betrayed Him So What Better Way To Punish The Woman Who Nearly Ruined Him, Than Marry And Destroy Her Only She S Now Carrying His Love Child Wow I love revenge stories and this is like a double helix of revenge You rarely get such plot twists in an HP, but this one has it It s chock full of tropes, but it felt original There s plenty of emotion, but it s memorable for its plot Quite a ride. I abandoned this but then it s probably coz I wasn t in the mood for it So, I am re reading it now cause all my friends loved it and because it was written by the flawless Jennie Lucas After re reading this I can say this is the best Jennie Lucas book ever The angst was delicious, both hero and heroine were three dimensional characters with depth and complex emotions The final chapters broke my heart I couldn t believe Eve regained her memory and left Talos while carrying his child And when she regretted leaving him and almost gave birth alone I was literally crying I was so glad she finally overcame her bitterness and anger The epilogue was super cute adorable and cheesy I mean six kids I adore Jennie Lucas, she is the best Harlequin Presents author out there She makes all other Harlequin Presents authors seem so lame. WTF I picked this up at the library and sucked it down in a couple of hours Really liked it Imagine my surprise to find that I had DNF d this one a while ago Here is my original review too much betrayal and revenge.So what s different I must have been in the mood for it I guess Big shrug here.So my review this time around is I liked the amnesia bit here I am a sucker for amnesia stories in general and this one was well done I loved how she was so changed from her previous personality and how he couldn t help falling in love with her even though he was out for revenge The story was told mainly from the hero s POV which I prefer I really loved the hero He really had a reason for his desire for revenge unlike most hokey revenge themed books But he could not continue to be mean to her AwwwAnd there was a surprising twist that made the revenge element way interesting. This is full on soap opera, and Talos is very unlikeable for most of the book You feel sorry for Eve, but then you hear about Eve didn t used to be very nice, so you don t know what to think But it s complicated Very complicated I like that the roles flip flop, and I think this is an excellent example of the amnesia theme well done Also it has the theme of the character who was not liked at all in their previous incarnation, but now they are different after their accident amnesia The Old Eve seems like the vixen from the night time soap operas that you love to hate, but at the same time, you can t help liking her and wishing she d be a nicer person But even that is just one layer I have to say that there are some many different twists in this story, it kept me guessing until the end It s one of those books where you realize just how complicated revenge is Like the old proverb about digging two graves It s very true In the midst, Eve and Talos actually manage to fall in love with each other, and they have a hard road ahead of them With some almost cinematic moments for the reader.It s dicey when the heroine isn t necessarily likeable in a romance, so I like that we don t really see that part of Eve through the book, although we get hints into the old Eve and Eve s disconnect about who she used to be I like that Talos really isn t a nice guy, so you don t have to feel sorry for him I m confident that this book would not have worked as well if he was a nice guy You see that he grows as he spends time with Eve, the real Eve, not the Mega Vixen Eve he used to know, and he s confronted with the mystery of who she really is.The ending was the clincher It was so well done, but an incredible emotional pay off It makes you feel confident that Eve and Talos will have a good life together I think this is one of my favorites by Jenny Lucas It has the high drama quotient, but it s also has a complexity that takes things to the next level I recommend reading this. 3.5 starsHere in the States we like everything supersized, from our food portions, to our household appliances, to our vehicles It s go big or go home Jennie Lucas, who is American, has apparently taken this motto to heart by creating a supersized revenge plot and, oh, how I liked it If that wasn t enough, she also added the tropes of pregnancy and amnesia to make this the Revpregnesia storyline of my dreams To say about the plot would ruin the fun, so I m keeping quiet.I will, however, add some of my conclusions relating to the themes 1 Hero s penis is as magical as they come by view spoiler It induced almost instaneous orgasm AND cured the heroine s amnesia after a few kissing and sexual sessions I realize the author was trying to show how their sexual bond had an emotional basis to it, hence triggering her memories, but really hide spoiler This is my favourite book by Jennie The end scene alone was enough to make this book a classic It s a tale of revenge gone wrong and right at the same time Eve was strong determined and on a mission when she fall pregnant and losses her memory Talos wants revenge for the secrets she has told his enemy He finds out she is pregnant and runs to get her at his mercy and under his control So of course he forces her to marry him I just love the whole thing Also, the fact that they want to have 6 kids made it for me Having 6 myself I understand the desire for a large family Guess that influenced my loving this book.Best book and I have read this book at 5 times now What can I say I am a total sucker for the epic grovel and the extremely hot guy Happy reading. 2.5 StarsSoap opera crazy, which was what I wantedbut a little too disjointed.