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Excellent first introduction to koans Requires a slow reading.My recommendation One koan per week.Day 1 read the koan reflect on it.Day 3 read the commentary continue reflecting on it with this extra information.Day 5 Search the internet about the koan continue reflecting on it with this extra information.This will set the base for an enlightening year There is not enough stars in observable Universe and beyond to rate this book This is not actually a book This is probably the only title that holds to be the Revelation Not for everyone You gotta be ready for it. [Download Pdf] ⚕ 無門關 Wúménguān ☲ In The Gateless Gate, One Of Modern Zen Buddhism S Uniquely Influential Masters Offers Classic Commentaries On The Mumonkan, One Of Zen S Greatest Collections Of Teaching Stories This Translation Was Compiled With The Western Reader In Mind, And Includes Koan Yamada S Clear And Penetrating Comments On Each Case Yamada Played A Seminal Role In Bringing Zen Buddhism To The West From Japan, Going On To Be The Head Of The Sanbo Kyodan Zen Community The Gateless Gate Would Be Invaluable If Only For The Translation And Commentary Alone, Yet It S Loaded With Extra Material And Is A Fantastic Resource To Keep Close By An In Depth Introduction To The History Of Zen PracticeLineage ChartsJapanese To Chinese And Chinese To Japanese Conversion Charts For Personal Names, Place Names, And Names Of WritingsPlus Front And Back Matter From Ancient And Modern Figures Mumon, Shuan, Kubota Ji Un, Taizan Maezumi, Hugo Enomiya Lasalle, And Yamada Roshi S Son, Masamichi YamadaA Wonderful Inspiration For The Koan Practitioner, And For Those With A General Interest In Zen Buddhism A Real Mind BlowerEven with the annotations, there is much to learn from the Koans and the answers to them A lot of it cannot be understood until you let go of the traditional ways one would answer them It is important to incorporate the things you have come to know about the Tao, about Non Dualism, and especially the fact that giving form to something removes the reality from it Becoming a form that one must grasp to understand. I could not finish the book because of the frustrations I faced The findings in this book are not applicable to adequate members of current society who actually work real jobs that make a difference in peoples lives since the only true way to attain enlightenment is to spend all waking hours of the day practicing your Mu This book is extremely unappealing for people who are interested in learning about Zen If you really want to find the meaning of your presence in this universe through paradoxical dilemmas, just save your time and read about quantum physics. T m l i l ch a tr nh hi u, n n kh m nh gi rating c S l ngu n tham kh o khi r n luy n thi n t p th i. ,.there s no thing which you are..And nothing which you are not This is a book that I plan to return to in the future..koans obviously take lots of time to sink in My rating is not based so much on the koans as the design and layout of this book I would have preferred a smaller book that could be carried in a pocket I found many of the commentaries repetitive The layout is also somewhat obscure.preface upon preface Some pictures and a dictionary list of terms would be quite helpful too.Mu Lo pneumatico e la fioriera.Un giorno un uomo prese uno pneumatico, lo poggi sul vialetto d ingresso alla sua dimora, lo riemp di terra, vi gett dei semi e lo utilizz come fioriera.Tempo dopo giunse a lui un viaggiatore che, forata la ruota del proprio mezzo, era arrivato a piedi alla prima abitazione incontrata lungo il percorso Vedendo lo pneumatico utilizzato come fioriera, raccont le sue vicissitudini al proprietario, concludendo Questo ci che mi servirebbe per poter rimettere in funzione il mio mezzo e riprendere il viaggio Il proprietario svuot allora lo pneumatico e lo consegn al viaggiatore, il quale torn al mezzo, sostitu la ruota e ripart Ma, dopo poco, anche questa ruota si for L esposizione alle intemperie aveva logorato lo pneumatico rendendolo inutilizzabile per lo scopo che gli era proprio.Commento Perch raccontare questa storia La risposta la storia stessa.Lo pneumatico fioriera sempre pneumatico resta.Ma usereste una fioriera come pneumatico Consigliato a chi nutre interesse passione per la materia e ai curiosi in genere Alcuni punti della lettura sono molto suggestivi. 1.Only a man with little secretsFears being seen.A man with many secrets can be seen all aroundThey will never find himYou must be like the frog that has swallowed the Great MysteryBy throwing the past,To the ruffled pigeonsHe removes statistics like a robeHis belly is infinite in heaven and earth.He will be greater than seven Trump Towers2.A monk once came to a master and asked How can I find the self The master replied Two mirrors make a tunnel which you can crawl to many places When you break one of them, you will see yourself The monk set up two mirrors, and broke one of them He saw himself.When the master heard, he said You fool You have missed your boat to walk on the catwalks of Milan Versace shoesAre better than the selfWalking in themMakes you inadequate