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~DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☸ A passionate marriage ☮ Wanting His Wifeback Greek Tycoon Leandros Petronades Married Isobel On The Heels Of A Wild Affair But, Within A Year, The Marriage Crashed And Burned Three Years Later Leandros Wants To Finalize Their Divorce He S Found A Girl Who Will Make Him A Suitable Wifeso Unlike Fiery Isobel But Face To Face Again With Isobel In Athens, Leandros Is In For A Shock Their All Consuming Mutual Attraction Is Just As Strong As Ever Suddenly, His Plan Has Changed And He S Ready To Tame His Headstrong Wifeby Whatever Means It Takes I could feel the passion and love both Leandros and Isobel still felt for one another I liked how they remained faithful to each other during their separation Hell yeah Although painful, their time apart benefitted Isobel by giving her the opportunity to mature and to see how her unwillingness to compromise played a part in the breakdown of their marriage Leandros stepped up as well by trying to win Isobel over and preventing the wannabe other woman from wrecking their marriage support which Isobel felt had been sorely lacking when they first married. 3.5 STARS This story wasn t too bad It had all the trope I enjoy marriage in crisis, evil family hating on the heroine, evil other woman It had all the elements I could possibly need, except a likable heroine Isobel grated on me with all hate spewing from her to Leandros The spitfire redhead theme got a little redundant after a while This would have been a 4 Star story for me if I could have liked the heroine a bit. PLOT The h, a sassy wench, left the H about three years ago after the following tropes were deployed instal love, failure to communicate, bad relatives his , a miscarriage sad.With her invalided but shockingly nice and sane mother in tow, the h comes back to Greece, epicenter of all things alpha romero and rotten relatives, only to fling his proposed bazillion settlement in his face The lawyers are not happy about that Hers because they never had a prenup as they were all lost in lust and she stands to hit big his because he wants to get things settled quickly The sexual tension is off the charts as the author, the h, and the H all tell us ad nauseum Frankly, it was exhausting.The H zooms up in his Mazerati and sweeps the h, the mom and attorney back to his mansion Not the old family mansion where his family lived, but the secondary housing mansionette he bought and HAD DECORATED for the h to keep peace in our times Side note how any man could not figure out it s a bad idea to not only buy a house but have it decorated without taking his wife into those big decision is just T S T L More awesome sex as they get the mom settled and people pop out of the woodwork People like the butter won t melt in her mouth chick the family approved of and the h thought the H was engaged to when they eloped More makeup revenge sex Then off to a party where the H finally gets the idea just how much guff the h was given primarily but not exclusively from his mother and sister He straightens it out Nice touch when everyone finds out that the h knew Greek all along which makes quite a few people uncomfortable about previous comments made in front of her The H has her back, and they both feel hope as well as love is in the air.The next day all the good is 86 d when some v e r y inappropriate pictures surface with the H and the Greek, family approved paragon.Tempers and accusations fly, but the h s photoshopping skills manage to uncover a nasty plot and save the day for a HEA.OPINION I just don t see a HEA for these two Yes, they have passion and love each other, but they don t give an inch of consideration The fun couple, brief as they appear, is the h s mother and the H s rakish, roguish uncle. Difficult to find why they were in love with each other, in lust yeah but not in love But I enjoyed their fights a lot I liked them recognizing they were both at fault for their failed marriage and that all the misunderstandings were cleared. Seriously Hero s mum is ready to try liking the heroine for the hero s sake since he s too stubborn to give her up Hero s sister says the exact same thing ONLY conveniently AFTER the OW turns out to be evil cold blooded calculating bitch who the sister REALLY wanted for her brother.If the OW wouldn t have turned out to be evil Both mother and sister would ve tried putting up with the heroine for hero s sake and would have hated her guts secretly like they did 3 years ago and would have kept bitching to the OW about what a bitch the heroine was and how they wish she was never born so the hero could have married their beloved the OW, which they ALSO have been doing for the whole duration of marriage and hero doesn t fucking see where things gone wrong where his immediate family and closest friends refused to give his WIFE minimum respect And he doesn t even give them a verbal rundown Nope DNF, avoid, something Just not reading this.He indeed has sensitivity of a flea as he has claimed himself Better upon re readI actually liked it better when I re read it I loved that they didn t break their marriage vows but I did deduct a point because he thought about marrying that horrid Dianthia after his divorce The heroine was strong but she was also stubborn Maybe a little too much for me I loved the ending but wish there had been an epilogue Very passionate couple though and I loved the scene at the lawyers office Especially the wedding ring part Great love story. 3.5 starsi feel like this book deserves stars not for the love story but for the way it was written.I really liked this book It has angst, second chance trope that i love and it has love not in the romantic way but love.The h h loves each other very much you can see through all the book but OH MY GOD they are nightmare They fight all the time.Is their way of loving For the first time i dont miss the epilogue I can imagine it Them fighting then making love They will be 80 and still fighting I love this one.very refreshing to see a reconciliation without blackmail or financial need Just love The dialogue was a bit melodramatic but still there were some great communication scenes, and the fighting was fiery Having Leandros s POV was powerfulbecause his love was as powerful as the heroine s which is actually rare in HPs The family and villain resolution all a little pat but I still loved the story. A Passionate Marriage is the story of Isobel and Leandros.An estranged couple on the verge of divorce falls back into each other s arms due to burning chemistry, and finally clears up long unresolved misunderstandings in this one.This fabulous read by Michelle has it all An independent sassy hero An obsessed hero A reconcilation filled with lust and passion Angst OM OW drama Sizzling chemistry Witty and sexy banter Manipulative secondary characters Hot lovemaking HEAThis was a thoroughly enjoyable read A good one because the H wasnt mean, the h was not a doormat there was enough love between the two to resolve their drama.Safe SWME view spoiler though h and H remain celibate during separation, the H does consider marrying OW hide spoiler