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As noted by others some essays are hard to get into but on the whole it give a great deal if insight into the purpose and practice do Zazen It is a book I will visit later as my practice progresses. This book collects about a couple dozen writings on shikantaza, or just sitting meditation The texts range over almost a millennium and have an accordingly wide range of format and style I don t have any qualification to discuss the content, but I can say that it might have been useful to provide a glossary for some of the technical terms. [Read Epub] ☸ The Art of Just Sitting: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza ♲ Shikantaza Or Just Sitting Is One Of The Simplest, Most Subtle Forms Of Meditation, And One Of The Most Easily Misunderstood This Peerless Volume Brings Together A Wealth Of Writings, From The Buddha Himself To Bodhidharma And Dogen And Many Of Modern Zen Buddhism S Most Influential Masters, All Pointing Directly To The Heart Of This Powerful Practice Edited By One Of America S Pre Eminent Zen Teachers, This Book Is A Rich Resource For Wisdom Seekers And Scholars Alike The first book on Zen I ve read that I just drank like water A really nice diversity of essays Nice commentaries on classic stories and teachings Highly recommended. Compilation of essays on Shikantaza and, to some extent, Silent Illumination Some essays better than others, but overall very useful perspectives on this method of pure awareness The method itself is the purpose The process is the goal It s not a method that takes us to the goal, but the goal itself Zazen is Buddha, zazen is enlightenment We put aside all concerns, shed all attachments, and make ourselves as plain as possible, like a clean sheet of paper We then just sit serenely, letting go of all that comes up, staying constantly present in zazen no matter what happens, abandoning all thoughts of life, body, fears, desires everything but the method We sit with our whole body and our whole mind, becoming the sitting ourselves The sitter and sitting are the same thing just sitting It s not you doing zazen, but zazen doing zazen. I calling it finished on page 179, which finishes the overall book without pages 180 250 The Appendix. An amazing compendium of writings on the type of Zen meditation known as shikantaza the practice of sitting with full awareness, neither attaching to thoughts nor trying to suppress thought, without any particular object of focus despite its seeming simplicity, it is regarded as one of the most challenging meditations, and can be quite difficult to wrap your head around This book, compiled by the late master John Daido Loori features some of the best writings on the subject, primarily in the tradition of Zen masters Hongzhi and Dogen wherein practice and enlightenment are seen as being inseparable to wholeheartedly sit is itself the manifestation of the buddha seal. If you want to find out about Zen Buddhism, there are other books that will give you a good introduction If you have an established sitting practice, then this is probably the best practical manual available.Because it s an anthology of short pieces from the Buddha onwards, the teachings are from a wide variety perspectives on a wide variety of issues, so whatever help you need, you stand a good chance of finding it here. A compilation of essays on shikantaza meditation, the Zen practice of simply sitting with the mind as it arises spontaneously A great idea for a book, but I found the selections to be repetitive, didactic, and mostly dry A shame because shikantaza, than any other form of meditation, lends itself to poetry and there is very little poetry between these pages. a bunch of essays and writings around the topic of just sitting or shikantaza or silent illumination there are a few good writings in here but alot of it is covering the same ground which is good to hear things repeated in different ways most of the writings touch on dogen s writings about zazen, or the lancet of seated meditation, or hongzhi s silent illumination for a deeper poetic look into shikantaza, id recommend cultivating the empty field the silent illumination of zen master hongzhi by taigen dan leighton mind blowing reads