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This is the second in the Avatar Chronicles, the sequel to Epic Whereas in the first book the setting was a medieval inspired MMORPG, we re now in a futuristic metropolis It s clear from fairly early on that this is also a virtual world although the inhabitants of the world don t realise this , and the connection to the characters from the first book doesn t seem forced However, their real world story takes a back seat this time, and we follow the virtual protagonists for the most part The protagonist this time is part of an anarchopunk movement, which I credit the author as displaying in a way that makes their cause relatable even to a 13 year old me to whom this was a very foreign concept It might also be that I m getting FF7 vibes from the small group of rebels hiding in desolate buildings from the government It s also serving some of the other tropes you d expect from a book of this setting, but that didn t really detract me I felt like the writing had definitely improved from Epic, including multiple POVs and some abstract writing than in the first volume All said, another very solid book and I m looking forward to reading the third volume for the very first time now [[ Ebook ]] ☠ Saga ⇪ The Breathtaking Sequel To The Multistarred Epic Ghost Is Part Of A Street Hacker Airboard Gang Who Lives To Break Rules When They Realize That Their World Saga Is Being Periodically Invaded By Strange Human Beings, They Don T Know What To Do That Is, Until They Learn The Complicated Truth Saga Is Not Just Their World It Is A Sentient Computer Game, The Replacement To Epic On New Earth, And It S Addictive The Dark Queen Who Controls Saga Is Trying To Enslave Both Its People And The People Of New Earth And She Ll Succeed Unless Ghost And Her Friends And Erik, From Epic, And His Friends Figure Out What To Do Well this is the first book I have managed to finish in about 2 3 months I was doing so well with my challenge, then life happened However, progress in life and a read book I really loved the first book in this trilogy in fact Epic is currently my top new read of the year thus far so I wanted to read I thought I had an idea about where this book was going to go, yet it didn t go there On one hand this is a good thing as it didn t follow the typical trend of a series However, this book a sequel to the previous book ignored important world consequences that would have happened as a result of the previous book I would have liked to have learned about those consequences and the ramifications In the second book it seemed as though the world lived on like the big things that happened in the previous book did not happen Thus this book is of a companion book then a sequel I did like the new cast of characters, which was interesting and unique with their own voice Also Ghost was clearly described as black and this had no baring on her life, she was just another person, which is fantastic The ratio of male to female characters in this book is vastly improved over the last book which I appreciated The writing sometimes struggles at times, but other times it was very beautiful The slang of the characters in Saga was interesting but for a world that has had 2000 years to develop, it was stuck in the 90s punk stage, which was very odd There was hoverboards, I guess as a way to make it feel futuristic, but there were still billboards and card readers and chips for money making it an interesting mash up for a setting which could be hard to get into This world also had the typical dystopian faction system, this time card colours dictated how you lived life and what jobs and money you got Interesting, but nothing revolutionary There was a distinct lack of world building at certain parts as well, however the consequence certain things occurring that were not really discussed was thoroughly and wonderfully discussed Overall, this book did not do what I expected It was interesting but also kinda meh for me I wanted worldbuilding and or for things to be revealed faster then they ultimately were However, the idea of silent parties where everyone brings their own music and headphones to listen with and dance around to your own beat sounds so neat but it would be so creepy to see a large group of people dancing with no sound at all Full review of this book can be found on my blog shortly. The book Saga, written by Conor Kostick, was a very good book It is the sequel to the book Epic In short, Eric is a character in his world, who has a character in their virtual world named Cindella Cindella meets this girl named Ghost, who has no idea who she is, or why characters such as Cindella are entering and leaving her world I think that the plot and the characters in the book were good As previously mentioned, the book was good However, I think there was only two slight flaws The book was slow at first, and it at least in my opinion wasn t as good as the previous book, Epic Epic was a very captivating book, that had many twists and turns I feel that Saga was just a rewrite of Epic in that sense Don t get my wrong, Saga was still a good book It featured many interesting characters and there was still a few plot twists that would be hard to see coming Overall, I rated this book a 4 out of 5 The story itself was good, and the characters were interesting The biggest reason overall that I didn t give it a perfect score is due to the fact that it follows a very similar plot to its predecessor, Epic I would definitely recommend this book if you are a person who is in to the fantasy genre, but I would also recommend reading Epic before you read Saga Conor Kostick does a great job creating a very original series, and this book is a definite read if you are into the fantasy genre. This was a relatively easy, quick read, but at least for me it didn t capture the magic or maintain the momentum found in the predecessor, Epic.Taking a step back, I m frequently amazed by how much really good literature or well crafted, interesting, and compelling reading is available for teens and young adults today Having picked the first one, Epic, off my son s bookshelf a while back, I enjoyed it and thought it was a lot better than the far too generic stuff we were fed as kids, but not nearly as good some of the top tier stuff currently on library and bookstore young adult shelves I felt similarly about this one, but I enjoyed it less Conversely, I can imagine teen sci fi and cyber punk readers not yet ready for William Gibson or Neal Stephenson easily becoming immersed in the story line.I was just looking back at my review of Epic, and I was reminded in reading this book that I had the same reaction to both books The author periodically struggled to keep the characters use of language consistent, which was slightly irritating, but, for the most part, it wasn t a terrible distraction Which leads me to conclude that with better editing this had lots of potential.. In this exciting and inventive follow up to EPIC, you ll meet Ghost and her band of anarcho punk friends They live in Saga, a virtual world only they don t know it is virtual The Dark Queen and her assassin are the only two with the true knowledge of how their world came to be.The inhabitants of Saga live in a rigid class system based on the color of the card you hold The majority of the citizens hold red cards, the card that represents the lowest class, and live a dreary existence Ghost and her loyal group set out to shake things up with help from Erik, a.k.a Cindella, and B.E from Epic They attempt to take on The Dark Queen and squash her evilness forever.SAGA is a good bet for science fiction buffs Fans of EPIC will enjoy the brief appearances of the characters that were so important in the book that started it all. This sequel to Epic was everything I could have hoped for Although Erik ended the game Epic in the last book, the Dark Queen has downloaded a new game called Saga to the computers on New Earth for humans to play The difference is that Saga is less a game and a universe within a universe, as the characters are all evolved entities Oh yeah, and the Dark Queen is scheming to force the humans to reprogram Saga so she can rule both her universe and the outside one for eternity Plots and subplots abound, with Erik and his game persona, Cindella, mostly working in the background to help Ghost and her friends right all the wrongs the Dark Queen has done. Will totally appeal to video gamers, goths, punks, guys, and other fans of Cory Doctorow s Little Brother So what would happen if a virtual world became so sophisticated that the characters gained real consciousness How real would that world be, and how would the characters feel about it What if 1 character ruled this world for thousands of years Lots of fast paced action, boarding, a big race shoot em up, and an mad, evil queen I hadn t read the previous book in the series, Epic , but it didn t seem to detract from my enjoyment of the story. This book, labeled Epic 2, is no retread of the first It s about a teen age punk airboarder with no memories, who lives with a bunch of outcast kids Ranged against them are the forces of oppression, but Kostick doesn t settle for cliche even though this is a novel for kids Then, just as you re figuring out the setup, the borderland between worlds opens up It s great reading if I were a teen now, it would have blown me away. Kostick, Conor Saga, 367 p Viking Penguin , 2008 Welcome back to the world of Epic The game has been shut down on Erik s world, but a new game has taken its place What Erik and his friends don t know, however, is that this new gaming world is populated by self actualized electronic intelligences, controlled by a Dark Queen who is determined to enslaved a world of fleshy bodies to do her bidding To her surprise, however, the character Cindella, left over from Epic, is than happy to thwart her plans Most of the point of view is from the computerized characters perspective, especially Ghost, a young street punk who survives by breaking rules She and her gang of friends are key to the solution of Saga You can tell that Kostick knows video games, especially role playing games, whether medieval or modern Gaming fans will have a great time, but so will others MS, HS ADVISABLE Reviewer Cindy, Library Teacher.https kissthebook.blogspot.com 2008