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It s fun, it s light, it s got glowing trees and swords made out of code I was skeptical when I learned the book was about a MMORPG, since that story has basically been done to death, but I held out hope that Duane would surprise me with something new Unfortunately, there s no new story here She spends most of her time establishing her cliched characters, the good guy corporate man and the bad guy corporate man I do like the Omnitopia universe, standard issue as it is, though its world building is suspiciously like a techie version of her Young Wizards magic replace code with Speech and much of this could have been a YW book I wish pages had been dedicated to the world building rather than ramblings into hacker details and corporate espionage I am withholding a certain amount of judgment on this book until I see where the series is going There is some excellent potential revealed toward the end, and I can forgive a lot of this book if it is just a setup for something much different The villain Sorensen could actually be worth exploring, his motives become interesting as it goes along I will hold out hope for Duane to make this into something. Unsatisfying.This book describes a conflict between a Good CEO and a Bad CEO each of them own large companies which run MMORPGs Corporate America being what it is, the Good CEO and the Bad CEO don t directly interact in fact all we see of the Bad CEO is a couple of scenes in which he introspects about how guilty he feels because he knows he s a bad person In fairness, a decent chunk of the Good CEO s screen time is taken up with the author narrating how awesome it is that he s such a nice person If I m reading the hints correctly, the Good and Bad CEOs, and the Good CEO s online game, are actually playing pieces in a larger ongoing conflict between the Forces Of Good and the Forces Of Evil This explains why they re so painfully archetypal I m guessing the author planned to follow up on this in a sequel.Anyway the book is pretty awkward, as you might expect from a novel that tries to superimpose Absolute Good and Absolute Evil onto Corporate America It doesn t help that a large chunk of the game takes place inside an MMO, and the author has to slowly and carefully explain how everything works. READ DOWNLOAD ☥ Omnitopia (Omnitopia, #1) ♏ Created By Dev Logan, Omnitopia Is The Most Popular And Successful Massive Multiplayer Online Game Ever But Now As Dev Is About To Roll Out A Major New Expansion To Omnitopia, There Are People Preparing To Play A Different Game One That Is Meant To Strike At The Heart Of Omnitopia And Bring The Entire System Crashing Down While not an MMPORG player myself, I know a fair bit about them from my geeky RPing friends I m geeky but not RPing, if you see the difference That may make me the perfect audience for this book I suspect actual gamers might object to some of the details.Published in 2010, this book is near future, set in 2015 Some of the future tech is already obsolete who has a PDA any just use your smartphone for that , but overall the near alternate future is fairly believable.From fairly early on, I predicted two things view spoiler there would be an accidentally created AI check and the players themselves would save the game company not exactly right, as their assistance is by way of accident than intent hide spoiler This started out a little slow, and took forever to introduce all of the major characters But most of the characters felt real to me once I got to know them, and I think I m going to miss them now that I ve finished the book I enjoyed this world, even though I ve never really done any gaming like this The aspect that really fascinated me was the happy work environment with all the loyal employees who loved their job and felt like an important part of a team creating something really great together What a fun place to work I enjoyed reading about it. I had some problems with this book, resulting in a slog through the first three hundred pages The bad guys are all way too evil, of the twirling mustache type the good guys pretty unalloyed good Lots of business talk which is important but does nothing for me Very few of the characters change or grow in any way off the top of my head, I can think of Arnulf and Angela, and Cora, and that s about it Not counting Delia, who may change after the action but was mostly being reacted against I wonder how the hidden portal within the Telekil world was first envisioned, it seems like an insane idea from the business standpoint I do like the idea of altruism as a force, and allowing creativity from the public The imagery of the made up worlds, as pictures and as codes and as allegories, was wonderful And I did want to keep reading enough to find out how the bad guys got their comeuppance But it wasn t the rapid can t wait read through that I had expected. In the style of Michael Crichton at his absolute best, blending gripping science fiction with a harsh, believable reality bestselling author Diane Duane brings the incredible Omnitopia Dawn to life, combining the world of a massive multiplayer online game like never seen before, with an the exciting world of corporate gaming and intrigue If you re any sort of tech geek, or just like playing video games, Omnitopia Dawn will suck you in and never let you go, making you forget worrying about that next level up.There are two worlds here the compelling fantasy world of the massive multiplayer online game MMO Omnitopia and the real world where video game companies fight to keep doing what they do best and keep the fans hooked, and make lots of money It is the near future and when one sits down to play an MMO like Lord of the Rings Online or World of Warcraft they can use the familiar screen and keyboard set up, or there is the full immersion into the game, akin to virtual reality only better, where one experiences almost all senses of the game It is an incredible complex world of fighting and raiding, of gaining levels and increasing your wealth, and even eating and drinking with friends, while discussing your next strategies But Omnitopia is unique as every once in a while it selects one of its subscribers to create their own unique world of their own choosing and actually make money from it So there is the world of Omnitopia, and then there are the thousands of other user created worlds covering all of history and the imagination The result is a game that one can quite literally be completely absorbed by, almost forgetting the real world.Rik Maliani is an ordinary person with an ordinary job who s been a fan and player of Omnitopia for years Then he gets selected to create his own world it s a dream come true, especially with the possibility of making serious money, but the question is what type of world to make What would make it truly unique and encourage people to come see and play As Rik begins creating his world, he notices some unusual events happening in the world of Omnitopia that seem to affect the one he is creating, but at the same time to be affected by his world somehow.Dev Logan is the CEO of Omnitopia and started the whole enterprise many years ago as a college student, and is now the eighth richest man in the world because of it He has a crack team of computer whizzes and geniuses who spend their days monitoring Omnitopia, making sure it s running as smoothly as possible, and preventing the constant attacks and hacks against the worldwide popular MMO And now things are really heating up, as the new expansion is about to be released Everyone is working pretty much nonstop and none so than Dev, who forgets to even eat at times Delia Harrington is doing a story on Omnitopia for Time Magazine about the company and the expansion As Dev deals with the reporter who seems to be snooping around a little than she should be he s constantly being barraged by updates and news on what s happening with Omnitopia It seems there are an absurd number of attacks building against the MMO, so than usual, even for an expansion, but then that s all in a day s work for the CEO of Omnitopia.Finally, there is Phil Sorensen, who was a good friend of Dev s in college they were going to revolutionize the gaming world together, but then had a falling out and is the CEO for Infinity Inc with his own giant, money making MMO He would like nothing than to see everything that is Omnitopia come crashing down, and have Dev come crying back to him He s going to stop at nothing to make this happen.In Omnitopia Dawn, the first of a series, Diane Duane has created two complex worlds that of the MMO game and that of the real world business, and yet she does a remarkable job of keeping things simple, explaining everything but somehow not overloading or boring the reader in any way The result is an exciting, page turning, addicting read that will have the reader wondering what s going to happening next with who, and how it s all going to end Fortunately, readers won t have to wait too long for the sequel, Omnitopia East Wind, coming out August 2011.Originally written on January 27, 2011 Alex C Telander.For reviews, and exclusive interviews, go to BookBanter I had no idea this book was coming In fact, I found it completely by accident a serendipity that completely turned my day around Disclaimer anything Ms Duane writes, I read That said, I like to consider myself a pretty good judge of literature after almost forty years practice The product description gives a decent synopsis of the plot s frame, but it leaves out how rich the characters are, how complex the game is, and the many threads that go to make up the story If you like what Ms Duane did in Tom Clancy s universe, you ll love this one If you have a special place in your heart for High Wizardry, this will delight you too But I don t want to say , lest I give it all awayThis is classic Duane characters that are instantly real and distinguishable and likeable I even felt a little sorry for the antagonist, because the character is human, a mix of good and evil no cardboard cutouts here There are some wonderfully funny moments the cow Really and probably a few inside jokes I m missing grin The story isn t perfect there are some unresolved issues and what feels like too many POVs, but that is made less detracting when one considers that this is the first in a series There are also than a few typographical errors, which surprised me, but that s an increasing trend these days, alas.It left me wanting desperately to be able to play too Maybe someday This book is badly written, but it is like a train wreck, I can t look away.My response to chapter 1 I was a gamer when I was in my mid 20s My husband and I would spend every spare moment gaming One day in the middle of an 8 hour raid one of the other players apologised for being distracted, his children had just came in and bothered him.I was horrified He had children and had spent 8 hours game playing with people that he did not know.For me game playing is something done by people with plenty of time to wasted, and parents are not those people.This book is about a guy who plays games, he has three kids and a wife, and they are always working double shifts at real jobs, and he is also obsessed with this game.His wife is overworked, his kids are ignored, but he plays this game It is disgusting Even disgusting was when he got a major in game opportunity, selected to create and run a sub world in the game, and her reaction was of pride pride because they game developers had realised how wonderful a specimen of a man he was.Dear wife of this man this is not a wonderful moment, your husband has an addiction and wouldn t it suck to be his kids.I have only just started this book, I suspect this will all be washed over and it sucks, because it is the sad part of gaming, it is the difference between a bunch of young singles going clubbing a few nights a week not a great use of time, but relatively harmless to anyone other then themselves and a father, with a young family, spending hours every day at the local pub which will have significant impact on his family.My response to chapter 2 So now we meet the other guy, the billionaire who created the game We learn a lot about him, this chapter goes into amazing detail about him, his wife, their house In some ways the descriptions are really good, and in other ways they are horrendously boring I don t really care that his wife screws up her eyes while sleeping, it is all way too much detail because non of it comes with any particularly impressive incites into character personalities, or plot developments The writing itself was not making me cringe, but every so often I would realise I had just listened to a 10minute description of the inside of his bedroom, and I would think I don t care, why am I still listening at which point I would look back at the sink full of dirty dishes and keep scrubbing because this entire book will be listened too while I am in the kitchen doing the dishes. While not without at least one serious flaw, Omnitopia Dawn is wonderful, classic sci fi, and deserves a bigger readership than it s seeming to get This is an easy book for if you re a fan of you ll like the game company Omnitopia located right next to the ASU campus, and I d give limbs to work there is so reminiscent of early Kim Stanley Robinson s utopianism that I dreamed about him last night The black hat white hat thriller plot driven by strong if stereotyped characters is pure Robert J Sawyer, while the blend of hacking and financial shenanigans is redolent of Charlie Stross There are hat tips to numerous SF classics including one small detail that will give away a major later plot twist, for the attentive reader Omnitopia Dawn is charming, thrilling and fun, and a lot of readers will wish they could work and play in either Omnitopia the company or the game However The work is limited by its very black hat white hat characterization, which might be a product of the author s background in YA The hero is perfect, perfect perfect, the villain a little richer but terribly whiny Most of the women are Helpful And Supportive Wives, which is weak So, YMMV with this one One could easily be put off by the characterization, or not care for a lot of financial thriller in your SF tale Me, I was engrossed and charmed, and willing to give a pass to the disbelief stretching characterizations.