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No.1 @Book ⚢ 新世界より Ì Popular E Book, By Yusuke Kishi This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By Yusuke Kishi Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You i dont know how read a book please tell methank you This book is a beautiful dystopian piece, located in a beautiful and uniquely built world that Kishi has clearly constructed with love and a touch of the uncanny It haunted me and, much frequently than I had initially anticipated, surprised me with the depth of the moral questions it poses I was taken aback by the intensity of several scenes and the very visceral reactions they elicited in me Ironically even so if you ve read the book , the upset, horrified, or shocked I was by a scene or sequence of events, the I felt compelled to keep reading I had to see this story to the end There had to be light at the end of the tunnel I got to the end of that tunnel in three days but I won t spoil for those who have not read it whether or not I found light there.Suffice it to say that this book was an unexpectedly enjoyable read and I wish I could find of Kishi s works available in English translation I would highly recommend this for readers over the age of fifteen or sixteen, mostly for graphic violence and generally upsetting themes There are some scenes of explicit sex, but nothing over the top or gratuitous. Fantastic read, the best light novel I have ever read There are really interesting topics in this book, reminded me of Orwell s world The fights were unique and the worldbuilding is top quality There was also an awesome twist at the end which really surprised me I can only recommend this book. This book was everything I wanted it to be and I first heard of Shinsekai Yori when the anime released and I began watching it during that same season I began searching for a translation and found it, resulting in reading as much as possible, as quickly as possible A dystopian novel about journeys through life for six unbeknownst kids The land of Kamisu 66 is not all it s cracked up to be and is slowly broken down to its core Searching through science fiction in terms of psychic abilities and through politics in terms of government transparency or lack of , the story expands on a concept not quite replicated from other sci fi novel s I ve read, such as those of Arthur C Clarke, Dan Simmons, and H G Wells Truly my favorite book Probably the most creative and interesting science fiction world I ve ever experienced.This book has blown me away on several different levels and I find it ridiculous that it s still not licensed in English.Kishi s writing is well structured and unpredictable He likes to go into details, but not once have I felt bored by them In fact, my only problem with this book is that a year after finishing it, I m still craving for information The story has concluded nicely, but I feel like this universe has enough potential for at least 3 books like Shinsekai Yori. What a book That was a monster, with 900 pages Took me so long to finally finish it But it was absolutely worth it.I watched the anime version first and fell in love with it, so I decided to look for the actual novel It wasn t translated officially, that s why I read fan translation The worldbuilding is stunning The author constructed all the things related to a new world , from history to biology of this world It was rich, detailed and interesting to read about brand new world in the future And with all the tranquility and peacefulness of this world, the plot twist comes when you realize that the world is not as innocent as you thought I really love utopia turn dystopia books and this story delivers it good The truth was chilling and horrifying The plot is amazing Sure, there were some boring long parts, but generally, it was full of excitement and mystery The whole novel consists of three parts, combining the childhood, teen years and adulthood of the characters The idea of cantus psychokinetic powers , minoshiro and other genetically engineered animals, death feedback attack inhibition was used so cleverly that you wouldn t even question it There were plot twists at each parts and heart breaking events The book was incredibly depressing The characters were great, especially the main ones I really loved Satoru, Shun, Saki and Maria Their friendship, love and support were too strong, although sad things kept happening So sad that I didn t want to believe it Here, the fine line between villain and hero was erased, giving us a really complicated story There were some intimate moments and some kind of new things that is not quite right for our current society, however they were what made the book interesting and fresh Honestly, it was one of my favorite science fiction novels of all time chokengtitiktitikchokengs shun means talented in japanese.