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Se que no debo leer este tipo de novelones xDD pero est n buenos, para pasar el rato y se leen en un suspiro Es chatarra editorial pero deja buen sabor de boca xD I couldn t figure out why I didn t love this story until I realize that there are two types of revenge stories cold revenge and hot revenge.Cold revenge or hot revenge In a cold revenge story the hero starts out in control if he wants the heroine married to him or kidnapped or pregnant he takes steps to make this happen There s a logic behind the action and a deliberativeness that is deliciously chilling Okay it s crazy logic for all of us out here in the real world but it makes sense to him and oftentimes it s a plan that been in the works for a long time Hot revenge is a hero out of control, doing things he never imagined doing, because his emotions got away with him It s a different kind of revenge story because there s no way for a reader heroine to anticipate what he s going to do or where it will backfire for him Part of the fun of revenge story for me at least is seeing the all powerful, in control hero brought to his knees by the forces of not so logical love and innocence If the hero s corroding bitterness is transformed into mercy, forgiveness and love toward those who have wronged him, then all the better This is a hot revenge story The hero acts out of emotion and lashes out at the heroine for his sister s death He knows that she isn t directly responsible, but since her brother the driver of the car is dead, the heroine must take his place and be punished The hero didn t plan on having a one night stand with her He went with his emotions and hormones and only enacted his revenge of telling her who he was and what he thought of her when he thought of it the next morning That the heroine reacts with such dismay isn t based on his careful planning he just lucked on to a 23 year old virgin who had been abused by her brother since age 16 I m guessing that Abby Green wrote the hero not planning a one night stand in order to lessen his sin of cruelty and make him understandable and forgivable to the reader Yes, it makes him understandable but it also weakens him as an alpha This is not a man in control of anything from what I can tell From that one night flows the rest of the story, with both the H h reacting to events out of their control her pregnancy, her miscarriage, their childhood backstories About the only proactive action in this story was that the heroine got her business degree at Open University while she was being held as a virtual slave in her brother s household Good for the heroine it shows some character and foresight Something woefully lacking in the rest of the story I don t mean to run down this story It s a very emotional read that keeps you riveted to the page until the epilogue Abby Green skilfully shows us the H h s pain and grief as life comes at them She also does a good job of reforming the hero so that his love for the heroine doesn t feel like an abrupt about face This is a story for the angst lovers out there. #DOWNLOAD ñ Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded Å Multimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini Believed Cara Brosnan Played A Role In His Sister S Downfall He Sought Her Out To Make Her Pay He Seduced Her, Revealed His Identity And Cruelly Discarded HerBut Cara Has Done No Wrong She S Shocked And Mortified That She Gave Her Virginity So Willingly To The Ruthless Vincenzo To Make Matters Worse, She S Just Discovered She S Expecting And Now The Dark Hearted Italian Is Claiming Her Once This Time As His Wife Haha, it s only been a little over a month since I read this book and already I ve forgotten it I wondered why I gave it 1 star, so I skimmed the ending just to jog my memory.Ok, without regurgitating the plot other reviews already give the basics , these are the reasons I didn t like it He s a jerkoff and she s a doormat who takes all that he dishes out with nary a complaint Nothing new here, it s just tiresome He spends the entire book thinking she s one type of person even though she spends the entire book acting the complete opposite of the kind of person he thinks she is When he finally, finuhly, accepts that she isn t at all the bad person he thought she was, he nobly gives her her freedomcuz he loves herso he sends her away And does the author have the jerkoff chase after her give her some good grovelling put in some kind of effort you know, cuz, he should since he just spent the entire book being an a hole to her No, no, no, the author doesn t do anything as satisfying as that No, the heroine gets to the airport only to turn around and go back to the house, put her arms around the jerk and apologize for leaving I mean, wtf Where s his effort He was still in the same room where she left him when she went to the airport He didn t have to do anything Here s a summary of his efforts throughout the book sex her up, treat her like crap, sex her up , still treat her like crap, let her go, wait for her to come back.Lazy ass hero.I m surprised he didn t have her detail his car and make him a sammich.In a nutshell, if you re going to have the hero treat the heroine like dirt for the whole book, I want my pound of flesh He needs to go after her and he needs to grovel Otherwise, I just wasted hours reading a book that left me irritated and grumpyand my review and rating are going to reflect that. Guilty pleasure satisfied Innocent sweetheart falling in love with a hard hearted, cruel, vengeful bastard at first sight to the point of having a one night stand before everything comes crashing around her as tells her why he seduced her in the first place she got to walk away without a scratch in that same car crash which killed his little sister and her good for nothing drunk driving brother and he wants to teach her a lesson Only in romance land would this involve a nice romp in the sack But I like how the characters developed and and how he slowly realises how wrong he is about her I got caught up with their angst and drama without going Oh puhleeess Nice read when you have to stay indoors on a stormy weekend. One of those stories that pulls you into the characters lives and leaves you wanting I really couldn t put it down Sweet and romantic and the chemistry was electrifying The happy parts and the sad parts bought tears to my eyes and so did the happy ending Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded is the story of Cara and Vincenzo.Basically a classic tale of HQN revenge where a Cruel hero blames gullible sister s death on h s brother and herself why because she did not die in the accident Stupid heroine is sooooo overwhelmed that the hot dude gave her attention, that she gives him her hymen..only for him to not give 2 f cks and discard her PREGNANCYYYYYYYY My baby deserves to know his father even though he s a cruel, narcisstic prick who called me a whore Denial, media drama, forced marriage Slut shaming, taunts, mental harassment view spoiler miscarriage which is swept under the rug because damn the dick was that good hide spoiler As much as I read, I d never heard the term category romance until a few days ago, when I discovered the eHarlequin bookstore Oh, how my pocketbook is going to regret that discovery lolThere s just something about a short novel that s easy to read, easy to pick back up from where you left off, and that costs less than that Starbucks latte you re sipping on.Oh how I will regret this discovery lolSo, about the book.Was our hero all angsty and stubborn and unnecessarily cruel at times Oh yes.Was our heroine than just a little bit of a Mary Sue She sure was.Was it predictable Full of cliches More cheesy than a plate full of nachos Yes indeed.Did I love it anywayAbsolutely As the synopsis says, Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan was responsible in part for his sister s death, and sets out to get his revenge.Things don t go quite as he planned, and he ends up sleeping with her, only to be disgusted by his intense attraction to her and for falling for what he believes to be her black hearted, whoretastic ways.So he turns the tables and cruelly reveals his identity, calls her all sorts of nasty names and accuses her of horrible things, then throws her away like the trash he believes her to be.Poor Cara though, still recovering from grief over her brother s death, is humiliated by Vincenzo s ruthless behavior and betrayal We fast forward two months and find out that even though Vincenzo used a condom, Cara is uber fertile and got pregnant.She confronts Vincenzo who conveniently happens to be in Dublin celebrating some business something or other and where she somehow manages to get past Security to crash a black tie party in her ratty jeans and t shirt and tells him about the pregnancy He, of course, assumes that this little gold digger somehow set out to get knocked up and trap him , so he very viciously forces her to marry him through emotional blackmail and truly believes that once the baby is born, he ll be able to buy her off and have her just walk away from their child.There were a couple of surprises in there Don t look at my keywords if you don t want to know Ahh, you looked, didn t you Just couldn t resist, could ya Well, I warned you POverally I enjoyed it It was angsty enough to keep things interesting, but nothing too deep Even the dark parts were relatively easy to get through, which makes this an ideal stocking stuffer or escapist read 3 1 2 Stars Abby Green does it again A fantastic revenge story with gorgeous and passionate characters and beautiful settings.Vincenzo Valentini, gorgeous Sicilian heartbroken by his sister s death Cara Brosnan is the sister of the man who caused Vicenzo s sister s death Vicenzo believes that Cara is responsibility for his loss and decides to take revenge on her by seducing her After taking her virginity, he cruelly tells her why he slept with her and what a slut she really is And then takes off without a backward glance Two months later Cara discovers that she s pregnant and old Vicenzo is soon on the scene he marries her because she s carrying his heir and for nothing else But slowly he finds that Cara is nothing like he thought she was Uh Idiot Okay, so both have a lot of baggage and they have to sort that out if they are ever to find happiness together Naturally, we know that in the end I think I may have liked this book even the second time I read it This inhabits the same shelves as quite a number of my guilty pleasure HPs The plot, on the surface, is also very familiar.Greek or Italian tycoon hero believes heroine and or heroine s family are responsible for the death of a family member He tracks her down, seduces her out of her virginity and then drops the bomb that it was just hate sex to satisfy the HP tycoon Gods of family honor, vengeance, yada yada Heroine turns up pregnant and the tycoon then forces her to marry him through some sort of blackmail scheme Enough said We all know the score.This was essentially that, but it had depth I didn t just enjoy it because of the OTT craziness of it all I actually teared up a few times, something I rarely if ever do when reading an HP I don t want to spoil it all, but suffice it to say that this was different The hero, though arrogant and powerful, had some depth and seemed human For one thing, he didn t set out to seduce the heroine Sometimes that doesn t even make sense beyond the sheer naughty kinkiness of it His plan was to meet her, feel her out, then reveal his identity and force her to spill the entire story of how she and her dead brother had set out to fleece his sister and were both responsible for her death He just wanted someone to lash out at He wanted someone to admit responsibility for the death of his sister There really was no big, complicated, sexy scheme of revenge Problem was, Vincenzo found himself very attracted to Cara They both were in pain and grieving, so they tried to lose themselves in a night of passion It was only afterwards disgusted with himself for sleeping with the enemy that he told her his full name and how much he hated her.Like I said we all know the score on the rest of the plot, but be prepared for some surprises and some genuine angst emotion Highly recommended if you enjoy the revenge HPs.