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TORTURE I don t think religion should be so abstract and mystical Good grief this was hard to understand I ve known wonderful Buddhists in my life, but this manual Not accessible for me I think religion should be accessible. [Free Ebook] ☪ Manual of Zen Buddhism ♶ Here Are The Famous Sutras, Or Sermons, Of The Buddha, The Gathas, Or Hymns, The Intriguing Philosophical Puzzles Known As Koan, And The Dharanis, Or Invocations To Expel Evil Spirits Included Also Are The Recorded Conversations Of The Great Buddhist Monks Intimate Dialogues On The Subjects Of Momentous Importance In Addition To The Written Selections, All Of Them Translated By Dr Suzuki, There Are Reproductions Of Many Buddhist Drawings And Paintings, Including Religious Statues Found In Zen Temples, Each With An Explanation Of Its Significance, And The Great Series Of Allegorical Paintings The Ten Oxherding Pictures I felt this book started off rather slowly with the Indian Sutras and whatnot They were a little to imaginative and difficult for me to digest However, once it got into the Ch an masters, it became quite a boost to the soul Some of the art and explanations on Japanese Zen, later in the book, were highly interesting, as well. very rough around the edges. critical metaphysics. Despite the title, not really a manual, and not the right book for the complete novice. Suzuki is a very good writer on Zen, highly suggest this author. Torture to read I ve learned nothing of value from this book and that s the opposite of Buddhism The companion volume to Suzuki s Introduction to Zen Buddhism, this is mostly of collection of source materials and quotations from great Zen masters like Dogen or Hakuin For this reason it s better to read the other book first if you can, although there are still some notes and explanatory sections here There is really nothing to argue about in this teaching Any arguing is sure to go against the intent of it Doctrines given up to confusion and argumentationLead by themselves to birth and death.