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This is the first Meg Cabot book I ve ever read and I read it based on the strength of a very good review for it at a book review blog So I reserved it immediately at my local library as although I quite like a lot of vampire novels, the craze is almost out of control and I thought a tongue in cheek look at the phenomenon would be funny The blurb sounded good, the quote on the back which I mentioned before, in my Library post had me laughing.Pity it would be pretty much the only time I actually laughed.This book was all shades of disappointing For a start, it took forever for the main character Meena to even meet the love interest that turns out to be a vampire, the Prince of Darkness, Lucien Antonescu In fact the only reason I think that I even finished this book is because my fiance s daughter was here on the weekend and subjected me to what felt like a 123hr marathon of The Hills and The City and this book was only marginally a better alternative It s page 70 before Lucien and Meena actually cross paths but for some reason, it feelslike page 700 Maybe because absolutely nothing happens in the 69 pages leading up to that But I m getting ahead of myself.Meena Harper is a not so ordinary girl living in NYC working as a writer on a television show named Insatiable They re getting killed in the ratings by fellow soapie Lust who have introduced a vampire character to their line up as you can t get enough of vampires these days The powers that be at Insatiable have decided to do the same thing, much to Meena s chagrin They ve also promoted the intolerable Shoshanna, neice of the executive producer s and co creators of the show Meena has a huge disdain for the vampire trend and voices it to no avail Insatiable are going vampire and there s nothing she can do about it.Meena has an unusal talent of knowing when everyone she comes into contact with is going to die and how This led to her being nicknamed the You re Gonna Die Girl in high school as she sought to warn people of their grisly endings and possibly, trying to avoid them So of course when she meets Lucien she can t tell at all when he s doing to die, because, you know he s already dead Except she doesn t know this yet.The Prince of Darkness is in town to investigate the dead bodies of several young females that have been bitten and drained of all their blood Lucien may be a vampire, but he s civilised No killing while he s the Prince, or the vamps in question face his wrath Drinking from blood banks and willing donors only Someone has been killing so he s flown in to see who has been brave enough to disobey him.Usually I love a dark and brooding hero vampire or no vampire, I m not picky but to be honest, I couldn t care two hoots about Lucien, probably because I wasn t given the chance to Oh, he s a tortured vampire, turned against his will and has had several tragedies in his lifetime Yawn, haven t we all Except for the whole being unwilling vampires bit But I just didn t feel invested in him at all Normally I m not bothered when heroines jump into bed with the hero in like, 2.3 seconds but this time I was actually pretty skeeved out by it Thankfully we re spared the details in a fade to black type manouvre.Adding to the confusion storyline is Alaric Wulf He s a sort of vampire slayer Without being as funny as Buffy or as scary as the lessers in the Black Dagger Brotherhood books He s tortured too and has never been loved in his life Of course when he meets Meena trying to extort from her where the PoD is he s immediately taken with her elfishness Her resemblance to Joan of Arc, except cuter And cue Love Triangle.Sooo we have Lucien, PoD hunting rogue killing vampires We have Alaric who works for the Pope, btw and they know all about vampires and stuff existing hunting the PoD and every other vamp he finds along the way We have Meena trying to stop Alaric hunting the PoD coz it ll get several persons killed, which she has seen with her visions And also, she loves Lucien and she doesn t want him dead Well, evendead than he is, anyway Even though she s only known him about 3 minutes, and he bit her without her even knowing about it That s just rude Bad vampire etiquette Lucien, you should know better especially as you re the Prince You had permission to bite her during the sexing it up as it occurred before she knew that Lucien was of the undead lover variety but not to drink her blood I think a distinction needs to be made here Being a willing recipient of a love bite does not mean here, feed on me Also, when Meena finds out that Lucien is a vampire, she takes it extremely well Well she gets a bit dizzy and queasy but it s nothing a soda doesn t fix Coke ya all, it s the cure for finding out that your soul mate is a creature you thought only existed in books and on tv And also, the lovely upstairs neighbours that pretty much introduced her to Lucien They re vamps too, and she s also cool about this I don t know about anyone else but I m pretty sure I d be freaking my shit out if that ever happened to me and I d probably revert to a catatonic mess Hence, I am clearly no good to be a Gamine Heroine in a vampire novel Meena it seems, is very qualified as she comes good and decides What She Must Do.Fast forward a bit, there s a vampire war and some stuff happens and some vampires die and then somevampires die and then random people turn out to be vampires and it s kind of like what the and there s a few fires and a dragon and then it s kinda the end of the book Meena chooses now to freak out and take to the convent in a windowless room to avoid seeing Lucien, except then she goes back to her apartment and there he is anyway So that was a waste of time He asks her to be his vampire bride I m sorry, I cannot type that phrase without thinking of Franklin in True Blood S3 I do not care much for AB s interpretation a lot of the time, but the guy who plays Franklin with such abandoned insanity is made of win and go live in like, Thailand or somewhere Although I think a nation so near the equator would be a bad choice, but that s just me.Without giving away the ending, there kind of isn t one, which I do not like I don t know if this is supposed to be a series, if we re supposed to see Alaric, Lucien and Meena do this all again sometime in the future and if it starts to go by way of the Anita Blake books, I m backing the heck away right now but I don t care enough to google it. I think I ve only read a couple of Cabot s books before and they were okay books, so I wasn t sure I d like this one.This was a good read Very solid, slightly predictable, plot that has your standard Vampire, Vampire Hunter and the girl who s stuck in the middle, with a variety of characters to chose amongst your favorites The writing is obviously very skilled but it took a bit to get use to the multiple point of views from different characters It didn t take away from the experience but there are only a handful of books that can pull that off for me, this one being one of them, but with some effort.I wish I could say that I liked the main character, Meena, but for some reason I had a hard time connecting with her She s gifted with sensing death and all in all an interesting character but had a very uninteresting job, well at least to me She s a dialog writer for a soap opera called Insatiable and the corporation wants a bigger demographic so they want to copy cat a rival soap, Lust, that s stars Vamps Needless to say that Meena is sick of Vamps and goes on saying that she doesn t understand how women can find Vampires attractive and hot when really all he s doing is trying to resist killing you Twi haters will grin and nod at that which is true, but intentionally ironic at the same time since this is indeed a Vampire story.She was an interesting character but I found little spark for a main, and didn t really enjoy her role till the boys came in to play.Lucien on the other hand is complicated, presumptuous, dark with a great tempter which I really enjoyed He s very commanding, strong but also gentle, very sexy in a Vamp.I really just loved Alaric Wulf, who was once a kid who lived on the street and found his calling as one of the Palatine Guards Comic book lover Goofy watch wearing needs to work on his people skills Demon Killers who totally gained a few extra points just because he has a sword no lie that he calls Se or Sticky, and yes, my head is totally in the gutter and obviously Cabot s head was too if she purposely used that name for a mans sword.While this did hold my interest for the most part, there were still some spots that dragged on, but all in all, Insatiable had good humor, some action, mystery and romance to please my paranormal craving and thought this was a decent read, I wasn t blown away by it, but overall it s a good start to what I m guessing is a series I m not sure if I m going to continue, but any Cabot fan should get a kick out of this one. DOWNLOAD ♾ Insatiable ♍ Sick Of Hearing About Vampires So Is Meena Harper But Her Bosses Are Making Her Write About Them Anyway, Even Though Meena Doesn T Believe In Them Not That Meena Isn T Familiar With The Supernatural See, Meena Harper Knows How You Re Going To Die Not That You Re Going To Believe Her No One Ever Does But Not Even Meena S Precognition Can Prepare Her For What Happens When She Meets Then Makes The Mistake Of Falling In Love With Lucien Antonescu, A Modern Day Prince With A Bit Of A Dark Side It S A Dark Side A Lot Of People, Like An Ancient Society Of Vampire Hunters, Would Prefer To See Him Dead ForThe Problem Is, Lucien S Already Dead Maybe That S Why He S The First Guy Meena S Ever Met That She Could See Herself Having A Future With See, While Meena S Always Been Able To See Everyone Else S Future, She S Never Been Able Look Into Her Own And While Lucien Seems Like Everything Meena Has Ever Dreamed Of In A Boyfriend, He Might Turn Out To Be Like A Nightmare Now Might Be A Good Time For Meena To Start Learning To Predict Her Own Future If She Even Has One With Insatiable, Meg Cabot has thrown her hat into the ring of paranormal fiction She s started a series that is both about vampires, and about hating vampires and the vampire craze.I totally agree with what people have said that she is cashing in both on the vampire craze, AND the big backlash against the vampire craze She manages to do so pretty successfully, offering a book that has enough action and romance to hook the usual vampire fan, and also enough humor and parody to get a few good chuckles out of people sick to death of Twilight and its like There s at least one speech that is almost verbatim out of New Moon, which I found funny and sad at the same time Insatiable also has some humor all its own Senor Sticky , which I expect from Meg Cabot.What really struck me was this in a lot of ways, this book is the anti Twilight It s like Meg Cabot read Twilight and decided to write a book that highlights everything she doesn t like about it Meena is muchself sufficient than Bella she is older, has gone to college, has a job she likes, her own apartment, and close friends She doesn t have a boyfriend, and this is a big gap in her life, but as we see by the end of the book, she is not so desperate to have a relationship that she will compromise her own morals or ideals And the key is, for Bella, Edward doesn t really ask her for anything she isn t willing to give up whether you agree with her decisions or not Lucien represents something very different He isn t a BAD guy he s probably the safest and most moral of all the vampires, and so Meena couldn t really have picked a better vampire to date But his ideas on their future relationship differ greatly from Edward s toward Bella While Edward would pretty much do anything to keep Bella human and therefore keep her from suffering, as he sees it , Lucien just ASSUMES Meena will change for him It s even implied that he would sort of trick her into it if he could having bit her twice already he s clearly already on the way there Lucien s also been spying on Meena, and while Edward did this too, it never creeped me out like it did with Lucien, probably because of Meena s reaction.Meena finds Lucien s behavior, intentions, and some of his Super Vampire Prince Powers like the dragon thing seriously intimidating and creepy, in a way Bella never felt about Edward I suppose you could say that Meena s reactions to Lucien arenormal than Bella s toward Edward, but then again, Bella always said she wasn t normal DAnyway, like I said, Meena makes a stand against Lucien s behavior and makes some tough decisions about her love life and career It s admirable watching it, but I was sad to see where the book was going I LOVED Twilight, and I loved its love story, and so I was hoping for something along those lines BUT, and here s the kicker I agree with Meena s choices I found Lucien very presumptuous and a little intimidating, too, so while I am Team Edward all the way, the way this story was presented I was Team Jacob Er, Team Alaric but you know what I mean Cabot successfully presented things in a way that I went for the non vampire s side in this one I was surprised and intrigued In fact, the whole Edward Lucien vs Jacob Alaric comparison is pretty easy to make based on their personalities And yet, I still picked the other team this time I will really be looking forward to the next book HOWEVER There is a big problem with repetition in this book Seriously, there were MANY times where a phrase or idea was repeated within the same page or a few pages, and it really started to get annoying after a while It seems like an editing fail to me one I can t believe got as far as it did.Here s where I d normally say how much I recommended the book but as there are lots of spoilers in this review, I am hoping no one will read it that hasn t already finished the book. Don t even bother reading this, for a lack of a better word, novel To borrow a very popular phrase and in the words of Stupid of Today I can t even Haha Which, to be fair, is usually reserved for something good and maybe even positive Something that s overwhelming Which this certainly wasn t Nope Not at all You know, I had this whole elaborate take down prepared, this entire thing lined up where I d disparage this blow by blow Complete with witty Red Letter Media references, and everything But the thing is, yes I can let you drown, but I can t bring this ship into Tortuga all by me onesies, savvy In other words, I am pressed for time and warmly pressed up against something else Something supposedly silken I ll admit, I am guilty of gullibility here, I fell for this book for its cover It s catchy, it definitely sucked me in But in the end, it was what was within that totally sucked And not in a fun way, relax it s a double entendre But this offering, there s nothing good here It s not funny Scary Or sardonic It s not even amusing enough to be a self parody Simply put, this book is offensive It s an insult to the readers, writers, dragons, it s insulting to Charlaine Harris, whom Cabot was ripping off here, and Harris is not that great to begin with, so it s shameful on so many levels And it s insulting to Dracula Last words, here I can t even say still a better love story than Twilight It really wasn t Trees didn t die for this Paper is too sacred to be used this callously and casually That s the true horror It is this randomness they bludgeon us with and expect us not to care But that s how we bear the blunt of humanity I really really hope the dead trees haunt Cabot and her publishers. I actually really enjoyed this although I didnt expect to I like the predictable PNRs Girl meets vampire, girl falls for vampire, vampire risks all for girl, HEA Once I realized that this was not going in that direction, I got a little worried But I ended up really enjoying it anyways No, this waslike girl meets vampire, girl falls for vampire, vampire terrifies, terrorizes, and incinerates dozens of ppl in an attempt to protect girl, girl runs from vampire, vampire stalks girl Haha, he definitely has a darker side Its not all fluff and hearts and sparkles, but I still really enjoyed Lucien s character He was intense, but sweet There was a reason Meena fell for him in the first place A complete prince charming when he wants to be Although the romance did happened rather quickly They had sex the day they met, and again the next day.I also really enjoyed Alaric When his character was first introduced I thought he would be some sort of villain, being a vampire hunter and all But he was a tentative ally Like Lucas and Balthazar in Evernight He was funny in his completely arrogant and self centered way He thinks so highly of himself and his money and his silk bath robe But he was still entirely lovable I wish Meena could just have them both P Yes, his name is Alaric, like the vampire hunter in The Vampire Diaries, which I dont think is ironic, but a bit annoying and way too obvious Also, Meena was the name of the heroine in Dracula, for those who didnt already know that.I actually didnt like Meena that much She seemed like such a flake Both Lucien and Alaric love how she is so different from anyone they have met before She is always saying or doing things that surprise them When Lucien first met her he actually thought she might be crazy, literally crazy She might have just had ADD or something Lucien could read minds and he still had no idea what she was talking about half the time It made her come off as ditsy and stupid to me Like she really didnt understand what was going on around her But she writes for a TV show so she cant be stupid.I heard that Overbite wasnt nearly as good as this one, but I am still excited to read it and find out what direction the story will take Will Lucien come back and convince her he is worth the risk Or will she end up with Alaric Like I said, I like predictable PNRs, where Meena would end up with Lucien and live happily ever after But as long as the ending isnt sad I dont mind different or unexpected sometimes Thats why I enjoyed Eden and Wicked Lovely so much. Leave it to Meg Cabot to take something as dark, brooding and oh so serious as vampires and turn it into something fun, funny and frivolous Just when you think you can t take another vampire book, she throws something a little different into the mix Although for the record, I am still riding the vampire wave and loving it This is just such a different vampire story than anything I ve read There is so many references to popular vampire culture, even my girl Sookie gets a shout out Cabot is poking fun at the vampire phenomenon and yet she draws you into this vampire story Sneaky, sneaky If you ve read an liked any of Meg s other adult novels you will definitely be a fan of this one It was a little slow to start, but soon after you won t be able to turn the pages fast enough There is a light romance among the comical aspects signature Meg Cabot I d even go as far to say that this novel would appeal to older teens that are fans of Cabot s other books.The characters where a lot of fun as well And it was great to get to see the story from their eyes, through the alternating chapters I don t think I could even pick a favorite Even the secondary characters like Meena s crazy neighbor left a lasting impression.It s summer time, if you re looking for something easy to read and entertaining, this would be the perfect beach read I m eagerly awaiting the sequel my favorite line lucien was furiousbut even when furious, he was conscientious about litter who wouldn t laugh at that this is the face of guilty pleasure reading ridiculous plot, vampire wulf overkill, soapy characters, multiple characters falling in love in about 20 minutes i think the soap opera subplot was brilliant as this whole book read like one gigantic, over the top vampire soap opera thrilled to find out it s a series i laughed and laughed the whole time i was reading even though the cover was an embarassment, i simply covered it with somethinghigh brow when i was out in public. Warning contains heavy sarcasm This book was so annoying First of all I loved Princess diaries, so I m not a hater of Mrs Cabot And I also like dogs, for the record But Insatiable was just too much for me to bear Characters were flat, main heroine was a silly girl surrounded by even sillier people The Main hero irresistible vampire Lucien is either trying to make a point how harmless and human loving he is, or he s demonstrating his powers by threatening his half brother Vampire hunter from Vatican is bullying whoever gets near, he is swinging his sword called Se or Sticky around and he is working his butt of trying to save Meena s dog, because I don t know, it s Meena s beloved pet and he has nothing to do other than fighting furious horde of vampires his sworn enemies No one is paying attention, when Meena uses her gift and predicts their deaths why on earth would they care about something like that Let s just go and try, maybe she is wrong this time, no pressure.And did I mention that Lucien is The prince of the darkness Because it was mentioned in the book like ten million times If I think about, you could easily start reading in the middle of the book because all the interesting and also not so interesting events were recapitulated regularly.The story itself isn t very interesting, it s simple and isn t surprising at all It s just wacky.In this book nuns carry guns, vampires dressed in Gucci throw parties and everybody talks about main heroine s sex life And Jack Bauer is very, very important Jack Bauer the dog, of course In light of recent events aka books it s former 1.5 rating is leaningagainst 2 But still not my cup of tea. I m so out of step with the other reviews that there must have been something I didn t get about this novel, but come on, it s light vampire chick lit, not Foucault I like Meg Cabot, her YAthan her adult fiction, but have read most of her work at one point or another and absolutely loved the last Princess Diaries book Point I m not a hater, and was really looking forward to this one, a semi satire about vampire obsession set in NYC among celebs and soap operas What s not to like This book is TERRIBLE The main character is a personality free Mary Sue who, like many of Cabot s adult heroines, seems curiously naive, which is why I think she writes teens better who has a Stackhouse esque ability to predict people s deaths She falls in lurve with a hunky vampire, who is being hunted by a vampire hunter obvs , who she also seems to have some sort of feelings for although he beats her up and terrorizes her Various stupid subplots about vampire hunters, vampire brothers, and so forth continue, most of them boring The clunky cardboard characters clunk through the book, at which point I skipped ahead just so I could say I had read it Totally terrible, and I ve read a lot of garbage this summer.