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I loved this book Cannot imagine living the life of Abigail She was John s backbone, who would have known This book started me reading many about the American Revolution and the founding of our country. Another great one from Irving Stone I like his pro American, pro founding father, but honest, take on history I learned so much about the American Revolution and the birth of the country Felt like I was there . Due to the fact that I have been writing than reading this summer, I have to admit that I made a poor choice when I picked this book for my summer read This was due to the size and slow pace of this historical fiction novel about John Abigail Adams First published in 1965, it is quickly evident that the book and its subject matter were thoroughly researched by the author, Irving Stone My main complaint is where the author chose to focus his attention This book is quite longnearly 650 pages It is not a quick or easy read While I give credit to Stone for staying as true to the style of the language of the day, I could have done with less description By the end of the story, I was almost glad John Adams didn t win his second term as I did not wish to devote any time to Stone s story I ve read quite a bit on John and Abigail Adams through the years They were, indeed, very much in love and very much a part of the making of their country s history during their lives But, for me, the real John and Abigail Adams were missing from this book I found Stone s characterization to be too one dimensional I didn t read about the controlling, irritating side of John Adams Stone s John Adams, I imagine, is likeable than the historical one I also didn t read about the fiercely outspoken, almost possessively protective Abigail Stone s Abigail was much soft spoken than her surviving letters to her husband and Thomas Jefferson suggest of the historical figure I ve always imagined her to be One of the biggest disappointments in the book was, what I perceived as the glossing over of the two greatest occurrences of John Adams Presidential administrationThe XYZ Affair and especially The Alien And Sedition Acts the latter of which still serves as a stain on Adams otherwise impeccable political character and most certainly led to him not gaining a second term I felt Stone spent time explaining the styles of furnishings and types of clothes the Adamses favored instead of matters of greater import To gain a thorough and readable understanding of these otherwise fascinating historical figures, I d suggest reading David McCullough s magnificent John Adams or Cokie Roberts, Founding Mothers It s a shame that this book, in my opinion, was a waste of time I would have been better served reading Joseph Ellis telling of the Adams story in his book, First Family a book I planned to have read, but will now need to be put on hold Those Who Love has effectively led me to need a break from John Abigail Adams as well as from the time period in which they lived This is an unfortunate consequence of having read Irving Stone s book, because from what I ve read previously about John Abigail Adams, they deserved a book to be worthy of who they really were FINISHED 8 25 12 I really enjoyed this historical novel about the birth of our nation with the central characters being John and Abigail Adams I learned a lot, and I found their lives fascinating John and Abigail were honorable and honest and they sacrificed much to see our democracy come to fruition Often, their contributions went unnoticed and unappreciated This was a great story worthy of being read. I read this some time ago, but it is one of my all time favorite books I love the purity of the love story between John and Abigail They showed amazing resiliency in the face of difficult trials And became one of the most influential couples to ever grace our nation. While it is a fictionalized account of the relationship between Abigail and John Adams, it has been thoroughly researched and is accurate as far as the events in their lives are concerned.John and Abigail Adams were true partners in life Their letters to one another showed that John considered not just his wife, but his best friend, his intellectual equal and his greatest confidante.The book starts with the meeting of Abigail and John and their courtship in spite of her mother s initial disapproval It centers mostly on Abigail who had the burden of making it all work while her husband pursued his political ambitions They spent long periods of time apart while John was serving in Congress or in Europe Quite often she had to do her best to make ends meet while John was not paid or belatedly paid by the government for his work It s a well written book and I can enthusiasically recommend it to anyone interested in the life of Abigail Adams. I absolutely adored this biography of John and Abigail Adams The novel was weighted heavily toward Abigail s view of the events that surrounded their lives, which I really loved She was every bit as remarkable as her famous husband Their sacrifices for their country were not on the battlefield, but were every bit as necessary to the survival of a young nation It s too bad the book is out of print, because it is beautifully written and gave me a renewed respect for the founding fathers of this nation I highly recommend it to anyone who get their hands on a copy. {Pdf} ⚣ Those Who Love ⚡ For Those Who Love Was A Timeless Love Story That Relates To American History When You Read This Story, You Will Not Be Able To Put It Down It Tells You About Historical Events That Happened In Boston During Abigail S Life And How Our Country Was Formed It Was A Beautiful Story That A Person Who Likes Romantic Novels Could Read, Or One That A Person Interested In History Could Read For someone who teaches the Adams presidency, I found this book to be an enlightening read on the personal relationship of John and Abigail Abigail has been one of my favorite women of history to study since I was a little girl, so this overdue read was very special to me.