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No matter your political persuasion, there is plenty to irritate on how both parties of the government have operated throughout our nation s history Fascinating book. Freedom is the default position Everything the government does takes away some of our freedom That s why we have a constitution, to restrain the governmentJudge Andrew NapolitanoReal patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it s wrongDr Ron PaulI have certain rules I live by my first rule, I don t believe anything the government tells meGeorge CarlinWe don t create governments just so we can have a government We create government to secure individual rights When governments are destructive to those ends, we have the right to alter or abolish them, including redrawing their arbitrary border lines When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for us to make such changes, after the rebellion you see in retrospect how nationalism is only useful insofar as it advances freedom When it does not, government is the cancer and revolution is the only cureAustin PetersenThe largest and the fastest growing religion in the world is not what we all think of as a traditional religion It s not Christianity, it s not Islam, it s not Scientology, and it s not even the militant Church of Atheism The largest and the fastest growing religion in the world is the Church of Statism the worship of the state where subservience and conformity to the government are the main doctrines.This book will definitely trigger statist militants from both sides of the political spectrumWe have one Big Government Party It has a Republican wing that prefers war, deficits, assaults on civil liberties, and corporate welfare and a Democratic wing that prefers war, taxes, assaults on commercial liberties, and individual welfare Neither wing is devoted to the Constitution The United States has been the beacon of freedom since the late 18th Century, but the the government adopted and integrated the Old World ideologies of warfare and welfare statism the it violates what the Founding Fathers had fought for This book is than just about libertarianism it s about the true history of the American government. @READ DOWNLOAD ß Lies the Government Told You ì YOU VE BEEN LIED TO BY THE GOVERNMENTWe Shrug Off This Fact As An Unfortunate Reality America Is The Land Of The Free, After All Does It Really Matter Whether Our Politicians Bend The Truth Here And There When The Truth Is Traded For Lies, Our Freedoms Are Diminished And Don T ReturnIn Lies The Government Told You, Judge Andrew P Napolitano Reveals How America S Freedom, As Guaranteed By The US Constitution, Has Been Forfeited By A Government Protective Of Its Own Power Than Its Obligations To Preserve Our Individual Liberties Judge Napolitano S Tremendous Knowledge Of American Law, History, And Politics, As Well As His Passion For Freedom, Shines Through In Lies The Government Told You , As He Details How Throughout American History, Politicians And Government Officials Have Betrayed The Ideals Of Personal Liberty And Limited Government Congressman Ron Paul, MD R TX , From The Foreword The Judge delivers a solid verdict in this book as he often does in his other works A good read which covers a lot of aspects in US history where the Government has worked against the interests of the individual and society A good starting point to help inspire further reading.I do also recommend the Judge as a writer.85 % I don t know if I liked it is the correct way to respond to a book of this nature The information is good, but very disheartening There is little to enjoy, but it is important to make much of this information available The author shows how the federal government, from almost the beginning, has been grabbing power that it was never intended to have He mentions plenty of figures from both major political parties, and covers people from the founding of the country to the present He condemns the actions of multiple branches of government as well, and non federal agencies such as the federal reserve He criticizes people like Obama and Bush, but also people like Lincoln and Hamilton, and shows how their actions increased the power of the federal government by taking away power from the states and individuals.It is very easy to be pessimistic after reading this book Worthwhile read but frustrating read. The government has a long its entire history of capitulating to the rich, the aristocratic, the slavers and the multination corporations and monopolies Yes, yes it does Get rid of the government Oh for fuck s sake No.We need democracy, not to replace corporate inverted totalitarianism check Woldin or Chomsky for starters with overt corporate fascism corporations are simply unchecked and the contract rules and I would remind you that slavery began in contracts , or, worse yet, libertarian anarchism see the Third Reich s treatment of certain conquered lands re Black Earth by Timothy Snyder You twit Meh I find it s pretty easy to agree with almost any politically active person on what bad shit is happening, basically everyone hates the way the country works right now it s the reasons those things are bad, and even so the solutions to it, that divide And I wouldn t touch this guy with a 39 1 2 foot pole Cause, yeah, he s a Grinch. Legal history is interesting Some parts are extremely disturbing As usual the judge has ample court cases and historical records to draw on for his conclusions Given the topic I wasn t expecting an action packed fun ride, but it lacked entertainment value even for its genre Just kind of eh. It s good to read the works of a legal analyst who is no mere pundit and actually has significant judicial experience Judge Napolitano, a libertarian, provides plenty to consider regarding the current state of our laws and constitutional history, and rallies readers to be aware and wary of governmental paternalism.While some of his views are ripe for heated debate on successfully interpreting the Second Amendment to the Constitution, for example he does challenge readers to really think broadly and deeply about our current American reality versus the common mythologies that we have digested since childhood and almost unquestioningly accepted as gospel.The further you read along in this book, the Napolitano reveals the frightening world we ve inherited from our ruling class.Must read chapters are those about the loss of our gold monetary standard, and the Federal Reserve being the creation and sole domain of private bankers who run the country to this day personal income taxation representation seemingly immaterial to the tentacles of power as originally a temporary measure of the Civil War, unapologetically revisited during the First World War, solidified with the Sixteenth Amendment and resurrected for good yet again during the Second World War going to war from flawed domino theories to our Prohibition on drugs the damning, incontrovertible cases against the Bush administration for subverting the Constitution to justify a self proclaimed war and profoundly illegal uses of torture the not so free as you thought U.S market economy and the financial collapse of the last few years and the irrefutable unconstitutionality of the so called Patriot Act that Bush bequeathed to the nation and that Obama, the civil rights minded attorney, has astoundingly maintained as law without even any remote sign of redress.Quotables There is only one reason that the government takes away freedoms Freedom is an obstacle tothe lust to dominate Andrew Napolitano We have one party, the Big Government Party There is a Republican version that assaults our civil liberties and loves deficits and war, and a Democratic version that assaults our commercial liberties and loves wealth transfers and taxes Andrew Napolitano If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their moneythe banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless Thomas Jefferson Judge Andrew P Napolitano does not believe that the government is anyone s friend In his latest book, Lies The Government Told You, he takes his readers on a very informative journey in exposing various lies that he believes Americans have bought into A little unsettling is Napolitano s warning on page 295 that his readers should be very careful when reading THIS book, because it could set someone up to be monitored by the government for suspicious behavior I can only imagine that if merely reading a book like this makes one a target in the government s eyes, how much incriminating it must be to WRITE a book like this The author seems to truly know his stuff so I m sure he thought long and hard before putting himself out there and exposing this information If you re not into politics then this book might not hold your interest It s a pretty deep read with tons of facts and information.The author writes about seventeen lies, one of them being all men are created equal American history buffs will already be well aware that four out of the first five American Presidents George Washington included owned slaves However, what about the The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment which gives the government the right to take away private property for public use This includes YOUR home, even if you ve paid it off What about Populism and Progessivism When did these views develop and how have they affected our current government Why is FEMA so disorganized and chaotic And why are they still allowed to operate, though FEMA has proven to be unprepared and severely lacking in disaster response What about the 40 billion dollars a year taken from American taxpayers and used to foot the bill for the war on drugs In the midst of a failing economy, why are Americans forced to continue to pay for these types of ineffective programs Lie 12 is Everyone Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty Napolitano shows example after example of how the government has wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned innocent Americans and gotten away with it.Not only does the author cover historical events like the founding of our country and Pearl Harbor he also addresses current events like the General Motors bailout, comparing it to the near failure of Amtrak in 1971.Interesting, thought provoking and definitely for those who agree with Napolitano s view of the government.