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I received a review copy of The Tower of the Swallow in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Andrzej Sapkowski and Gollancz Minor spoilers may follow The narrative begins with a hermit called Vysogota finding what he believes is an injured boy in a forest It transpires that this young gentleman is actually the girl, Ciri and she is very close to death The hermit takes her to his shack which is untraceable unless you know it s there and prays that he can aid her recovery He was formally a scholar and a medical practitioner which is fortunate He involuntarily drew back and hissed at the site of the ghastly mask of dirt and congealed blood where the boy s face should have been After days of assistance, constantly watching and caring, Ciri slowly recovers She wishes to leave straight away, to escape, as it transpires that a bounty hunter called Bonhart is tracking her The former scholar guarantees that there is no possibility that they can be found and to heal first before venturing out The duo get to know each other and exchange stories Firstly, the Hermit explains who he is and why he lives in such isolation Following that, Ciri The Child of Destiny explains what has happened to her since the ending of Baptism of Fire and this is where the story really starts This is the main storyline for forty percent of the novel but is not all included at the beginning and after certain segments, they will conclude the story and reflect, and do chores Had someone crept up after nightfall to the cottage with the sunken, moss grown thatched roof, had they peered inside, in the dimly lit interior they would have seen a grey bearded old man listening to a tale told by an ashen haired girl sitting on a log by the fireplace Another frequent storyline that is presented is regarding Geralt and his band of companions including a vampire, an archer, a poet and a traitor swordsman as they aim to trace the druids who may know about Ciri s true whereabouts These sections were brilliant It s not just these two train of events that we follow, however There is a large amount of point of view perspectives and occasionally after getting my teeth firmly set into a stunning set piece or chuckling at some rollickingly good banter, Sapkowski would then throw us somewhere else in this extravagantly large and detailed world to follow individuals who I wasn t at all familiar with Initially, it was a buzzkill but in these segments, after two pages of missing Geralt or Ciri, it actually seemed to make sense why this was presented in this manner, and I can conclude when the finale approaches you will, or at least I was, very impressed with the overall structure Although certain times the choice of the next point of view chapter did seem sporadic and slightly random.I ve mentioned previously that in this series I find the characters to be exquisite Much has happened to the main two characters Geralt and Ciri They have developed spectacularly across these six novels and in a way have almost swapped places I won t explain that statement as might approach spoiler territory but see if you agree after you ve finished this narrative Also, if you are thinking of approaching this series just because you enjoyed the Witcher games, since The Sword of Destiny, it is very rare that Geralt has actually just gone solo monster hunting If anything, as the saga progresses it s almost presenting the real monsters as being the politics, corruption, warring nations and all people involved Geralt, who never ever questioned good or evil as long as he was paid for what he was doing is brooding a lot but also changing his outlook on the world His number one objective is to find Ciri and will do all in his power to do that One of my qualms about previous entries was about needless information dumping sections about political happenings one hundred years ago or who married someone else previously and what effect it had on characters I don t know They distracted from the main story and thus far haven t heightened my enjoyment at all There is only one such section here and although I did want to skip past it, it was an okay read but still seemed a bit like a dull interlude All in all, this was an extraordinary tale which highlights Sapkowski s masterful character creation many of who will stay in my mind long after I complete this saga and often astonishingly exciting set pieces Especially the scene including ice skates The storytelling is also top notch barring the occasional hiccup I ve mentioned in my reviews thus far Only one book remains for me now excluding Season of Storms which is set prior to the main set of novels and I m intrigued to see how this can all be wrapped up in just one book It seems like a phenomenal ask but I m going to jump in straight away and see if Sapkowski can fulfill the promise he has flaunted thus far of being able to make this one of the best fantasy sagas of all time Conclusions are very important to me so I ll let you know if I believe he succeeds in my next review. (((FREE PDF))) ☠ Wieża Jaskółki ☛ Ciri Staje Przed Swoim Przeznaczeniem Drakkar Wioz Cy Yennefer Trafia W Oko Czarodziejskiego Cyklonu Czy W R D Przyjaci Wied Mina Ukrywa Si Zdrajca Czwarta, Przedostatnia Od Ona Epopei O Wiecie Wied Mina I Wojnach, Jakie Nim Wstrz Saj W Zagubionej W R D Bagien Chacie Pustelnika Ci Ko Ranna Ciri Powraca Do Zdrowia Jej Tropem Pod Aj Bezlito Ni Zab Jcy Z Nilfgaardu Tymczasem Dru Yna Geralta, Unikaj C Coraz To Nowych Niebezpiecze Stw, Dociera Wreszcie Do Ukrywj Cych Si Druid W Czy Wied Minowi Uda Si Odnale Ciri Jak Rol Odegra Osnuta Legend Wie A Jask Ki This review can be found on Amaranthine Reads.The Witcher series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski continues, with the Child Surprise Ciri travelling around with a bunch of thieves and bandits called the Rats, whilst Geralt, sorcerers and the Emperor send out people to find her.This series has plummeted to the very depths of tedium Every book has melded in to one and it s difficult for me to remember this particular one, though I do recall my consternation at the random change of narrative style Geralt is still not doing any Witchering, there is still monumental bitching between all the female characters and the dialogue is still pitiful.I complained during a review of an earlier book in this series that we rarely had other points of view during the narration, which seemed to slow down the entire thing This book rectifies that, but in such a way that it may as well have not happened We have around five POVs during any given chapter, which confuses things incredibly and don t actually improve the plot or pace of the action We also, for some reason, begin to get excerpts from Dandelion s little memoirs, which add nothing to the plot except a general feel that perhaps this is something Sapkowski should maybe try out because it s cool, yo.The plot is also the same as it was in the previous three books This series, a five book series discounting the first two short story collections, is definitely two books too long and probably four books too long Everything seems to take around two chapters to tell A journey that could be told in one sentence ends up taking approximately half the book and we are left wondering why Nothing particularly exciting happens during these journeys, except meeting new characters that add nothing to the story because the characters we already know are weak and two dimensional Their interaction is always so false and incredibly immature.Speaking of the characters, the protagonists known as Geralt and Ciri have become cantankerous and pathetic They whinge and moan and act like little children not getting their own way And yet no one minds because one is a part of a prophecy and the other characters are all in love with the other It is as if nothing can touch them which is apparently the case since they elude capture, maiming and death numerous times through no reason other than they must to keep the story going.There is also far, far, far too many mentions of genitals I have never read a book that is so obsessed with genitals and sex I m sure HBO would love to turn this in to a TV series and a successful one at that due to the sheer amount of tits and sex Someone is either aiming to stab someone else in the penis or a man is wanting to shove his penis in a woman s vagina This is basically all that happens, with some killing in between.And there is still endless bitching between the female characters I m not sure there is a single woman who have anything nice to say about another woman, except Ciri but she s basically just a child anyway And all womenloveall children It s a fact.I don t know why I felt the need to finish this series There is one book to go after this and whilst I found this particular instalment as boring as any book can be, I find I ve invested so much I need to know Belzebub knows I will be disappointed I can feel it with this book as the plot meanders, the characters flatten out even and the dialogue improves by a hair s breadth It is my own fault for wasting my own time. I really really want to love this book, but the honest truth is that this one is really not that great The Tower of Swallows is a difficult book to define, or even to recap The writing feels lost ambling around without direction, constantly jumping scenes, and forgetting about Geralt altogether about half way through the book Of note, The Tower of Swallows isn t really about the eponymous witcher, Geralt of Rivia Most real estate is devoted to Ciri telling the story of how she escaped Bonhart, a deeply menacing bounty hunter of unclear motivations his erstwhile employer, Nilfgaardian coroner Stefan Skellen and the Archmage Vilgefortz, who appears to be the series main antagonist Eventually she leaves her hiding place to make her way to the tower, followed by said pursuers, who are determined to catch her before she can enter the tower and reassume her powers Geralt and his companions, meanwhile, are trying to make their way to Ciri or to where they believe she might be Yennefer and Triss are also on Ciri s path, albeit on different timelines, and likely for different reasons The character narratives are not always linear, or even told straightforwardly in the close third person favored by the genre Yennefer s story, for example, is told over several timelines, with crucial parts related by individuals who may not be reliable narrators More often than not, the stylistic gambit works, but there are instances in which The Tower of Swallows would have benefitted from conventional plotting For example, there is far too much space given to the spy Dijkstra s visit to a far flung and newly introduced kingdom a plot point that doesn t really develop and, frankly, isn t necessary Sometimes the same event is narrated by different narrators from different times Then there s this build up that always starts with the same words and goes nowhere if someone looked into the cottage, they would have seen an ashen haired girl It says it like 7 times, and it s a full paragraph of text Every time I read it, it heightens my anticipation for bigger things to come but nothing ever happens It feels like Andrzej Sapkowski got bored, and just decided to jump around and experiment with the story from different angles then decided to throw the whole mess together and call it a book It s also worth noting the gratuitous violence the most I have encountered in series so far Without spoiling too much, there s a great deal of focus on torture and humiliation during certain sequences, and though it has its purpose was uncomfortable to read.Just as it gets interesting, it abruptly ends There s little resolution, and half the characters are lost in limbo Who knows where the hell Geralt is I get that it s trying to set up the next book, but the ending scene is strangely flat There s little to suggest doom or hope it just ends This is, by far, the weakest book in the series Time of Contempt was another tier of quality I still think this is a superb series, and I hope Lady of The Lake will be a worthy finale. Believe it or not, the hero of this installment is not the Witcher, Yennefer or Ciri It s Andrzej Sapkowski and his masterful storytelling technique, which utilizes various POVs, narrative styles and multiple timelines across the centuries and locations He weaves a narrative yarn which should have been confusing but surprisingly turns out to be fresh, sharp and fun to read.I bow down before you in supreme awe Mild spoilers are the necessary evil, they are necessary. Sreyas, the tales of SPOILERS AHEAD The last installment had very little narrative space for Ciri and Yenneferno complaints there , but this one brutally revamps Ciri as on hell of a character by pushing her limits like never before At the risk of sounding corny, let me say Ciri is like a diamond, and in Tower of Swallows, they cut her The story opens with Ciri, who recounts her tale to a Hermit named Vysogota, who found her wounded in his forest Sapkowski did an excellent job with these two characters and their interactions, effectively building CIri s story arc with the old school storytelling methodCiri and Vysogoto chilling Witcher s story arc is still my personal favorite because of the company he keeps and the adventures he stumbles on to In this installment, Witcher s fellowship adds a new young member to their ranks and this completes the adopted dysfunctional family of Witcher. The scene where Geralt accuse Cahir of betrayal and the mayhem that follows afterward was spectacularly hilarious, proving once again the colorfulness of Geralt and his company Yennefer once again gets least screen time, and once again her chapter blew me away with complex narrative style and sheer visual spectacle I was never a fan of Yennefer before this book, but now I am a fan What makes this volume stand out from others is the bold narration and widened explanation of what the hell has been going on outside the main characters All the installment before Swallows gave me an impression that I am looking at the great Nifflegardian War through the wrong end of the telescope Tower of Swallow finally confronts or at least untangles the politics of war and character motivations through chapters featuring Twany owl as well as Dijkstra I especially loved Dijkstra s chapter, the last pages of this chapter was storytelling at its best.Swallows even stepped up the action The action scenes featuring Witcher and Co were complete mayhem as always, and there are many memorable moments.But Ciri stole the show with amazing finale fight on the ice Seriously, words fail me And appropriately, the artist featured the battle on Ice near Tower of Swallows Spanish edition cover Needless to say, My love for Spanish edition covers continue.I want to talk about stuff like how assassin Bonhart reminds me of DC s Deathstroke, and I want to talk about how fascinated I am with world of Witcher because of some crazy and similar aspects it share with our own world Months, twisted Norse mythology, festivals , and Spawaski s writing style which at one point reminded me of old western view spoiler Rat s last stand hide spoiler Buddy read with CeliseI m Ciri from Kaer Morhen I m a witcher I came here to kill Daaaamn.Quite possibly the best book in the main saga.Ramblings to come. 3.5 of 5 stars at the BiblioSanctum am so in love with these audiobooks Peter Kenny is the incontrovertible voice of this series, making all my favorite characters come to life with his authentic reading style and superb acting Fan translations of these books have been around for a while, but I don t mind waiting longer if it means I can enjoy the audio editions every time I jump into a new book, it s like coming home to old friends.The Tower of Swallows picks up from the end of Baptism of Fire, where the search for Ciri continues The story begins by mirroring the intro of the previous book with a long convalescence of one of our characters, this time Ciri instead of Geralt The young princess turned Witcher has adopted a new identity and settled into life with a party of young rebels who call themselves the Rats Something happens, however, leading to her being found unconscious and gravely injured in the middle of a swamp by an old hermit named Vysogota The old man nurses her back to health, and during her recovery Ciri tells him what happened.Meanwhile, Geralt and his companions are still traveling together trying to find Ciri, but their precarious alliance keeps coming under fire from distrust and infighting, not to mention plenty of bad decisions There s also a lot of political intrigue happening in the background as their enemies keep plotting against them, and a new face of evil enters the field.While I really enjoyed The Tower of Swallows, I have to confess it wasn t my favorite In fact, this was the first full length Witcher novel in which I felt the pacing stumbled a little After an incredibly strong beginning, the story loses steam around the halfway point when it takes a very sudden turn in a new direction We go abruptly from fast paced action and adventure to convoluted politics, which made the end of the book tedious and hard to understand when compared to the first half.Still, this is a book you won t want to miss, especially if you ve been following along with the series, and the good parts made it all worth it One of the things I admire most about Andrzej Sapkowski s storytelling is the way he experiments with different narrative styles, which sometimes involve sudden jumps in the timeline and frequent switches in points of view Normally I am not a fan of this however, I love the interesting and engaging way Sapkowski does it, as illustrated at the beginning of the novel, where the events that befell Ciri are unraveled by having her share her story with Vysogota Narrative threads are picked up, dropped, picked up again by different characters, but done in a seamless way that flows well and is easy to follow, even in the audio format.The characters are also evolving nicely with each installment Notably, Ciri has come of age and she is settling in as one of the series major characters She s still finding her way in this book, both literally and figuratively Torn between her old life as a princess and her new one as a rogue Witcher, she s frequently waffling on what she wants, and like many troubled teens she is quick to anger especially when confronted with hard truths She may be an expert fighter, but at the end of the day she s still just a lost young girl Geralt is of course the other central figure, and here he suffers his own crisis of confidence, beating himself up for not doing all he can to find Ciri, at some points even convincing himself that she is dead and that his quest is futile He also clashes with his companions, in particular with Cahir the Nilfgaardian, whom Geralt does not trust Overall, lack of success has demoralized the party, causing rising tensions and fraying nerves It almost makes you want to break out the popcorn and watch the fur fly.Even though the second half is slow, the book does ends with a bang, making me excited for what s coming next In total, there are currently six books translated into English and produced in audio, including two that are story collections I have a feeling all the questions will be answered and everything will come together as the series heads towards its conclusion.Narration wise, I really have no complaints Peter Kenny has already won me over, and he s probably the biggest reason why I m such a diehard fan of the Witcher audiobooks, to the extent now where no other format will do I m just sad knowing that the next book will be the final entry in the saga Regardless, I m looking forward to seeing how it s all going to end. Odli no napisana i ova Unapred se radujem finalnoj knjizi. Actual rating 3.5 stars. Buddy read with Markus, who actually led me to discover this amazing series in the first place.The previous book in The Witcher series was a little bit choppy, with each change in point of view requiring some adjustment By comparison, The Tower of Swallows is like a river being fed by a bunch of little streams All of the different characters scenes flow easily together to tell the larger story, and as a reader it s so easy to be carried along the current while observing all of the terrible things that happen on the banks Real life seems far off when you re sucked into something like that, and that s what I look for in a good book As for the plot, I won t bother to summarize This is the 6th book in the series, so if you re already reading them you ll get to this one on your own If you haven t read any of The Witcher series, I recommend reading The Last Wish, the short story anthology that begins everything If you re interested in jumping to the novels, here is my review for Blood of Elves.If you re a Ciri fan and felt like she was sorely missed in Baptism of Fire, here s one for you Her parts were ace view spoiler Her first encounter with Bonhart actually had my heart racing The fighting pit was also just so cool, and truthfully I wanted a little bit of that hide spoiler