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I loved the book in Indonesian and I think the author has done very well on translating it into English, not losing any of the points and impacts of the original script I can t wait for the 2 sequels to also be translated so it can beaccessible for my friends to read. TUGAS This book was given to me by a patron in a coffee shop in Indonesia It was during my first week of my travels to Asia, and my first stop was in Bali, Indonesia During this week, I had become a regular at a coffee shop down the street from me Everyday, I would go grab my morning coffee and speak to the Indonesian coffee owners about life in Indonesia, travelling, and, obviously, the beauty of coffee The coffee shop was named Bahasa, a term in Indonesian that means language or dialect This shop was aptly named, as it served as the meeting area for expats and locals from around the world.One day, I was the asking the barista questions about his hometown I knew that he was from the west of Java, the big island beside Bali, but I was interested in the culture of his island, the food of Indonesia, and the difference between Bali and Java A major difference, he relayed, was the religions between the two islands While Bali s largest religion was Hinduism, the rest of Indonesia, Java included, it was Islam.Listening into our conversation, another one of the regulars joined in and offered if I would like to read a firsthand account of Islam in Java He mentioned that this book might be interesting to me, and that he would bring it to the shop the following day This book came to me at a timely manner, as I was already in a period of reflection about travel, morals, knowledge, and the journey of the past to the present Each of these themes are addressed within the pages of the book.The story begins with Alif, a young village boy from West Sumatra also our lively narrator who makes a half hearted decision to join a regimented religious boarding school MP It relates the journey of his intensive learning, Islamic revelations, and own personal development, all while fueled by a sense of self doubt lingering from his abrupt decision to leave home This sets the tone for a book detailing the teaching of the Al Quran s tenants through motivational and captivating stories of Alif s time in MP.The themes are brilliantly captured by Alif s personal trials and tribulations as a student in this strict penasaran Islamic boarding school His personal story is mixed in with characters of the Fellowship of Manara, five other schoolboys who become the close friends with our protagonist Each member of the Fellowship is gifted with their own personality, traits, and strengths providing another lens to view the hardships they endure together.It s a brotherhood formed by congealed bond of strong solidarity required to push on in face of the hardships of exams, strict rules, and constant studying each needing a strong perseverance to succeed in this pressurized environment The words man jadda wajada, he who gives his all will surely succeed, are shouted by the students in their first class, and are constantly echoed throughout the book Each passage of the book ties back to the premise of hard work, and Alif s personal development growth is built on the backbone of these words.The experience of Alif and his fellow schoolmates revived memories of my own experience in university The Ustads teachers whom the students looked up to as the carriers of knowledge, were the same people they also feared, as they were also the ones to dole out punishment if they did not abide by the rules It s this sense of fear and respect combined that gave each of the Ustads a revered place in the students mind This fits nicely with professors in a university who are the gatekeepers to knowledge They have spent their entire career engrossed in their specific discipline, and are the ones who dole out grades mimicking the punishment of not following the rules of the class, and the knowledge of the doctrine.Outside of the teachers, I personally connected with the stories of Alif and his friends while they studied together in preparation for the famously difficult exams of MP There was the concept of sahirul lail, an arabic term that roughly describes staying up late to study into the early morning hours of the night the attempt to squeeze out any last bits of knowledge These huddled students, using only the light of a friend s lantern as they studied, reminded me of the deep work sessions my friends and I would endure while edging closer and closer to an approaching sunrise Those late night sessions enacted a certain bond felt between each member of the session, one which I believe Alif accurately captures in this book.The story was not without its faults, however The description of each passing character was superficial, describing their features clear skinned , rather than the humanity behind them The language was easy to follow, but there was no captivating style perhaps due to the translation , and the meaning behind each important teaching was beaten over the reader s head These teachings were overly referenced by Alif s passages of overcoming any mental or physical challenge This easy reading required no analysis for the reader s part, making it a superficial version of moral lessons.However, my biggest gripe of the story was near the end of the book There was a passage that seemingly summed up the stringent rules of the MP It was at a point in the story where the boys were celebrating a well done final event they had put on But, its success was due to breaking a small, ridiculous rule, when gathering supplies for their show Three boys, Alif included, were taken to the security center, and their heads were shaved as punishment for breaking this rule It was somehow related to a teaching in the Al Quran, but I was not convinced by the goodwill of the punishment This strict adherence to law closely resembled a form of deontological ethics that the students were forced to follow, and this caused me to reevaluate some of the book s teachings Looking back through the book s passages, I was able to draw out an underlying tone that cut deep into the heart of the book s message.The tone of fear of breaking the rules, the impossible moral requirements of the students, and the strict enforcement of the Islamic law paraded itself in plain view once you took note of it This tone was also reinforced by the concept of jasus, student spies, a punishment put onto a student when they broke the rules These spies would then watch for any fault made by their fellow students These faults were things like not speaking the two official languages of English or Arabic, unkept sarongs, or cutting the bathroom lines The jasus would have to record exactly two students convicted of these infractions, and hand them into the the security office, where the convicted students would themselves be forced to become the new jasus If they did not succeed in recording exactly two names, they wereseverely punished.This creepy feeling of surveillance, harsh punishments for infractions, and underlying sense of fear may have helped keep order in the school, but it must have also hampered free thought and expression Even though the mission of the school was to inspire scholars ones who would seek out knowledge throughout the world it was forced through the lens of Islamic thought So, while I do agree with many of the teachings, passages, and morals of the story, it was hard for me to know whether these were Alif s true belief The book preached sincerity as the main driver for the students actions, but this unquestioning of the rules, and fear of breaking them, made this sincerity a difficult motivator to accept.The book ends with a happy message, though We encounter three brothers of the Fellowship reunited in London This meeting takes place 11 years after their upper level final exams, where they last hugged each other before going back to their various homes across Indonesia It s in this last part of the book where we are once again treated to the beauty of the book s themes It s the benefits of travel for the soul, the happiness of keeping a long lasting brotherhood, and that while we may still carry a sense of self doubt whether we took the correct path in life, the journey is what really matters. for me, this book is boring sorry, tapi emang kurang greget didn t give me any surprise. This is a great story It tells us about the life of santri in one of religion boarding schools in East Java Such islamic boarding school is called Pesantren and the students are called santri Girls and boys go to different schools and they cannot study together Mostly they learn religion and its practice They are expected to become religion teachers once they are graduated People often think that these schools are of second quality in compare to the public schools, let alone the private schools Parents who send their children to these schools are usually but not always those who either have a weak economy to finance their children s education, whose children have grades so bad they cannot enroll to public schools, or whose children have behavioral problems they needed to be fixed , even combination of these factors.If you have read Three Cups of Tea, it is described that terorrist and extremist organizations alike, funded by Arabic countries, build this kind of school in Pakistan to produce their worker bees in multiplication They teach their students for Jihad These schools are shut to the world outside and people who don t have any relation or importance to these schools aren t allowed to come close.Pesantrens in Indonesia are rarely open to the public and stories or personal experience of studying in such schools are not so often to be published After 9 11 people are gettingcurious with these schools This book gives an answer to that curiosity.Life in Pesantren Pondok Madani is certainly not lavished with pricey comfort, but it highly values knowledge alongside moral and religious values From the first day of the school, the teachers teach one key principle to their students Man Jadda Wajadda, an arabic words which means one who does one s utmost will succeed They are the magic words to pump up your energy and motivation in chasing your dreams The school educate its pupils with super high discipline Students are not only taught religion and doctrines of duties, but also general knowledge, math, history, and Arabic and English Indonesian and provincial language are strictly prohibited within the school, students are only allowed to speak in either Arabic or English Those who don t obey this rule will get punishment It is not known whether they study science such as physics and chemistry or not, but the school certainly encourages its pupils to develop themselves in other fields of interest, such as art, sport, debates, and even journalism Teachers inspire students with their earnestness to share their knowledge with their pupils without wage their lives are fully supported by the school but they don t get any salary Sometimes they inspire students by sharing the biography of well known figures or by giving their ears to children s problems and give motivation to straighten their backs.This school also has a unique way to perceive exam week as a celebration of knowledge, it is time to catch the knowledge they ve been pursuing all along and bind them so that they ll stay forever Weeks prior the exam, students will wake up at 2am and study together until 4am the time to morning prayer which also marks the start of the day and the activities, and continue to study until 10 pm the time for students to sleep For the seniors, they are even allowed to study until midnight Teachers will also stay up until late at night and go around from group to group so that each group has the opportunity to ask about things even chapter they haven t fully grabbed yet What a way to celebrate knowledge This creates huge drive to study among the students, which makes them love studying This is the kind of Jihad the school is teaching to the students, to serve God with their whole life, and strength, and knowledge The main character, a smart graduate from junior high religious school, wanted to enroll in public school and chase his dream to study at the best technical university of Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, to follow the path of Habibie, our ex president His final scores in national exam was among the highest 10 people in the entire area of Agam, West Sumatra A gem indeed But his mother wanted him to study in Pesantren She was concerned with the quality of Pesantrens and was dismayed by the quality of religious teacher they might produce, while the moslem municipalities are getting brighter and smarter in each generation Therefore she wanted her son to join Pesantren, so that in the future he will be a qualified teacher to lead the moslem people After a while, he finally agreed to go to a Pesantren in Java From there begins the story of the pursue of knowledge, struggles, and friendship among 6 santris, each coming from different cities and backgrounds Each share their dreams of going to Mecca, Asia, Africa, America, or staying in Indonesia, and pursue their destiny But they all know in their deepest heart that, in time, they ll be back and stay in Indonesia to share the knowledge they ve got and serve the people.This story is based on the experience of the writer himself The writer, a recipient of 8 schollarships including Fulbright and Chevening, is a journalist of the long time prominent magazine in Indonesia He throws a very inspiring story for everyone Eventhough I m a christian, I enjoy this book a lot and I know that everyone can gain something for their lives from this book In addition to that, this book is also filled with Indonesian s cultural insights In short, I love it And I hope that other pesantrens, even public schools, will follow the lead of this special school in its earnestness of knowledge dissemination Man jadda wajadda Quite surprised this book tells a lot of things that i don t know about Pesantren Modern And turned out, i really knew nothing about what and how life in pesantren is, hehe This book not only opens my mind, but also have made me fall in love with Pesantren s life, it s system and the people there Two things that i love the most about the book are the way Fuadi described Anak Pesantren s mundane schedules in detail it makes me feel like i m doing what Alif was doing and also the words he picked to describe the whole story are all really GOOD it s like i m reading a poem in a story SAdly, i was busy doing others thing and finally finish this book in 1 month Can t wait to read the next serial book AkhirnyaAdaSerialyangTidakMengecewakan Nice introduction to Indonesian culture Really seattle on on introducing across the country, regions, local culture, food and motivations Really like it, its a really relax read, goes without saying the writer has a taste for some drama P An absolutely brilliant narration of a childhood with cultural and religious references Man jadda wajada keeps recurring throughout the book Cannot wait for the translation of the second and third parts. This novel is the first book written by A Fuadi Negeri 5 Menara is inspired by the true story of the writer when he lives in an Islamic boarding school located in East Java It s published in 2009.The main character of this novel is Alif Fikri Chaniago He is from Maninjau, West Sumatra, and he never goes far from his village When he has finished his education in a Madrasah Tsanawiyah an Islamic school which has the same level with Junior High School his dream is to continue his education in a Senior High School On the day of his graduation he knows that his mother wants him to continue his study in a Madrasah Aliyah an Islamic school which has the same level with Senior High School She wants him to learnabout his religion, and be someone who has big efforts for Islam like Buya Hamka Alif doesn t want to be Buya Hamka, but he wants to belike Habibie.He chooses to leave his village and study in a Madrasah Aliyah called Pondok Madani PM that located miles and miles from his village He wants it because he doesn t want to disappoint her mother, but at the same time he wants to show his dissappointment to her mother At the first day in his new school he s dazzled by a saying man jadda wa jada It means who is struggling will reach success He meets a lot of students from every single corner of Indonesia, but there are some friends who are so special for him They are Raja Lubis from Medan, Said Jufri from Surabaya, Dulmajid from Sumenep, Atang from Bandung, and Baso Salahuddin from Gowa They brings their unique character from the place they come from, but they are united by the endless activities and the strict rules of Pondok Madani for six years They are getting closer and call themself as Sahibul Menara They paint their dreams by staring at the clouds together They choose different path to pursue their dream, but they take the same place to start Pondok Madani.This novel is truly inspiring It burns our spirit There are so much positive energy in every single word in this novel We can experience how it feels to live in a dormitory, and find that many things that happen there are so interesting This true story reminds us that religion is like an oxygen in everyone s life We can t seperate it from every aspect of our life including education It teaches us that we can reach success whatever our choice and our place to start might be All you have to do is struggling. ^Download Kindle ☔ Negeri 5 Menara ↟ Alif Lahir Di Pinggir Danau Maninjau Dan Tidak Pernah Menginjak Tanah Di Luar Ranah Minangkabau Masa Kecilnya Adalah Berburu Durian Runtuh Di Rimba Bukit Barisan, Bermain Bola Di Sawah Berlumpur Dan Tentu Mandi Berkecipak Di Air Biru Danau ManinjauTiba Tiba Saja Dia Harus Naik Bus Tiga Hari Tiga Malam Melintasi Punggung Sumatera Dan Jawa Menuju Sebuah Desa Di Pelosok Jawa Timur Ibunya Ingin Dia Menjadi Buya Hamka Walau Alif Ingin Menjadi Habibie Dengan Setengah Hati Dia Mengikuti Perintah Ibunya Belajar Di PondokDi Kelas Hari Pertamanya Di Pondok Madani PM , Alif Terkesima Dengan Mantera Sakti Man Jadda Wajada Siapa Yang Bersungguh Sungguh Pasti SuksesDia Terheran Heran Mendengar Komentator Sepakbola Berbahasa Arab, Anak Menggigau Dalam Bahasa Inggris, Merinding Mendengar Ribuan Orang Melagukan Syair Abu Nawas Dan Terkesan Melihat Pondoknya Setiap Pagi Seperti Melayang Di UdaraDipersatukan Oleh Hukuman Jewer Berantai, Alif Berteman Dekat Dengan Raja Dari Medan, Said Dari Surabaya, Dulmajid Dari Sumenep, Atang Dari Bandung Dan Baso Dari Gowa Di Bawah Menara Masjid Yang Menjulang, Mereka Berenam Kerap Menunggu Maghrib Sambil Menatap Awan Lembayung Yang Berarak Pulang Ke Ufuk Di Mata Belia Mereka, Awan Awan Itu Menjelma Menjadi Negara Dan Benua Impian Masing Masing Kemana Impian Jiwa Muda Ini Membawa Mereka Mereka Tidak Tahu Yang Mereka Tahu Adalah Jangan Pernah Remehkan Impian, Walau Setinggi Apa Pun Tuhan Sungguh Maha MendengarBagaimana Perjalanan Mereka Ke Ujung Dunia Ini Dimulai Siapa Horor Nomor Satu Mereka Apa Pengalaman Mendebarkan Di Tengah Malam Buta Di Sebelah Sungai Tempat Jin Buang Anak Bagaimana Sampai Ada Yang Kasak Kusuk Menjadi Mata Mata Misterius Siapa Princess Of Madani Yang Mereka Kejar Kejar Kenapa Mereka Harus Botak Berkilat Kilat Bagaimana Sampai Icuk Sugiarto, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ibnu Rusyd, Bahkan Maradona Sampai Akhirnya Ikut Campur Ikuti Perjalanan Hidup Yang Inspiratif Ini Langsung Dari Mata Para Pelakunya Negeri Lima Menara Adalah Buku Pertama Dari Sebuah Trilogi