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I ve watched and read Charley s adventures for decades They are amazing and this one is no exception I highly recommend this companion book and the series that it goes with The is the second By Any Means series, and both of them are well worth watching and the companion books are definitely worth reading Must read. The ever familiar Charley Boorman, who friendship with Ewan McGregor has turned him into a motorpsycho Michael Palin, the travel bug inherent in his geographic challenge after vehicle challenge. Great read of an adventure with all the different ways to travel covered. Great writing, fun read, for a good cause. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ] ♂ Right to the Edge ♶ Using Quad Bikes, Hovercrafts, Wooden Scooters, Canoes, Paragliders, And Of Course His Favorite Mode Of Transportation Motorcycle Charley Travels Through Some Of The Most Exotic And Exciting Countries In The World Along The Way He Encounters Fascinating People And Tests His Endurance To The Limit Packed With Adventure, And Written With Charley S Trademark Humor And Enthusiasm,Right To The Edge Will Delight Fans And New Readers Alike And I thought I was reading a travel book Our bookgroup had as its theme Travel writing in Asia and this title was included, but it could honestly have been set anywhere at all and it would not have made the slightest difference to what actually appeared on the page Most of what I read which admittedly wasn t much before I abandoned it on the life s too short premise was about Mr Boorman and his false modesty tell me I m super really , and the various modes of transport he is astride in clinging to etc yawn I know these books are really popular but I guess it s just not for me for the same reasons that I can t stand Top Gear The sort of book for people who think they ought to own books, but actually just watch the DVDs. I have read Charley s Long Way adventures with Ewan McGregor, but have not come across his solo adventures What really caught my interest here was that he traveled across my country, and I did not know about it I especially liked reading those chapters about the Philippines My hunch was also correct that he went to Handlebar I ve been to that club and it is a well known haunt for Harley riders.Reading all these books about travel and motorcycle riding really convinces me I d like to see travel the world in a similar way, too Someday. I have one other book in the series which I enjoyed than this one I tend to agree with the other reviews which termed the book as frantic Maybe it s because Charley is first and foremost a biker motorcycle enthusiast first and traveler second that the pace is like this certainly not muy idea of travel though from the writing, I can sense his sense of British humor I looked forward to reading his accounts here in the Philippines but they were a tad short The book could ve also benefited from stringent proofreading. Another solid effort from Charley this second By Any Means book and TV series focuses less on the travel and about the people and culture There s less countries and no Russ, but the countries Charley visits are covered in much detail The book covers even than the TV series and explains things in depth For biking fans, there are many motorbikes this time round.The writing is not high class literature, but the telling of Hiroshima s Genbaku Domu had me wiping away tears I think Charley captured the emotions you feel there beautifully. Didn t enjoy this as much as I thought I would There wasn t enough description of the places he visited I know that he loves the bikes and the different methods of transport but I feel like he just shoots straight through places without stopping to enjoy the travel experience Or maybe I just got bored of reading about bikes and trucks.