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WOW This is so messed up, and if you don t like OTT drama I suggest you stay away For me, this one was amazing and not what I was expecting Let s me start by saying she was one smart cookie She was young and made a few mistakes she lied but essentially she was a good girl in a bad situation The hero, Blaze, got what he deserved when he was racked with guilt about his supposedly bad behavior He was using her and she caught him out on it Chrissy was so confused by the situation however she should have just let her sister go get herself messed up by the hero I don t think I would try to save that poor child having a bitch mother like her sister However, I value life and I would have done the same so I do see her point of view It was an emotional read with little Rosie taking center stage a few times I cried when Rosie went to call him Daddy after he found out Chrissy had lied and he was not the father or her the mother for that matter Poor misguided Chrissy, she loved the hero and he was too caught up with revenge to see what he was giving up It was great at the end too when he said he would forgive her maybe after their 6th child Lol Loved it I can t believe I didn t have this one rated on Goodreads This is one of my all time favorite Lynne Graham books And it s one of her few books where the hero is British although he s half Italian, he is British or less Some of the love scenes were pretty interesting, dialogue wise very wide grin I d have to reread it to give a review to do it justice, but I love this book It made me a Lynne Graham fan. Whew This is a difficult one to rate It s an intense angsty read with lots of drama, but I don t think the author got the balance right There was too much Cinderella action at the beginning so that when the consequences of the heroine s lies and the hero s revenge finally occurred, there was only one chapter to deal with it all To say the ending was rushed and unsatisfying is an understatement The heroine s lies were that her half sister was her child she let this lie of omission stand from the beginning and that the hero was the child s father the product of a rape The hero bonded with the child and he only found out the truth from the heroine s sister minutes before the wedding Cute stutter or no the heroine was wrong, wrong, wrong to tell those lies and sustain them for weeks on end.The hero s revenge was rape and sexual humiliation of a virgin on their wedding night for the next week.Good lord I guess they deserve each other And they re going to tell lies about the child so she ll grow up thinking the hero is her father and the heroine is her mother until they see fit to inform her of her true identity That won t mess her up not at all.I realize this review isn t in chronological order, so I ll take some questions.Why did the heroine lie about the child s origins Her mother left her lottery winner father to marry a bigamist She found herself pregnant at 45 about the same time the bigamist dad went to prison After having the baby, she lost her will to live and the soft hearted heroine dropped out of school to take care of her sister She never filed for any child allowance because she wasn t the legal guardian and she didn t want her sister to go into care.How does the heroine know the hero They were neighbours after her crass father won the lottery Hero was the illegitimate son of the local gentry Heroine s sister chased him and made a spectacle of herself Heroine thinks they were lovers for awhile 17 year old heroine took the drunk hero home the day of her sister s rebound wedding 3 years before and hero kissed her and then verbally abused her This is the incident the hero can t remember, so the heroine is able later on to convince him that he raped her then They meet again when the heroine is cleaning a flat in London and the hero recognizes her She overhears him telling his girlfriend all about her scandalous, drunken mother and crass father She turns a vase of flowers over his head and is fired.Hero tracks her down as she and her half sister are going to thrown out in the streets for non payment of rent He offers her a housekeeping job at a derelict manor house in the same district as her father Later we find out that hero did this as revenge to embarrass the father The father had swindled the H s grandfather in a poker game.But why tell the hero he s a father The heroine s sister has left her husband in hopes of getting the hero back She is inconveniently pregnant by her husband, so she ll have to get an abortion if she wants to catch the hero In order to save the unborn child, the heroine tells her sister that the hero is her child s father I still don t get the logic she thinks her sister will back off the hero and keep the baby from her husband if the hero s the father of an illegitimate child The sister confronts the hero about this paternity issue and since he can t remember, he thinks the child might be his Why the heroine didn t tell him the truth about the sister and the abortion is beyond me and why she didn t tell the sister s husband his wife was pregnant is also beyond me And really that s the conflict There are a lot of pages about the heroine s Cinderella existence in the hero s dilapidated house and the scorn one of his employees has for her but it s really not necessary to the central conflict which is the lies she tells and the kind of revenge the hero extracts The author didn t resolve any of this to my satisfaction but my goodness, she kept me reading Wait a minute Don t go What about the love story romance The heroine was jealous of her sister, was constantly thinking how beautiful the hero was, and really liked how kind he was to her sister She realizes she s in love on their wedding day There were glimpses of the hero s regard He called her a soft centered chocolate a tempting indulgence He hit the h s father when he insulted her and then threw him out of the house He also picked out her romantic, innocent wedding dress He called a halt to his revenge after brutal sex because it was messing up their relationship We are treated to some rough, humiliating sex scenes, but we never see a tender love scene, unfortunately Sounds messed up It was in a way only an HP can be messed up Be warned and happy reading Re Indecent Deception Lynne Graham hones her angstfest wrecki drama skills with this little story of a Cinderella Martyred h and the arrogant, really obnoxious, frequent lady buffet flyer H Huge Warning This is one of LG s non pc books It is her eighth HP outing and like all HP writers, she has to demonstrate her ability to bring on the pain for the h, as only in HPlandia is the quality of the h measured by her ability to shed off pain and humiliation like Teflon This results in an forced seduction that is fairly unpalatable in view of her later writings However, Vintage HP rule 4 is the forced lurve club events only shows the depth of the Hero s love, so keep that in mind if you schedule this book for an HP outing.The story starts with our little h being knocked over by the womanizing and proud of it H in his car It has been 3 years since they last saw each other and at the time the H was drunk over the death of his grandfather, had wrecked his car and the h came along and helped him back to his house.There was a very ugly roofie kiss rejection scene and the h, whose backstory would make a turnip cry, was very hurt and upset We learn that the h is the youngest child of a bunch of sewer slurping slime pustules She has an older brother and sister and things went to Hades in a hand basket when her very lower class father won the lottery.Her father moved the entire family to the upper class countryside and soon began trying to force himself on the local gentry Every failure was blamed on the h s wimpy, spineless mother and she soon ran off with a bigamist The h followed her mother and ended up caring for the pathetic woman after her mother had a baby girl and was taken for all she was worth by the bigamist and then abandoned when he went to prison The h felt she had to drop out of school to care for the baby, after her mother completely abdicated her life and eventually died.The h is now taking cleaning jobs to support herself and her sister She refused to sign up for the child care benefit because she doesn t have custody of her sister, but she loves her and doesn t want the little girl to go into care The h is very young, only twenty and very impetuous So when the flat that she is cleaning turns out to belong to a girlfriend of the H and he starts going on about the h s family after the owner confronts her, the h loses her cool and dumps a vase of flowers on his head.The H, tho he is a nematode slime gulper, recognizes that maybe he shouldn t have mocked the h and her family in front of the h, so he offers her a ride home The h is in the process of being evicted from her flat, so he pays her rent, meets her sister tho he thinks the baby is the h s and then the next day offers her a housekeeper job in a big manor house that needs work and is close to where her estranged father and sister live.The h doesn t realize it is the H who will be her employer at first, she happily leaps upon the opportunity and the H isn t being too forthright in just who she will be working for He does get along great with the little girl, tho he gets angry that the h doesn t allow the girl to call her mummy.When the h gets to the manor house, the place is a wreck and there is no electricity and no furniture except in one room The H s hired help is very resentful of the h being there and we find out is because he was a former employee of the H s grandfather When the H dumped the h s older sister as being a tarty fling three years earlier, the h s father decided to get some revenge on the hated upper classes and conned the H s grandfather into a poker game and fleeced him for a ton of money he did not have The h s father then dunned the H s grandfather and the man had a stroke and then died The H s employee is very nasty to the h as he reveals this backstory and warns the h that the H is out for revenge The h also wakes up to the H in a very roofie kissing moment late that night, the H is stunned to find the h in his bed, but the h explains there wasn t anywhere else for them to sleep.The H seems a bit perturbed by his reaction to the h and we can see the start of the Lurve Force Mojo starting to take over the two of them After some house disaster drama, an encounter with the h s truly coprophagic father during which the H punches the h s father to ward him off, the h is deeply struck by Love Force Mojo thunderbolt of love.Intense jealousy and spite ensue on the h s part, because her older slime pustule sister makes no bones that she is going to insinuate herself back in with the H So when the sewer gulper sister announces that she is preggers from the guy she married on the rebound when the H dumped her and that she is getting an abortion to chase the H, the h concocts a huge lie.The h has been bullied and abused by her family her whole life and the H hasn t done much better in the humiliation department He has flaunted the h s status around the whole area as his domestic and live in tart and almost everyone believes the h s little sister is the H s seekrit love child.The h, in rage of jealously and spite, but telling herself it is to save an innocent baby, tells the slime pustule sister that she is her baby sister s mother and that the girl is the H s daughter The sister explodes and rushes over to confront the H.The H believes the h is telling the truth, because she embellishes their encounter from three years earlier Only this time, the h claims the H seduced her instead of berating and rejecting her The H believes her because she was able to recreate his old bedroom earlier in the book, where the seduction supposedly happened, and because there really was a semi forced roofie kiss between them and the H can t remember the rest The H decides that they will marry and after some very uncomfortable dinner parties, roofie kissing moments and the H bonding even with the little girl, the H makes that so because he was an illegitimate child and he suffered for it his whole life, he doesn t want his daughter growing up the same way We learn that the H was the product of an affair between his mother and a married man The guy really was interested in getting to know him as a child, but his vindictive mother blocked that Then his mother died and the H s father offered him a home with him, to the horror of his wife The H adamantly refused and refused to even speak to the guy Then the H s father and all his family died in a plane crash and the H got a multi million dollar inheritance for which he feels incredibly guilty about There is a very tense moment when the h s slime pustule sister shows up at the wedding right before it is due to start and reveals the truth to the H, the h is really the little girl s sister and the H is not the father The h had spitefully taunted her sister that she was marrying the H and the sister took it very badly The h pleaded with the H to firmly reject her sister, but the H was clearly done with the subject and it is only the h s jealously that spurs her to keep bringing the sister up and to continue with her enormous lies She believes the H slept with her sister He did not, she also learns that her father is almost bankrupt, so the H is quite clear in his non interest and the h was stupid enough to push it anyways, giving the H another stick to whack her with The H goes ahead with the marriage, but it is clear he is furious and very, very angry with the h and their will be dire punishments extracted from her body He essentially went ahead with it because he despises the h s sister than he despises the h and he bonded with the little girl He is actually trying to be responsible here and I admired him for it, but he is really furious over the h s betrayal The h tries to claim that she engineered all of this to keep her sister from terminating her child, but the H doesn t believe her and the forced seduction begins It ends with the h in passionate respones and compared to the heyday of Vintage HP s, it was fairly mild Tho the H does seem to be appalled at the evidence of her unicorn grooming license revocation and does help her physically recover, his words for the h are pretty harsh as he tells her he has no use for her out of bed.They have a full weekend of Purple Passion Bliss and the h feels used, but I wasn t sure that was where the H was coming from on this I really think he was just totally entranced with the h s response to him, LG had been throwing out hints right and left all through the story, so really this part is up to reader interpretation It isn t until we get back to the H s estate that the H really pounds in the pain The h s little sister is happy to see him and this ignites the fury of the H He verbally hammers home the point that the h is an unsuitable caretaker for the little girl, she used a child to wreak havoc and who would suffer for it most in the end The little girl, not the h.After that tirade, we get a truly forced seduction scene and the h is utterly devastated This doesn t help her jealousy when her sister shows up again and goes off to chase the H, as the h finds out when her sister s husband shows up The h confronts the H in fit of fury and rage and he tells her to stuff off.When the H returns a little while later, we find out that he went to confirm that the h s sister was preggers and thinking about a termination He also went to find out the name of the h s mother s solicitor to adopt the h s little sister That was a little wonky moment, cause how would the sister know the mother s solicitor It turns out that the little girl s father is dead and the H is calm enough to recognize that the h is massively in love with him and at least partly told the truth He decides that they will tell the little girl who her parents are as soon as she is old enough to understand, but for all intents and purposes, the little girl will be raised as their child This means that the H can now indulge in a wife who is too afraid and too in love to protest any treatment he dishes out While the H does seem to like the h a little and tells her that he loves her, it was mainly because of lust and because she tried her best to care for her sister and no one ever went that far for for him We end this one with a little Purple Passion Moment, as the H tells the h that he will have considered that she served her penance when she gives birth to their sixth child for the somewhat dubious HPlandia HEA This one is tops on the wrecki drama and in terms of forced seduction, well I have read and tolerated a lot worse and this is one of the last HP s that use that marital rape plot trope, barring Sara Craven However the h s continual jealousy and immaturity really dragged down this book and I was losing my patience with her by the end The H was no prize and the two of them probably deserved each other, but I don t know that this should ever make the top of the list for an enjoyable HPlandia outing. ( Download ) ⚕ Indecent Deception ♽ Revenge Is A Dish Best Served ColdFor One Moment After Chrissy Hamilton Overheard Blaze Kenyon Making A Cruel Joke At Her Late Mother S Expense, She Knew The Heady Sensation Of Revenge But Then She Realized She D Lost Control, And Her Job And Put Herself Totally At Blaze S Mercy She Had To Accept The Housekeeping Job That Blaze Then Arranged For Her, If She Was To Provide A Secure Home For Little Rosie Chrissy Comforted Herself That Even If It Hurt To Accept Blaze S Help, It Wouldn T Be Him Who Would Be Her Lord And Master, So He Couldn T Make Her The Target Of His Blackmailing, Womanizing Ways I despise romance novels where the heroine is made out to be a pathetic loser someone who has no looks, a job, an education, friends, money, who can hardly speak stutters , or a personality They re of course, one gigantic martyr drama queens too..The hero didn t redeem the book, he turned out to be a alp hoe jerk from start to finish who went from messing around with the h s drop dead beautiful sister to the plain h of course, after she lost the weight Yuck another pet peeve of mine I did not suffer through this book to the end. Indecent Deception is the story of Chrissy and Sadist I mean Blaze.The blurb and reviews made this sound like a feisty saga in which a heroine takes revenge from a horn dog hero, filled with wit and romance.What this was instead was a sob saga of a stuttering heroine who got herself in all sorts of problems while being responsible for her baby sibling, was barely able to stand up to the hero, much less teach him a lesson, and ultimately ended up with a guy who might have screwed not just her sister view spoiler he confesses in the end that he did not sleep with the sister but throughout the book he makes it seem that he did and heroine has no problem dipping in sloppy seconds hide spoiler This is certainly an intense read, but I would expect nothing less from Lynne Graham This is a story of the family from hell who lie and manipulate for their own personal gain from the evil abusive father, to the conniving sister to the fallen mother To make matters worse, the heroine is a very weak willed person with absolutely no common sense that also spins one lie after another I guess, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.This book had so much potential if the heroine would have been made stronger Though the revenge in the end added to the intensity of the story, I didn t like that it went as far as rape view spoiler An act he had previously contrived to make specialsomething she hadn t appreciated until much too latehad suddenly become the most gross invasion of privacy, the most utter humiliationhide spoiler The book was entertaining, but I felt the end was so rushed I missed an epilogue, that is not usually in Lynne Graham s books I liked both main characters but I wish they realized they were in love or have feelings for each other before the end.XX