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EBOOK à Spirit Bound ò After A Long And Heartbreaking Journey To Dimitri S Birthplace In Siberia, Rose Hathaway Has Finally Returned To St Vladimir S And To Her Best Friend, Lissa It Is Nearly Graduation, And The Girls Can T Wait For Their Real Lives Beyond The Academy S Iron Gates To Begin But Rose S Heart Still Aches For Dimitri, And She Knows He S Out There, Somewhere Just when you though Rose Hathaway had seen it all This book came out Rosemarie Hathaway, after loosing her true love, Dimitri, to an unforgivalbe evil, went to earn his honor in Russia In doing so she met her father, another pair of spirt bound people, and many others she will unlikly ever forget, but also failed to deliver Dimitri to salvation Now it s Rose s turn to be the prey.but can they save Dimitri before death arives first It has finally happend Rose is a gaurdian.She is strong, fast, and furious But will the one who broke her heart break her too ok, so what is going to happen with the adrian dimiti thing Ugh, I miss Dimitri, but now Adrian is starting to grow on me and whyy didnt she show abe the note from tatiana it woulda helped her out In an undertone, I murmured, This isn t over I won t give up on you I ve given up on you, he said back, voice also soft Love fades Mine has You forget I have an addictive personality I m addicted to you Somehow I think you could do all sorts of bad things to me, and I d still come back to you Just keep things honest, okay Tell me what you re feeling If you re feeling something for Dimitri that s confusing you, tell me We ll work it outThis book is like magic I loved it once again I loved the characters and I loved the action Let s start from the beginning 1 I loved the letters Dimitri sent to Rose I know it was threats but I loved itIt s a shame, because if I could dream, I know I d dream about you I d dream about the way you smell and how your dark hair feels like silk between my fingers I d dream about the smoothness of your skin and the fierceness of your lips when we kiss2 I love Adrian but he doesn t fit with Rose She loves Dimitri and I accept that but I don t want her to hurt Adrian That s not fairBut Rose While I m fine with you two dating and being happy, please try not to break his heart too much when the time comesHe is so cuteI m sorry Be sorry you lied, he said, pressing a kiss to my forehead Don t be sorry you loved him That s part of you, part you have to let go, yeah, but still something that s made you who you areHe is also a little bit crazyDreams, dreams I walk them I live them I delude myself with them It s a wonder I can spot reality any3 I don t know how Eddie agrees to break Victor out of his prison He sacrifices everything for his friends I really admire him 4 Abe Abe Abe I love that man He is amazingMost fathers don t threaten to disembowel their daughter s boyfriends That s not true And anyway, that s not what I actually said It was much worsePoor Adrian 5 I hate Victor but I don t know how I feel about Robert He seems so lost But he gave us important information about the stake charmed with spirit After we learnt what we wanted, they escaped 6 I loved Lissa s and Christian s teamwork to learn how to stub a Strigoi And thank god Lissa learnt And Lissa and Christian together forever 7 DIMITRI IS NOT A STRIGOI ANYMORE YEAHHHHH I felt so happy I cried again and then I was angry because Dimitri felt guilty and pushed Rose away He can t forgive himself for what he did to her..Not only that but he adores Lissa Rose went through hell and back to save Dimitri and he just pushed her away 8 Rose was so hurt that Dimitri rejected her and she turn to Adrian for comfort TERRIBLE MISTAKE I will admit that I loved the scene that almost had sex and he end up drink from her 9 Queen Tatiana is dead and Rose is the number 1 suspect because Tatiana was found with Rose s stake 10 Tatiana s letterVasilisa needs her spot on the Council, and it can be done She is not the last Dragomir Another lives, the illegitimate child of Eric Dragomir I know nothing else, but if you can find this son or daughter, you will give Vasilisa the power she deserves No matter your faults and dangerous temperament, you are the only one I feel can take on this task Waste no time in fulfilling it This book is crap and Rose is a shameless gold digging two timer Yes yes, I am in a minority here, but it won t be the first time, nor the last Spirit Bound is a bad book and I am contemplating to remove Richelle Mead from the list of the authors whose writing I care to follow She can join my black list next to Beth Fantaskey and Maria V Snyder I was willing to give VA another chance after the disappointment Blood Promise was, but no , this series is taking its path into oblivion along with Richelle s Georgina Kincaid books Mead just can t produce this mediocre mess, destroy her characters for the sake of cheap relationship melodrama and contrived love triangles and expect me to eat it up No, thanks.Now, for the good We are back to the cast of characters we came to love in the first 3 books Eddie, Mia, Christian As I expected reading Blood Promise, almost none of the million characters introduced in it are back, they have served their filler purpose and now dead and gone Lissa comes into her own powers and is an admirable person now Lissa s and Christian s relationship is back on track, which is great because I still have no idea why they broke up in the first place.Now, for the bad Where do I start How about, the only feelings Spirit Bound was able to elicit in me were boredom and mild annoyance It is surprising how a book so action packed can be so thoroughly boring A lot of things happen in it Rose takes her final pre graduation trials, she steals important prison files, she breaks into a maximum security vamp prison, then there is a final altercation with Dimitri But just like in the latest installment of Mead s Georgina Kincaid series, these events are glossed over, everything happens without much effort, there is no tension build up before each and every one of them, the characters don t experience too many obstacles and therefore there is no real feeling of something important happening.Also, the highest point of the book happens at about 300 page mark What comes after is just added on drama that comes out of nowhere is Richelle paid per page I just can t believe that this kind of story is what Mead had pre planned for the series according to her, she plots her series in advance If I knew that s the shape the series would take, I wouldn t have bothered to read Vampire Academy.Another thing What kind of relationship do Rose and Adrian have It s not only unhealthy, it s just wrong What Mead has achieved with it is that now I am all on board with Rose Adrian pairing in the end I used to be a Team Dimitri girl , but not because I like Adrian now, but because they would make a mighty good couple Rose can fantasize about Dimitri while blood whoring with Adrian he seems to be just fine with his status of sloppy seconds doormat and Adrian can get drunk, continue spending his daddy s money and drag Rose around to parties to get a kick out of his parents and get Rose humiliated by Moroi snobs What a pair they make Then there is Rose s inconsistent behavior one minute she wants to kill Dimitri, another she will do anything to save him one moment she is in love with Dimitri, another she is getting it on with Adrian , deus ex machina Mikhail anyone how convenient redundant conversations masked party what was the point miraculous prison break, etc., etcI can go on and on with this tirade, but honestly, why I think I am done with this series For all I care, the entire cast of characters can die well, they are sort of already dead to me due to the author s skillful treatment and I won t blink an eye Why, oh why did I buy previous installments There is no chance I will ever re read them