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I haven t got time to give this a full review but couldn t just rate it and go and had to leave a quick note.I love reading the angst in my Harlequins and this one didn t disappoint Oh boy it has got to be the best Harlequin I have read for quite a while due to the story and the angst levels I thought it was gonna be a typical amnesia story but it wasn t, for me it was a whole lot I know I keep banging on about it but I have to warn you that if you don t like angst in your Harlequins then this is not for you, it is really heavy throughout the whole book To those who like the angst then this is definitely a good one for you but be prepared to go through at least half a box of tissues 3.5 stars I started reading romance with this type of book I loved my gorgeous Greeks, my indignant Italians, my millionaires and billionaires They seem a bit cheesy now seeing as my reading habits have changed over the years But this was a nice trip down memory lane I might dip in now and again Even the cover is cheesy.There are still some left in the box in the garage that I will check out later Can donate them then when I get through them all. 4.5 stars Girl meets boy who happens to be a rich tycoon They start an affair, which led to pregnancy where boy promptly marries girl only to leave her in Greece while he travels all around with vindictive ex girlfriend who happens to also be his assistant Girl is not happy with her circumstances, plus the fact that two face assistant goes out of her way to undermine her relationship with the husband Upset, girl asks for a divorce Boy got into an accident where he has temporary selective amnesia meaning, he remembers everything and everyone except his wife Uh oh Yup Angst promptly ensues as both the h and H confront the issues in their relationship I loved this one I rarely give 4.5 stars to HPs but I m making an exception with this one Just 180 plus pages of angsty goodness, awesome dialogue, great characters, and perfect writing from Lucy Monroe Eden has a backbone and held her own against Aristide She s funny, sassy and definitely not a doormat The hero was the usual Harlequin hero Aristide is very alpha, gorgeous, rich and Greek He s a bit of a jerk, but not too much that it makes him unlikable Just enough And he s clueless when it comes to matters of the heart.But boy, did he redeem himself near the end His grand gesture was just awesome and sweet A fantastic read overall. I think I am the only person that really doesn t like this book I did not find the h to be anything but a TSTL doormat and the H should have died, frankly.While I absolutely loved the angst and the insidiousness of the other woman, these two shouldn t be together period The writing is good, the set up and the OW s continuing encroachment is great, but the h should have moved out and filed for divorce and taken her kids with her The H is a disloyal and yes, an adulterous POS not that he slept with the OW while he was married, but he would have and his continual taking her side of things vs his wife and the mother of his children is the definition of infidelity.He broke faith with his wife, repeatedly , for YEARS and suffered no consequences Then a few roses later and he gets a pass because he tried Just Say No he deserved to be stuck with the OW and manipulated and given a social disease before dying in agony a year later There was no redemption, there was no commitment and I wasn t buying an HEA here at all I felt sorry for the h, sorry for her kids and sorry that angst factor aside, this book did nothing but irritate me and make me wish HPlandia came equipped with flame throwers to burn away the moldy rot that embodied this H and that emergency titanium backbone transplants were available Cause as soon as the h got within ten feet of his magic lurve club, she dissolved into jelly blobule nothingness A thorough banging doesn t fix this type of issue and shame on the overused trope of HPlandia that says it did. Edited 31st July, 2015 to add something How can I express my love for this intense, emotional, angst and pain filled book It was truly such a beautiful book, the heroine was the perfect amount of sweet and strong, without being the slightest bit bitchy I loved how she fought for her husband and didn t just give up at the first sight of hardship I so admire heroines with a backbone, but with sensibility and practicality, who don t throw tantrums left right and centre when things don t go their way She was amazing, I loved her And, as you all know, when I love a heroine, that book becomes a favourite Eden and Aristide have been married for almost two years at the start of the book They met 3 years ago and had an affair, and when Eden finds out she s pregnant, Aristide immediately marries her Aristide has a personal assistant, the evil vicious OW, who is out to ruin their marriage and wants Aristide for himself She is Aristide s old childhood friend and very two faced and horrid to Eden behind Aristide s back In the 2 years Eden is married, she never once complains to Aristide about OW, just lets it build up Eden is basically a doormat during the two years, and Aristide has never once told her that he loves her So the story starts out with them having a big argument, when Eden finally decides to stand up and talks to him about OW He doesn t believe her She also tells him that she is pregnant with his child once again, and intending to push him and to show him the severity of the OW matter, Eden asks for a divorce They are in a car, Aristide is driving, and they crash at that instant.Aristide loses all memory of ever having met her When he wakes up, OW feeds him nasty takes about his wife, so he is horrid to Eden and believes the worst of her Eden, facing miscarriage herself, is bed ridden for a few days, and realises how much she loves Aristide, enough to fight for him, and decides to change and stop being a doormat In the meanwhile, vicious OW does her thing and makes Aristide believe that his wife is a gold digger and got pregnant on purpose, to marry him.I loved the delicious pain his cruel, harsh treatment to Eden brought I know, messed up masochist is what I am I almost cried while reading the emotional scenes, especially view spoiler the scene where Eden walks into Aristide s bedroom and cries her heart out, that scene was super emotional And when Aristide cancels his plans to be with her, comfort her, it made me even emotional hide spoiler 4 1 2 starsAmnesia and Secret Pregnancy aren t exactly my favorite plot devices, but somehow Ms Monroe made them work in this book Quite a feat, if I may say so This was one of the best HP I ve read, mostly because Aristide wasn t a domineering asshat he was just a bit stupid , trusting the wrong person and taking a long time to realize what was obvious to everyone else and Eden wasn t a wimpy doormat willing to bow to her husband s aloofness If only all HPs were like thisTwo lines in this book got my attention I thought they were funny not in the sole context of the story, but as examples of how crazy HPland is1 There weren t that many men in the world, much less Greece, with the power, the wealth or the inner drive that theypossessed.Tsk, tsk, tks, Ms Monroe You haven t done your research, have you If you have, you d know that HPland is chock full of billionaire Greek tycoons and the Kouros brothers aren t that unique, LOL.2 He had not said the words, but, damn it, how could she not have known Why, oh why, do heroes always think they don t need to say those 3 little words Aristide, Eden isn t a mind reader Plus, it wasn t like your actions spoke volumes in the past Anyway, you came to your senses before it was too late, so all s well that ends well. One of the best harlequin I have ever read I love how Lucy Monroe creates heroines who are strong but not bitches or mean Eden s deep love for Aristides makes her fight for him but on the other hand she is determined to not stay in a loveless marriage if her husband does not commit to it She doesn t want to end their marriage but she will not accept being second best The hero s PA Kassandra is the scheming third person I loved to hate She tries everything in her power to tear Eden and Aristide apart but Eden stands up to her and doesn t allow her to put her down The hero was without a doubt an alpha male hero but he is never a jerk, only oblivious to his bitchy ex Best part was when Aristide began to realize Kassandra s lies about Eden and her fake portrayal of his wife I loved when he realized he was married to a decent and amazing woman and cut Kassandra out of his life for good.Wonderful, touching love story Loved the angst and the drama Amnesia, a marriage on the rocks, secret baby and a second chance this was like an assorted box of chocolates.Kassandra is the most vile OW ever and I hated her She was obsessed with Aristide, manipulative and hurtful towards Eden She uses Aristide s amnesia to her advantage and widens the cracks in his relationship with Eden.Aristide is in a vulnerable, stupid and suspicious position Eden is the only part of his life that he has forgotten and he already resents her for it Kassandra convinces him that he had a bad marriage and a troublesome wife.3 cheers for Aristide s family who rake him over hot coals when he is dismissive and cold towards Eden Now Aristide has two conflicting perspectives on Eden and his marriage, this puts him on his guard He walks in on Eden s emotional breakdown by mistake and he knows something is very wrong His protective instinct rises to the surface but he feels powerless and unable to fix things.By this point, Aristide had messed things up pretty badly and I wasn t certain that he could redeem himself Huge things he realizes I have spent every day since waking from my coma trying to find flaws in you that are not there All I have found is a woman I was smart to make my own and then marry Her gaze flew to his and something hit him straight in the gut She had said he didn t need to court her again that they were already married, but he realized he wanted to court her He wanted her to feel good about being married to him, not stuck with a man who could not remember the first time they had met, much less made love His pride demanded it, but so did something powerful in the region of his heartI loved and admired Eden She was no doormat or silent martyr.When Aristide suggests separate bedrooms she goes a step further and moves everything that belongs to him out of her bedroom.She deserves to come first in her marriage and is ready to walk away when she realizes it may never happen.He couldn t breathe His chest hurt She had gone from, I think we need to separate, to I want a divorce, in a heartbeat.Eden was not desperate to earn his love or approval, she didn t stumble over her feet to explain herself at every turn Dignity personified.She withdraws emotionally from Aristide but is a complete person on her own Mother, daughter and sister in law she does it all.She is the rare gem of a h who realizes that she can keep loving the H without making herself miserable staying in an unhappy marriage I know you don t love me, but I ve learned to accept it I do not know why I did not tell you I loved you before, he gritted out, but that does not mean I did not feel the emotion Only an idiot would not love this woman.Aristide trasnforms into an intense romantic and knows Eden is precious to him.His complete focus on her was incredibly sexy It was really sweet to see him fall in love with her all over again.Love the gesture at the end. My platonic ideal of an HP So much angst I love how amnesia is used as a reset button I love how the heroine fights for the hero and how he actually starts to think once his emotions cool I love how neither one of them thinks of marriage as something throw away Add a crazy sauce OW for dollops of drama along the way.Edit to add Had to re read on Valentine s Day just for fun Still a five star story.Needed a comfort re read today Still five stars I do love a hero who is so very, very wrong. `Free Ebook ↴ The Greek's Christmas Baby ☝ The Most Special Christmas Gift Of AllAfter A Head On Collision With Another Vehicle, Eden Kouros Is Overjoyed That Her Unborn Baby Has Survived But Aristide, Her Husband, Has Suffered A Partial Loss Of MemoryEden S Heart Is Torn In Two Aristide Remembers Almost Everything Except That He Has A Wife Yet Perhaps Eden Has Been Given A Second Chance To Save Her Marriage, Which Was At Breaking Point Before The Accident Aristide S Body Hasn T Forgotten The Desire They Once Sharedand She S Still Carrying Their Precious, Tiny Child