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Review to come. The Last Apprentice Wardstone Chronicles Series Book 6 This has been a very consistent series all of the books have been really good I just finished the audio version of this sixth book, Clash of the Demons, and I liked it just as much as the other ones In this installment, Mam, Tom s mother, enlists the help of Tom, Alice, the Spook, the Pendle witches, Bill Arkwright and the assassin Grimalkin to travel to Greece to help her battle the Ordeen Of course, the fighters of the dark are reluctant to actually join forces with their dark enemies but they agree that it s the only chance they have of successfully destroying the Ordeen In the end, a few lives are lost and Tom makes some heavy sacrifices that I m sure he ll have to answer to the Fiend for in the near future Overall, it was an entertaining story with all of the characters battling together I also enjoyed the change of scenery to Greece and I m curious to see how things play out between Tom and the Fiend. FREE DOWNLOAD ♓ Clash of Demons (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #6) ⚕ As The Spook S Apprentice Tom S First Duty Is To Protect The County From The Dark But Now Mam Needs His Help In Her Homeland Of Greece One Of The Most Dangerous Of The Old Gods, The Ordeen, Is About To Return There, Bringing Slaughter And Devastation Meanwhile, The Devil Himself Is Still Loose And If He And The Ordeen Join Forces, A New Age Of Darkness Will DescendMam Has Summoned A Powerful Group To Her Side But Among Them Are Tom S Old Enemy, The Pendle Witches, Including The Assassin Grimalkin, And The Cunning Clan Leader Mab Moldheel Can Tom Go Against All The Spook Has Taught Him And Ally Himself To The Witches What Is The Secret That Mam Is Keeping From Him And What Sacrifices Must Be Made In The Battle Against The Dark Be less than what you are so that you can become This one was pretty good but I didn t love it Tom has gotten farther in his training and Alice and he are still apart Until his Mam comes back and says she needs his help to save the world.So off they go to Greece It was interesting to see them go so far from the County but less interesting than getting to know the area The time spent on the ship and in Greece was quick with a lot of new bad things introduced Most of it was interesting and it was a fast paced story. Oh no This one was a bit sad Poor Spook.Review to come.Audiobook CommentsRead by Christopher Evan Welch such a great reader Young Thomas Ward is in danger once again He turns fifteen, and now is a grown man and becoming much powerful, because of that the Darkness is trying to destroy him It ripped my heart in pieces, but I would still recommend this serie This is the sixth book of the Wardstone Chronicles It s been a while since I read the last one, almost a year but it wasn t too difficult to get back into the story The previous ones had been getting a bit repetitive I thought but this book was completely different Mam returns to the County and asks Tom and the Spook to go to Greece with her and help her fight the dark there It was a nice change but at the same time, it was so completely different that it seemed to be rather outlandish in comparison And that s saying something from a series that brought back the Devil in book 4 There was no explanation as to why this particular thing was happening in Greece it was mentioned several times that the Ordeen returned every 7 years but as Mam had been over in Greece for some time, there s been no explanation as to what she was doing there or why Is it linked to what s going on in the County, or to the Devil s return Is this affecting the whole world We re not told It smacked a little bit of desperation, trying to make this book so vastly different from the previous ones for some reason, that it made it too different and it doesn t seem to fit.It was nice to finally find out about Mam but it just seemed to be so completely over the top I had suspected that she might be a lamia witch but no, she turned out to be Lamia herself, the very first There was a nice info dump about Lamia right at the start which told us that she had a serpent form and was killed by her children When Tom asks Mam about the latter part, he is told don t believe all you read in books It didn t explain why she no longer had a serpent form either but then he never asked about that It was a nice line, although it went so completely against the Spook s ideas of keeping records and a library of information to pass down to other Spooks That has been a recurring theme throughout the series, the difference between Mam s ideals and ways of doing things and the Spook s, and also how Tom is caught in the middle of them both It was certainly very evident in this book where Tom has to decide whether to go with his mother or with his master.There are a lot of questions raised in this book but they re either not answered at all or are brushed off with a vague explanation From the start, I had been wondering what had been in Mam s letter to the Spook that made him change his mind so drastically When it s finally revealed at the end, I felt let down There didn t seem to be anything in it that was worth such a massive change of heart from such a stubborn and arrogant person It just didn t ring true I think the biggest question that wasn t answered at all was the title What exactly was the Spook s sacrifice His dignity in changing his mind and helping Mam along with all the Pendle witches It hardly seems something worthy of the title.My only other gripe would be that there seems to be no character growth in Tom or Alice at all Tom is supposed to be 15 at the end of the book I presume Alice is around the same age but they both act and speak the same as they did in the first book when they were 11 Tom is constantly deferring to what his mother says or the Spook says, as if he is unable to think for himself He has no backbone and doesn t seem to be a strong enough character for what he s supposed to achieve Still it was as enjoyable a read as all the others have been despite the completely outlandish plot. Wardstone Chronicles Book 6 The Spook s Sacrifice SO here we are, now that I ve finished the sixth book in the series it surely feels a lot different Again, for the fifth time in the row, the story takes place at a different place than the Chipenden This time the destination is Greece, the home of Tom s Mam and the antagonist is the Ordeen, yet another powerful malevolent Old Goddess This is a very different book from the series, and its pace is not steady Sometimes its too fast and sometimes too slow I just have to say that it is full of emotion though The plot is straightforward with one thing happening at one time, but takes a lot twists and turns I won t bother to get into the story as you will find it anywhere It mainly focuses on revealing the secrets of Tom s Mam Mother A lot of dark secrets and backstories follow as our young and old heroes get towards Greece The book starts with an attack from the maenad assassin and then slowly the story starts developing faster and faster and then there s a lot of action and fight scenes, a lot of then I d like to inform you that there a only just a few lessons in the book given to Tom by the Spook I personally think that there s a lot of new characters introduced in the book but most of them die, so that s not much of a big deal I think that the plot of was slow in the beginning but i read it very quickly and later after the interlouge, the plot went very faster and it seemed that I read slow It may seem controversial but it s true I read this book for the fourth time, so there was not much of a surprise for me but still it was enchanting, especially in the end There s a lot of change in the charachters, especially that of Tom and Alice they seem distant and grown up and full of sadness I don t know why but they do not seem to have their original qualities Things have really grown darker after the summoning of the Fiend Damn those Pendle Witches I hate to break it to you but the most major character in the book after Tom is not the Spook or Alice but Tom s Mum She may even be the central character It s odd to see Mam summoning all those Pendle witches for help, the Spook and Tom think that its too dark and unnecessary for the witches to be an ally The Spook just overdoes it, thankfully at the last moment he joins he team for their journey to Greece along with Mam Sometimes, the Spook annoys me too much as he keeps talking how the dark influences Tom to get towards the dark side To my Amazement, the book brings back amazing characters like Bill Arkwright, Grimalkin, Mab Mouldheel, the Fiend The journey on the ship is also remarkable, with the attack of the Sirens and all But most of the story takes place at Greece and what a great description I must surely thank Delaney for such a great detail about the climate, landscape, bio diversity in Greece It seems as if you yourself are roaming the great arid deserts As I said, Mam reveals a lot of history about how she was the first lamia witch and her conversion to the light and how she wants to bind and destroy the Ordeen once and for all I love the storyline of the attack of lamias in the night, Alice s death in the cave don t worry, Tom saves her using the Dark wish given to him by Grimalkin , approach to Kalambaka which is a town in Greece consisting of monks who pray for the light Now, the most interesting that that I would like to inform you about this book is the architecture and the detailing of the Ord which is a large building in which the Ordeen will awaken It has got hidden chambers, defence barriers made up of fire, traps, demons and elementals hidden in it The creatures in the Ord are nothing compared to the ones in the county Once, the delegation of thirteen consisting of Tom, Spook, Alice, Grimalkin, Mab are inside the Ord the story flows much faster and impressive It just hooks you to read and complete the book First, the impressive fight between Grimalkin and the servant of Ordeen is just gripping Later, the result of the Or seen being released is shown to Tom by the devil and even reading it makes you shiver All those flying vengars and the demons flying with Fiends unlimited backup of power is terrifying There is not even a bit sign of joy and happiness in the book, which makes it monotonous and very serious Arkwright gets killed while fighting an elemental That was very sad The next most interesting thing is the bargain with the Fiend Tom risking his soul for the greater good is just heroic, not really Then, the moment comes when atom faxes the Ordeen herself, at this moment you really realize that Delaney has planned this book very carefully, taking in consideration the minute details that will influence and change the plotline Toms blood makes the Ordeen appear confused and gives him a few abilities Anther skill of Tom is brought into spotlight, namely the ability to mock the tide of time as the Ordeen calls it I forgot to tell you that the Ordeen look really gross, not scary but weird And the moment Mam reveals her lamia form, its the moment that you will remember till the end of the Wardstone Chronicles, its unforgettable Mam tries to ell Tom about his destiny and her sacrifice for him This is surely a very emotional situation The it s breaks as Mam and Ordeen fight and both die Later, Alice saves Tom yet again from the Fiend, whoc arrives to takeTom s soul I personally think that Tom does not turst anybody, not evn his Mam for some time I think the Fiend has clouded his judegement, and rather than it being the Spook s sacrifice, I think that Mam was the real one to sacricie herself, so there There s alot of inspirationin the book, especiailly in Mam s letters It really motivates Tom to forget abou the past adn get ahead in the future A great book, with a lot of sadness, action, journey, growth, inspirationand advenunture A real treat for the Wardstone Chronicle fans Just let me warn you not to read this book than once or it really spoils the magic, you won t be amazedif you readt it than once or max twice Nice Reading 7 10Not the best in the series with the Spook and his apprentice heading to Greece of all places Aren t the Greek s having enough issues at the minute without some paranormal activity going down Part of the fun of the series is the old worldy northern English feel and this loses some of its charm because of the whole Greek escapade Don t get me wrong, a weak Spooks novel is still probably a lot better than any YA stuff you ll get out there I applaud the lack of love triangles and teen angst throughout this series and the clever ideas that they keep coming up with In this one it starts off slow with the journey to Greece not taking place until half way through the novel but then, come the end, some serious things have happened that are sure to have repercussions in the future novels The series has taken a different approach from the first few novels with an overarching plot taking place along with each specific beast of the week type element I like the idea of the Fiend and Tom coming to blows at the end and also the part Alice and the Spook will play So whilst not the best in the series, it is still a good quick read with plenty of major points happening by the end which will no doubt shape the rest of this series I look forward to see how this is going to play out If you liked this try Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling Spoilers FFS THOMAS J WARD, WTF ARE YOU DOING Ok I m a bit pissed off as I was really excited that Tom and the Spook where off to Greece and fight something other than the Fiend I m sad Mam and Arkwright are dead but the whole book felt like a freakin side track THE WHOLE BLOOD JAR THING FFS C MON Now Alice has to stick around because she ll die is she isn t LITERALLY glued to Tom s side, UGH Really disappointed and honestly I actually feel to angry to do a serious review and I just want to rant about how angry I am with how boring and pointless this story was.Also, NO.ONE.LIKES.ALICE seriously she is not a good character, she is DEADWEIGHT Book 6 is a waste of time, don t bother.1 5