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I know that Charlotte Lamb is a very respected author of HP romances and she has an absolutely wonderful writing style, but somehow I was very shocked by her view of romance Of course, I was totally mesmerized by the storyand couldn t put it down, but there were some incidents that really appalled me.Sophie is a lovely young woman who is working for Alex s company By accident she meets his mother and is given a position as her personal assistant on the island of Crete Sophie is ecstatic with the job and her new employer Alex can t seem to keep away from Sophie and makes numerous overtures to her However, Sophie is madly in love with another man, who happens to be married The other man cannot divorce, so we have a passionate, unrequited love story I really liked the way the author carefully unfolded this dynamic and my heart went out to both Sophie and Simon One night, Alex propositions Sophie when they are back in England, thinking that no woman in their right mind could possibly refuse him But Sophie does She is so disgusted by Alex s indecent proposal, she leaves to go visit her family Alex follows to apologize and try to put things right between them, only to uncover the true reason behind her lack of interest He walks in on Sophie and Simon while they are passionately kissing each other.Unfortunately, this is where things go haywire Alex basically accuses her of lying to him and being a two timing b h He decides they are going to marry so that he can make the rest of her life miserable He threatens her with dire consequences if she so much as tries to tell his mother or her family they aren t really engaged Given Sophie never made overtures or encouraged Alex, I couldn t help but scratch my head as to why he felt so outraged by her behavior, nor why she felt so afraid to go tell him to hit the bricks Second major issue is on their honeymoon her first time given she is a virgin , he rapes her, slaps her AND then blames her for his actions Those of you that have worked with abused women will recognize these actions as the classic signs of domestic violence Of course, later that night they have dinner, she drinks to numb herself and they end up having happy, happy sex all night Again, I had to scratch my head on this Who in their right mind has happy sex with the man who just raped you.Of course, Sophie falls in love with Alex and they have their HEA However, once again I am scratching my head, because by the end of this story I have decided that Alex is nothing than an egotistical, spoiled, sadistic, rapist.I know that this is typical of an older HP read.and that many readers assume that this is okay given it is an older HP But honestly I can assure you this was not acceptable behavior even back then I know because I was there In fact, Sophie and I are almost the same age Had Alex done to me what he did to Sophie, my family would have taken him out back to the woodshed and strung him up His amorous rapist days would have been over. Wow really enjoyed this one The hero was so obviously smitten and frustrated with his inability to seduce the heroine that he had to resort to a public marriage announcement to finally get his gal His money, his looks, his roofie kisses, his threats, his dangling other women in front of her nothing worked on this heroine When he finally cracked the code she was in love infatuation with a married man he leapt into action not five minutes after seeing them kiss and declare their love That might seem cruel and unfair but as the heroine later acknowledges, the hero had been increasingly in her thoughts And finally having sex after being forced she realizes that what she felt for the married man was a pale imitation to the lust love she feels for the hero.The heroine was a very strong minded character, without being stubborn She was flexible enough to evolve in her feelings and CL did a great job of showing this without resorting to the traitorous body trope And this was no 180 turn for the heroine the seeds of love for the hero were planted in her mind and ours throughout the story The hero s grovel explanation was satisfying And I m glad the heroine gave the married man the heave ho That was a thread that needed to be tied off This is definitely one I ll re read to pick up the nuances. Classic compelling dramatic unPC Lamb.We have a jealous, possessive playboy hero We have unrequited love We have heroine slapping We have rape We have the hero blaming the heroine for forcing him to rape her.We am so embarrassed that we love this novel but its damn good crack If it wasnt so well written, it wouldnt be nearly as addictive. Let me take care of you I want to look after you, Sophie Sophie blazed into white hot rage, turning on him with contempt You want to do what Don t use euphemisms to me What you really mean is that you want to make me one of your whores for a while until you re tired of me What happens then Do I get passed on to one of your executives For God s sake, he muttered hoarsely, his face dark red He looked at the door Someone will hear you Good, Sophie said aggressively Why not open the door Let a little honesty into this goldfish bowlOh My The set downs that this Charlotte Lamb heroine slapped the hero with again and again throughout the story of Savage Surrender were EPIC She was brutal than Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield combined, and I loved every bit of it Sophie is the typical CL heroine, the icy, remote, English girl with hair like Golden fire , holding A Big, Mysterious, Secret, in her past That secret is what allows her to build up impenetrable defenses against the numerous assaults that the ruthless, womanizing, Greek tycoon, Alex perpetrates against her He tries everything Threats, charm, jealousy, envy, greed, lust, everything but love and honour Sophie is not having any of it She is a middle class working girl with a good family, a decent education, and a serious work ethic The people in Alex s jet set life don t give her envy, they make her sick It s an artificial world where big fish prey on little fish and everyone wants to grab something from everyone else Look at their beautiful, gleaming faces and ask yourself are they human Each night they peel them off, and in the morning put on a new one They are not facesthey are beautiful, unreal masks which hide something ugly and selfish and small minded Their teeth are so white they dazzle you, but it is not a natural whiteness Their high paid dentists keep them like that, capping their rotten teeth with porcelain Their bodies are sleek and smooth and they indulge them without compunction.But under all thisare minds and hearts which are so empty they terrify you The only emotions they know are greed and lust The only thoughts they have are ones of self Tiny stunted minds and tiny shriveled hearts are all you ll find in those beautiful bodies. With a worldview like that, it isn t a wonder that Sophie finds Alex s oozy attempts at seduction revolting and she has no qualms shouting in his face that he is a phoney and she would not touch him with a ten foot bargepole Bravo, Sophie She was by far the best HPlandia heroine that I have ever encountered.Unfortunately, because this IS, after all, HPlandia, the fiery, crazed, mine mine mine, Alpha must win in his quest for domination over the female he covets This happens here when Alex finally finds out Sophie s Big, Mysterious, Secret of Her Past and naturally takes the opportunity to blackmail her into marriage andahemforce his attentions on her This is standard, trashtastic, HP fare, as Alex takes quite a revenge on Sophie now that the tables are turned I enjoyed every moment of Savage Surrender but I have to warn readers that this is as non p.c and disturbing as it gets, so please take heed of my bookshelves and get off this Crazy Train if the ride is going to give you motion sickness Otherwise, cheers, and enjoy Harold Mongrelpup and I salute the late great Charlotte Lamb for this fabulous, angsty, intense and drama filled vintage romance story with a super obsessed hero and a heroine who makes him work for it I m not gonna write a long review on the storyline because St Margaret s, Vintage and Naksed have already done spectacular jobs All I will do is write a few points about what fascinated me so much about this novel First of all, the H Alex is a manwhore of supreme proportions in fact, he probably wrote the book on how to get women Alex thinks Sophie is gonna be an easy conquest, but I guess he forgot that sometimes even bestselling authors of self help books need to conduct current research to update their old books Lol Sophie is attracted to him but she s in love with her bitchy, evil cousin s husband I won t go into that issue but it s this love that makes her relatively immune to all of the H s skilled sexual advances Sophie keeps telling Alex that he needs to leave her alone because she ll never be his mistress, but his ego is too large to compute her rejection and he responds like this And sooooo you re probably wondering, sarcastically But, the thing is this Charlotte Lamb does such a spectacular job of crafting this storyline and shaping her plot that it does turn out to be a most spellbinding and unusual love story It s all about how possessive and obsessed Alex becomes with Sophie, as time passes and she continues to be elusive to his manly charms I know it s politically incorrect in certain feminist circles to say this, but I do love a possessive and obsessed alpha male hero who pursues the heroine ardently and cannot even fall for the charms of another woman But I don t honestly give a flying F about what certain other women think I should and should not like, in my choice of reading material And, Alex was one jealous, possessive and obsessed hero he was like a spoilt doggy who refuses to share his fav toy I loved the story, enjoyed the all the jealousy, passion and angst and admired the way the heroine stood up for herself, even when he came after herDid you think I was in love with you she whispered Alex stared at her with icy hostility Yes, he said Oh Sophie shivered But why I thought you loved me because you wouldn t let me make love to you, Alex said, and Sophie shook her head as though her brain were full of buzzing insects You re crazy, she said again When you started to cry that morning in London, after having been so passionate in my arms the night before, I was fool enough to begin to think you really cared It was the only thing that made sense Why do you think I came down here after you I was going to start again with you, find out if the way I felt was serious I thought I might even fall in love with you The first time in my life I ever felt I might actually believe love could be possible for me, and then I find out you d lied and cheated me, like all the others Women are born liars I must have been nuts to let you fool me into thinking you might be different But knowing what a damned little bitch you are doesn t stop me wanting your body, and you re going to pay for having pulled the wool over my eyes I told you, nobody makes a fool of me and gets away with it I didn t make a fool of you You did, he said through his teeth This book was a wild, roller coaster ride indeed You will either love it or hate it There were parts I didn t like but by the end of it all, I can honestly say that I totally enjoyed it It s wonderful to escape into a fictional romantic world with intense and passionate characters especially when the storytelling is superb What s even better in the end, was the way the heroine was able to tame the wild beast of a hero He was so besotted with Sophie that he had eyes for no other woman and their passionate happy ending scene was intense and hot, for a vintage old school storyOh, God, my darling, Alex whispered, pulling her into his arms His lips moved over her hair as she clung to him, her hands stroking his long back I love you desperately,Sophie She closed her eyes, unable to speak, happiness making her tremble and feel almost sick Alex s arms tightened You ve got to learn to love me I can t live without you I need you Her voice issued so drily from her lips that it was scarcely audible I do love you He held her away, searching her face with leaping, in tent eyes Sophie Sophie s eyes looked passionately at him Her mouth trembled Alex darling, she whispered Oh, Alex darling His mouth moved down urgently and she met it with unhidden eagerness, her arms laced round his neck, holding his head as the kiss deepened to a hungry passion which threatened to flare beyond their control Alex s hands moved tremblingly over her His heart pounded He was breathing with thick excitement If you love a little of the intense, politically incorrect, old school romances with the obsessed alpha male H then try this If you re the type to analyze and evaluate every action and reaction, of the characters, from a radical feminist perspective then please avoid this This is the heroine, Sophie This is the hero, Alex My first MB ever gifted to me by my aunt And for that alone, I give this 5 stars The quintessential Greek hero and the prim English heroine had me hooked from the beginning and the credit goes entirely to the author Charlotte Lamb of course Had her writing not been so very compelling, I doubt I would have progressed beyond my first harlequin read So she started it all, and I m still hooked I was going through the reviews and i know there s a lot of controversy about the rape forced seduction scene And while I don t condone violence against women I wasn t really bothered by it in this instance Playing the devil s advocate here, but this book is a product of it s time and the forced seduction routine was a major part of MB plot lines of the 70 80 90s Besides, it seemed that Alex the hero being the passionate Greek guy was only acting in character when he realised the woman he was madly in love with and made his wife was actually in love with another man and may even be thinking of him while He was making love to her Just saying I mean, he is the ultimate possessive jealous hero who s also violently besotted and so his reactions are a little extreme and therefore, in my eyes forgivable And I think most people reading these books want the heroes to be Alpha dominant ruthless, don t they I mean I haven t seen too many fans of the beta hero type here What s , these guys are a lot safer than the Christian Greys of the literary world I have no objections to BDSM, but given the choice I d choose a harlequin alpha who knows how to grovel well over an emotionally damaged dude with commitment issues, who can only feel pleasure through pain of some sort Now that s screwed up but hey, that s just me I m old fashioned and times are changing So even though, this may not tick all the right boxes in the feminist or modern thought sections I m still going to endorse it Loved it and I hope you enjoy it too, simply for the writing, if not for the admittedly archaic ideas and situations presented in it. Since this has floated up to the top of the GR reading pool, time to torture myself with a petulant Greek asshat.Someone should have either been spanked as a child or sent to bed without his supper It s a sad state of affairs when the H s loving but exasperated mother thinks he s bad news Mothers of boys and young men, is a cautionary tale.Our Greek drama king is a spoiled mama s boy through and through He wants the heroine and he will stoop at nothing to get her cajoling, bribery, jealousy, scorn, snobbery, and finally blackmail.The heroine, on the other hand, is a cool drink of water and has no time for Greek alpha asshats, mama s boys or any of that ilk Time and time again she shoots him down, all of which he assumes is just a ploy to interest him He makes charming and complimentary offers to set her up with an apartment in New York with a even a contract to protect her, but he can not and will not marry her She s divinely unimpressed with both the offer of sidepiece of the the North Atlantic or as his Greek Hera to his Zeus We all now what great husband material Zeus was I think my favorite foray he has with the totally awesome heroine is when he accuses her of holding out for the biggest prize of all marriage with the top Olympian god of manwhores Dad nab it, he can t marry her as he has to marry one of two Greek paragons Mama s boy is not sure which Greek virgin to pick and will let his mother choose The h is not too impressed with that statement.Sadly, her stonewall comes to an end after a trip back to ye olde England and the family homestead There she meets the secret love of her life who is saddled with one of the finer bitches in HarleyLand as she combines both the evil woman status and worst mother in the world into one gigantic twofer Even our Greek alpha asshat is appalled at what a bitch she is She actually hates her daughter because she s deaf, and the lesser h has to hire nannies to watch the daughter from the MOTHER.Once Zeus the hero finds out about the heroine and her non contact swain, all bets are off He goes from bad to worse I think all readers gave a heavy sigh when he strong arms her into marriage Honestly, what are dads for, but to help rescue you from these kind of situations Her parents are vaguely annoying, but in a rather clueless way as this Greek hero is sooooo outside their wheelhouse Rescuing their darling daughter from a wealthy, handsome tycoon just doesn t seem necessary.He rapes her on the honeymoon No other word for it The next night and subsequent nights they schmex it up.Eventually she realizes she is in love Kyrios Kap lo K lo Mr Ass Hat The only thing I could think is that the rape and or the Olympian sex the next night broke her feelings for Simon I dunno It wasn t Stockholm syndrome this time, like the Chinese water torture treatment.I am reluctantly leaving it at 3 stars as, heck, I read it twice and it s well done, but I really wish CL had twisted this in some other evil direction rather than the rape mode We ll always have the h s cool putdowns though. Let me make this clear.He rapes her There is no sugarcoating Unless of course you are one of those people who do believe it is a husband s right to take a wife forcefully whenever he wants and she belongs to him.So let s look at the facts 1 he wants to set her up as a mistress tells her bluntly he can never marry her as his mama will choose good greek girls for him.2 Then when she tells him to stuff it, he thinks she s playing hard to get, and since that s the only way he can get into her pants, he decided to give her marriage.3 Finds out she REALLY deosn t care shit about him, now he s mad because how dare she not feel the manwhore s charm, so he forced her to marry him in most callous fashion so that he can rape her from now on 4 he doesn t care that she has NEVER encouraged him, rather discouraged him he s attracted to her, therefore it s her fault, it s her SIN now that she has feelings for someone else and didn t tell him why should she is beyond me , so now she should pay for fueling his libido by simply being an attractive woman that is clearly her fault.5 she FAINTS out of fear when he starts raping her on their wedding night.6 he loves her SO much that she once fainted in fear of him raping her does nothing to him, and now he violently rapes her, then tells her it was her fault that he raped her and threatens to rape her in future.7 then when she s traumatized by being raped tells him she needs a shower, he SLAPS her he does and once again tells her it s her fault.8 after ALL of the above, it wasn t enough for him that she was physically and mentally exhausted, he demands she must not sulk, and should have a romantic evening with him.9 he NEVER apologised for the rape EVER not for hitting her EVER.10 throughout the whole book he talks exactly like a rapist i.e i ll hurt you if you fight me I am sorry, but I m trying to read a romance book Except I ended up reading about a rapist and his wife with Stockholm syndrome With ZERO grovelling.I have been sick throughout the whole book, and I think I need time to recover now. {DOWNLOAD EPUB} Ã Savage Surrender ⛓ Her Secret Saved Her From Alex S CharmsSophie Loved Crete Working There As Secretary To Madame Lefkas Was Like A Dream Come True It Was Far Away From England And The Secret, Impossible Love For Simon That She Had To ForgetWhen Alex, Madame S Playboy Son, Began A Campaign To Add Sophie To His List Of Casual Conquests, She Was Merely Indifferent No One Could Replace Simon AnywayOr So Sophie Thought Until The Night Alex Found Her In Simon S Arms Then Began A Campaign Of A Different Sort One Alex Was Determined To Win This has been reviewed many, many times so I won t say much Charlotte Lamb s writing is engaging and intense, but her heroes are old skool crazy and not for everyone Today, most of her heroines could easily get a restraining order view spoiler The H rapes and slaps the heroine on their wedding night and blames her for it There are clues that pointed to him being sorry upset for what he d done, but he never verbalized it I really wish he had hide spoiler