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A female Robinson Crusoe finds herself as a castaway in a lonely dystopian forest, and an invisible wall blocks her from the rest of humanity, which has mysteriously turned into stone sculptures, an absurd reversed Pygmalion creation act Well, that could be a great detective story, or an alien monster action thriller But as apocalypses go, this one is very quiet and factual, and it doesn t offer any explanation for the situation the woman finds herself in Not even a hint What we do get, in brilliant prose, is a narrative of survival and solitude, of strength and weakness, of humanity defined by its basic logical and practical skills and by empathy for living things While the woman calculates her needs and reinvents agriculture for herself, she also domesticates animals and mourns their loss when they die She struggles and enjoys her life, and when danger lurks, it is bizarrely from the single other human being that resides inside the invisible wall a symbolical truth of human destruction and construction, existing side by side.The story is eloquently and convincingly told, recommended to dystopian Robinson fans who don t mind skipping the fast paced action of conventional science fiction. , 12 Quartet Books 2013 Shaun Whiteside 1999 spoiler, view spoiler , hide spoiler I discovered Marlen Haushofer sThe Wallthrough a friend s review of the film version of the book It looked like a dystopian novel and I also suspected that Stephen King sUnder the Domewas inspired by Haushofer s book in some ways Something about the book tugged at my heart, and I couldn t articulate it then So, I went and got the book and started reading it last week I finished reading it yesterday Here is what I think.The story told inThe Wallis simple The nameless heroine, a forty something year old woman, goes on a holiday to the forest with her cousin and her cousin s husband They stay in a hunting lodge The plan is to spend a few days there and relax and maybe do some hunting The cousin and her husband leave our heroine during the evening and go to the nearby village They leave their dog Lynx behind It is late evening and the couple still haven t come back Our heroine has dinner, feeds the dog and goes to bed When she gets up the next day morning, there is still no sign of her cousin and her husband Our heroine and Lynx take a walk and during the course of that, she discovers that there is a transparent wall which has suddenly come up and it has shut her off from the village and from the rest of the world I don t know whether it is true or whether it is just me noticing similarities between the two novels in Stephen King sUnder the Domea giant dome suddenly covers a town one day, cutting it off from the rest of the world Looks eerily similar to Haushofer s wall It is only her and Lynx and maybe some wild animals in her part of the world She hopes that in the next few days someone will come and rescue her But nothing happens As every day passes, the heroine realizes that no one is going to come She also discovers something strange She looks through the wall to the other side and discovers that there is no life on the other side She discovers animals and people who are dead it looked like some people had died while they were in the middle of doing something It looked like some major catastrophe had struck the world and she and Lynx have survived it by luck Then one day a cow walks into her life And later a cat And our heroine decides to take care of them and dedicate her life to everyday activities taking care of her animals, getting food, managing the place like one does a farm The rest of the story is about what happens in the life of these four characters and which join them later Though the story is quite simple,The Wallis much than this simple plot It is about what a human can do when she is the last person on earth It is about the relationship between humans and animals and the environment It is about parents and children and letting go It is about the relationship between women and men It is about freedom and the lack of it It is about love, loss and death It is about renewing oneself It is about the small joys of everyday life The cover of the book quotes Doris Lessing on thisIt is not often that you can say only a woman could have written this book, but women in particular will understand the heroine s loving devotion to the details of making and keeping life, every day felt as a victory The Wallis also a commentary on the human condition It is a commentary on modern civilization It is all these and I liked very much what the blurb said about the bookThe Wall is at once a simple and moving chronicle of growing potatoes and beans, of hoping for a calf, of counting matches, of forgetting the taste of sugar and the use of one s name and a disturbing meditation on 20th century history The Wall is a haunting study of what a person can love when everything has been taken awayI loved Marlen Haushofer s book Loved is an understatement It deeply touched me and pulled all kinds of strings in my heart I read it very slowly to make the reading experience last longer I didn t want it to end and I was sad when I crossed the last page Normally after I finish reading a book, I take it to the next room I keep unread books in one room and read books in another and put it on top of the latest read pile I look at that read book pile once in a while and try to remember which books I liked and which were my favourite scenes and passages Sometimes I take out a book and read some of my favourite passages But I rarely re read a book So, once a book reaches the next room, it almost always stays there But, once in a blue moon a book comes along which resists that move I am unable to take that book to the next room My heart refuses to let go of the book I carry the book everywhere and keep it with me and re read my favourite passages many times I keep that book on my study table or on my nightstand and keep looking at it The Wall is that one book which comes once in a blue moon I don t think I will be able to let go of it, anytime soon I am not sure I will be able to let go of it, ever While reading the book, I felt that the Marlen Haushofer had poured her heart and soul into every page of the book and the whole book glows with her inner beauty It made me think of the kind of beautiful person she must have been There is beauty in every page of the book and in every scene When I read the sentenceSo there I was in a wild and strange meadow in the middle of the forest and suddenly I was the owner of a cowit makes me smile again, like it did when I read it the first time When I read this passageThe little one s nature was rather different from other house cats peaceful, gentle and tender She would often sit for ages on the bench in front of the house watching a butterflyit makes my heart glow with pleasure, like it did the first time The author gives the reader an idea of what is going to happen at the end of the book, and so I was dreading when I reached the last part of the book My dread increased with every page, because joy, beauty and happiness continued to flow from the pages of the book and I was hoping against hope that what the author was hinting at was not to be Well, the heartbreaking thing did happen at the end But the ending of the story was life affirming too I finished reading the book yesterday, but I still can t stop thinking about the heroine, Lynx the dog, the cat, Pearl the kitten, Tiger the tomcat, Panther his brother, Bella the cow, Bull her son they haunt me in my dreams in gentle ways.I have read some wonderful books this year but I have no hesitation in saying this The Wall is my favourite read of the year I am planning to read some wonderful books in the coming months, but I don t think there is any book which is going to nudge it even gently from that position It is also one of my favourite books ever I am planning to read it again later this year If you haven t readThe Wallyet, I am jealous of you Because when you get to read it, you are going to experience the pleasure and delight and joy of reading it for the first time But I hope that you don t keep me jealous for long I hope you go out and get the book and read it now I hope to watch the film version ofThe WallI can t imagine how a film can be made of this beautiful book, but I would like to find out I also discovered that there are two other Marlen Haushofer books available in English translationThe LoftandNowhere Ending SkyI hope to read them sometime I will leave you with some of my favourite passages in the book It was very hard for me to choose a few passages and leave others out, because every passage was beautiful and quotable Lynx the dogLynx was very cheerful, in very high spirits, but an outsider probably wouldn t have noticed the difference He was, after all, cheerful almost all the time I never saw him stay sulky for than three minutes He simply couldn t resist the urge to be cheerful And life in the forest was a constant temptation to him Sun, snow, wind, rain everything was a cause for enthusiasm With Lynx nearby I could never stay sad for long It was almost shaming that being with me made him so happy I don t think that grown animals living wild are happy or even content Living with people must have awoken this capacity in the dog Sometimes I even imagined there must be something special about me that made Lynx almost keel over with joy at the sight of me Of course there was never anything special about me Lynx was, like all dogs, simply addicted to people.That summer I quite forgot that Lynx was a dog and I was a human being I knew it, but it had lost any distinctive meaning Lynx too had changed Since I d been spending so much time with him he had grown calmer, and didn t seem constantly afraid that I might vanish into thin air as soon as he went off for five minutes Thinking about it today, I believe that was the only big fear in his dog s life, being abandoned on his own I too had learned a lot , and understood almost all his movements and noises Now, at last, there was a silent understanding between us.The CatsIf it s raining, or if there s a storm, the cat tends to become melancholy, and I try to cheer her up Sometimes I succeed, but generally we both sink into hopeless silence And very rarely the miracle happens the cat stands up, presses her forehead against my cheek and props her front paws on my chest Or she takes my knuckles between her teeth and bites at them, gently and daintily It doesn t happen terribly often, for she s sparing with proofs of her affection Certain songs send her into raptures, and she pulls her claws over the rustling paper with delight Her nose gets damp, and a gleaming film comes over her eyes All cats tend toward mysterious states then they are far away and entirely impossible to reach Pearl was in love with a tiny red velvet cushion that had belonged to Luise For her it was a magic object She licked it, scratched runnels through its soft nap and finally rested on it, white breast on red velvet, her eyes narrowed to green slits, a magnificent fairy tale creature.All my cats have had a habit of walking around their bowls after eating and then dragging them along the floor I don t know what it means, but they do it every time, without fail In general, cats obey a practically Byzantine series of ceremonies and take it very badly if you disturb them during their mysterious rites In comparison with them, Lynx was a shameless child of nature, and they seemed to hold him rather in contempt for that.Bella the cowWhen I combed Bella I sometimes told her how important she was to us all She looked at me with moist eyes, and tried to lick my face She had no idea how precious and irreplaceable she was Here she stood, gleaming and brown, warm and relaxed, our big, gentle, nourishing mother I could only show my gratitude by taking good care of her, and I hope I have done everything for Bella that a human being can do for their only cow She liked it when I talked to her Perhaps she would have liked the voice of any human being It would have been easy for her to trample and gore me, but she licked my face and pressed her nostrils into my palm I hope she dies before me without me she would die miserably in winter.The HeroineIn my dreams I bring children into the world, and they aren t only human children there are cats among them, dogs, calves, bears and quite peculiar furry creatures But they emerge from me, and there is nothing about them that could frighten or repel me The White CrowThis autumn a white crow appeared It always flies a little way behind the others, and settles alone on a tree avoided by its companions I can t understand why the other crows don t like it I think it s a particularly beautiful bird, but the other members of its species find it repugnant I see it sitting alone in its spruce tree staring over the meadow, a miserable absurdity that shouldn t exist, a white crow It sits there until the great flock has flown away, and then I bring it a little food It s so tame that I can get close to it Sometimes it hops about on the ground when it sees me coming It can t know why it s been ostracized that s the only life it knows It will always be an outcast and so alone that it s less afraid of people than its black brethren I want the white crow to live, and sometimes I dream that there s another one in the forest and that they will find each other I don t believe it will happen, I only wish it very dearly.The AdderOnly much later, up in the pasture, did I actually see an adder It lay sunning itself on a scree slope From that point on I was never afraid of snakes again The adder was very beautiful, and when I saw it lying there like that, entirely devoted to the yellow sun, I was sure it had no intention of biting me Its thoughts were remote from me, it didn t want to do anything but lie in peace on the white stones and bathe in sunlight and warmth.The ForestIt s never entirely silent in the forest You only imagine it s silent, but there is always a whole host of noises A woodpecker taps in the distance, a bird calls, the wind hisses through the grass in the forest, a big branch knocks against a tree trunk, and the twigs rustle as little animals scurry around Everything is alive, everything is working But that evening it really was almost silent.The FlowersIn cyclamen flowers the red of summer combines with the blue of autumn into a pinkish purple, and their fragrance recaptures all the sweetness of the past but as you inhale it for longer, there is a quite different smell behind it that of decay and death I have always considered the cyclamen a strange and rather frightening flower.Have you read Marlen Haushofer sThe WallWhat do you think about it Book2moviechallenge 201212 12 Ein Film der 2012 aus einer Literaturvorlage ver ffentlicht wird Buch 5 Sterne Eines jener B cher, das mich beim erstmaligen Lesen vor mehr als 10 Jahren am meisten beeindruckt und gleichzeitig extrem verst rt hat Die Hauptdarstellerin ist zu Gast auf Sommerfrische bei Freunden in einer einsamen Jagdh tte, wacht am Morgen auf und muss feststellen, dass sie in einer relativ weitl ufigen gl sernen Kuppel gefangen ist Ihre Gastgeber wollten am Vortag kurz ins Dorf gehen und sind nicht mehr zur ckgekommen Langsam findet sie heraus, dass hinter der Wand alle tot sind Es ist furchtbar sich auszumalen, was passiert wenn man der letzte Mensch auf der Erde ist und sich voll mit dem berlebenskampf besch ftigen muss Atmosph risch sehr dicht und in wunderbarer Sprache wird die Freude an der Natur, die Einsamkeit, die Furcht, die Entbehrung, die harte Arbeit und die Ann herung an die Tiere, die ihr geblieben sind, geschildert Auch das berraschende Finale l t sehr viel Raum f r Spekulationen, ber das Warum und Was W re Wenn Grandios mehr kann ich aber nicht verraten, ohne Spoileralarm auszul sen Fazit Sprachlich und inhaltlich ist das Buch ein Hit Film 5 Sterne Der Film ist wirklich die perfekte optische Umsetzung eines an sich schon fabelhaften Werkes und setzt mit seinen beeindruckenden Bildern der Natur des Salzkammergutes qualitativ dem Buch noch die Krone auf Sowohl die Idylle als auch die Bedrohlichlichkeit, die Einsamkeit der Natur wurde mit Bildern perfekt inszeniert und interpretiert z.B sind einsame Sequenzen im Winter in Schwarzweiss oder mit Schatten gedreht und fr hliche Szenen extrem farbenfroh Auch die Darstellung der Glaswand wurde gro artig umgesetzt, die Hauptdarstellerin Martina Gedeck hat sich da bei Pantomimen sicher einiges abgeschaut Sogar die sprachliche St rke des Buches konnte in den Film miteingebaut werden Die vereinsamte Hauptdarstellerin schreibt am Ende Tagebuch und durch die Stimme aus dem Off wird in R ckblenden sehr lyrisch erz hlt, was passiert ist Dadurch wird auch gleich offensichtlich, wie sehr sie sich auch optisch ver ndert hat Eine grandiose schauspielerische Leistung von Martina Gedek, die den gesamten Film eigentlich alleine bestreitet und nie langweilig ist Fazit Film und Buch 5 Sterne da gibts nix zu kritisieren. My animals were fond of my familiar smell, my voice and my movements I could easily cast off my face it was needed no longer At this thought a feeling of emptiness rose up in me, which I had to get rid of at any price I looked for some kind of work to do, and told myself that in my situation it was childish to mourn a face, but the tormenting sense that I had lost something important would not be driven away. Virginia Woolf once called Middlemarch one of the few novels that had been written for grownups, or something along those lines I follow suit with this work, which in the realm of sci fi does not badger with a multiplicity of facts, in the realm of psychological novels does not bloat itself on tropes outside the white male mainstay, in the realm of the pastoral does not encourage and in the realm of pioneering does not present violence as the only way Emotion is far concerned with internal erasure than external pride and prejudice, and the foraging homicide, the one man survival kit, the hero, all of them were caught on the wrong side of the wall I m still afraid, because I know that I can live only if I fail to understand certain things. One of the exercises in my Engineering Ethics class consisted of ranking the items one would have on a raft stranded in the middle in the ocean in terms of importance with regards to survival In teams, the majority of us focused on the tiny world of personal landscape, and were subsequently surprised when the answer of inevitable rescue in a hyperconnected world was solemnly shaken in our faces Fifty years previous to this technological indoctrination, a story was written in which, even if there had been any chance of rescue, it would have been enacted by the enemies The ones who had inflicted the weapon of the wall, in all its unknown capacity, on the populace in the first place It didn t occur to me then, but it would have been good to ask the TA presiding over the ethics course how they were so certain that our rescue would have been the result of care, not crimeS ince I had only ever been threatened by human beings before, I couldn t adapt too quickly. Humans are social creatures of habit, enforced solitude combined with rapid changes in an environment resulting in a distempered mix of boredom, aggravation, and undying fear We have our dystopias with our zombies and our dictatorships and our group dynamics coming straight to us from the ninth circle of hell, but those are all powerful signifiers of today s reality Awful as they are, they have a familiar structure Awful as they are, you are not alone As a human being, you will most likely suffer a great deal in a populated world of violent destruction than in a hunting lodge beyond the boundaries of humanity s final showdown, but the hyperactive physicality of the ruthless adventurer does not make for a complex narrative You could build a fire and scope out a surviving community and stab and rape your way to the top of the rule of their roost, but what if you can t You could venture from convenience store to convenience store and never even think of settling into a one person agrarian society, but what if you can t Ice is similar both in its publishing decade and its ultimate futility, but its strength lies in the surreal portrayal of the toxic masculinity, not in depriving said toxic masculinity of all its worth of meaningI f time exists only in my head, and I m the last human being, it will end with my death The thought cheers me I may be in a position to murder time. Justice Gender roles Militarization Euthanization Animal rights Incest Pedagogy Epistemology Teleology Ontology Industrialization Community Power Emotional bonds Ageing Triumph Failure Life Death Survival The dystopia lies not in the invisible barrier with its gorgon properties, but in the solipsistic interrogation that cannot afford to hold smugly to certain ideals so long as the next meal is a constant concern Religion, for whatever reason, is never a defined concern The movie of this has a scene of the heroine running a car into the wall, a noncanonical moment that shows how difficult it is for contemporary times to tell a story of stationary despair What moments there are of revolution do not lend well to the big screen or the action filled climax The only creature in the forest that can really do right or wrong is me And I alone can show mercy Sometimes I wish that burden of decision making didn t lie with me But I am a human being, and I can only think and act like a human being Only death will free me from that. You question, of course, the tale told by the one still standing amidst the bodies on this side of the wall and that They ll never give it to you, you know The end of the world was not written to tuck you in at night. a marvelous book It is beyond me why this novel is classified a feminist classic as it holds up as something great no matter whose sex wrote it This is a story of redemption under grave circumstances It is a tale of determination and persistence in the face of uncertain and daunting circumstances The novel could be deemed an instruction manual on how to live a life with one s own self, alone and entrusted with responsibilities perhaps too great for the typical human being handed them But the narrator prevails and actually thrives in her seclusion, and is given the opportunity for true self esteem and meaning in her life And that is not a feminist theme but rather something universal to be strived for no matter what sex one is, or even regarding our present day, working out perhaps what sex one isn t Marlen Haushofer writes in an engaging style, conversing with the reader as if on solid ground and friendly terms, tolerant at all times for the fate she has been faced with, and in my eyes kindly hoping that we might do the same, given similar circumstances Through her lot of characters she inherits all domesticated animals , Haushofer develops their personalities emotionally and spiritually to the degree we become as well attached to them, and worry for their happiness, good health, and safety This book is as good as any I have read, and so accessible that it caused me no care to look a word up or write one down Sometimes the simplest form works out to be the best Haushofer certainly found a winning voice within the covers of this little masterpiece of fine literature. .FREE DOWNLOAD ☳ Die Wand ⚔ First Published To Acclaim In Germany, The Wall Chronicles The Life Of The Last Surviving Human On Earth, An Ordinary Middle Aged Woman Who Awakens One Morning To Find That Everyone Else Has Vanished Assuming Her Isolation To Be The Result Of A Military Experiment Gone Awry, She Begins The Terrifying Work Of Survival And Self Renewal This Novel Is At Once A Simple And Moving Tale And A Disturbing Meditation On Humanity I stood up three times and convinced myself that here, three yards from me, there really was something invisible, smooth and cool blocking my path I thought it might be a hallucination, but of course I knew that it was nothing of the kind I could have coped much easily with a momentary insanity than with this terrible, invisible thing But there was Lynx with his bleeding mouth, and there was the bump on my head, which was beginning to ache.When our narrator was invited by her cousin Luise and Hugo to go and stay at their hunting lodge in the foothills of the Alps for a few days, she was very keen on the idea She was a window with grown up children and could think of nothing enjoyable than a sojourn in the mountains But when her hosts went off to the local village and did not return the following morning, our narrator set out to find them She took the family dog Lynx with her, who was the first to come across, and was immediately frustrated by what appeared to be an invisible wall, blocking their progress.So in reality this doesn t appear to be the start to a rather excellent story and there you would be wrong Put yourself in her position You re all alone You can look through this invisible wall and see the people in the valley in their various frozen positions as well as their animals What could have happened to them She often thought about it but could come up with no definitive reason.This is the most remarkable book about a woman s survival in life Imagine, you are alone in the world, and there are evidently no other fellow humans around What do you need to live She found searching through the hunting lodge that Hugo had matches So important for the fire Yes there was wood indeed but not enough and so she had to cut Luckily enough the right implements were there There was also a sack of potatoes and some seeds and so she was able to dig up a field imagine the hard work and plant them But other necessities such as soap, toothpaste, clothes, shoes, food, etc all rather difficult if you have them but cannot replenish them Also heating We are talking about the Alps here, certainly not warm all the time The wood was soon used up.But then luck happens to enter into the equation A cow suddenly appears when our narrator is out with Lynx On the other side of the wall, her fellow cows were transfixed, presumably dead but how What is rather poignant is the cow, who obviously had been split up from fellow cows at the time of this experience is now all alone and has need to be looked after But she provides milk She is pregnant and has a bull Our narrator comes across a book luckily enough on births in animals and so assists at this time So milk is available for our narrator, and the dog.Then a cat appears Another animal that has to be fed So meat has to be on the agenda Luckily there is a gun and our narrator, very much against her own wishes, is forced to go out and kill deer She finds trout in the river too She detests killing but she has to survive I wonder, if I were in the same position, would I also do that One never knows until it happens.Cat is never named When the bull is born, he remains Bull but the cow is called Bella.Our narrator loves all the animals and has their well being at heart This is her new world after all and she reasons that we all have walls in our lives of some sort or other and she has to get on with life She knows that she will always work as she has given up hope after two years that she will be found.What did fascinate me though was after she had been in the hunting lodge for several months, she suddenly decided to go out exploring with Lynx and found a small hut up in the hills, the area was known by the locals as the Alm, about three hours away by foot She decided that she would stay there in the summer as there were cranberries to be had and she could take the bull and Bella plus Lynx and the cat with her The weather was dreadful but in the meantime whilst she was there, she could trek back down to the field close to the hunting lodge and scythe the field for hay for the bull and cow and check on her potatoes There were continual periods of trudging back and forth between the two places She was constantly exhausted and did I feel for her.All in all this could sound rather trite but it is the writing style that is exquisite I loved every word of this book.Well life continues as it always will but then one day she finds a man in the field when she is up in the Alm This is the most incredible part of the book In fact it momentarily mentally paralyzed me.We are informed of all of this via a journal that she is writing but she only has a pencil and this is nearly finished Our narrator knows that there could be problems with her continuing lifestyle but she s optimistic now even though she has had problems with her health, her teeth, has lost several of her loved animals and knowing that soon the matches will run out She has no idea of time as her alarm clock is no longer working and her small wrist watch, a gift from her husband, got lost somewhere between the Alm and the hunting lodge She only knows the time by the arrival of the crows and the rather odd white crow that stays behind Today, the twenty fifth of February, I shall end my report There isn t a single sheet of paper left It s now around five o clock in the evening and already so light that I can write without a lamp The crows have risen, and circle screeching over the forest When they are out of sight I shall go to the clearing and feed the white crow It will already be waiting for me.I m sure there s a significance to the white crow but I cannot see it.My, this is the most amazing book that I still keep on thinking about and referring to Goodreads, you are brilliant So will I come across another book this year that proves to be better than this one I very much doubt it How did I not find this book when I was writing Our Endless Numbered Days I d not even heard of it until recently It is wonderful An unexplained and invisible wall comes down trapping the narrator in section of the Austrian Alps with only a dog and some basic provisions She has decided to write a report of what happened, and so in looking back we get tiny snippets of what has happened in her present, just enough to tease us and keep us wondering The report, and nearly all of the book is a daily account of the activities she has to do to stay alive But it is also so much than this It is not the food that keeps her alive, but her relationship with various animals, which in the end come to mean so much to her than any human relationship she had, probably even her own children My only issue with the novel and you can see I overcame it, since I gave it five stars is that when she first disovers the wall she doesn t follow it to the very end, so it is possible at that stage that she isn t completely enclosed But don t let that put you off, if you like stories of the details of survival then read this. The Wall is a wonderful novel It is not often that you can say only a woman could have written this book, but women in particular will understand the heroine s loving devotion to the details of making and keeping life, every day felt as a victory against everything that would like to undermine and destroy It is as absorbing as Robinson Crusoe Doris Lessing External freedom has probably never existed, but neither have I ever known anyone who knew inner freedom Marlen HaushofferI have watched the movie, with the same title, by Julian P lsler A long, deeply felt meditation on loneliness, survival, friendship with animals, since she s all alone, inside a mysterious, invisible wall, deemed to be three meters thick, which separates her from the rest of the world Up there, among the mountains and forests, a woman has got a cottage to live in, a cow to take care of and dear dog and a cat, to start with For two years, starting on a 5th of November and ending on a 25th of February, she ll try to accurately record, on the available paper, her inward musings on fear, hope, on being a human and not getting into despair rather, at all costs, survive the ravages of the weather, loneliness and loss.Her writings, though, include blessed summer moments in the wild, using her binoculars for gazing at the stars Fear, though, erupts often.Out of the harshness a new self has emerged She ll have to use a gun, kill a man, hunt deer, do her crops, plant her potatoes and witness her beloved animals dying one after the other cat, dog in the end, however, she ll have the white crow One, a single one, she would like to unite with another white one.