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I am a long time dotHACK fan, having originally played the first game on the PS2 when it was released in America back in 2003 When Tokyopop would later publish the English translations of these light novels that told the story from the games through BlackRose s perspective, I didn t anticipate falling in love with them at all I m so happy that I finally have these, and I do recommend them for any fans of the franchise, especially the original games.I ll be posting my full review for this entire quartet on the final book, but I will say that this first installment has its flaws Dedicated game fans will notice that a lot of Kite and BlackRose s in game dialogue is switched around, and besides that the writing in this book feels a bitjuvenile It almost reads like a 12 y.o s fanfiction than a proper light novelization I think part of that is just due to the style in which it was written when translated The later books get better about that, so don t fret @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⛈ .hack//Another Birth Volume 1 (Hack//Another Birth) ó In Order For Akira To Save Her Younger Brother, Who Suddenly Loses Consciousness In The Middle Of Playing The World, She Enters The Online Fantasy Game As The Heavy Blade Wielding BlackRose While Heading Toward The Area Where Her Brother S Consciousness Was Stolen, BlackRose Meets The Twin Blade Fighter Kite Written From BlackRose S Perspective, This Adaptation Of The Popularhack Series Of Games Is The First Installment Of Yet Another Hithack Novel Series I looooove this part of the.hack universe Originally I read these around the time they came out but that s been like, 10 years now haha They came out after the games so it s a different experience to play the first game, then read the first novel The character you play as in the game is Kite, while BlackRose is just a main companion of his So it s fun getting to see her perspective, especially with her high school tennis team problems and bullying from upperclassmen, to her problems at home when her brother falls into a coma from playing the game Anywho Light novels are such fast reads I guess that s why they call them light novels People often suggest reading this novel series OR playing the game if you don t want to do both, which I guess you can get away with It s a fun experience if you dig into all of it though It was fun trying to solve the mystery of The World way back when and it s fun going through it all again now knowing many of the mysteries already Actually getting to read play watch all the material in chronological order has been a different trip than the confusing mess of information they threw at you sporadically originally hah. .Hack based of an anime series is a very compelling book Its full of mystery and a bit of drama to up you into it The genre would be sci fi and mystery The reason i chose this book it because i played the game version of this book, but it wasnt as detailed as the book, so i wanted to read and find out what i missed When playing a video game put her little brother into a coma, Akira is determined to find out why it happened and go into the game The World in search for answers As well as balancing her real life at school and the drama her comatose brother brings to her family Akira goes into the game as an avatar character known as BlackRose There she meets Kite someone who told her that her brother is not the only one to become comatose, and together they search The World for answers to their problems and find some unexpected characters and mysteries The conflicts are man vs man, man vs the supernatural, and man vs self Akira must deal with her drama at school with her upperclassmen, as well as the strange phenomenon in The World , as well as herself as she blames herself for all the things that happened Two themes in this book are the importance of family because when her brother becomes comatose, her family becomes to fall apart, And that you must learn how to trust people because so many people see Akira suffering and shouldering a burden that is crushing her I would totally recommend this book to anyone It has a little bit of everything for everyone Some romance, comedy , and action as well The author is very good at bring The World to life because its a fantasy game and it feels like you are playing it through the eyes of BlackRose Akira This book is a little bit on the lighter side, however, that does not take away from the impact that the story and especially the setting of this book along with all of the other aspects of the.Hack series, though so the anime In terms of what makes this book different than most, I would have to say it comes from the unique combination of real life combined with the virtual game, known as The World and the obvious differences between the two The true source of the interplay between these two settings is that the characters are recognized and shown to be in both places yet exist separately in each Naturally, there are some characters that do not leave the setting of the game world due to their totally digital nature, these character usually defy the usual rules of what is allowed in the game One such character is the mysterious and ever illusive spirit of The World known as Aura This character along with the questions of possible hidden artificial intelligence that may lurk out there, uncontrolled by the forces that created it This sort of vision of a free willed AI, has been the main spark of why I became so interested in computers This game also allows for a highly in depth back drop in three layers On the first layer, you have the world of the game as it is supposed to work and the rules that are laid out and enforced by the C.C Corporation CyberConnect Corporation On the second layer, there is The World as it actually works including all of the hidden elements and purely computer related phenomena Invariably, there is always some sort of a force, a program or an artificial intelligence that neither the ordinary pieces of the game, nor the administrators of the company can handle This is what bridges the reader into the third layer, that of the players and the real world in the franchise at least With such a complex and well developed world for the story s events to take place in, the possibilities for how things can take place, is increased exponentially As a cost, the details of the rules and limitations of each layer as well as the each one remaining distinct and interesting all must be kept in order This along with many other stories involving than one plane or world has shown me how to better integrate such metaphysical aspects to my own stories and a little in when they are not appropriate This is an especially difficult are of skill to master, and one that I admit I could still use much improvement in This is also, one of the areas that is the most useful for a writer of supernatural high fantasy such as myself.I would recommend this book to anyone with any interest in computers, artificial intelligence,otherworldly fantasies, multilayer gaming, game worlds, and gaming in general, I would also recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of anime or the.Hack series Also, I do not convey any approval with releasing a potentially uncontrollable super human intelligent AI out into the Internet without the proper permits. Sean MayedaP.311 21 11Los Angels Tokyo Pop Press.2006 pp.232.Hack Another Birth Vol 1 Infection by Miu Kawasaki is the perfect book for lovers of Science fiction The story takes place in Japan and in the online fantasy game called, The World , in 2010 A high school athlete, Akira Hayami, finds her brother, Fumikazu, who is sent into a deep coma, by a unknown cause while he was in The World Akira makes a character named, Black Rose and looks for answers in game about her brother s coma She meets Kite, a Twin Blade, or people who use two identical swords Akira deals with bullies, who tease her for playing The World in real life.Struggles in the game and in real life intensify when Akira gets closer to what she was looking for I willsay that the common computer savvy public and those who are fans of books based on cyberspace will like this book, because the story shows real representation of computer errors and technical difficulties,in a entertaining story Such examples of these problems have been commonly encountered, such as gamecrashes and images of degraded data On a scale of 1 10, I rate this book an 11 Good companion piece to the first game, although the material does seem to overlap slightly with the beginning of the second game Interesting story outside the world of the The World video game, which is good because you don t get very much of that playing the PS2 game.The writing level is obviously very low because this is a light novel aimed at younger teenagers and meant to be short and easy As such, it takes like an hour or two to read the entire thing I d say if you are, in 2010, looking to play through the.hack games for the first time, that you d do well to get these novels for cheap and read them after you finish each of the games in the series.The art in the book is not particularly good, but I think that mostly has to do with it being basically pencils to use a comicbook term without any ink finishing or colors They re fine for giving you an idea of what the characters look like, but you re not going to want to collect the series for the art. It reads like the cover Poorly made and uninteresting Not recommended. I m honestly a bit disappointed by this book I know, i know, it is a video game adaptation, but you are allowed to have some hope in a franchise, right I read.hack AI Buster a few years ago and I absolutely loved it Going back to it, I can totally see where AI Buster did succeed and Another Birth failed The mystery AI Buster was written with the author having close to no idea what the world and mystery that he had to set up was exactly, and this reads just so good There is a genuine sense of mystery, of secrets hidden in that world that you explore while reading secrets that you cannot even start to unravel because the author doesn t have a clue what those secrets really are And as frustrating as it does sound, I loved it Another Birth is different We are told that certain things are happening, but we don t really see them THIS is frustrating I guess this is what you get when moving the POV to a secondary character in a novel when the POV is on the main character in the video game Exposition is given lackluster and most of times not focused enough to really be satisfying, and this reads than a chain of game levels spliced together by a poorly written mystery and a very standard real life story.