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[Read Ebook] Ä Star-Crossed ä Patricia Kelley Has Been Raised A Proper British Lady But She S Become A Stowaway Her Father Is Dead, And Her Future In Peril To Claim The Estate That Is Rightfully Hers, She Must Travel Across The Seas To Barbados, Hidden In The Belly Of Merchant ShipIt Is A Daring Escapade, And The Plan Works For A Time But Before She Knows It, Patricia S Secret Is Revealed, And She Is Torn Between Two Worlds During The Day, She Wears Petticoats, Inhabits The Dignified Realm Of Ship S Officers, And Trains As A Surgeon S Mate With The Gentle Aeneas MacPherson At Night She Dons Pants And Climbs The Rigging In The Rough Company Of Sailors And It Is There, Alongside Boson S Mate John Dalton, That She Feels Stunningly AliveIn This Mesmerizing Novel Of Daring, Adventure, Tragedy, And Romance, Patricia Must Cross The Threshold Between Night And Day, Lady And Surgeon, And Even Woman And Man She Must Be Bold In Ways Beyond Her Wildest Dreams And Take Risks She Never Imagined Possible And She Must Fight For Her Life And Her Love Reviewed by Emylee for TeensReadToo.comPatricia Kelley, a former pupil at Wiltshire Boarding School for Gentlemen s Daughters, has recently been orphaned at the impressionable age of sixteen Left with nothing but her wits and the promise of her deceased father s estate in the Barbados, she sneakily stows away on the Canopus, a seemingly distinguished merchant ship She does not stay hidden for long, and soon must earn her passage on the Canopus by training to become the surgeon s mate It is during her stay on the ship that she meets the free spirited Brian Dalton, bosun s mate and unattainable love interest Unexpected complications arise when Patricia tries to reclaim her birthright, and she marries out of desperation in order to survive She wonders if she can survive a loveless marriage as well as her continuing life as a surgeon s mate As if she does not already have enough things to worry about, thoughts of Brian Dalton keep reappearing in her mind after she and her husband leave the Canopus to fulfill their duties aboard a warship Can Patricia handle the enormous changes headed her way Filled with vivid descriptions of sea life and the historical restrictions that were placed on women during the time period, STAR CROSSED is an exceptional novel that will entrance readers of any age When I first picked up the book, I was skeptical of whether or not I would enjoy it However, by the fifth page I was completely hooked The action in the novel greatly adds to the piece, and the romantic theme does not dominate the plot I recommend this book to readers of any age or gender. Linda Collison s Star Crossed reminded me of a mixture of The Witch of Blackbird Pond and a mature The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Like Kit and Charlotte, sixteen year old Patricia Kelley is forced into a radically new life, but remains stubbornly determined to shape it to her will Orphaned, illegitimate, and penniless, Patricia stows away on a British merchant ship bound for Barbados She was born there and is certain her father left her his sugar plantation before he died She is soon discovered by bosun s mate Brian Dalton But instead of exposing her, Dalton gives her a set of sailor s clothes and helps keep her presence a secret In the dead of night, he spirits her up onto the deck and teaches her how to climb the rigging and track their progress by the stars.Their secret is soon revealed, however, and she is only allowed to stay in the capacity of assistant to the ship s doctor, Aeneas MacPherson Patricia gets through her days learning how to set a bone and stitch a wound, but she longs for the clear nights when she can climb to the top of the crow s nest with Dalton Upon reaching Barbados events do not unfold as Patricia hoped With no choices available to a girl in her position, Patricia numbly accepts Aeneas proposal of marriage and Dalton leaves immediately for a gunner s position aboard a naval ship The second part of the novel follows her life with Aeneas, while the third depicts the unexpected chain of events that lead to her crossing paths again with Dalton, once again disguised as a boy, this time aboard a naval ship in the midst of war with Spain.Like its lovely cover, everything about this book is strong and vivid Patricia s first attempt climbing the rigging to dizzying heights, gruesome descriptions of patients suffering from yellow fever, fiery battle sieges at sea, and the few stolen moments when Patricia and Dalton are able to speak freely All of these leave the reader breathless and feeling as though she were actually there with them, desperate to survive The novel is meticulously researched and I loved the map, glossary, background information, and particularly the closing quote by Sappho I tell you, someone will remember us I look forward to Patricia s further adventures as Ms Collison has indicated it will be a trilogy. In Star Crossed, Patricia is the bastard daughter of a sugar cane plantation owner in Barbados Her mother was an Irish slave girl who died shortly after Patricia was born Her father sent her away to an English boarding school but when he dies suddenly of an infection, Patricia decides her only option is to go back home Without her father s support she doesn t have the money to book passage aboard a ship She then sneaks on board a boat with prostitutes that s going towards a ship Patricia believes to be heading for Barbados After a narrow escape from some uncouth sailors, she manages to find a place to hide for the next few days without being discovered Someone does manage to find Patricia, and eventually the whole ship learns a stowaway is aboard ship The ship s surgeon takes pity on her however and offers Patricia a deal If she wants to stay aboard ship and not be set on land at the nearest port she is to become the surgeon s apprentice She ll have to work during the day learning the tools and practices of the surgeon However, during the night she takes to wearing men s garb and learning how the ship is run with the sailors However, everything doesn t go as planned and Patricia has a hard time leaving one sailor in particular I really liked this book The language used is very descriptive and you really feel for Patricia and what she faces It reminded me a lot of an expanded, adult version of Bloody Jack by L.A Meyer which is one of my favorite books There isn t a lot of humor in Star Crossed but it s very moving and large in scale It s definitely one of those books that takes you places and creates a wonderful escape from every day life There was one decision Patricia made towards the middle of the book that I wish she didn t and I wished this book was even longer Readers who are a little squeamish on descriptions of places plagued with sickness and the entailing symptoms be warned Some parts go in detail of an area plagued with yellow fever and it s pretty gross Otherwise though it s a very enjoyable read. This felt like an adult novel than YA to me I liked it, but sure wish there had been pirates Patricia is an illegitimate daughter of an English Barbados plantation owner When she gets word that her father has died, she leaves her English boarding school and having not a penny to her name, boards a merchant ship and stows herself away, hoping to reach Barbados to claim her father s plantation Not the brightest crayon in the box, but she has guts Naturally she is discovered and her plan goes awry Something good does come out of it tho She becomes an apprentice to the ship surgeon and even marries him despite her crush on a mere sailor, Brian I forgot to mention that of course, women back then were not allowed to inherit property so her trip to Barbados was for naught as apparently her father didn t leave her the land after all..Patricia must find her own path now Will her marriage to the kind Scotish surgeon play out well or does fate have other plans What of Brian What of her Barbados home Is it gone for good The ending has Patricia donning male attire and depending on no man I had a hard time getting into this one at first tho The beginning is rather slow as it is all aboard ship with no pirates or anything happening I also had a hard time growing to like Patricia She comes across as a spoiled brat at times The island is dying of yellow fever and all she thinks about is her plantation Four stars.