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(Free Pdf) â Almayer Station ã Lieutenant Deilani Already Had Trust IssuesNow She Has An Appalling New Assignment To Inspect An Independent Mining Station In Territory That S Been Recently Annexed The Demenis System Might Have Become Evagardian Space, But It S Populated By The Free Traders Who Got There First, All Chafing At Suddenly Having To Comply With Quaint Things Like Laws And TaxesDeilani S A Doctor, Not A Cop She Doesn T Care What These Degenerates Are Doing As Long As They Re Doing It In Compliance With Evagardian Regulations, But It S Not That Simple She Can Handle Dangerous People, But Her Training Hasn T Prepared Her To Question The Laws Of Physics Or Reality Itself The Edge Of Space Isn T As Lonely As She Thought It Would Be There S Something Else Out There With Them, Something No One Understands Time S Running Out, And She S On Her Own There S No One To Trust, No Rescue Coming, And No Way Out