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Awesome read As a teen, Rebecca loves Jay, and she believes he returns her love After he leaves the country on business, she finds herself pregnant, and writes to him The letter is stolen by jealous Olivia, and Rebecca is ultimately forced to leave home and have her baby alone.Ten years go by before the two lovers meet again With Olivia is still around, trying to cause harm again,trying to re start the rumors Jay Rebecca both truly loved each other but manipulations,lies n deceit destroyed their love and along with their love Rebecca even lost her only close relative her mother when her mother finds out she is pregnant with Jay s child she choses her loyalty over her motherhood,Rebecca is shattered n she leaves but she builds a new life for herselfThe book was good the only thing that disturbed me was the violent reaction of Jay when he finds out he has a son n he is so angry he bitter he calls Rebecca Bitch n says lots of aweful hurtful thingsAnyways by the end everything is sorted out and i blame somewhat Jay whatever happened before 10 years Recommend it It seems as though I automatically reach for the really intense and dramatic Harlequin Presents books when I need to escape in a book The Dark Side of Desire is definitely a book of that caliber.Rebecca and Jay learn that you can only run from a painful past for so long Rebecca had excellent reasons for leaving the small village she d lived her whole life, the man who she adored so much She was driven away by ugly lies and collusions of people who didn t want her and Jay to be together She worked hard to raise a healthy, happy son and build a life for herself, determined never to look back Until she sees an announcement that her mother is sick and they are looking for her in the paper Reluctantly, she returns, and Jay is there at the train station waiting for her Like a living nightmare, every intense emotion and memory comes back to her She believes she hates him, and in her mind has plenty of reason to do so, but that intense love of her youth had never died.To her surprise, Jay seems to hate her just as much, but he s also still very much obsessed with her, and from the beginning, seems to want her back But for Rebecca, there is too much water under the bridge, especially when Jay believes something really horrible about her And then he finds out about their son Wow, Jay s reaction packed a punch I don t like secret baby books much, because I don t like the idea of the hero not knowing he has a child so long In this case, I don t blame the heroine because of the circumstances But that is probably one of the most memorable reactions I ve read thus far This book is super intense and passionate and emotional You can t help but feel for both Rebecca and Jay Jay really has this powerful hate love thing going for Rebecca I didn t like when he slapped her, but otherwise, I think he mostly treated her very well other than a couple of nasty things he says to her He was definitely obsessed with Rebecca It makes you wonder how he managed to stay away from her for ten long years Jay had a way of using his sexuality to affect manipulate Rebecca I guess on one level that is a pet peeve of mine I don t like manipulative characters people , but it didn t bother as much because it s obvious how deeply in love and susceptible to Rebecca he was.I was kind of iffy about him seducing a sixteen year old as a twenty three year old I know the age of consent is lower in Europe and there are plenty of teens having sex in the US, but it still made me cringe I think it helps that Rebecca seemed mature for her age, but still I liked how much Kit, their son was in the book I think anytime a book is about a family with kids, the kids should have a significant role in the book I don t believe in making children plot points in a story.I liked how Rebecca had to face her mother and learn to forgive her mother for something that she did that was very wrong It wasn t as hard as one would expect, because Rebecca had always wanted to have a close relationship with her mother, but her mother was old fashioned and chained by her antiquated societal beliefs It was good to see them mend fences.I liked the way the supposed OW was dealt with, especially her poisonous lies and character assassination of Rebecca While Jay s father wasn t alive to deal with his part in the situation, I think that otherwise, the past situation was laid to rest in a satisfactory way.In my mind, this is classic Michelle Reid An emotionally intense and passionate read that sucks you in There is nothing tepid about the rocky and passionate relationship between Rebecca and Jay, and for a good escapist read, I wouldn t have it any other way. #Book ⚛ The Dark Side of Desire ñ She Could Run But She Couldn T HideNo Longer The Shattered Teenager Who Had Left Thornley Vowing Never To Return, Rebecca Shaw Had Come To Terms With The Legacy Of Jay Lorence S Betrayal And Had Built A New Life On HER Terms But Her Mother Needed Her Now And Nothing Could Keep Rebecca From Going HomeTen Years Melted In Jay S Embrace His Kiss Reopened Old Wounds And Ignited Forgotten Temptations Every Instinct Warned Her To Run Before Her Hard Worked For Peace And Stability Came Crashing DownRebecca Had A New Life One She Had No Intention Of Letting Jay Invade But Keeping A Man Like Jay At Arm S Length Was Next To Impossible Especially When It Wasn T What She Really Wanted To Do Oh, lots of angst here for you angst lovers as H h were victims of forces in their family and community, which were beyond their control I can t rate if higher because of the extremely young age of the heroine when she was sexually involved with the university grad hero 16 might be legal, but it doesn t show the hero in a good light It certainly didn t show the h s housekeeper mother in a good light when she said she knew about the affair, but was hoping her daughter could one day end up lady of the manor Instead, she s kicked out of the house, given money for an abortion, and told to never come back by the H s lord of the manor father and her own mother I would have stayed away, too The story opens when the heroine reads the personal ads and sees that her mother is ill and asking for her She leaves her business and nine year old son in London and heads up to Yorkshire.The rest of the story concerns how the H h find out the truth and learn to trust each other all over again Dramatic stuff, but I wasn t feeling the romance as the family saga, the betrayals of friends and the power of gossip in a small community took over the narrative The h hadn t been with anyone since and it never really came up with the H so they certainly kept the home fires burning for each other I thought the mother was forgiven way too fast, but I guess the stroke was her comeuppance I think I would have liked an epilogue in this one a few years down the road with the h s business doing well, the hero interacting as a family man and maybe another baby or two. It says a lot about an author s writing when there is a couple of major things I hate about the book and it still ends up with a 4 star.Heroine is 16 I hate this with such venom that I could puke, collect it and imagine throwing it violently at the H Unless he was 18 19, then ok, I can get with the program Hormones Youth Got it But he s NOT He s about 23 And worse, we find out later in the story that her mum kind of guessed thier sexual relations and so did the nice gardener but instead of enlisting him on the sex offender directory, all kept quiet because he s from some high class family and all in all, kind of a decent guy Worst of all, he s had inappropriate feelings for her for a long time He kisses her roughly and fondled her boobs in a fit of jealous rage when she was just 15 So I almost chucked the book but thought what the heck, I ll read the whole thing then crucify the book in my review But now look who s eating humble pie By the end of the book, you can tell the Hero is no sexual predator just blindly in love, and boy, does he redeem himself In my eyes, anyway.Won t ruin it with too many details so I ll just say there is a series of dramatic events and misunderstandings that ends with her leaving while pregnant with his child and staying away for 10 years not informing a single soul that she s had the baby But now her mother is taken ill so she needs to come back to the scene of her humilation She s resentful of everyone who abandoned her at her time of need But slowly everything unravels and the painful process of forgiving begins for Rebecca, Jay, our dear hero see how I ve changed my tune and her own mother as the truth unfolds Second thing I disliked was the time period 10 years apart means an older child which means you can t gloss it over, and I hate angst when it involves children I d prefer them out of the drama But to Reid s credit, she captures the untidiness of it all quite well But I had mixed feelings about the slap he gave her 10 years was a long time to be parted from his son and yes, she had never intended to tell him so part of me cheered on behalf of all the heros who didn t get to slap the stupid heroines who didn t tell of their baby for the dumbest reasons But on the other hand, Rebecca was justified for her snippy attitude so I disliked that she took it without so much as a murmur.I loved how Jay was so tortured about not knowing of his son and immediately wanted to hear his son s voice and straightaway went to see him as soon as he knew of his paternity Also liked how Jay confessed his love way before Rebecca did and understood how they had all let her down and gave her time to heal.Read this for a strong, likeable heroine and a nice comprehensive storyline. I like this book just for the novelty of it.The heroine is the housekeepers daughter, she and the boss s son start something up Of course he has to date the neighbor and take her to all the events because he can t take the heroine For one thing she s too young..16 to his 20 His father wants him to start from the bottom up in the company so he goes to America for a year to do just that The heroine finds out she s pregnant and writes to him What follows is so stupid that it can only happen in a book because people in real life are NEVER that stupid Anyway, the heroine is hauled up before the hero s father who tells her he s heard from his son that she s claiming to be pregnant with his child But he knows that she s been ho ing her way through the village and it s not his kid So he gives her money for an abortion and kicks her out Her mother tells her to take the money and leave because she never wants to see her again.Heroine takes the money, leaves, does not have an abortion, goes to London and becomes homeless Then she manages to get some money and start up her own business which becomes successful Years later there s a letter in the paper asking her to call home because her mother is sick.So the book starts with the heroine going home, but hiding her son away, to see her sick mother who d kicked her out What I loved about the book is how horrible everyone was How the heroine didn t land on her feet, she struggled, she was homeless etc The only thing that could have shocked me is if the heroine had to resort to prostitution It would have worked in this book for me. I just love this book I just reread it and gave it a higher score I was just so glad that he never slept with Olivia the snake I really hated the hero when he found out about his son and was so mean to her He actually hit her and that was inexcusable I understand why he was angry but it was just so awful And then at the end, he said he knew that the baby wasn t Joe s but he treated her like he didn t know That was confusing I did like that he really really loved her and let her know that he did eventually Way before she said it to him too I loved when they went back to the river where they fell in love at the end to reaffirm their love That was an AHHHH moment for me It really was a great story Unfortunately, this book reminded me about another book I had read about a couple looking for their son and going back to the place where they had made love the first time and the little boy was there Now I have to try and remember the name Drats. Good angsty story but it really needed an epilogue Plus hero lost 10 years of his sons life I wanted to seem them bonding accepting and loving each other I felt that Kit never accepted his father and that was kind of sad Bittersweet book. Re The Dark Side of Desire Michelle Reid does the emo wrecki angstfest trainwreck in this one and in that respect, this book is an HP classic I vacillate a lot on this one, it never fails to keep me enthralled, but I almost always have to do some drywall repair after I re read it I just can t seem to help the gut wrenching reaction I always have when I read this book, so for that alone, I give it high marks The premise of this one is that the h is 26 and a budding English version of Coco Chanel She designs and manufactures clothing for ladies She also has a very select couture line that is rather sought after When the book opens, the h spies an ad in the personal columns claiming her estranged mother is ill and looking for her Since it has been ten years and a lot of emotional damage since the h has last seen her mother, the h is of two minds about going Filial duty wins in the end and the h makes the long trek from London to Yorkshire via the train.We learn that the h s backstory is that when she was 15 and the daughter of the housekeeper to the Local Lord of the Manor, she fell in love with his 22 year old son, the heir apparent When she was 16, the Young Scion of the Manor seduced her They had a torrid teenage affair, with the Young Scion shagging the h in the off hours, while he escorted the Local Witchy Landed Beauty around the rest of the time As the H s father was the Lordly Domineering Sort, the H was too much a wimp to stand up to his dad and too much a cad to leave the h alone.Supposedly he loved the h, tho that never prohibited him from calling her a tart when she decided that if the H could date the Local Witchy Landed Girl and escort her to all the big society events, she could go to the local village dance with the Rugger Player Local lad So after all the fights, jealousy and lurving it up during the summer, the H had to go to America to do a sort of internship for a year He swore that when he came back, he and the h would be together always As these things go in wild teen love affairs, the precautions the H might or might not have taken did not work The h turned up preggers and her mother, the housekeeper, and the H s father conspired together to drive the h out of the village and gave her money to terminate the pregnancy.The h s mother, who was looking for social advancement via the marrying your social betters method of upward mobility, was fine with the h lurving it up with the H if it meant she would be Lady or Bit on the Side of the Local Manor Lord However, when the H s father refused to acknowledge that the h was carrying his grandson and instead spread it about that the h would tumble any passing semi attractive man, the mother refused to support the h cause she valued her job and her local top servant status, much than her supposedly wild child, and the woman kicked the h out, told her to go abort her child and never come back The h, who had tried to contact the H via a letter that she foolishly gave to the Local Witchy Landed girl to mail, never got a response except when the H s father called her in to pay her off and the h assumed the H was just using her for summer amusement At 16 she took herself off to London and built herself a clothing empire, cursing the name of all those who abandoned her and gave birth to a lovely young man named Kit, who is now nine Once the h gets to Yorkshire, the H is there to judge her and verbally flog her for leaving her mother alone for the last ten years The H seems to be under the impression that the h was a promiscuous tart before she left to go have a termination, cause she was up the duff from all her promiscuity and then just never came back The h s mother, who knows the truth and to keep in the H s good graces has never bothered to explain things, is now ill with a broken hip, a stroke and pneumonia and of course the H wants to lavish all kinds of care on his benevolent and loving family retainer, while despising and berating her ungrateful tart of a daughter MR gives us H POV in this one, so we get a good line on his thinking The H decides that the h will stay with him, all the better to berate her according to his schedule When the H and h arrive at the H s manor, the Witchy Landed OW is there to greet them and the h assumes they are married She figures the H and OW deserve each other, cause they are both user loser slime swillers The h calls her son to check in and it is the H s turn to be suspicious that the h has a better man than him in her life and one that she is totally devoted to.The boiling awareness and tension between the H and h only increases The h is despairingly aware that proximity to the H brings on that old black magic feelin , while the H gets violent with a punishing kiss and realizes the h is repulsed by him Both try to contain themselves and the h goes on with trying to make arrangements for her business and her mother s care Then the h s mother has a little manipulation drama in the guise of a panic attack She claims that she feels really horrible for driving the h away and that she can t stand the guilt of forcing the h to terminate her child I call it manipulation rather than a true attack of conscience because the woman conveniently waits until the H arrives to have her little crise de nerfs I suspect that the h s mother was probably aware of where and WHO the h was, as the h was a rising fashion star and had been publicized I also suspect that the mother knew the h was utterly and totally in love with the H and would never have terminated his child The mother knew she couldn t work any, so she took a calculated risk to force a confession from the h about her child The mother knew the H would be all over that and demand at least partial custody, but would likely marry the h to get full control of his child Thus via manipulation, she could secure a future for herself as the grandmother of the new heir apparent Trust me, any woman who could speak and act like this woman did was than greedy enough to do it too It really is a brilliant piece of writing The H overhears the entire thing and when he confronts the h, she accuses him of rejecting his responsibility in favor of a check and send off, only she puts in pretty crude terms and the H slaps her She apologizes, and neglects to advise the H that his father had told her the H got her letter and denied all responsibility The H immediately makes plans to seize his son He bullies the h into marriage by threatening to sue for full custody and a forced seduction and as per the Standard HP Rule Book, the h doesn t consult a solicitor, she just caves and eventually agrees to marry the H Tho to be fair, the h thinks the H is regretting rejecting her with the baby, plus she knows her son wants a father, so being kinder than the H or her mother or the H s father, she decides to give the H a chance to be a dad The h even goes so far as to do the gallant thing and diverts her son s anger to her by taking the blame for the long separation, when Kit looks like he is going to reject the H The H also wants physical recompense for all the h has supposedly put him thru and big time lurve passion tensions wrap the Manor Master Suite in a lot of purple haze The h s yearning and chaste body totally betrays her, but her heart is still hardened against the H, even tho she loves him and always has She can t survive a second abandonment and so she maintains a mental distance, much to the H s displeasure The h still believes the H deliberately ignored her letter years earlier and when the H tries to argue about it, she explains that she knows the H got it because his father told her he did It is a very shocked H who realizes that his own father gave the h the money for a termination and sent her off The H had been told it was the Local Rugger lad that got the h into trouble, but when the h describes everything in specific detail, the H admits defeat and asks the h what she wants to do She says she will marry him because it is what her son wants, and she will do her best to fake the happy marriage bit, but the H is never to mention the past and the H thinks it is an excellent time to employ some softer seduction techniques which the h cannot resist.The h also has to deal with sharing her son, and she does her best to reassure Kit that both his parents love and want him and that love only gets greater for the sharing However in her own heart, she hates that she is still so affected by the H, cause the years of living with blame and accusations and doubts have taken their toll and she feels that this kind of love is the dark side of desire The h s mother is now in seventh heaven and the H is happy because, as he laughingly tells the h, as long as the h is in his bed keeping him satisfied, he can dump the Local Witchy OW The H proves he has good dad instincts as well He gets all of Kit s things moved to his new rooms at the manor, so Kit has familiar surroundings The H also throws a big party soon after everyone settles in, to introduce his son to some of the local lads so that he has friends before he has to start a new school The h isn t too enthused about the party, but she and the H are lurving it up every night and the H seems determined to make her love him again The H even makes sure she has space for a clothing studio as the h has split her business into mass market and couture clothing and she will do the couture end of it from her new home I have to confess, this h was pretty tough on her end of the declaring I love you stakes, the H realizes that he really, really messed up and that the h is not the easy pushover she was the first time He readily confesses that he loves her after he hears the whole story, but the h is a much longer hold out Then again, she got the worst end of that situation and the H is smart enough to realize it, so he attempts to earn her love back How the H does that is by having this party He invites the Rugger Local Lad and his lovely wife, who was one of the h s friends in the old days and the two of them are soon are happily chatting away like rediscovered BFF s Since Rugger Local Lad is a very nice man and knew that the Local Witchy OW was the one spreading the rumors that the h had been carrying his child, the H has a heads up and plans to socially destroy the OW The OW shows up to the party and swans around, trying to create mischief When that fails and people follow the H s cue to start shunning her, she corners the H in his study and admits that she did not mail the h s letter to the H She gave it to the H s father instead and lied and said the h was a tart and that Rugger Lad s baby was being used to trap the H The h overhears all this and it is confirmed by Rugger Lad, so the h knows the H was telling the truth and he never slept with or wanted the OW.Later, the OW has slunk off to the mists of HP and elderly pet food billionaire oblivion, Kit has made some new friends and the h can finally put her full trust and love in the H He tells the h he came back after two months and spent years searching for her and even hit his own father, when the father told him lies about the h Finally the H had to give up in defeat and reluctantly took his place in the family firm, then his father died and the h s mother got ill and the h finally returned to resolve her past, so we can all have a happy resolution with forgiveness all around except for the banished OW The end of the story is the H and h down by their favorite spot by the river, reaffirming their love and a pink sparkly HEA for a really angsty but satisfying HPlandia outing This is a roller coaster of angst and redemption The H starts out horribly but manages to mostly redeem himself in the end I do seriously wonder at the mother, but she seems contrite enough and the h is happy and the H finally obviously loves her tho he seemed really quick to believe the h was tarting about and I can t help but wonder just how involved he really was with the OW all those years ago The age difference at the start is a bit of problem too, but kinda necessary to make the story work, so I just shuddered and went with it This book s real brilliance is that MR gives us a very valid reason for the seekrit baby trope With all the h is put through, it is incredibly difficult to fault her for not trying to reconnect with the H and her mother until serious illness forces her to That the h does go back, when many would not, shows how kind and caring and pure at heart our incredibly forgiving h really is, MR is very convincing about a blameless h in this one So MR achieves almost the impossible, she absolves a woman who breaks an HPlandia cardinal rule and hides the existence of a child from an H when he is not marrying another woman, yet MR manages to keep the h close to HPlandia sainthood and maintains standard HP h innocence and purity while she does it You don t find that in an everyday HP outing and this book is on the required HP reading list because of it. This is Michelle Reid at her finest We have a secret baby plot, an uncompromising father who sets the heroine up to abort his own grandchild, an evil evil OW who manipulates and destroys everything that gets in her way, a mother who turns her back on her child to uphold an antiquated class system, and above all a love that transcends everything Phew.It does not get better than this.