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A quick story about granddaughters and their grandmother Boop had this final summer working for her grandparents before leaving for college in the fall She meets someone and it suddenly all changes I enjoyed the story and the characters I felt kinda sad for her and what might have been Thanks to Netgalley and the author for the early copy I loved this novel and cant thank Amy Nathan enough for the early read this story touches directly to the heart filled with the true love between Grand daughters and their Grandmothers, family secrets and lost love and chances and above all else memories.Parts made me laugh and swoon, others cry and hope for the best Loved every page Amy Nathan has a knack for developing relatable characters you love from the first to the last page thanks to Amy and to the publisher for an early read [Read Epub] ⚇ The Last Bathing Beauty ♿ A Former Beauty Queen Faces The Secrets Of Her Past For Herself And The Sake Of Her Family S Future In A Heartfelt Novel About Fate, Choices, And Second Chances Everything Seemed Possible In The Summer OfBack Then Betty Stern Was An Eighteen Year Old Knockout Working At Her Grandparents Lakeside Resort The Catskills Of The Midwest Was The Perfect Place For Betty To Prepare For Bigger Things She D Head To College In New York City Her Career As A Fashion Editor Would Flourish But First, She D Enjoy A Wondrous Last Summer At The Beach Falling Deeply In Love With An Irresistible College Boy And Competing In The Annual Miss South Haven Pageant On The Precipice Of A Well Planned Life, Betty S Future Was LimitlessDecades Later, The Choices Of That Long Ago Season Still Reverberate For Betty, Now Known As Boop Especially When Her Granddaughter Comes To Her With A Dilemma That Echoes Boop S Memories Of First Love, Broken Hearts, And Faraway Dreams It S Time To Finally Face The Past For The Sake Of Her Family And Her Own Happiness Maybe In Reconciling The Life She Once Imagined With The Life She S Lived, Boop Will Discover It S Never Too Late For A Second Chance Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC.I love Jewish fiction and books set in the 1950s What a wonderful plot Set in Michigan in 1951 at a Jewish resort Betty aka Boop in her later years her grandparents owned Her parents weren t like her parents and just abandoned her to her grandparents while they traveled as actors She had her friends Georgia and Doris to keep her company when they all worked there during their senior year in high school Betty wanted to be a fashion editor in New York after attending Barnard She was fashion conscience and very stylish She always wanted to be a contestant in The 1951 Miss South Haven Beauty contest hence the title That played a sort of small part of the book for me The book alternated between 1951 when she was 18 and 2017 when she was 84 years old She was still living in Michigan in her grandparents house She married Marv who she met at the resort but didn t really love Her true love was Abe who was half Jewish his father who her grandparents hired as a waiter Time flies and things change but not sure for the better As the book gets close to the ending things change again and this time unbelievably so No spoilers but it was wonderful. This is an amazing heartwarming dual time line book In 1951, Betty has just graduated high school and is working another summer at her grandparent s resort She meets Abe a waiter at the resort and they start dating Jump ahead to 2017 and Betty now known as Boop has a granddaughter Hannah that reminds her so much of her younger self As Boop helps Hannah with her problems, she realizes she must tell Hannah about the summer of 51 I loved the characters in this book The love and affection between Boop and Hannah is wonderful to read Boop reminds me so much of my grandmother I truly loved this book and its amazing characters I received an advanced readers copy and all opinions are my own. THE LAST BATHING BEAUTY is a story told in alternating time periods in 1951, when 18 year old Betty Boop Stern is a beautiful young woman exploring life and all it offers at that age and in 2017 as an 84 year old woman reflecting on her life and what it could have been Boop s granddaughter, Hannah, and her relationship with her grandmother will warm your heart Their bond and strength are what opens avenues that will sustain them for the rest of their lives Boop possessed a spiritbeautiful than all the sunsets and bouquets mixed together Her heart as brave as any warrior s What lessons she d taught Hannah taught everyone about family, about love, about being true to oneself while honoring those around you This quote sums up how Nathan tells a very touching and emotional story dealing with young love, tenderness, family secrets, life lessons and second chances I highly recommend this novel, and I thank Amy Sue Nathan for an ARC in exchange for my honest review. special thanks to the publisher NetGalley for an advance copy all opinions are my own This was a great book I particularly enjoyed the chapters that went back in time , to when Boop was known as Betty and was an 18 year old enjoying the summer between high school college It was the summer she could do anything she set her mind to, including finding love at her family s South Haven vacation resort and winning the Miss South Haven beauty pageant The author was somehow able to write both an 84 year old s point of view Boop as easily as she wrote an 18 year old s Betty Even though I read several chapters during a February snowstorm, I was left feeling like I was on the beach with Betty Abe You won t want to miss this beach y, summery read A wonderful book told in dual timelines of a woman named Betty aka Boop This is a story of how life for her happened and now at eighty, she must divulge her mistakes so her granddaughter will not make these same errors It begins in 1951 alternating with the present day Was it possible that the best or something close to it was yet to come for Boop as well If ever you believe in second chances, this novel will validate that belief I loved the characters in this book Boop is one determined lady who will stop at nothing to help friends and family I adore her best friends who knowthan Boop realizes and have to right the wrongs as well.You will laugh, cry and you will cheer for this strong lady Excellent The Last Bathing Beauty is a pitch perfect summer read, starring Betty Boop Stern, a plucky heroine with a tackle box full of secrets and enough regret for a lifetime Using dual timelines, Nathan expertly unravels the events that derailed Betty s sparkling future in 1951 and continue to haunt her even as an eighty four year old woman Full of characters that shine and told with compassion and humor, this is women s fiction at its best. You should own all pieces of your life, good or bad They make up who you are Those words are spoken by Hannah, as her grandmother Betty Boop reveals long held secrets, memories of her first love, and the dreams she had as a young girl The Last Bathing Beauty is a heartfelt novel written with compassion and hope, reconciling the past to pave a road to happiness and second chances The characters in this book bring life and heart to this story, each with a distinct voice and personality they made me love them, they made me sad, they made me angry, they made me laugh, they made me cry, and they made me believe in the promise of love and home.