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!READ BOOK ♀ Navigate Your Stars ♁ A Revelatory, Uplifting, And Gorgeously Illustrated Meditation On Dedication, Hard Work, And The Power Of Perseverance From The Beloved, New York Times Bestselling, And Two Time National Book Award Winning Jesmyn WardFor Tulane University SCommencement, Jesmyn Ward Delivered A Stirring Speech About The Value Of Hard Work And The Importance Of Respect For Oneself And Others Speaking About The Challenges She And Her Family Overcame, Ward Inspired Everyone In The Audience With Her Meditation On Tenacity In The Face Of Hardship Now, In Book Form, Ward S Moving Words Will Inspire Readers As They Prepare For The Next Chapter In Their Lives, Whether, Like Ward, They Are The First In Their Families To Graduate From College Or Are Preceded By Generations, Or Whether They Are Embarking On A Different Kind Of Journey Later In Life Beautifully Illustrated In Full Color By Gina Triplett, This Gorgeous And Profound Book Will Charm A Generation Of Students And Their Parents Ward S Inimitable Voice Shines Through As She Shares Her Experience As A Southern Black Woman And Addresses The Themes Of Grit, Adversity, And The Importance Of Family Bonds Navigate Your Stars Is A Perfect Gift For Anyone In Need Of Inspiration From The Author Of Salvage The Bones, Men We Reaped, And Sing, Unburied, Sing An amazing piece of work that will motivate you, inspire you, fill you with something that will help you keep going Some people call it hope You can call it hope, or aspiration, or optimism, or the thing with feathers, but whatever it is, it is what keeps us putting one foot in front of the other towards a horizon we cannot always see It helps us to create, to write, to draw, to sing it keeps usthan alive So read this, be fed, and keep going. Ward s speech to the 2018 Tulane graduating class is a reminder that we should refrain from judgement until we understand She speaks of her youthful pride and the experiences that put her feet back on the ground Throughout, the love and support of her family form a consistent theme acting as the foundation she falls on when all else seems to lost This is an inspiring challenge to all who read it to hold fast to the dream, persist, and stay committed to the goal.Audio readers will miss out on the beautiful illustrations by Gina Triplett Each page s artwork carries the reader to the next and augments the emotions of Ward s words. Navigate Your Stars, Jesmyn WardHaving read several books by this author, I eagerly looked forward to reading her latest brief, but very poignant, beautifully illustrated, inspirational book I received an uncorrected proof which I immediately sat down and read I was not disappointed.The prose is easy to read, her suggestions are common sense and her background is similar to mine in many ways I am sure there are many others who will also identify with her experiences and her advice The environment in which my family lived was hostile for religious and other reasons Jesmyn Ward s environment was hostile for racial and economic reasons Her parents, like mine, encouraged her to work hard to get ahead to do this, she, like I, was told to go to college Some doors were closed to us, some remain closed today I found it inspiring that we had so much in common, especially with regard to a philosophy of life that was imparted to us by our parents Jesmyn gives the reader aconsidered piece of advice than our parents gave us She advises that after we work hard, we should keep working hard, we should not give up If we don t succeed, we should persist, have patience and keep trying I think it is great advice from a great author Also, I think this book can show the world that race and creed are not the roadblocks to unity that we make them We actually might have farin common if we stopped and truly got to know each other In the current political environment, it is really good advice to keep on trying I requested this ARC from a promo ad in Shelf Awareness It s a very short illustrated book of the text of a commencement speech by Jesmyn Ward in 2018 It is delightfully illustrated by Gina Triplett A wonderful story about hard choices and hard work to reach your goals Perfect for any grads you might know Looks like the planned publication is April. So much inspiration in a 64 page book I think I will re read this book often and share it with my daughters I can t forget to mention how much I love the whimsical illustrations throughout.Release date April 2020Thank you to Simon Schuster for my Advanced Readers Copy My opinions are my own. I was excited to get this to review It goes to show that the harder you work at something, thelikely you are to succeed Murray people don t win right out of the gate, it can take years and years of hard work and patience If you think that your circumstances prevent you from acheiving your dreams Prove those circumstances wrong I received an ARC yesterday and started reading immediately The writing is beautiful I was moved to tears Nothing that I ve read has ever spoken to me and touched me on such a deep level as this did I highly recommend it And now I m on to finally read Jesmyn Ward s backlog I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this meditation on persistence, hard work, and the rewards of following your dreams Every sentence is something to savor Every illustration is breathtaking I am inspired by words such as these My years in college and afterward taught me this success is not the result of making one good choice, of taking one step Real success requires step, after step, after step, after step It requires choice after choice, it demands lifelong education and passion and commitment and persistence and hunger and patience I want to share this illustrated essay with everyone I know. This was a quaint and powerful take on a commencement speech the author gave for a college graduation The illustrations were beautiful I obtained an ARC of this book from Shelf Awareness GLOW gallery of the week I kindly thank the author and publishers.