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Just did a re read This is one intense story The heroine was magnificent in her anger and her grief over her sister s death It was just another day at the office dealing with a gold digger until the hero got tangled up with the heroine and the dead sister s baby It was a stroke of genius for her to propose marriage and the hero was unconsciously smitten enough to take her up on it I liked how they were both strong characters and how the heroine didn t care what the hero thought of her for the longest time I think that was her armor, because when they did finally go to bed together the heroine started to care and then she falters when dealing with the hero She wanted to stay a bitch, but it really wasn t her character.The second half where they are learning to be married to each other kept the tension simmering just not on a high boil I did enjoy the stepmother and her skewed view of marriage and mistresses I m glad the baby daddy brother had to confess, but he got off lightly for his sins.A classic LG and one everyone should read if you like the enemies to lovers trope. An oldie, reissued as an e book One of my favorites by Lynne Graham It s sometimes quite amusing, but not overtly so, and not slapstick It s a keeper Alex feels forced into marrying Sarah She feels just as forced, all for sweet baby Nikos, the love child born of her deceased sister and his irresponsible brother.They marry in some dark corner, and Alex immediately shows her, wining and dining glamour girls in public Sarah ignores it all, interested in baby NikosThe she ignores him, the he seethesHe acts out even worse, to catch her attention To make her sorry.Then he s sorry, cuz he is becoming totally crazy about his wife You know, the one he stomped on.Time to grovel See Alex run Run to the florist Run to the jewelers Run, run, run He doesn t make much headwayI am trying to be patient and sensitive but you don t want to know I do like a good grovel, and some of Graham s grovels are gold Like in this book.And in a memorable scene, Sarah makes her feelings known Wow LOVED that scene in his office, when she took him off guard Surprise Haha Loved the scene in bed at the end, when he laughed so hard Funny Loved this book I really like Graham s Harlequins, especially the older ones Some of her recent releases aren t so great, because she has become too formulaic and includes too much sex, too soon One of my favorite oldies is this book, even though there are a few things I don t like she gave in too easily to that toe rag. Good fun A haters to lovers romance and a typical Harlequin Presents story The main difference to the other similar stories is that the main female character, Sarah, pretty much hates the main male character, Alex, in most of the book The result is some really interesting, passionate, entertaining dialogues until the end of the story.Sarah was looking after her younger sister, Callie, since their parents died when they were children When Callie was 18, she met a handsome Greek billionaire, Damos, who promised that he would marry her Instead he left her when Callie was pregnant His older brother, Alex, never believed that she was pregnant and offered Sarah and Callie money to leave Damos alone Here I would like to mentioned that although Alex is a typical Greek name, I have only met Greek men that are called Damos in Harlequin books Almost no Greek uses this name since B.C years Unfortunately Callie dies in childbirth Damos never appears to see his son and Alex after being sure that the little boy is truly his nephew, he demands to take him away from his aunt Sarah.Alex is last person that Sarah wants to seeHe was Greek to the backbone What Callie called unreconstructed man , what Sarah called a Neanderthal primitive He belonged in a cave, not a civilised society Or in a museum alongside the dinosaur displayI assure you that Greek men who were born after 1950 are not like this, but I love the way the author thinks hahaha Sarah hates Alex, hates Damon, hates Greeks and hates Fates for taking away her sister But she loves her nephew So she demands that Alex will marry her if he wants to take her nephew.Alex of course thinks that Sarah is an opportunist and that she uses her dead sister s child to buy herself a luxurious life.But he marries her and she still hates him Why were you still a virgin I stayed away from macho pigs like you Maybe on some level you knew I was in your future, Alex drawled with unashamed conceit If I d known, Sarah practically shrieked at him, I d have come into your office with a shotgunSo, basically extra possessive Alex and extra feisty Sarah will exchange insults, swears and threats for a lot of timeWhere were you Who were you with Alex demanded, dropping her down on to a wonderfully comfortable bed Are you being possessive, Alex If you ve been anywhere near another man, I ll kill you, he intoned, staring down at her with paint stripping intensity You re my wife Yuck, Sarah responded sleepily, her heavy eyelids dipping as though weights were attached to them..until all the misunderstandings are clear, all the ex mistresses disappear from Alex s life, they fall in love and decide to be a family The beginning of the second week he started coming home with giant bunches of flowers and then the meaningful conversations started He behaved as though everything about her was a source of endless fascination Overall a very amusing story with a satisfactory happy end. WOW, what a ride It certainly was intense, but I didn t like the way they resolved their issues It felt like the heroine was always the one to compromise, and accept less than she deserved It seemed from the moment they married, he got to call all the shots, and it was heartbreaking.I ALSO didn t like that the hero made a fool of her publicly, and never paid the price for it That just didn t seem right She should have charged him with adultery He certainly left a trail of evidence with his hit parade of women I have to knock another star off, cause I didn t really believe in their love.His nor hers Something just felt a little off. This is one of those really irritating romance novel about a shrew, who spends half of the book screaming her hatred of the hero, until his lips touches hers, of course Then she instantly turns into a wet noodle A mindless, brainless fool regardless of anything who later turns into your typical Harlequin doormat And if that doesnt turn your stomach, she decides she s in love completely out of the blue She willingly puts up with and forgives him for everything all because she decides she s in love rolls eyes When she finds out that the hero is planning to sleep with another woman misunderstanding , her first thought is to worry about him leaving her, instead of revenge, or dumping HIM I just wanted to shake some sense into this stupid doormat She was an idiotic, TSTL, clingy mess of a heroine It also didn t help that I found her love for her nephew obsessive, unhealthy, selfish and self serving I just didn t care for this heroine at all I did not read the last 10 pages This turned into one of those romance where I didn t believe in the HEA, so I lost all interest. Re Bond of Hatred Lynne Graham brings us a twist on the HP trope of blackmail into marriage with this and she uses that classic trope as a springboard to explore a little of the HPlandia Darkside.The story starts with Sarah, the h, in hospital mourning the death of her 18 yr old sister, Callie Callie met a young Greek man and fell in love She became pregnant and the young man, Damon, proposed He and Callie went to Sarah and told her they were in love and Sarah was worried, but did her best to support her sister, even when Damon backed off because his brother threatened to disinherit him So Damon s older brother, Alex got involved and things went all to pieces.Alex is the H and he is Greek In typical Arrogant Nematode H fashion, he denounces both Callie and Sarah as gold digging tarts, tries to pay off Callie with a large check that Sarah tears up, kicks them both to the curb and insists that Callie is lying about her pregnancy to grab the lucrative lifestyle option Sarah is LIVID She is 25 years old and has been Callie s main support both financially and parent wise since her and Callie s parents died when Callie was eleven Damon disappears into the ether after the big confrontation with Alex and Callie s letters go unanswered Callie, firmly believing that Damon will come for her in the end, continues a high risk pregnancy because the baby is a boy Unfortunately Callie has a heart defect and pregnancy and labor exacerbate it Callie dies, Sarah is in devastated grief and Alex chooses this moment to impose himself on Sarah s life again.Naturally Alex is an arrogant sewer gulper about it and Sarah goes ballistic She confronts Alex on his disdain for the lower classes, his misogynistic chauvinism and the fact that he has the gall to criticize her when her sister lies dead because HIS brother is a lying coprophagic slime pustule.Alex loses his temper back and tries to threaten Sarah about custody over Nicky, Callie s newborn son Sarah absolutely won t back down, especially when she learns that Damon has a wife and Sarah assumes that since Alex is very admiring of Damon s wife, she is of a higher social status and Callie was dumped for that Sarah also shouts that these two men treat women who are not at their social level like pump and dump slags and shame on them for that Sarah is outraged, because while she is poor, works at menial jobs and may not have the clothes or the sophistication of a socially prominent woman, she is very kind, very honest and has very firm morals and values.So after several knock down drag out fights between Sarah and Alex, Sarah decrees that the only way Alex will ever be allowed around Nicky is if he marries her If Alex is so down on the lower market, yet thinks he can run amok with demands to buy Callie s child because he is family, he can put himself instead of his money on the line and marry her to have a part in Nicky s life.Alex fusses a lot, but we can see the gleam of the Lurve Force Mojo in his eye and he agrees to the proposition As this is HPlandia and no H is willingly roped to the marital stakes, Alex vows that Sarah will be humiliated and begging for a divorce before he is done with her Then Alex will kick her back to the gutter she crawled out of and keep Nicky for himself.Sarah doesn t care, as Alex s wife, Nicky gets two parents and a good home and Sarah really loves Nicky, she wants him to have all the advantages she couldn t give Callie and who cares what the Nematode King of the Sewer thinks.So after an insulting pre nup, a mini shopping spree and makeover, a registry office in the darkest corner of London and few insults later, Alex and Sarah are married Alex wrongly assumes that Sarah wants HIM, because naturally he is the HP God s Greek Gift to the world and EVERYONE bows down before him and scurries to do his bidding.Sarah busts Alex s bubble rather quickly, he tells her how happy he is she tarted herself up for him and Sarah looks at him like he has grown another head She has to gently explain that she spent a fortune on clothes and a makeover because she wanted to never embarrass Nicky or give him reason to be ashamed of his mother.Alex about keels over, because as he claims, I expected you to show up with half a dress for what you spent Sarah doesn t quite get the reference, by her terms she spent a ton of money, but at least Alex is prepared to be generous.Alex lives in France and it is rud that he has a mistress in Paris and a mistress in Athens, but Sarah doesn t care She does care about the horrible nanny that Alex hired, but in the rush of arrival at Alex s house, Sarah is astounded to meet Alex s stepmother Vivian.Vivian is a firecracker, Alex told her Nicky was his and Sarah s child to protect his little brother We soon learn that apparently Vivian and Alex s father had a very tempestuous marriage Alex s father was unfaithful and Vivian played his own game against him, until the two of them finally settled down into wedded bliss.Sarah is a little shocked to hear that Surely Alex and Damon s father and Vivian should have had the good sense to keep their marital difficulties away from the children But it appears that they did not and the damage the jealousies and games caused seemed to have impacted Alex to a great degree, no wonder he is always going on about lying, manipulating women Sarah becomes even conscience stricken when it is revealed that Androula, Damon s wife, is Vivian s daughter AND Alex reveals that Callie knew Damon was married when she and he moved in together Sarah is mortified and starting to really regret her temper fueled demand that Alex marry her Even so when she learns that Alex had initially planned to marry his good friend Elise Tho Vivian warns that it was a cold blooded arrangement to combine two ancient families and build a dynasty Vivian is not a fan of Elise, she claims she is too aristocratically cold, but Sarah feels even worse for ruining Alex s plans for his life Then Alex and Sarah have a huge Lurve Club Passion Moment and consummate their marriage Sarah is a unicorn groomer and is overwhelmed by the experience, only to crash big time as Alex says some insulting things and storms off, not be seen except from a distance for two weeks.Sarah and Nicky settle into a very quiet and happy existence The nanny is history after a fight with Alex and Alex s chateau staff fall over themselves to help Sara too So for her, life is just peachy until Alex comes home early one day when Sarah is spending time with Nicky He tries to get Sarah to spend some time with him, they are after all married But Sarah pleads a headache and tries to blow Alex off She can t get over how much her hormones riot any time Alex gets near her and she wants to keep her self respect Alex loses it and starts demanding Sarah spend time with him, she reluctantly does it and makes it quite clear that she just doesn t give a damn In a very funny moment, Alex claims he wants kids and Sarah suggests IVF, cause she doesn t want to sleep with him Alex explodes cause he figures out he HATES being ignored and all that tension blows up again into another Purple Passion Event with exploding parts The next day Alex has a diamond necklace delivered for Sarah and she feels paid off Elise picks this most inauspicious time to introduce herself Elise acts very concerned about Sarah and Sarah is suspicious That suspicion turns to utter shock as Elise indicates that Alex has been very publicly womanizing every night with a different woman, in a very public bid to humiliate his new wife.Sarah keeps her bottle tho and smiling like a shark, tells Elise that Vivian did tell her how very impressed Sarah would be to meet Elise and she very deeply is Sarah then calls the butler to escort Elise out of the house Elise is upset, but Sarah can t get over the gall the woman has to confront a woman she has never even met about Alex s womanizing Sarah gets all the tabloid papers she hadn t seen for the last weeks and then Alex calls Sarah is beyond furious, hurt and very humiliated and she uses one of my favorite LG words ever when Alex asks her how she feels Alex is obviously expecting some cute kittenish cuddle talk and Sarah tells him that she is absolutely gobsmacked Sarah then goes on to relate that she saw her first newspapers in 13 days and while everyone else knew what Alex had been up to, she did not Now Sarah vows that the last name of Terzakis will be a by word for Scarlet Woman and whatever Vivian may have done to Alex s father, Sarah will do even to Alex and he will be on his knees for a divorce when she is done.Sarah slams down the phone and storms out for a night on the town with Vivian As Sarah gets progressively drunker, she lets on that Alex lied to Vivian when he told her that Nicky was his and Sarah s son she explains about Callie and Damon Vivian admits she had already guessed it was something like that But forewarned is forearmed and now Vivian will be better prepared to support her daughter when she eventually confides in her.Then Vivian pops up with a handsome escort for Sarah, one that she hired for the night She also stages a paparazzi picture, so the world can see that Sarah has no intentions of playing the humiliate wife.Sarah is seriously drunk now and leaves She doesn t want to go back to Alex s house, so she just has the chauffeur drive around and finally gets home around dawn Alex is panicked and furious, he claims he never did anything with those women, he was just having a temper tantrum Sarah has never been drunk before, so she just goes to bed.Only to be awakened by Alex the next morning, Sarah and Vivian s escort made the papers and Sarah quietly explains Alex admits that he misjudged her and now he wants to try and make the marriage work He loves Nicky and thinks that he and Sarah could be compatible Sarah wants to go the divorce route, but Alex guilts her with Nicky until she gives in and says she will stay until Nicky is 18.Alex tries to pull out out all of the stops and spends eons of time trying to get Sarah to talk and build a relationship with him Sarah doesn t like it, mainly because she feels that Alex is just doing his duty and while she is now wildly in love with him, he sees her as a responsibility Sarah feels inhibited in bed with Alex and she is worried he is contemplating an affair with Elise in frustration Then Sarah finds out that Damon did send money to support Callie and Nicky and all of Sarah s illusions about Callie are shattered Damon did try to do a little of the right thing and Callie continually lied about everything Alex claims it is because Sarah s moral standards are very high and others might have a hard time meeting them.Sarah instantly takes that as a criticism of her inability to respond to Alex in bed because she deeply believes that if you don t love someone, you shouldn t be sleeping with them Then she realizes that she made this bargain herself and that Alex is really trying, even if he isn t in love with her So Sarah s grand plan o seduction is on, she heard Alex arrange a rendezvous with Elise in Paris for lunch.Sarah rushes off to get some scanty knickers and a coat dress to hide what she is wearing underneath She shows up Alex s office and locks the door and drops the dress and hopes like mad that Alex will take over after Sarah delivers a very roofie kiss Alex doesn t dissapoint and Sarah has a marvelous time and resolves to play the office drop in sex bombe card every month if it will keep Alex from straying.Alex is delighted, he skips out on his date with Elise and he and Sarah are ready to lurve it all up when Damon and Androula show up at Alex s house Damon finally confesses he panicked and lied about Callie being a tart and admits that he really did propose to Callie and Sarah had been telling the truth all along Alex has a huge ranty moment, which Sarah puts a stop to, after all Callie was equally complicit and Damon is never going to grow up Androula proves that she and Damon are a matched set when she waylays Sarah in the hall and tells her she doesn t really mind about Nicky and that it was all worth it cause she got Damon back I think LG was trying to show Androula is a nice person, but I was pretty shocked that Androula would even say anything to the sister of the woman who died because her beloved husband was piece of excrement and couldn t keep it in his pants Alex finally kicks everyone out and he and Sarah have another Purple Moment of Bliss As a surpise the next day, which is Sarah s birthday she forgot, Alex gives Sarah a portrait of Callie Elise painted it and that is why Alex was meeting her, it seems Elise really is just a friend Alex does a pretty good I love you and I have since I met you speech and Sarah joyfully declares her love back for the classic LG HPlandia HEA.This one is really well done and it is wickedly funny at parts But there is a really dark undertone that isn t obvious right away and that undertone is what puts this on the HPlandia required reading list.The bedrock of HPlandia, at this point in it s history, is that the heroines are going to be chaste and usually they are going to be virgins In HPlandia, virginity is the magic ticket and get out of jail free card that gets you get the guy, the money and the fabulous lifestyle but you have to follow the HP rules to get it Callie and Sarah are both virgins By all rights, Callie should have gotten her own HP outing and her own HEA Except for one thing, Callie knowingly gave up her get out of jail free card and unicorn grooming license to a married man She conspired in betraying his wife and for that, plus accepting his cash to support herself and her child when he abandoned her, the punishment is literally death Moreover, Callie s sad betrayal is used as a stepping stone to a wiser HP heroine getting her own HEA.Callie broke the rules and she had to die, even tho she was exactly what the typical HP h is supposed to be Sarah on the other hand, acts like an HP H and blackmails the Alpha Hero into marriage Sarah does suffers greatly in public humiliation for her crime, but because her main motivation was to provide a loving and secure home for an orphaned child and only a little for grief fueled revenge, Sarah gets the big sparkly rainbow unicorn and kitten HEA It is kind of chilling to really think about what motivations are behind the characterizations in a lot of these stories Tho I really do love most of the wacky, crazy characters and actions in HPlandia, this one kind of hit me pretty hard Callie was really in love with Damon and he certainly did his part in corrupting her, but that is the dark undercurrent that flows through these stories that LG brilliantly points out and warns against The lurve mojo force is strong and it isn t a crime to give into it But if you do go there in HPlandia, be aware that knowingly succumbing to a taken man is a crime that will get you banished forever and another , worthy heroine will step in to take your place Anne Mather aside, the punishments for lapses in HPlandia are fatal, so keep that in the back of your mind as you wander amidst it s byways and as always, may you have an eventful and entertaining HP voyage if you run into this. |Download Pdf ♊ Bond of Hatred ⚐ I Will Pay The Price I Will Marry You Alex Terzakis S Words Took Sarah S Breath Away Marriage Was The Last Thing On Her Mind She D Wanted Two Things When She D Impulsively Flung Her Proposal At Him Revenge For Her Young Sister S Death And The Chance To Raise Her Sister S Baby SonTrue, Alex Would Fight Tooth And Nail To Keep His Nephew But, In Her Anger And Grief, Sarah Had Believed Her Demand Would Send Him Packing She D Never Expected Him To Accept One of the best HP books I ve ever read Holy carumba. Probably a 4.0, but maybe a 3.5 rounded up only because the pretty bow at the end was too big and perfect.This gist of the story is that the heroine s sister gets pregnant and promptly dies after childbirth it was rather sad The heroine and the hero then start fighting over the baby The bio dad, the H s brother, is still alive but he s not in the picture because he s a big loser There s then pages and pages of entertaining fighting and mudslinging between the H h I thought it would get old but it was rather enjoyable at times I m so surprised that many people didn t like this one I thought it was great It had so many of the elements I love in my trashy harleys angst, a controlling alpha male, a heroine who tells him what s what, OW issues I even found myself misting up a time or two don t judge me D I thought it was a fun ride.The H did get pretty mean, but if you consider his motives, I thought he was pretty forgivable The h s insecurities got a little tiresome after a while, but I could see why she thought she was dirt.I think this one is relatively safe for those avoiders of hard subjects out there But it might be to the taste of those with an inclination for the big bad alpha. 4.5 starsI didn t expect to enjoy this book so much I saw some other readers thought of Sarah as a doormat I did not She was self sacrificing with her younger sister but she basically raised her and it actually made her hatred for Alex and his family much believable The story begins when Sarah s eighteen years old sister has just died while giving birth to her baby boy Alex Terzakis is there at the hospital demanding complete custody of his new nephew Alex believes that Sarah s sister had been nothing but a gold digger, sleeping around and looking for an easy meal ticket The battle is on between two strong characters I just loved the way Sarah tore into Alex She gave as good as she got and he deserved it.